Maples hang on at the top in Rugby 7’s

| 14/10/2011

(CRFU): The CRFU 7’s series continued on Saturday 8 October and produced yet more exciting, fast paced Rugby action for all to enjoy. Albeit for some tired folks who were up all night watching the Rugby World Cup quarter finals the quality of rugby had vastly improved from week 1 of the tournament, not least of all in the women’s division. The ladies, coached by Caroline Deegan, produced two thrillers on the day as the Eaglerays scraped past the Sharks to make it two wins from two games. (Photos by Caroline Deegan)

Bernadette Beckles impressed as usual with her hard hitting tackles and turn of pace with the ball in hand. Elsewhere in the ladies division the return of Olive McDonough to the Islands rugby scene has brought immediate dividends with her ability to spearhead her team’s attack and control the defense when necessary.

Eagle Rays 12-10 Sharks
Eagle Rays 20-19 Sharks

Men’s Premier Division

The Men’s premier division looked like it was set to turn on its head as the Maples Academy looked to be upset not once but twice on the day.

The CML Ama Tsotsi stormed to a 21 point lead in the first half of their game against the National team but some strong words from National Coach Grizz Adams put the Academy on the right track as 26 unanswered points in the 2nd half gave the National team a nervy win that wasn’t secure until the last play of the game.

CML Ama Tsotsi 21-26 Maples Academy

3rd placed Ecay Pigs Trotters slumped to heavy losses to the National Academy and a slim loss to the Peter O’Neil Wolfhounds but their performance on the day will leave much to be desired having nearly beaten the National Side in week 1 of the tournament series.

Maples Academy 35-7 Ecay Pigs Trotters
Peter O’Neil Wolfhounds 21-19 Ecay Pigs Trotters

The Wolfhounds almost caused the biggest upset of the day as they, like the Ama Tsotsi took an early lead against the Maples Academy but steady heads prevailed as a 2nd half comeback broke the Wolfhounds lead. The performance for the Wolfhounds was a big turnaround from week one when they could barely muster a win and were now giving the national side a run for their money!

Men’s Social Division

The Men’s Social division ticks away as usual with the DART U19’s squad maintaining their stranglehold on the division. The youngsters put last week’s tight contest against Maples to bed as they hammered the Lawyers

DART U19 43-5 Maples

The Heineken Clydesdales results, like that of the Knackers disappeared and both teams still share the bottom of the social table.

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