Low cost housing in high demand

| 13/10/2011

(CNS): Government officials revealed that 55 applications were received for the first twelve affordable houses which were recently completed in the district of East End. At an opening ceremony at the site of the National Housing Development Trust (NHDT) subdivision where the keys were handed over to some of the newhomes  it was revealed that nine have already been sold, two are pending sale, and a one-bedroom home is still available but there are many more families wanting one of the houses. At a public meeting on Wednesday evening the premier said his government had built 67 of these homes as he questioned how many the former administration had constructed.

A private government company, the NHDT’s mandate is to assist low-income families in home ownership. There are several other housing projects underway, including the development of 29 homes in West Bay, nine of which are already pending sale and 26 homes are being rebuilt in Windsor Park, George Town. The next development will be in Bodden Town officials said. The Sister Islands branch of the HDT has also built a number of properties on Cayman Brac.

The homes have three, two or one bedroom and are available to first-time Caymanian homeowners, who earn no more than $35,000 annually for single applicants or $50,000 for couples.
On Monday despite the various dignitaries visiting his new home to cut the ribbon on phase one of the development, six-year-old Raseah Bodden was more impressed with having “windows that I can look out of”. He is the first boy to move into one of twelve East End homes which are situated on the ridge behind the district’s primary school.

Raseah ’s dad Rodrick Bodden who has bought one of the two-bedroom homes said it’s been a long to get the house. “But now we can be together most of the time,” he said. He explained that over the years his son was raised in different homes, “by everybody, anyhow” – and especially by Raseah’s great-grandma, who he calls “Mama” as his mother lives in another country.

“This is a dream place for us,” added Bodden, “It’s quiet and my mom recently moved into the area. I know most of my neighbours and now Mama can come up and spend weekends with us here. I look at life much more positively now.”

For more information, contact the NHDT at 945 7649, or email nhdt@gov.ky

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