Movie star credits Cayman with his relaxed outlook

| 20/10/2011

(CNS): Star of Social Network, Armie Hammer, has credited his relaxed outlook on life with growing up in the Cayman Islands, and said living here taught him to be a "nicer person". His family moved to Cayman when he was seven years old and he stayed until he was eleven. The actor, who plays twins in the movie, told Prestige magazine, "As a kid,I would hop on my bike when I got home from school — that was my mode of transportation. I would have a machete on my hip. I would chop down coconuts, eat mangos and fresh papaya. It was a terrific way to grow up. The island had zero crime. Cops didn't even carry guns. It was just a fun, safe place.”

He said that he believed his time in Cayman made him a nicer person. “The deal with living on an island is that you can't really afford to be mean to anybody, or be an asshole to anybody because you will see them again. Invariably you will run into them, probably the same day. So I learned to be nice, just take things slow and relax,” the actor stated.

Hammer’s father, Michael Armand Hammer, was the founder of Grace Christian Academy.

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  1. Michel says:

    Thank you so much for that Mr. Hammer. It is important that many are able to understand this as we have many who do not believe that we are either not nice persons or plain lazy. They seem to forget that is what attracted many many in the past. It was our laid back ways and very open friendlyness. But since many have forgotten about how good life is and can be in Cayman. We are now forced to compete for our little share if we are lucky and are criticized as if we are the ones who are prejudice. We are far from it but it's becoming more difficult with many as there is a lack of interaction between both expatriates and Caymanians. I remember your father taking you to the little leagues and I took my daughter and all from all background got along just fine. God continue to Bless you and your family and as we say, "You all come back soon you hear" for you will always be welcome. Michel Lemay