Law enforcement trained to read body language

| 14/11/2011

(CNS): A mixed group of law enforcement officials, including immigration,prison and police officers, have been undertaking specialist training to help them to detect the subtleties in the body language of travellers that may be involved in crime. According to a release from government, 24 officers took part in the ‘rover’ training, or Observational Techniques and Behaviour Analysis, the theme of the intense one-week course facilitated by a veteran police and USA customs officer, who said that these methods have both tactical and administrative applications and can help officials read the messages that people engaged in criminal activity may be subconsciously sending.

“Understanding non-verbal and body language studies is critical for officer safety, as well as law enforcement,” said Prospero Ellis, who is now the CEO of the Miami-based company Rovertech International, which hosted the training.

As he helped the officials hone their skills, he noted that officers often “see without observing” or “hear without listening”. Non-verbal behaviour will give people away 75 to 80 percent of the time,” he added.

The course was opened by Acting Chief Immigration Officer Bruce Smith, who challenged the participants to make the most of the time and be prepared to use what knowledge they will gain.

Ellis, who has conducted similar courses in Cayman for two decades, was accompanied this time by co-presenter Omar Bolivar.

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