Corruption case remains under wraps

| 08/11/2011

(CNS): Patricia Webster appeared in summary court on Tuesday morning to face four charges relating to the country’s anti-corruption law but the details of the case have still not been revealed. A member of the RCIPS support staff who has been suspended from her job, Webster is the first person in the Cayman Islands to face charges under the new legislation. Bailed to appear in the Grand Court on 25 November where the case will now be dealt with, the details of the alleged crime have not been made public. Webster is accused of abusing confidential police data which has resulted in two counts of abuse of public office and two charges of misconduct in a public office contrary to section 17 of the anti-corruption law 2008.

The police did reveal last week that the charges result from an investigation by the RCIPS’ own anti-corruption unit.

“Following an investigation launched by the RCIPS anti-corruption unit in relation to allegations of misuse of confidential police data systems, we can now confirm that a member of RCIPS support staff has been charged in connection with the enquiry,” a spokesperson for the RCIPS stated on 28 October.


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