5th man killed in East End

| 22/09/2011

(CNS): Updated –Police have confirmed that the body of a 21-year-old man found shot dead in East End was Asher William McGaw. The victim's body was found on John McLean drive just behind the clinic at around 3am on Thursday morning (22 September). McGaw appears to be the latest victim in the frightening surge in violent execution-style gang killings plaguing Grand Cayman but police said it was too early to draw any links to the previous four murders. The shooting was not reported but McGaw's body was found by officers from the Eastern districts who were on routine patrol when they came across the victim lying in the road with gunshot wounds to the body.

The male was pronounced dead by paramedics who arrived on the scene shortly after.

Police have not said how many times the young man was shot  or if he received a gunshot wound to the head, which has been the common link in the previous four murders over the last week that police have described as assassinations.

The man is the fifth murder victim in 8 days following the resurgence of the tit-for-tat fatal shootings that have claimed the lives of four others and seriously injured a sixth man.

Since last Tuesday night (13 September), when almost one year had passed without a fatal shooting on the island, every other night one young man has been shot and killed in what is believed to be gang vioence. The first three victims were killed in West Bay and then a fourth man was killed in George Town on Tuesday night when a second man was badly wounded. Both those men were known to police and had conncections with West Bay gangs.

Although this victim was known to police and believed to be involved in gangs, the police have said it is too early to say if his killing is related to those in West Bay.

(Photo Dennie Warren Jr)

Police have asked anyone with information on the latest shooting to contact Bodden Town Police Station at 9472220 or Crime stoppers at 800TIPS (8477).

The HSA stated this morning as a result of the shooting the the East End Health Clinic is closed but a clinic will be held in Bodden Town from 9:00 a.m.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Quick! What's the number for Castro?

  2. Anonymous says:

    Please stop using the word GANGS, there aint enough in both groups to make quarter of a genuine street gang. They are just a lil group of misguided youngmen whos parents are not much older than they are, and the last one, may GOD have mercy on his soul, at 18 he was gonna be a dad in a few months, now society left with a young mother, an unborn child, and a dead father, can you see how the cycle just go on and on.

    • Anonymous says:

      ..and this is where we go wrong. These gangs are very real, my friend. Yes, they are made up of misguided young men, but look at the damage they've done.

  3. Anonymous 345 says:

    What you people need to realize that it not the xbox or rappers making the kids violent. You should check out the broken homes they coming from. Majority have not stable fathers in the house to set the structure for these young men. I know meany would disagree but it is the truth. The fathers plays a significant part in a childs life. Most grew up seeing their fathers in prison and feel thats the route to take. The uncles wont step up to show the right path either. No one would just walk to these youth and just talk to them or even lend a helping hand. So they put their own life in their own hands. the biggest problem is society labelling each individuals young and old from past mistakes. Someone please tell me how can you move forward with negativity…. Prayer is much needed more than anything right now

  4. You Cant get my job says:

    To 4:35, 13:26 and 8:52.  I am  a retiree which means I am officially too old to work. Therefore, you cannot get my job while I am living in Port Royal. By-the-way. I am writing you from Jamaica AND I AM NOT COMING BACK!!!!

  5. Anonymous says:

    Nobody is saying anything about the young girls who sit on the same corners with these same gangsters.  Females are almost always attracted to 'bad boys' .

     Mother's I beg of you to keep a closer eye on your daughters if you don't want to lose them to this gang war as well.

    Your daughters are in just as much danger as these young men and the moment you forget that you WILL lose them. No one can have me believe that all the 'baby muddas' and 'wifey's' don't have some information on some if not all of these crimes being committed. Who is to say that they aren't the ones probably hiding evidence for their gangster boyfriends?

    So please do not forget to pay EXTRA attention to your young girls because who are we going to blame if one of them gets caught in the crossfire. Seems to me they are murdering because of ASSOCIATION so Parents ask yourselves ; Who is my daughter associating with?

  6. Anonymous says:

    Here are  my suggestion to the Premier, the Governor and the Commissioner of Police.  PUT PROPER SOCIAL SERVICE IN PLACE. People who are  just doing social work to promote themselves, or for a mere proffession can't handled it.  GET THE POLICE TO SCOUP OUT THESE FAMILIES AT AN EARLY AGE with  social issues, and work along with the police and we will see a big change. We got some social workers who are just one inch from failure -the have loads of domestic, marital problems – they need AN ASSIGNED SOCIAL WORKER FOR THEIR OWN PROBLEMS.  Get people with a real mind, compassion and love to be social workers. 


    I am an East Ender and I am very proud to be one. As I traveled to work on Thursday morning, after hearing of the brutal shooting of this young man it pierced my heart to see what we as an adult generation with grand children is backed up against. East Enders, we saw this coming a long time.  The influx of mixtures of unwanted behavours within the school system, the parenting, it is almost heart breaking to know that we are still so helpless.   

    Yes I agree we experienced the shocks of various murders that took place in our own district, but each time it hits harder home. I will aslo agree, that we like other district have parents that can be proper parents for one reason or another, which all boils down to social issues. 

    I understand that everyone has their own opinion and interpretation of social issues, but what I am speaking of begins in the home. You cannot have homes where fathers siting under a tree all day while the poor mother is out earning $3.00 per hour to feed the children  and including him. You cannot  expect to have corrupt neighbour hood  and bring forth good fruits, you cannot expect to have incapable parents and bring forth good children, chances are, by the grace of God one or two will survice but the sure chance the others wil drop through the cracks.


  7. Anonymous says:

    As the saying goes – you made yor bed, now you have to lie in it!  Just sayin.  If these young people want the lifestyle, they have to take the risk of gettin a bullet in the brain.

    • Anonymous says:

      11:30 You speak like you are one of the gangsters. Are you? Turn yourself in

    • XXX says:

      What lifestyle is that ?  There is no evidence whatsoever that he was involved with any gang.  As a matter of fact, I am well acquainted with this young man and although he may not be an angel his worse crime as far as I know was sticky fingers.  Judge not lest ye be judged.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Why is it that we always wait until something happens before anyone takes any actions? These gangs have always been here and I am sure the police and people in their communities have known this. Now all of a sudden the Government and Churches want to get involved with helping these youths – why didn't they get involved a long time ago! The answer is quite simple, they just don't care, they only care about themsleves, always have and always will, I haven't seen a Politician in Cayman for a long time that has really cared about the people and youth of these Islands!

  9. Anonymous says:

    Its hard to say what these children are patterning their lives after these day. XBox games, voilent cartoon and you name it.  Oh! I fogot we all grew up waching western movies, cowboys movies, these type of games have always been around one time our another.  But did this cause crime to excelate  — NO it didn't —-Children say what they hear – do what they see —- Don't forget when they wake up in the morning and  don't see their mama around – she ran from the house in the night where daddy beat her up——  or perhaps she strung out on drugs on some corner, or dad has dissappeared and left them all to perish – or perhaps- they was no dad at all. This all stems from lack of love, guidance and protection 

  10. Anonymous says:

    No, I didn't write the bit about about expat gangs but clearly it is a joke. I agree there is no joke about it. First and foremost these kids have all bought a lot of grief and pain for the people on the receiving end of their victimes. The people they robbed, beat shot or whatever. Most if not all of these most likely theifs. They didn't think or care about the people they did wrond. That can be said for their families as well. Breaks ones heat to see one of these boys mothers in so much pain. However, that was the way these people where. No ones going to miss them but their familes. They were the only ones who could see the little good in all the bad. Speaking for myself…I am glad they are off the streets…The police and the judicial system can't do it…looks like someone did

  11. Anonymous says:

    Everyone wants Gucci and Chrome Wheels but no has to work for it cuase Lil' Wayne says so? What a wonderful life you guys must be living OR not.

  12. Anonymous says:

    Once the gang life is experienced these kids will not just drop out.  THEY CAN'T!!!  You can't join a gang and then decide to notbe a part of it.  Regardless of the home life these kids have, the gang makes a bigger impression.  I have seen many successful teens, with fantastic grades, wonderful families,  join the gang!!  What you are seeing out on the street and the "thug portion" of the gang.  The educated ones, with intelligence, are sitting at home plotting and sending these poor teen thugs to the streets.  They do not care if they are killed, they do not care if they kill someone.  It is called desensitizing.  There is no rehabilitation for a killer.  Once you kill you could always kill.  Personally, I could never kill a human being, so for someone to stop a beating heart at the hands of a gun, they have no feelings whatsoever.  These guys(girls too) will get control of this Island unless there is a stop put to it immediately.  For those that think the RCIPS should be unarmed, your nuts!!  These cops have to be able to defend themselves, or they are just going to sit and wait for the call that someone was murdered!!!  I know I wouldn't risk my life for the reckless teens that have no feelings!!  I sure hope peace comes to Cayman soon!  This is a shame, but people have been turning a blind eye for years. 

    • Anonymous says:

      its not even a "gang" like that broooo. Real gangbangers will murder you no hesitation execution style. Chop you and send your remains home boiiii. But uhhhh id like to say its just a group of foes that gather and speak on other foes so they are merely cliques not gangs mate. haha

  13. Charm says:

    Ban the XBox games. These video games shooting up each other let the gun club here on island look like a joke.  These young men from 8 yrs old to over 30 yrs that are playing these games shooting up and targeting these images, only develop skills in shooting. This game is so sophisticated where the players are armed with guns, radios and even commucating with players overseas, planning how and when to take down their rivals. I personally will be destroying all violent games which my 11 yr old have.  After reading about these recent killings I now fear what these games could be doing to my son. His poor brain must be damaged.

    • Profound Reality! says:

      I for one think its the fault of all those Jamaician patties sold at every corner on this island!

      Absurd right!

      Video games have actually been proven to help develop hand-eye coordination skills.However if your plan is destroy  your kids video games please be ready for one pissed off kid who might jus push you down the stairs!

      Speak to your child instead, ask him/her what about the game intrigues them. Some kids just think games are  cool(sort of how we as children thought it was cool to use sling shots…remember those days!?) and have no intention of picking up a gun and causing harm anyone.Trust and communication is the foundation of a healthy relationship with kids.If this idea seems far fetched then perhaps some self refelction is necessary.

      Good luck :-0


      • Anonymous says:

        improves hand eye coordination for what? to be a better shot!?

        push you down the stairs?  with that improved hand eye coordination?

        the talking and communication is the key, but kill the xbox.

    • Anonymous says:

      You sound like Bush.  Its not the parents fault its Xbox!  No Xbox=no problems!  Keep tellen yerself that darlin.

    • Anonymous says:

      your wrong. its how they are brought up in life. nothing impacts a person other than themselfves. as a parent they should talk to there kids and teach them right from wrong. if there are no parents to do so… then the child grows up thinking he can do what ever theywant. Dont push the problem to something else when the problem lies directly in the homes of these violent children.

    • Anonymous says:

      So your son was OK to play violent shooting type video games up until a week or so ago when real people got shot then was he ? What sense does that make ?…………

      Either it affects him or not………..

  14. John-the-Baptist says:

    To 22:46- The Expat thing was a joke.  You see anything funny about what is happening? There are no expats shooting people. AND, neither it is funny or a JOKE that Caymanian young people are killing off each other. Do you see any of them rising after being shot and saying, 'oh dah was a joke?' Have some sympathy for these boys families, both the deceased and the shooters.  

  15. John-the-Baptist says:

    Please get off the streets before 9:00 P.M. tonight.  The pattern is crystal clear. Tomorrow night you can be out until midnight. But, Sunday night? Do not come out after church.  Keep safe my brethrens. Just watch the patterns of these shooters and be safe. Have a safe weekend.

  16. Anonymous says:

    There's a certain way to wear a hat, and these clowns fail in this respect. It's too far upward, and cocked too far to the right ………….. :  there, that's a lot better. Now you can begin the process of joining society, it'll be a rough journey, but you are a really tough guy – you can do it. Just keep in mind that you are older than fourteen and, der, there's a whole new world ahead of you.

    • truth says:

      They might also want (or not) to keep in mind that the wearing of pants down low was started in prison as a way of showing that I am available and ready to please.  So when you see someone walking down the street with his pants halfway to his knees and underwear showing that he is looking for a tough guy fo snuggle up to.

  17. Anonymous says:

    Some might say, well, 20 minus 4 equals 16, so at he present rate Cayman  is all set for a peaceful Christmas. Let's hope so. But that's the cynic speaking. What if the 20 keeps topping up?

  18. Anonymous says:

    The Expat thing was a joke guys

    • Anonymous says:

      It is interesting to note that the criminals are getting off. We have liong suspected their inability to put together proper evidence to commit criminals.

      In terms of the sentencing of these criminals, maybe we need to look at the complete impact. When the individuals are caught carrying out these killings they should be sentenced not just in regard of the crime they commit i.e. the murder, but the sentencing should take into account the damage to the reputation of the Cayman Islands from the tourism aspect as well as the increased stress in society.

  19. Anonymous says:

     Not one of the 6 or seven (perhaps more by am fri) attended school much let alone graduate. (FACT) from any institution let alone do an honest days work in their sorry short lives. Go on ask for freedom of information i think everyone should know. Also how many are Xpats who are normally bashed on the news. NONE fact.

    RIP Cayman Islands your wanna be gangsters are pissing off proper gun toting and drug barons in the Caribbean. Who is to blame?????


    Probably the Xpat again.

  20. Hibernator... says:

    Going to keep posting this…

    Parents, I am one too, if you know your kids or their friends are involved, even on the fringe, in this gang stuff, you have 2 choices…

    Seek help, at worst, turn them in, but SAVE THEM.  At worst, you may have to visit them in prison for a while while they serve out their sentances for their misdeeds, but you have hope they will be out and could be reformed, with your love, attention and the help of those around you.


    Keep ignoring it.  Forget there is a 400lb elephant in the room.  Let them keep going.  Then, in days, weeks, months, or if you are one of the lucky ones, YEARS, you can go visit the granite headstone that is their memory….

    Your choice…


  21. Todays Special: Sparky Stew says:

    Hopefully the police picked up on this deadly pattern first murder tuesday then thursday then saturday then monday then wednesday….friday ????? Hopefully not but i think this is not your average criminals doing this, this is people with deadly intelligence and the police have to be one step ahead of him if they are planning to get this situation under control.

  22. Anonymous says:

    Please call in the KING FISH Squad from Jamaica. They along with Mr. Adams will rid us from all these problems.

  23. Anonymous says:

    I am going to Jamaica tomorrow and I AM NOT COMING BACK.  I will be seeking an appointment with the Prime Minister, Mr. Golding to make me a citizen of  Port Royal, Jamaica.

  24. Check this out says:


    • Anonymous says:

      Asher is from EE, he was gunned down right down the road from where he was killed. What kind of person you are to asked that kind of question? Yes, i know he was on the road early in the morning but still

  25. JUST SAYING says:

    How do you people know that these killings are gang related.  Has anyone gave consideration that is just simple EXECUTION by someone we dont have the foggest idea.   Have you people thought that these killings are JUST KILLING PETER TO PAY PAUL?.  Too man guns were received and not paid for too much cocaine was received and not paid for.  I hope you do not think it is finished yet.  Do you still think it is West Bay Gangs doing this?   Think again.  You are barking up the wrong tree I believe.  This executioner is not from this Island,  Mark my word.  Mr Commissioner please stop telling the Cayman People about these EXECUTION HEAD STYLE KILLINGS are gangs because you are only guessing.  Bushes have ears to listen, but no tongue to talk.  Re check your investigations.

    • Anonymous says:

      This is crap! The Commissioner is correct. This is all gangstyle killings.

  26. Anonymous says:

    Regarding Trip Advisor:

    It is an absolute disgrace to have to read the perception of people who would have travelled to Cayman as tourists on Trip Advisor. Can you blame them ? Would you bring your wife & family to a Caribbean island destination, that has had 5 gang-land execution style murders in a week?

    As a 27 year resident of Cayman, I'm ashamed of what this island nation has become. I can only imagine what the true-blue heritage Caymanian's, long-time residents and their families that have been here for generations must be feeling.

  27. Anonymous says:

    Unfortunatley becasuse we caymanians have short memories these killings have taken precedent over all other crime i bet most dont even remember the name of the first victim,

    I guess we can now forget about continuing the investigation on the missing miss baker which was the hot topic a few weeks ago whoever involved with that must be saying the heat is off them now….have you also noticed that nothing more has even been said about this other young girl who is missing for 2 weeks now as well. 

  28. Mr. Spooner says:

    We should all leave the island, make these pretend thugs 'take care' of one another.  Then come back and start a new government and utopia.  I'll get flamed and alot of thumbs down, but deep down you know it's true.


  29. Anonymous says:

    When's the last time there was a robbery, burglary, disappearance, shooting or murder in Camana Bay??? 


    • Anonymous says:

      Walk between Camana Bay and SMB down Dart's rod there at night, all you will see if young Caymanian kids there dealing and smoking Weed in the bushes. Even some of the security guards don't want to go downthere.

      • Anonymous says:

        Think for a moment.  Where is the the drugs or the guns coming from?  We neither produce or manufacture drugs or guns.  Sea patrol, shoot and ask questions after and we would stem the flow of canoes coming to our shores loaded with drugs and weapons.  

        I must admit there are some of those lazy people who are just waiting for the next haul, but there is another side to the haul.  Who is paying for it?  When the small fry is caught, he should have to give up his master's name and we would all be very surprised to know who some of those NAMES would be.  Take a dep breath, and wait to exhale.

  30. Anonymous says:

    This is at the heart of the society we want/deserve in Cayman.


    Let us be aware-It is Caymanian gangs at work not  ex pats-how sad is that. Itsall about drugs/power/antisocial attitudes.


    We have to be strong to fight them that is why we need more and more police on the streets- its a deterrent.  Forget  the US way of policing – it would escalate things, we do not want to have a gun carrying country. That is not to say that the police need to have the tools to do the job. There are only  maybe 20/ 25 people who are surely known that we have to come down hard on and the courts need to deal with them hard which will sometimes mean tough decisions.

  31. Anonymous says:

    a week and a half later, 8 shootings, 5 dead and the sixth in hospital… for such a small island? this isnt an uprise in crime, its a conspiracy.. 

  32. Anonymous says:

    Everything that happens people starts to blame expats, its time to wake up and look in the mirror!

  33. Anonymous says:

    And according to you expat are killing our own people??

    Wake up and smell the coffee this is our fault and this crime is local..


  34. Anonymous says:

    Why can't the police outsmart these gangs… !!!

    Instead of waiting around for them to strike, how about setting up a control environment allowing them to incriminate themselves

  35. Caymanian & Used to be proud of it. says:

    Every time I read your posts, I am shocked.  The Commissioner of Police can't stop the violence.  The Police can't stop the shootings.  Whay are they going to stop it with, a stick.  We have some very dedicated officers, who want to do what has to be done, but, as they have families, they are not about to go to a gunfight eith a nightstick.  This is the time the  Government needs to stop wasting money for which we will have to pay later on.  I have a foster son in the Police Department and I beg him every day to watch what is going on, to be very aware of his surroundings,  In other words, "Stay Alert" and if there is a situation he cannot handle with his nightstick, he should remember his young wife and little daughter before he tries to play hero and finds out too late that he cannot fight a gunman with a stick. We should tell McKeeva Bush to stop giving away money on harebrained schemes that he knows will not work and put some of the excess? money that he seems to find to equiping our Police Department with the proper equipment to fight this battle we all need fought,


  36. Anonymous says:

    Until the archaic laws of our country change we will never see any change! THe thugs are more equipped than the police and soon the country will be infringing on their human rights!

    We cannot fight US type crime with British police !!! When Britain had their riots a few months back who did they call on the people familiar with the behaviour of the thugs! Assistance was rendered by the Chicago PD a state that knows how to handle thesesituations! Yet our Commissioner is seeking additional cops from the UK ! THey are going to a gun fight with batons and taser guns! Yeah bobo I fraid ah dem!!!!!!

  37. Anonymous says:

    The archaic laws of Cayman have to change before we can get anything done!

  38. Anonymous says:

    "Crime wins war on Crime". That should be the headline in the papers and on the news lately. Let's face it…it is winning.

  39. P.A.Rody says:

    Why haven't these expat gangs been rolled over yet?

    It is all due to the cancellation of the rollover that is why, disgracful!!

    • Anonymous says:

      to the comment made by P.A. Rody about the gangs being expats i can see u have no idea on wats goin on and a comment like that is incorrect because it is our own ppl committing these crimes so the cancellation of the rollover has nuthin to do with it

    • Anonymous says:

      because they are too brilliant — can't catch them — too much qualification & experience!

    • Anony Mous says:

      I can just see how you dislike Big Mac. When was the term limit cancelled. So all that we think is that expats does every thing bad, but when we need something good to be done we bring in expats? When are we going to do something for ourselves?



    • Anonymous says:

      You should be ashamed of yourself. This is why Cayman is not going to get any better because of this stupid blame game!!! Expats this! Expats that!

      The problem is not expats!!! These senseless killing are all being done by our young Caymanian men/boys. Wake the hell up and smell the coffee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Our house is on fire yet we are passing blame!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Caymanian motheres wake up and do your part in raising your children and if you raised them to the best of your ability and teach them the right way and they go astray TURN THEM INTO THE POLICE!!!!!!!. I am a Caymanian mother with a young son and I get nervous each time I hear these things happening. I sometimes wonder what my child is going to grow up and become. But I teach him the right, and pray to God daily that His hand will be upon my child like his hand was on Joseph. But God forbit my son grows up and chose the wrong, I am one Caymanian mother that will turn him into the police myself!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      Of the 5 young men that died and the 1 that is fighting for his life NONE of them are expats so if you dont have anything sensible to say shut your mouth!!!!! Exapts and the rollover has nothing to do with this.

      • Anonymous says:

        Things will never get better in cayman islands until  MCKEVA get up off his but and start thinking serious about building some trade centres here., so that the kids that did not made it with A. levels and O. levels have some where to go to train to do  other things, Look at Jamaica a country that is struggling so much financially, but yet still looking out for their young people. Look at the wonderful HEART FOUNDATION that the government put in place in jamaica to train their people, and its not only for young people it for any one who want to learn a trade. and it dosent cost much.  I have a helper from jamaica that can cook a variety of different dishes and i ask her where did she learn to cook so many different dishes and she told me at the HEART SCHOOL , I WAS AMAZE. So wake up MC. KEVA and take a leaf out of jamica book. if we have a HEART FOUNDATION here every time a hotel or a resturant needs a cook we wont have to import one, or every time we need a electrian or a mechanic we wont have to import one. Come on Mc keva build do some thing we are importing chickens and eggs, build your own chicken farms and pay the young people at least 10.00 per hour to work in it. East end have soooo many land you can use. 

        • Anonymous says:

          I have to agree with you about the Heart Foundation, Chicken and eggs. There is a lot of money they can make doing this. Plant their produce and sell them this would keep them out of trouble and keep them busy doing something productive.

    • Anonymous says:

      You jest…you can not  seriously be stating that this is all an ex-pat thing. WAKE UP.

    • Anonymous says:

      Are deaf or blind? Cant you see that tehse kids thata re dying are caymanian? What expat gangs are u refering to? I am sorry to disappoint but this one cant be blamed on "expats" especially the "jamaicans" I know its a easy way out to always balme expat but "pshh not today bobo"

      P.S They really need caymanian police officers to deal wityh this, they will be better able to penetrate the silence. This is a close knit country with its own culture…anyone who is seeking info must be able to relate and sync up to the locals.They really dont want to talk to any UK cops etc… and I may be wrong but info is needed , its intelligence thats needed!

    • Anonymous says:

      You clearly think you are funny. Obviously any expat criminal elements in our midst won't be affected by Rollover. Some are here illegally in the first instance.  

    • Anonymous says:

      news flash its our Caymanians !!!!

    • Check this out says:

      P>A> Rody,  it seems like you listening to the same bushes talking.  But you know something they making sence.  Th e Commissioner need to listen too.

    • Anonymous says:

      Because they are Caymanian ……………

    • Anonymous says:

      Yeah right! Caymanians are all so innocent! Who cares whether they are locals or not? The crime has to stop for the good of the country and everyone who calls this home!

    • Anonymous says:

      Thet have not been rolled over yet because they wer born and bred right here bobo!!!!!!!!!!

    • Anonymous says:

      Obviously sarcasm is lost on these people judging by all the thumbs down and angry responses you got!!

    • Anonymous says:

      It is simply amazing how many people on this site do not understand sarcasm nothingwithstanding that you indicated it in your tag (PARODY).


      The truth is that there are Caymanian gangs with Jamaican gang elements.   

  40. Anonymous says:

    Hello Again!
    As I stated before—– THE BRITISH STYLE OF POLICING DOES NOT WORK, AND WILL NEVER WORK HERE! I have even overheard other British Police Officers here say that.
    We are dealing with a completely different set of culture mix than what you find in the UK.

    If police officers are constrained by policies that say they must NOT ACT Then what do you think will happen.

    It is time to get real and stop allowing another country hundreds of miles away dictate how we protect ourselves, when they themselves are in serious trouble and is looking for outside help.

    On another note let’s be frank about the prosecutors here that work for the legal department, most, if not all, are either fresh outta law school, with little to no experience, or graduated at the bottom of the class and no firm wanted them but the GOV’t hired them because they couldn’t get anyone better.

    FACE FACTS CAYMAN ——– You will not get the winning Wahoo with rotten bait! Bad Prosecutors equals bad cases! In other countries, such as the UK, USA etc……, the prosectors job is usually a very high paying, prestigious and sought after job. Here in Cayman it is not! Helloooooooo!

    I have heard the saying that you must never give up and must always keep trying, BUT even I know when I keep falling on my face and getting hurt that it is time to give it up and try something else. Bad style of Policing equals more crime! Helloooooooo Again!!!!

    Like I said before, Cayman needs to change, IT WILL CHANGE, just like it is doing now, the issue is will it be changing for the better or the worse? Nobody BUT CAYMAN can decide our future, not the UK, USA or anyone, only ourselves can. If we DO NOT STAND UP for ourselves then we cannot complain when others tell, and demand, us to do stuff.

    Hope we decide before it’s too late!!!!!!!!

    • Anonymous says:

      Don't you know that most of the gang/drug/gun volence is committed by UK West Indians?

  41. Anonymous says:

    Another point of view. They are doing what the police have not been able to do, eradicating armed robberies. Anyone stop to think what happened to the armed robberies this week? I could be wrong, but don't think there have been any.

    Now just sit back and wait for the gun smoke to settle and arrest the last gang member standing, then crime will be brought back down to pre- 90's levels. I will gladlystep out of anonymity and swear I saw him pull the trigger and kill someone (I would commit perjury for the greater good).

    There is no hope for these punks; they are all spineless, heartless, chicken sheets. What happened to using your fists to settle disputes? Now the shoot each other in the back of the head and call them selves gangsters. In my eyes, they no longer deserve human rights. And to the parents, sorry, you had your chance and you blew it so either report them to the authorities or run. For that matter, you better be safety minded because you are related to the punk.

  42. Anonymous says:

    Has the police or even the public sat down to think about if all these murders are related?!

    It could be that they're not & "Gang Members" just finding the opportunitie to hit their "target" while all these other killings are happening so the heat will probaly not come close to them.

    I mean what does this East Ender have to do with the previous West Bayers that have been killed? Just because theyre all going down at once doesnt mean that its the same person or people that are doing these killings.

    Its a extremely sad situation in the Cayman Islands, Its the not Island its some of the people that live here.

    • CaymanFisting says:

      Let’s use common sense here…..if all of my gang associates are being gunned down in my “hood” most people would leave said “hood” to find safe harbor ie move districts until this blows over or at least settles down. 5 teenage to mid 20’s males with known gang affiliations have been murdered in similar fashion in the past week……if you believe they aren’t “related” you my friend need to open your eyes.

  43. Young Blood says:

    The issue is not with Police, Church, Schools and Government!! The issue is with parents and kids! Kids are having kids what you expect! I am young caymanian and I see this come on all educated and sensible people should see the root of all this it comes down to disciplining your stubborn an hard-headed children from longtime! Now they get to an age where you have no or little say and they wanna turn "badman" and you afraid of them or dont want to report them and it spirals down from that!

    Yes maybe if you took them to church and not send them or maybe if the police were given the ability to beat these young idiots or shoot a few of them so they get the point or maybe if the school teachers were allowed to use a nice tambrind stick on their butts or government was interested in the people they would get a unit to guide them better but for years an years things just slipping and slidding so this is the result of it and if we all dont wake up it will be a lil New York or Miami!

    No one cares for each other no more everyone has an agenda and it we all dont help or straighten up it will get worse! So stop blaming this one and that one be a part of the solution not the problem!



  44. Anonymous says:

    Majority of the RCIP patrolmen are NOT armed. If I were a police officer who had to patrol where gang murders have been happening every other night and I had NOgun, would I be afraid? OH HECK YES! RCIP are scared Sh**less!!! They cant even defend themselves in this gang war! They are not armed! They are not even trained in use of firearms so that they could be armed. Why are police trained but not trained in firearms useage? Is this RCIPS for real??????n So they just hired some new officers that are trained. Ridiculous. All I can do is shake my head and hope that the people who KNOW who has a gun, who is involved in these murders will come forward. But no one is willing to give in their own family member or boyfriend/baby fadda/bredren.  And it will neverend.

  45. Anonymous says:

    I don’t understand the strategy of these murdering gangsters. Why one for one? If my kiiling one of yours makes you kill one of mine, it would appear that either I shouldn’t kill any of yours, so that I can protect mine, or if I have to kill one of yours then I should kill all of yours so that you can’t strike back, and so I protect mine. If the gansgsters adopted that view, this could be over with quickly and lawabiding citizens could go back to having a normal life.

  46. The lone Haranguer says:

    Hopefully all this killing will scare some of those boys straight. We have to use this situation  to get the lads back into the mainstream working world and out of the thuglife.

  47. Anonymous says:

    Question: If/when these gang members are turned in by parents, girlfriend etc.. how is the situtation then handled from there considering there may be no evidence and even if there was there would be a good possibilty of no conviction anyway? This appeal should NOT be discouraged however there needs to be a STRICT solution in place that when these people are arrested that they are not let back out into the same society which therefore equals the same results further down the line.

  48. keeping it real says:

    If you are one of the people who have taken down pictures from Facebook..you are part of the problem…..that's what you want to be in life?….a rebel….in the end where is that going to get you….you can't hide in Cayman..that has been made obvious….why are not trying to set an example for your children….YES…a lot of these kids have kids !!….you are not  Vybz Kartel……you are not living in Jam…this is Cayman….wake up….it's no longer cool to be self employed and not be educated….a real man knows how to get out of this life…

  49. Anonymous says:

    From what I've read of the latest victim, he could take milk outta coffee. His was a crafty lil fella with a promising future ahead. SMFH

  50. Anonymous says:

    No time for playing the blame game – our men are dying everyday!  The count is rising higher and higher and until reach out to these individuals – nothing will change.  RCIPS – round them up and bring them in one by one – make sure you have the posters of the deceased right in front of them so they can see what "gangtas paradise" really means – question them and get some answers!  Somebody knows something and they cant all be cold-hearted killers – somebodys got to crack sooner or later! Pressure bust pipes!

  51. Anonymous says:

    Church officials, teachers, parents – get involved now.  Talk to these kids one on one if you have to – you know who they are! Do it now! Reach out to them and let them know that there is so much more to life.  It takes a village ….it takes a village!

  52. Anonymous says:

    Until we have laws that will force those who know where the guns are hidden and where the thugs are hiding this will continue. It is only a matter of time until innocent people start getting shot in the cross-fire or for simply being in the wrong place when shooters are on the streets.

  53. Libertarian says:

    I hate to speculate, but it is looking more like someone hired by the cartel centralizing the drug field. The field is to splintered and divide. Robberies are not helping to sustain the profits, so killings have to take place in order to centralize everything. All victims are shot in the head. All victims are known to be involved in drugs. All victims may have stepped on somebody's toes, a bigger fish than them. I hope my speculations is false, because if it is not, organized criminals is the worse thing we need now for Cayman. I recommend we get rid of the British officers in control, and bring in those who are serious in fighting crime and saving Cayman's economy.  

  54. Anonymous says:

    My people, listen! Stop playing this blame game. It solves absolutely nothing… This problem is ours, the cold hard fact is that we created it. Do you know where your children are? What are they doing? If someone spoke harshly to your child because they were disrespectful what would your reactions be? You would most likely be the first to curse them in return in front of your children and tell them they have no right. Am I not correct?

    We created this. Not the politicians, not the governor and not the expats who work in our country…as they most likely know where there children are. How many of us spend quality time with our kids? Do they have homework? Do you help them? Do you check it? Do you instill morals and set examples for them?do you give them responsibilities or let them do as they please? When was the last time you had a real meal with them? Fast food does not count. Sorry!

    You want change, if your really do, then let’s start at home. We cannot change what is happening now, but you can change the future. It all start at home whether you except this cold hard fact or not. Stop crying, blaming and holding our heads down in utter shame when we are the one’s that created this. I know for a fact that a lot of you know what your kids are doing is wrong, you know they smoke weed and what ever else their is but chose to turn a blind eye because you don’t want to deal with them or can’t control them. Some of you even give it to them.

    Let us change this, as this is the one thing we can change. Let your neighbours, teachers, family members and even friends chastise your kids if they are wrong, instead of becoming enemies with them. Let us look out for one another. Teach them respect is earned by respecting other, not by violence.

    Face it! These killings will not stop until they are satisfied that they have gotten everyone they feel is responsible for whatever happened to trigger this.

    So! REMEMBER we can blame, pray, cry or hold our heads down in disgrace but it will not change or solve what is happening here.

    Let us bond together as one and fix this. Make that our state of emergency, as we the people are the only ones that can fix this, as we are the ones to blame.

    From one caymanian to another. We can do this!

  55. NJ2Cay says:

    These are posts on Trip advisor I read this morning, It says a lot for Caymans Rep. Need I say more It’s a shame that a handful of young thugs were allowed to ruin the reputation of a nation. I wonder if the people in charge of protecting the public can sleep at night knowing the island sank on their watch. Funny how it all happened so fast after the people forced the folks out that were doing the job right.


    Mami R

    Key West…

    posts: 3

     Avoid travel to the Cayman Islands for your own safely 

    Sep 22, 2011, 9:51 AM

    The island is overrun with Gang activity and the local police have no way of protecting the public. Just in the last two weeks there have been at least 5 Shooting Murders. There has also recently been several armed robberies one of which an elderly women shot and multiple Carjackings. Unfortunately the police force on this small island is not equipped to deal with the escalating violence. If you must go there avoid walking outside after dark, there have been quite few attacks on tourists. Be safe and explore other options in the Caribbean such as ****** where crime is practically non existent.




    posts: 1,387

    reviews: 55

     Am I wrong to get worried? 

    Sep 10, 2011, 2:00 PM

    I am sorry, but I am starting to get worried. it seems to me that someone gets robbed almost every day, and for a society with only 60k People that seems a lot – also considering statistics and all.

    We really want to feel safe driving around the Island snorkeling at remote beaches, and visiting off the beaten path places, but I must admit I am starting to get worried. Only this last week it seems there have been a robbery a day, it is not big an Island, how many criminals Can there be?

    I dont want to stir anything up, and sorry if I do, but the fact we could feel safe driving around, was one of the main reasons we chose GC.

    • Anonymous says:

      The post at Sep 22, 2011, 9:51 AM is obviously exaggerated. It sounds like a plant from a competitor.  

  56. Anonymous says:

    What I dont understand is why the government is is planning to bring in officers from the UK that have no idea what is really going on here or know the true layout/structure of our country. When there is thousands of unemployed Caymanians that do know and are willing to do a better job at solving this problem.  This crime problem we have can not be solved over night and no matter how many UK officers they bring it will just be a WASTE of the countries money.  They tried this strategy before and I didnt hear any UK officers working any miracles…Give the job to the worthy unemployed Caymanians!!!!!!!!  

  57. Anonymous says:

    It appears to me that Cayman has a serious 48hr bug and the Doctors can’t find an antidote to get rid of it. Mark my words this bug is going to spread throughout our entire community over the next few months.

  58. Anonymous says:

    Why are people so concerned that these "wanna-be-gangstas" are killing each other off?! They are doing all of us a favour by reducing their numbers on this island! They would never have made a positive contribution to society, they would only have spread their wicked ways!

    And if you are sorry for the parents of these idiots, it is mostly their fault that they turned out this way, from lack of proper parenting!!!

    There are plenty of young intellegent Caymanian men in our society who will will continue to produce the next generation of young Caymanians.

    We don't need these thugs! All I am going to say is, Good ridance!!!

    • Anonymous says:

      I guess most people are concerned that another inocent gets killed while these wanna be "gangsters" resolve their issues.

    • Anonymous says:

      There will always be one bad boy to take the place of the bad boy who had just been whacked. Without fail!

  59. Anonymous says:


    Simple math. 54,000 people live in Grand Cayman. Roughly ½ are expats and their families. That leaves 27,000.

    Out of this number at least 1/2 are women and another ½ are children and elders. Now we have 14,000 males. 90% of them are decent human beings. That leaves 1,400 individuals that might  be troublesome. We have 350 cops on this island- 4 cops for each potential trouble maker.  What the Police actually do to earn their money? Do we really need more of them? 1/10 of them with proper education, training, skills would take care of the situation. I am talking about professional police force. Not an army of inept freeloaders.

    • Anonymous says:

      you mean 4 trouble makers per every cop?

    • Anonymous says:

      If there by your math we have 1400 troublemakers and 350 cops, how does that mean 4 cops for each troublemaker?

      God help us all.


    • Anonymous says:

      To 9:38:  Maybe government should pay more attention to the schools. A perfect example is your math skills:

      54,000 people

      27,000 Caymanians

      1/2 women, leaves 13.500 males.

      1/2 of the remainder as children or old people, leaves 6,250 adult males.

      90% are good, 10% possibly bad, leaves 625 potentially baddies

      350 cops means roughly 1 cop for every 2 bad boys.

      My additional math: Take 1 of every 10 bad boys already known to police, put them on a boat, and take them on a one way trip out to 12 Mile Banks, complete with a boat anchor and chain for each bad boy. The others left behind will shape up quickly. No more shootings, no more robberies, and no more trouble. Scared straight and no free Northward hotel. Let McKeeva hand out free fans and blenders to the families, play patty cake with the Governor and the judges,  and all will be good.

  60. Concerned Parent says:

    We have been off island enrolling our child in University and reading these headlines make us quiver. I keep checking to see if the international news have taken note of the crime spree in Cayman as I fear what this will do to our beautiful islands. Our tourism, our economy, our people will all suffer. To our politicians, police force, Governor do not be afraid to ask for help. Turn to those with the expertise to deal with gang violence and consider enforcing curfews – zero tolerance. We beg of you to SAVE our people – our islands NOW!

  61. Anonymous says:

    If these people want to kill each other, they're going to make it happen no matter what the police do. Its never going to stop, so the police can try their best but I'm sure these people are smart enough to get around whatever the police do to kill each other if they really want to get the job done.

  62. Anonymous says:

    Alright, this will tick some people off I'm sure but I'll say it cause I'm sure there's people that think the same as I do.  While I am disgusted by all of this, wish it would stop and things will go back to being all hunky dory clearly that's just not going to happen and unrealistic and this curfew idea is rubbish!  What will that accomplish other than disrupting the way of life fornormal people in this place?  Absolutely nothing!  They'll just wait til it's done and then resume, simple!  Obviously they aren't idiots if they can plan well enough that our somewhat useless police can't get evidence etc. to convict them or sometime even hold them for any length of time.  And with our stupid backward laws how the hell is our police going to tackle these people?  With "bigger batons and tasers"?  Come on!  If anyone of us were police with these oh so awsome solutions would we go face to face with these gangs to get them in the act or try to stop them?  Hell no!  So to a point I can't blame the police – to a point…  How the laws are even the police with guns are probably afraid to use them cause they'd probably be convicted of some foolishness and until these thugs see that police ain't playing around and one of them gets a nice blown out knee cap or something from a police then the police is nothing but a joke to them.  And that's the raw fact whether some realize it or not.

    I hate to say it and I'm really sorry for the family of these "gangsters" that have to deal wth the grief when they meet their fate but when you live like this and associate yourself in this type of lifestyle then that's what you get unfortunately.  And as far as I see it as long as they keep it to themselves as they are doing then it's better off, eventually there will be one less gang and a considerably smaller one left to deal with.  I'm sorry but why the hell should the country's money, mine and your hardworking money, be used to keep these type of people living well, fed well etc. up at hotel Northward, for what?  I'm sorry but I have no mercy for people that live this life style, it could be my brother!  You live that life you get what's coming, simple!  And until our laws provide police and the prison to give proper justice for their crimes then I say so be it as long as they keep it organised and targeted as they have been doing, better off for us hard working, law abiding citizens of this country cause like I said eventually there'll be one less gang and a considerably smaller one left behind to tackle and the Government will have some more money to use for other whorthwhile productive things.


    And that's my two cents…

    • Anonymous says:

      unfortuantely there will never be "one less" due to these killings. with every murder causes more broken/angered hearts, which only means the deceased's younger brother or cousin or who ever will step up to take his place to fight for his brother's "honor and respect" and to look avengance for his brother's death and to cause another the same pain he felt. also, 90% of these young men that have been killed have young children and have left girls pregnant with more to come, what do you think these kids will grow up to be like? if all they ever hear is "that boy's father killed my father" or how ever names and words get twisted around. obviously they'll also grow up w/ hate in their hearts and continue this for many years to come…this needs to be dealt with properly, it's not an issue that will just go away, and these kids, these innocent lil babies need to be reached and taught otherwise before we have more "murderers in training" being brought up..

    • village idiot of Absurdistan says:

      And Baines summed it up pretty well this morning. The issue is that people are willing to tell them who shot whom, but NO ONE is willing to tell AND give evidence. 

      Then he goes on to use a term called 'false grief' where after the murder has occured the person/parent grieving actually had the information and often evidence that could have prevented the crime/murder in the first place yet they are grieving the death of their son.

      This sounds like the #1 problem as to why the cycle of violence continues. 

      Problem 2 may undermine problem #1. People obviously don't feel safe in giving evidence so the judiciary need to review how to improve that- I dont have the answer to this one when it is such a small island and there are already concerns that confidentialityis a weakness within the system. 

      The bottom line is would you rather see your son alive in prison or standing over his grave?

      Thirdly, the laws around gang activity and involvement need to be tightened and that has been discussed of late- unfortunately that takes time. Although if McBush can make other decisions willy nilly, you would believe he could expedite legal to act quickly on something this serious and important. Until we can empower the police and legal system with proper tools it is pretty tough to hang them out to dry for not doing their jobs. 



      If I had a teenage son whose behaviour gave me the slightest suspicion he is mingling with those who may be involved in gangs, I would be having a serious face to face talk with him and paint what the scenario going forward may look like:

      "Son, would you put your parents in the unenviable position of having to choose whether you are alive or in prison, and risk my life in giving evidence against you in court? " Make them think long and hard about that question. I would have the same conversation with my teenage daughter too. 

      Unfortunately, while rome is burning and this topic preoccupies the entire country, Mac will likely sell the country right out from under its people. He is a master at the distraction/deflection technique of stirring up enough issues, then slides the particular important issue past everyone with little debate or confrontation. 


      Go after the leadership!

    • Anonymous says:

      How fast 2 missing women, numerous armed robberies and their innocent victims are forgotten. Not in your back yard? 

  63. Anonymous says:

    If these murders or assassinations are the result of tit for tat gang revenge, then it is apparent that the gangs have the intelligence to figure out who is committing these crimes.  Why it that these barely educated kids can easily figure out who shot who but the RCIPS cannot.  Justice hasn’t been served to any of these kids through our legal system.  That said, I’m sure one or more of the “at large” robbers have been gunned down in this recent surge of violence.  Well done boys…I think you should keep it up until there are none of you despicable useless degenerate inept wanna be foo-foo gangstas left bo-bo.  

    • Anonymous says:

      Yes we need to fire the police and hire the gang members to solve crime.

    • Anonymous says:

      I don't think its that the police don't know who is doing it, but without evidence, they can't arrest/hold them in custody. Anyone that knows anything really needs to step forward and help in anyway they can…otherwise we will continue to see the sad news in the morning paper that yet another person was taken out by an act of gang retaliation.

    • Anonymous says:

      The Police probably do know but without evidence and witness statements they are never going to prosecute them.  It is down to the community to stand up against these people.  I know it is frightening and these low-life scum will intimidate and threaten but without proof they will remain on the streets to do whatever they like.

    • Anonymous says:

      The gangsters will know from word on the streets, the RCIPs may hear it, may not – they may arrest on suspision but they will not be able to charge or hold them without sufficient evidence and the only way they will get this is by a 'snitch'.

      And most persons may not want themselves involved because of fear of retaliation on themselves or family for speaking to the police – this is a reality.

    • Anonymous says:

      I think you should keep it up until there are none of you despicable useless degenerate inept wanna be foo-foo gangstas left bo-bo. 

      Whilst I entirely agree with you… slight problem – who's gonna deal with the last man standing?

      • Anonymous says:

        who will deal with the last man standing?  I believe the community.  If the last one is known, our people might just be as brave and resilient, and selfless as the heroes that took over the American flight during 911—-"Let's Roll"

    • Anonymous says:

      erm let me think……… Oh yes.  The police need evidence.  Actual evidence.  Not just the word on the street.

  64. Anonymous says:

    Young guy 33 years of age on radio nailed it this morning: "this culture is known for its ability to adapt and assimilate–but this time it settled on the wrong thing: gangster culture…if you talk to these young men, and I have, you will not find that they are misunderstood people who really aren't bad guys–theyin fact are sociopaths and narcissists who don't care about anyone, not friends, or even family. They have reached a point where even DEATH means nothing to them."

    • Anonymous says:

      I say let them keep at it. I don't think there's any reason for the normal population to feel unsafe about it right now. These are targeted revenge killings, not menacing acts against our society.

  65. Anonymous says:

    History only repeats itself. "PIRATES OF THE CAYMAM ISLANDS"

  66. Anonymous says:

    When will it end? seem as if we have lost an entire generation in less than 10 days.  Caymanian young men I am begging you please stop the killings as a people we cannot afford to lose one more.  Please, this is not what your forefathers worked so hard at sea to preserve for you it's a shame please stop now.  If not for yourselves, parents or children please stop the violence in memory of your foreparents. 

    • Anonymous says:

      Granted, writing may help you feel better.  However, CNS post are unlikely to be the appropriate means to communicate with these boys.  This is not meant to be cold, just keeping it real.  

    • Actually says:

      Please…let's not be so loose with words.  There are two 'generations' around that age – one taking Cayman forward, and one dragging it back.  

  67. State of Emergency Needed says:

    I am angered, frustrated and terrified of all the violence and killings that have been goign on.  I think the governor owes it to the residents of the Cayman Islands to declare the island under a State of Emergency.  Bring in the UK troops, and sort this stuff out.  I sit here shaking as I write… yes, the targets are gang members, but what happens if an innocent bystander gets shot/killed by a stray bullet?  Are we going to wait for that to happen?  Governor, please, this is in your hands, take control.  Premier, guide your country, this is when you are needed most.  This is when you can redeem yourself to the community.  Bring down trained and armed UK officers to assist our force, send our local officers off to the UK for hands on training .  Broaden their understanding on how to handle sever situations as these.  But most of all…..Get this crap under control!



    • Check this out says:

      State of Emergency, bring in UK troops for what.  Are you nuts.  We have a barge load of them here doing what.  They do not even want to have a curfew, afraid to damage their friends business and you ask for more,

      Those who want a curfew, can curfew them selves. STAY HOME AT NIGHTS when you go home from work.  All others will then have to have a reason why they are riding about the place.  Looking for what, somewhere to robb or someone to shoot.  Narrow down the people on the streets by begining with your own family.  Stay home, have yard BBQ with your family.   Have BBQ with your children.   Pick up the 6 pack on your way home. and stay put until morning.  You will save money and save your family life.

      • Anonymous says:

        Are you kidding? That's your rebuttal… stay home and have a BBQ? Please tell me this isn't Mckeeva's post.

      • Anonymous says:

        Home imprisonment – A wonderful idea.  Let's show them whose winning eh?

    • Profound reality! says:

      …..Yes lets bring expats to do the real work!…..

      Anything called "cleaning up" and we look to expats to sort it for us, cant clean our yards, cant clean our homes, cant clean our beaches, cant clean our government and now our streets.

      A lil saying comes to mind," Dont throw stones at glass houses"….stones being the uneducated resentment towards our expat friends and glass house being the fragile but monumental economics/support and developement they provide to our lil dry island in the sun.

      Thumbs up or down, either way this is a local mess.

      Think about it!






      • Anonymous says:

        Lord, if only you had given me more fingies to thumbs up this post!

    • pass_the_pig says:

      I am in agreement with this – something has to be done NOW.  For those of us who have been here for a long time – I am sure we can say that we saw this coming….  poor police pay, poor financial resources to support or police, not enough police on the street becuase there simply aren't enough of them.  Come on McKeeva – never mind the rollover – that should be the least of your concerns right now – get your government together and start fighting crime the way it should be fought – bring in whatever resources are needed to stop this senseless killing of young people and protect our country – it's not always about the money and how we can cut costs to save government money – this time its about lives and the future of thiscountry.  If the crime continues to escalate there will be no need for suspension of rollover – nobody will want to stay here anyway….and will be only to happy to leave.

      • Anonymous says:

        We have but very few Caymanians to fight the crime,and the expats here are not capable so we have no other choice than to bring in professionals from where ever beit dum dum.The bad influence has finally taken its toll. I dont think that you realize that most of these guys are coming from one Caymanian parent and the other parent is from any where else.Didnt you come here and find the Country good when the population was mostly Caymanians? Something for you to think about.So come on now lets everybody help to put it back .

    • Anonymous says:

      Bring down the English police ? Are u serious? They can’t handle the carp in there own country, so now we must rely on them for help? PLEASE!!! Btw who are they getting advice from for their problems? THE GOOD OLD US of A. Y’all can hate on Obama all you want, but the boys in blue know their sh*t. When it comes to gangs and how to deal with them. LAPD,NYPD, and the list goes on……

  68. insane says:

    wow….when these murders are going to stop?

    This is becoming a joke….
    Now the police will hire a few more people that will be there only for the salary! 
    Trainning dept look back on your older application you will see a few people are trying over and over to get in the force and they are not applying for salary.
    I'm pretty sure we can find some decent new officers to the force, it doesn't mean they will stop the killing for good. Ate least we would have some decent and respectful officers.

    Cayman do something….we  are here because we love to live here and we (expats) feel we are at our home.

  69. Anonymous says:

    OH well!!! I guess the future of Cayman will be full of smart people….as those who are stupid enough to get mixed up in this mess (gangs) will all be dead cause they are killing off each other! Don't blame the police or the governor, they not pullin the trigger!

  70. noname says:

    the magic number is 7….6 shot and 5 dead! it's terrifying…but another 48hrs…friday, you could look out for another fatality #7…I pray to God it does not come to pass.

  71. Anonymous says:

    It seems we are looking for solutions from everyone else and from every were else. These killers have taken matters in their own hands…. and the Christians are praying. God's will will be done, and I hope his will will be our will and the killing will stop.

    I am anonymous with my views (sharing), but we need the type of "movie endings" where every one in the community steps up (yes take a bullet even) and say no more…but alas…I will hide behind this email and hope that someone does something….smh



  72. curfew says:

    What situation is better for the country, crime continue as is or curfew for a specific period, with searches arrests and the likes of any and all gang members?

  73. Jack says:

    What’s the magic number, are we there yet? Don’t these kids get that if they shoot someone they are putting a barrel to their own head (or worse – family and friemds)?

    And to prove what? King of WB? Woohoo…..

  74. Anonymous says:

    With the tight police visibility after the 4th victim and then now the 5th. Its very obvious that these people have connection somewhere within the authorities. They have perfect timing to do horible things like this. They seem to know when and where to strike isn't it? I am sure they are also using the media and newspapers in their plans.

    The police must beef up their inteligence units if there is….because the enemies could only be within their reach….

    Can the government implement curfew for a week just to stop the crime for awhile?

  75. Anonymous says:

    CNS… My poor heart cant take no more, my heart is so weak only God knows its in pieces I dont even know if I can make it into work today… I need to go lay back down and take bed this makes me sick,,,GANSTAS PLS STOP IT WHEN UNA ALL KILLIN OFF EACH OTHER WHEN UNA DO THAT UNA ALSO KILLING UNA FAMILIES TOO CANT U SEE?  What's so sad about all of this is that our young Caymanian men and the last of our breed is all killing each other.  Now they are all at the morgue laying side by side with each other waiting to be buried…hell we cant even get past a week good to bury one when there is another one being shot dead….. it makes no sense.  I say this to the Comissioner that either you steppdown now or you need to have an Island-wide CURFEW starting at 8pm… and round-up all the little Ganstas and lock them all in jail..Parents lockdown your Children  and give them a restriction time to be in at nite.  its best to be safe than sorry,,,,may  God bless our Cayman Isle and may he restore peace once again.

    • Anonymous says:

      Curfew?! The only time a curfew will be in play if this island goes into a”state of emergency” status. Otherwise……that’s not going to happen. Imjustsayin

      • Bill says:

        You said that the only time that a curfew will be played is if this Island goes into a "State of emergency"  Aru u really kidding me really???  Five of our young men are now dead and almost everynite we have a new killing isnt that not saying that "Cayman is already in a state of emergency"  Hello???  Bloodbath is  already in Cayman streets and its high-time for a CURFEW and a LOCKDOWN for young people!  "Gangsters or thugs" what you all need to do is go to School and pick up your books and stop una foolishness and learn a thing or two from the real Caymanian men.  When back in our days we were what you called "Real men" who stand up and fight each other fist to fist" than kill each other, and then back being friends laughing and having a drink after saying who won the fight and was the better man!!!  BE A MAN & PUT AWAY THE GUNS!!!!

    • Anonymous says:

      Commisioner Banes, This is happening now on you watch!!!!!!!!. It is of Historical proportion. This never happen in the history of the Islands. You made history too, because you make more  speeches on the public circuit than any other Commissioner in the history of the Police Force. Its time you stop talking and act to secure the island from the grip of vicious gun hoodlums.

    • Anonymous says:

      Please, stop and think, what makes you think they wont just kill in the daytime? If it's that serious between these gangs, night time, curfew etc will not stop them.

  76. E.S says:

    Did we think it was going to just stop? There is a trend, it is ever other day that they kill. They take a day to regroup and plan during which time " The Premier " tries to sell out the country to those with half million dollar homes, keep up the good work Mac. Oooppps, sorry I forgot you said the government wont intervene in the violence and leave the police to do their job….News Flash , they need help. Why not ask your friend Mr. dart to lend you some of his security to assist

    • Tr(m)agic #7 says:

      time forgotten…when our forefathers strived at sea and on land to bring up their kids(our grandparents and parents) in the best way possible…not by riches or giving them what they wanted…but by bringing them up on a Christian foundation…with Fear of God…but it seems as the years go by we forget these values of life. The government has no Fear of God and is corrupted so therefore we the people will suffer one way or the other. Just like the Great kings and leaders of the world that has made there nation and people die because of dictatorship or having no Fear of the ONE and True King…God OUR Father, this has given satan an opportunity for his deciples to target our youths and country for not being a God fearing country. To the Leader(s) of this country…the day you all stopped believing in OUR forefathers upbringing of fearing God and started to believe in the ' Green Note"  then obviosly…the wages of sin is DEATH. Leader(s) start investing in the YOUTH of today and not in your POCKETS for tomorrow. Forgetting where you're coming from is not knowing where you're going.  God Bless this country and the mothers and family of the fallen victims!

  77. Anonymous says:

    Commissh Baines,

     You are now in the annals of our history right beside Stuart Jack. PLEASE resign before people have an emotional protest that gets UGLY !!!


    • Anonymous says:

      Please explain how any of this is the Commissioner's Fault? That's like blaming a cancer doctor for a patient dying! responsibility for these deaths lies with the people pulling the trigger, and chances are that by now some of those have been killed.

      This isn't tragic, it's pathetic in the true sense of the word.

      • Anonymous says:

        Great analogy

        • Concerned Citizens says:

          Prison should be Punishment!

          Have enjoyed reading the comments of the educated here in this blog.

          I would like to make a point.

          Prison must be a punishment not a reward. Prisons that are not a joke are in Mexico and Cuba. Can you look into using the prison locally only as temporary holding cells and paying other countries to house your inmates? I am positive of not only a cost savings per prisoner, I guarantee crime will drop so quickly it will make your head spin. Criminals must fear the law. These criminals want to be caught! Have you seen where they live? HM Hotel is much better. I heard about one man who brought a small bag of drugs into the police station and asked to be locked up! I am sure there are European human right laws that would have to be minded to make this happen, but this is a small detail when you think about the size of the problem. The solution is not more cameras and more cops without guns. I repsect them, they are very brave being out there, but honestly?

          All we have now is the ability to replay the crime on video. They are still going to dothe crime. We need to make them re-think the crime before possibly going to a very bad place.  USA has thought about doing it. http://blogcritics.org/politics/article/louisiana-first-state-to-outsource-entire/

          Blaming people,expats, governor, especially our pour McBush, who can barely keep his head above water without drowning in his own words, is not going to help. Although he talks big like just like the opposition does, they are all the same, they are pawns. It is sad to see an island be ruined by its own society. But isn't this what is happening all over the world? Ganster culture is everywhere….


      • Anonymous says:

        Its hard core Caymanian logic – Its never our fault. 

      • Anonymous says:



        It like you finding a lump  in your breast so you go to the doctor. Then he tells you youre constipated (which is likely true in real life) and cancer kills you!

        You make me wonder why we ammended the torts law to minimize malpractice damages.