Murder victims buried during quiet weekend

| 27/09/2011

(CNS): As police spent the weekend re-visiting the various crime scenes of Grand Cayman’s recent shocking killing spree, two of the victims of the gang shootings were laid to rest in West Bay. With no new murders over the weekend, breaking the cycle of a killing on every other night for more than a week, the police were able to concentrate on hunting for the killers. Meanwhile, Cayamn27 reports that the families and friends mourned the deaths of Robert Mackford Bush, (28) and Andrew Baptist (27), the first two victims of the year. Bush was buried on Saturday at the Church of God in Mount Pleasant, West Bay, while Baptist was laid to rest at the Boatswains Bay Presbyterian Church on Sunday.

Bush was killed by at least two masked gunmen when he was lured to the junction of Captain Joe and Osbert Road and Birch Tree Hill Road on 13 September. He was shot multiple times and at least once in the head with a shotgun. Baptist was shot and killed on Sand Hole Road just two days later on 15 September in what police believe was a tit-for-tat response to the killing of Bush.

Baptist was also the victim of more than one shooter and was also shot several times. His death was followed two days later by Preston Rivers in Anderson Road in West Bay, who was also shot multiple times by at least two armed gunmen, one of whom was described by police as about 5”10” tall and dressed in a blue polo shirt with white stripes and a blue shirt covering his face.

Another two days later and the gang shootings moved out of West Bay into George Town, when 18-year-old Jason Christian was shot and killed while he sat at the while of a van in Cranbrook Drive, along with Keith Montague, who was also shot several times but managed to survive and crawl to a nearby police patrol car that rushed him to the hospital. He was later airlifted to Miami.

The most recent killing was that of Asher McGaw (21), who was gunned down in East End as he walked along John McLean Drive behind the East End health clinic. He appeared to have been shot at from a car.

Police officers were in force on the streets of West Bay throughout the weekend and established road blocks along Seven Mile Beach but there has been no news of any arrests made over the weekend in relation to the murders. It appears that no one has yet been arrested directly in connection with any of the killings but police said last week that they had rounded up several known gang members under the gang legislation.

Police have not circulated any new information about the killings since a media briefing was held one week ago in the wake of the shooting of Christian and Montague. CNS has contacted the RCIPS for an update on the current situation.

In the meantime, anyone with information is asked to contact the crime hotline on 949-7777, George Town Police Stationon 949 4222 or crime stoppers on 800 TIPS which is now offering a $50,000 reward for information that leads to a conviction of gun related crime.

See Cayman 27 video here

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  1. bornCaymanian84 says:

    XXX I had to send my 3 year old babies off Island for school after this same DEPARTMENT told me they could only help me for 2 months thereafter I would have had to maintain the school fees, Hello if I had the money to pay for my babies school fees I would not have come to you XXX I am a born Caymanian I am also a hard working law abiding citizen, that was only asking for help because both me and my husband could not afford the monthly school fees, lunch money, mortagae, light/water bill that all us REAL HARDWORKING CAYMANIANS HAS TO MAINTAIN TO KEEP A ROOF OVER OUR CHILDRENS' HEAD.

    All I can hear about around here is of this Department helping those that don't genuinely need it. Please don't take my situtaion as thou I am blaming them for me and my husband having our kids and wanting their Department to feed, cloth and maintain them for the rest of their lives No this is not the case, it was only for their school fees we were asking for assistance. When I emailed back the social worker to explain that we would have no other choice but  to send them off her reply was she wishes me and my family the best without even going back to her supervisor to see if they could assist me in any other way, or with 1 child nothing just a slap in the face. XXX

    • bornCaymanian84 says:

      BTW the department I am referring to is Department of Children and Family Services commonly referred to 'Social Services'.

  2. Anonymous says:

    RIP my friend.    You made choices………this is what happens.    Nuff said. 

  3. Simple days says:

    It is the responsibility of the both “parents” to raise their children. What happens is people get mixed up having s-e-x for fun (nothing wrong of course) and sometimes as a result the woman gets pregnant. So you have a situation where a woman gets pregnant on accident. Since this appears to be the majority of the time let me speak to the majority and not the minority.


    Facts to land you a woman into a life of hardship…


    If you haven’t finished high school by the time you are pregnant you probably won’t. (Period)

    If you haven’t started/completed college by the time you get pregnant you probably won’t. (Period)

    If you do not have a house and car by the time you are pregnant you probably won’t. (Period)

    Children are expensive more expensive then a owning a house and car combined. (Period)

    If you are a single mother you probably will remain a single mother. (Period)

    Young boys learn how to be a man from their fathers. No fathers then you will always have a mommy’s boy out to get his way. (Period)


    Call me a liar if it ain’t true…


    Now add on top of that you happen to be the‘lucky lady’ to getting pregnant for a dead beat man.


    The simple point is….


    Stop F’ing about with these dead beats, these dead beats today are tomorrows street bum…


    You will be the one left with the bag of $h|t in your hands looking to find ‘nice guy’ saying ‘Oh there aren’t any nice guys around’.


    YEAH cause they all getting married to women who didn’t $h|t there life away on dead beats like you did.


    Much less be honest with yourself WHY in the world would a successful man/ nice guy want to take on your baggage and baby daddy drama for what… what is the benefit??? Zero because all of that you have he can find in a woman without the baggage.


    You only become a hole for him to dump in when he gets that itch and need to find a ..itch.


    Plus everyone knows single mothers are easy that’s why they seem to find all the dogs…


    Call me a liar if it ain’t true…

    • Anonymous says:

      You are definately a liar:  Situations- yes!!  but what do you do with the situation you find yourself into.  Some people learns from their  mistakes and better their lives.  A small percent of the world people fails-  It depends on what you want out of life – a small percent fails.

      You get real, its   about the choice you take – not everyone who falls down stays down. — And I and still call you a liar.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Do you really want to know why fathers are always discounted in these comments made? 

    The main reason for that is mothers are playing the dominant role as the parent. They drop off to school, pick them up, take them to the doctor, go to PTA meetings, cook, clean, wash and everything else that the children need which also includes the finances needed in raising them.

    Now I am not saying this is for 100% of the fathers but more than it should be. I do believe there are fathers that are not allowed to see their kids because the mothers hate them for what ever reason and what they don't realize this may very well be the reason for some of the kids going astray. In a relationship such as this it shouldn't be about whether the parent can make it on a personal level but put aside their differences and deal with the matters concerning the children in a mature and adult like manner.

    I am speaking from experience I have been divorced for many years but my ex husband and I still handled matters about our sons in a mature manner and because of this our  sons has benefited they have been able to do well in school, on to college and now in the work force. We didn't challenge each other's personal lives but worked together for the benefit of our sons. Leave the animosity and jealousy aside and concentrate on raising your children and I will tell you that it can be rewarding but it takes the dedication.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Deepest sympathy to both these families and for the families of the other three who were murdered. It is so sad for all of us and most of us are hurting at this time. May we try to do our best to help all those childen growing up, that they may keep on the right path. Both Churches were filled and so many were young people  and children. The messages from the Pastors were all very fitting and hopefully will be of some help to those who heard them. May GOD give us ALL strength, guidance and protection! 

  6. Concerned Caymanian says:

    I hope the RCIPS had officers posted at the funerasl to see who showed up!

  7. Anonymous says:

    I understand both of these services were paid for by Social Services and am awaiting response to my FOI request on this. Watch this space.

    • The Prophet says:

      12:25  Dont worry I am watching, because the prophet say, as long as the same heads remain in that department the government will always be screwed.  Dont you know that all the social service do is contribute to young people who are strong and able.  These young people sleep and sell drugs all day, hide their money, thousands of dollars at home, while social service pay their rent, water, light and food bills. XXX

      • Anonymous says:

        Minister Mike Adam, as minister with responsibility for social services, care to comment?

        Or is that not allowed since McKeeva controls you as UDP member, down to your very dress.



      • Elvis Hunky says:

        What about the crackhead junkies, the expats who are sponging off of us, the teen mothers who pop a baby out every year!!!!  

        I have witnessed women in the supermarket with food vouchers in one hand and in the other a blackberry, gold chains, rings & bracelets, dressed in the latest clothing but, no job? 

        WTF I have to work 40+ hours a week, pay my loans, utilities, and if i DO have enough go to the store and pick up a pick 5 from fosters one pk per day for 5 days! 

        Don't  get me wrong I know there are some genuine people who ARE in need of financial assistance but the DCFS to me only encourages slackness, with the majority of their clients.

        I feel good to know that my tax payers money goes to the elderly and less fortunate children, but to the lazy ass scm bags that can swing bling while still holding a BBerry in they hand just turns me blue in the face.  What really pisses me of tho is when you see these women they are dressed to the 99's and the lil kids are wearing "whatever" she felt like throwing on them. This is just so wrong.

        Just sayin!!!           

        • Caymanian Mom says:

          OMG! You hit the nail on the head!! Loans from banks for BRAND NEW VEHICLES, parked outside the govt. scheme homes, lunch assistance, but buying turtle meat feed their men, while their kids have 2 day old chicken… club every weekend WITH new suits, nails, hair and bling to complete their outfits…pppssshhhhhhh…Some women need BIRTH CONTROL ASSISTANCE!

        • bornCaymanian84 says:


      • Katina Anglin says:

        I need to make sure that I understand this comment train: two young men were murdered and it is suspected that Social Services paid for their funerals, but before that can be confirmed we're already at the 'sleep and sell drugs all day" judgement already?

        This is why a jury in this country is so risky.

    • Anonymous says:

      So who you think was going to burry them?????  Society raised them, and allowed them to roam to and from. The government put blind eyes to the every growing situation.  Come  On! It only natural the government should burry them.  Why Not?,  You mind your own business, cause if you were perhaps you would have been able to have help some of these guys.

  8. The Prophet says:

    What a sad thing.  The lost of two very handsome young men.  Mothers, please pay more attention to your children that they may seek grace in the eyes of God.

    Time will heal the feelings of loss but the memory will go on.  God be with you all..

    • Anonymous says:

      What about the fathers? Why is the raising of the child left only in the hands of the mother?

      • Right ya so says:

        Because so many of these men who have children consider it their manly duty to have as many children as possible because having children makes you a man! And women are stupid enough to go along with it!

    • Anonymous says:

      So I guess we as a society have already accepted that a lot of fathers are not involved?!?!?! Why is there only a constant plea for mothers to do something. Hold the fathers accountable in the same way!!!!!