Warning issued as local email account hacked

| 15/11/2011

(CNS): E-mail hackers made an unsuccessful attemptto get into a local man’s bank account recently the RCIPS has revealed as it issued another warning to the public to keep an eye on their e-mail accounts and to immediately report any suspicious activity. Police said they received a report that an e-mail account had been hacked into and people on the man’s contact had been receiving e-mails, purporting to be from him, asking for cash.  “It also appears that people who had hacked into his e-mail also tried to get into his bank account, but were unsuccessful,” the police from FSU stated.

The RCIPS is advising email account owners who spot any suspicious activity to change their password immediately and to contact their bank to ensure that their accounts have not been compromised.

Anyone who wishes to speak to the RCIPS about how to avoid becoming the victim of online scams should call their nearest police office or the Financial Crime Unit on 9498797.

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