Bodden Towners begin campaign against dump move

| 17/11/2011

GTLF 1.jpg(CNS): A group of local people who do not want the new landfill sited in their district have come together to mount a campaign to urge government to think again about the decision to relocate the dump.  The group currently formed under the banner of the 'Coalition to Keep Bodden Town Dump Free', says the people of BoddenTown have not been consulted or given their consent to the plan and believe that the district’s residents need to have their say. The objectors say the planned move is a threat to the integrity of historic Bodden Town and they believe most people in the district oppose the move.

“We seriously question the motives behind the proposal to move the present dump, and the need to move it anywhere,” the coalition stated in its first public statement. “We’ve recently been asked to 'Speak up Cayman!', 'Be Heard'.  If this applies to a review of our relationship with the UK, it must certainly apply to an issue which directly affects our environment and daily lives. We respectfully implore the government to consider the interests of the Bodden Town population before those of a private company, and we await a positive reply.”

The coalition members say they are calling on the government "to unconditionally cancel the agreement with Dart” that includes the plan to remediate the George Town landfill and open a new facility in the Midlands Acre area of the district.

The activists are planning to develop a public strategy this week and say they will, depending on the reaction of government, begin their campaign to stop the movement of the dump.

The plan to move the landfill forms part of the ForCayman Alliance, which is a complex deal of land swaps involving crown land, in order to see more investment in development from the Dart Group. One element includes swapping the public land where “Mount Trashmore” is currently located next to Camana Bay with a piece of land owned by Dart in Bodden Town.

The developer has announced that it is willing to incur the cost of capping, remediating and stop the leeching of the current dump into the North sound and will eventually turn the land into an attractive public leisure area. The developer will then develop a new environmentally friendly waste management facility which will include composting and recycling at the new site in Bodden Town, which will be managed by government or whoever is contracted to manage the facility and the collection of garbage.

The contract to manage the country's waste issues was won by the US firm Wheelabrator in partnership with local firm CWML almost one year ago in 2010 after an open tendering process. There were ten responses to the request for proposals, according to government officials, four of which did not meet the requirements, including the submission from Dart.

Less than a month after the announcement from the deputy premier’s ministry that Wheelabrator had emerged as the front runner, the premier made an announcement at a business conference that Dart would get the dump. In the summer government then announced its plans to enter into the ForCayman Alliance with Dart that includes the landfill swap, but as yet the government has not signed a definitive deal with the islands’ biggest investor.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I'm glad to see that a coalition of Bodden Towners have awakened and decided to protest against this development. Quite frankly they need to be joined by the residents of Breakers, Midland Acres, Savannah, Spotts-Newlands, North Sound estates, Sunrise Landing, Patrick's Island, Prospect, Omega Bay, Grand Harbour and all other communities west of the proposed Ecopark (Dart's fancy name for the dump). These communities will be affected and should be outraged about the agreement to place this eyesore and health hazard amongst our midst. Just remember what direction the wind blows over the island for the majority of the time – you will be affected by this dump.

    Apparently, our political Judases are complicit in this behind the door "deal" to site the dump in Midland Acres.

    I can think of many more, but here are seven key reasons why we need to reject this arrogant, life-threatening and disrespectful idea:

    1. Our communities have been and are EXISTING and not proposed developments and our health and well-being will be severely impacted by the dump.

    2. NO Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) has been done as was required for the proposed East End "Seaport."

    3. Contamination will occur as documented environmental and scientific studies by the US Environment Protection Agency (EPA) and other such organizations have shown that there is NO landfill lining produced to date that DOES NOT LEAK!! A real outcome then is that were are exposed to these contaminants and their attendant health hazards. Furthermore, our property values will depreciate whilst Dart's Camana Bay properties appreciate.

    4. Land for future residential development will be reduced and affordability of property for future generations significantly impacted.

    5. No laws have been passed to date to enforce reduce, recycling and reuse, so it will be dumping as usual.

    6. No public consultation was conducted with us and we don't need another eyesore, hazardous, and not-in-my-backyard (NIMBY) project in our district.

    7. The potential for economical development in the district will be severely compromised as no astute developer will want to develop a project within close proximity to a dump.

    The greatest insult of this agreement is that we are EXISTING communities – not a PROPOSED community, who have lived in these areas for generations, and growing at an annual rate of 5.3% per the 2010 census. So tell me why should we passively accept the placement of such a monstrosity that will jeopardize both our existing and future generations' health and well-being for Dart's futuristic development?

    Obviously, our government considers the 10,341+ of us expendable for Dart's unknown quantity!! Relocating the dump to Bodden Town is not an option. Has anyone seen the old Guinep tree that Dart's organization was allowed to "relocate" from in front of the Flagship Store downtown lately?

    When this idea was first broached, there was no call from our district representatives for an Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA), and nothing from the Department of Environment (DOE) nor the Department of Environmental Health (DEH) either!! Their silence about this project is deafening!! And please don't isult our intelligence any further by offering to present us with an EIA that has been commissioned and paid for by Dart!

    Furthermore, no public meeting was called our held with us the constituents of Bodden Town to determine if this "Ecopark" – an evasive euphemism, was something that we would want or ever tolerate in our district!! Our MLAs are not empowered to make such drastic life-threatening decisions on our behalf – how dare they not consult with us first?

    Apparently, what we have instead of good representation are yes men who have toed the party line and made the inane assumption that we would just sit back and accept this egregious betrayal. Our MLAs should know that project is environmentally, ethically, and morally wrong and yet they have sanctioned this health threat with total disregard for our concersns and well-being. If everyone were supposed to be benefiting from this deal, why were the details of it kept secret and only made public after the deal was done?

    East Enders, South Sounders, West Bayers have quite rightly risen up and rejected destructive and environmentally hazardous projects that would reduce their current and future standard of living and we Bodden Towners need to do the same as our lives are at stake too.

    Let Wheelabrator the professional waste management company manage the dump in its current location and not contaminate another pristine part of our island to satisfy one man's greed. It's not as if he was unaware of Mt. Trashmore and its implications when he bought the Camana Bay properties!

    • Anonymous says:

      As most of us don't know the details of a meeting between Mr. Dart and government when the agreement to "move" the dump was circulated, I don't see where blaming him for all of Cayman's woes is in order.  There is another party here that seems to be the entity which is drawing conclusions and making decisions that impact us all, however is not being solicited to all.  Mr. Dart has made alot of positive contributions to Cayman.  Now if we can only ask him to fix the poor navigation poles sticking out of the ocean for the North entry through the reef that blasted the poor 72-foot cruiser we might get yet other visitors to the island to beef up the economy.

  2. Anonymous says:

    A ridiculous waste of people's energy and time to oppose for the sake of opposing.

    We as citizens need to look at building a modern dump/landfill, creating less waste and trying to recycleas much as possible. It is easy for residents of Bodden Town to say we do not want the dump. How do they propose to dispose off their waste too !

    Let us work for the good of this country and not create enmity between districts. This is a small country and we cannot afford to have dumps in every district. I am confident with modern technology, the proposed dump will have very little impact on the district. So let us as a nation think positive and support this proposal.

    • Anonymous says:

      Please read number 3 and 5 in the above statement.  That's why it shouldn't be MOVED.

  3. Bodden Towner says:


    Listen up, all you who think the new dump will be "State-of-the-Art" The Dart representatives said at a community meeting that they are only building Phase 1 (the lined pit) and then turning everything over to government. We have no guarantee of any of any recycling, composting or any of the modern waste management techniques – it could take years and years before any improvements are made. Nor is the road mandated to be in place before the dump opens – so the trucks would have to come through Bodden Town till (if) it's built. A new road and the expenses of Phase 2, 3 (how many phases would there be?)… would be government's responsibility. Everyone agrees that if Dart built and ran the dump, it would be the best it could be. It's another story with our government – sadly. 


  4. Anonymous says:

    I amfrom Bodden Town, and it is  only a handfull of people against this.  The majority could not care if they put it in  a tree top.    This is all political stragetic  movement,   PSM   objecting to every darn thing.  But I have watched the Bodden Town people follow the crowd for years, it seems like there is too few with any common sence to realize that this is just a way of some searching for political power, however, like I have said before, they had their chance and blew it, s it is time to take a break.   The dump must go somewhere.  If yu do not have a plan as to where it should go beside where it is going to be put then please dont say another word.

    The dump goes Bodden Town, and we do not object to that happening.  Kapeech!!

  5. Anonymous says:

    Some one from a different post made a comment that only non-caymanians was reading and always making comments and I was thinking it was possible, but after reading and seeing this comments, I am sure the caymanians are the real culprits of this kind of talk. You just have to be "caymanian" to know that most times exactly how they talk is how they write.And another thing Caymanians love to complain,, but always complain behind closed doors. Regarding the dump, we all know its got to be relocated, so the best we can try to fight for is that it has 10 to 20 feet walls installed around the site and that it has the plastic thing installed at the bottom and maybe include somthing about recycle. Otherwise its all complaints for nothing.Cant wait to have the new education system in place so that we can stop releasing "caymanians" into the wild that have adjusted results, in cayman 50% was soon going to be the new 90%..

  6. Anonymous says:

    The dump should be moved to West Bay… right on top of Mad Mac's house.

  7. Anonymous says:

    The ONLY reason the dump is going there is because a UDP supporter owned/owns the land and wants to sell it. Full stop.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Wake up! To the "Coalition to keep Bodden Town dump free" I say to you that you have nothing better to do but to complain and try to stop new world development. If you would rather live in a third world country, then leave! The same applies to the folks trying to stop the West Bay Road redirection. Gone are the days when we used beach front property to build cemetaries. This islands infrastructure is not sufficient to sustain the growth we have experienced. We need infrastructure to survive and make our island a better place to live. The UDP, and thank God for DART's investment in our islands, are trying to do the necessary for the good of Cayman. The new "dump" as you call it will be a modern waste management facility, not a mountain of smelly garbage. Shall we wait another 35 years, with a larger population living in Cayman now, and see how big and nasty and unattractive "Mount Trashmore" gets? Do we really want "Mount Trashmore", a unsophisitcated landfill, in a location where it is within eyesight of our tourists and investors, not to mention our own people who live near and around the current landfill, or even drive across it, or it's close proximity to downtown, one of the largest most modern banking facilities in the world? Is this the kind of country we are? Come on people, wake up, were better than that, aren't we? Ignorant people just don't get it. In fact I can't waste any more time preaching to the ignorant people like the "Coalition to keep Bodden Town dump free" or the coalition to stop progress in our roads infrastructure into West Bay, at no cost to our Government BTW, never mind the land swap where Governemnt and the people of the Cayman Islands are the winners! BYW, I live in Bodden Town!

    • CaymanFisting says:

      Your post might be the most assanine comment I have ever seen on CNS. You are arguing that what brought the tourists here (ie pristine beaches, an island free of tourist-traps, a change of scenery from most every other over franchised Caribbean which has decided to sellout their own culture), should bow down and give into this “new world development” as you call it. Please take yourself and your comments to Puerto Rico or Cancun as they are as unwelcome as the spike in crime associated with your “new world development”. Should you wish to catch a peek of beachfront property thru the blockades of high rise hotels which still owe government millions upon millions of dollars in concessions, there are plenty of other rocks for you to inhabit. This island was a modern banking facility when there were dirt roads connecting Georgetown to East End which has nothing to do with the amount of trash on island. All you need to do is simply open a history book to comprehend that notion. If there is no negative consequence associated with the newly proposed “waste management facility” then why not section a portion of the current dump off and construct it there? As previous posters have stated the new facility is not a “dump”. And while you’re pondering that question please inform the general public who will be overseeing said facility. Wheelabrator has more millions in outstanding pending settlements than Dart does years experience managing waste facilities

  9. furious-btowner says:

    Coalition to Keep BT Dump Free at .  It's not to late to save Bodden Town, and force the government to consider our interests over those of a private company.  Why should our property values go down so that Dart's go up?

  10. Anonymous says:

    It's not about sacrifice it about "CONSEQUENCE",  and the consequences of this relocation are far reaching, do the proper studies into environmental , social, economic and historical impact  and then let us know if you think it is such a good idea. Being dumped on is not about 'taking your turn',  we have contaminated one part of the island so we should more to another! As for those of you who think that Bodden Towners prefer to sit and scratch themselves well "times they are a changin"…..

  11. Anonymous says:

    The Coalition to Keep BT Dump Free can be reached for moreinformation at .  Help us save Bodden Town from being the site of a new Mt Trashmore !!  It's not too late!

  12. Like It Is says:

    Bodden Towners are always begging for more and more freebies and services because, heaven forbid, something is happening in George Town (it's the capital now and the tourist and commercial centre so get over it) and they can't be bothered travelling the whole 10 minutes to GT.  The BT mob are just parasites and have given us nothing of value, and in John John they have done us all a little bit of harm (and added a little comedy).  It is time that that district did something positive for the rest of us and taking the dump is probably the best they can do.

  13. Anonymous says:

    I wish these people would look into the actual proposed location before complaining. The present dump site is in close proximity to Georgetown (less than a mile to the port where all the tourists have to come in). The proposed site is FOUR miles east from residential Bodden Town (actually about a mile EAST of Midland acres). It falls right on the edge of the "Bodden Town" electoral district NOT in the Bodden Town residential area. They won't be able to see, hear or smell anything…….

    • Anonymous says:

      "They won't be able to see, hear or smell anything……." – sounds like you are not from BT. How bout the Govt put the dump a mile from your house? What would you say then?


      If the dump is NOT such a bad thing to live by, then put it in WB or move to another part of GT, maybe near the ironwood forest that the "environmentalists' were so up-in-arms about when Mr. Arden and his PPM Govt were trying to place a road NEARBY, not even thru the forest.


      Where are the environmentalists now? DART got your tongue?

  14. Anonymous says:

    The new landfill is going just west of Breakers, far inland….not in Bodden Town proper.

    I find it hilarious that a poster below was trying to rally the folks in South Sound/Crewe Road– leave those folks alone, they are already too worked up over Emerald Sound. They don't have the energy left to help you.

    • Proper T says:

      They are still weeping that all the bad reasons they came up with to protect their property values did not stop the planning permission.

  15. Old Sea Captain says:

    When Dart started Camana Bay it was next to the dump and he has been trying to move the dump ever since. Its the same as someone moving into your neighbourhood where you already have a hog farm business then telling you that you have to shut it down. Not only Bodden Towners, but everyone west of the proposed new dump site, that is , Pedro, Lower Valley, Savannah, Newlands, Spotts, Prospect, South Sound, Crewe Road, George Town, etc., need to speak up now as they are all downwind from this new location. Anyone with two grains of sense can look at a map of Grand Cayman and when you factor in the north east / east prevailing winds 80% of the population on the island will be effected. And please don't tell me that it's going to be an 'eco friendly dump', I'm tired of hearing this nonsense, it's going to be a "dump" just like the one we have now, nothing more, nothing less. We need to get a petition together against this stupid new dump location now and as soon as the petition is drafted it needs to be taken to Mark Scotland and Dwayne Seymour for the first signatures whose names should be at the top of the petition with a dotted line next to their names for them to sign then all others sign after. If they are smart they'll sign and if not let them explain why they didn't sign at the next election. If the dump has to be moved a much better location would be to the 75 acreas of crown land at Salt Creek that the UDP is proposing to give away to Dart, this location will only effect West Bay and itis in close proximity to where 80% of the waste on the Island is generated. Please keep the dump where it is, I enjoy where I live now and I can't afford to move, however I hear Costa Rica is nice.

    • Anonymous says:

      Give me a break. This new landfill is not even near Bodden Town. The map I saw has it near Breakers and somewhere halfway to Norh Side.


  16. Anonymous says:

    where better place to put a dump but in a dump always has been always will b


  17. GT Boy says:

    It is time that Bodden Town made some contribution to Cayman life.  The moving of the dump is a good start.


    Another sell out to Dart. When will you wake up and smell the coffee? We are being sold between two groups the Chinese and Dart and there is no win. The smell of this dump will make you vote out every last Bodden Town MLA. Let's get it done.

  19. Anonymous says:

    Stop holding up progress, just relax and put the dump in BT.

  20. Anonymous says:

    I'm sorry but the dump cannot continue as it has.  It is a massive eye sore.  As far as I understand Dart is going to revamp the dump.  It needs to go somewhere.  I doubt it will harm residents in BT.  It needs to move somewhere, I cannot continue in the tourist district.  Fact of life that is where a lot of the island's income comes from.  Dart seems to be very environmentally conscious and I'm sure he has a much more environmentally friendly way of dealing with this.

    Doesn't matter where you move the dump, some one will be upset.  

  21. Anonymous says:

    the sad thing is they will probably win… this is a great time for nimby's in this country with a pathetic spinless government who can't get anything done

    • Strangers in the Night says:

      That what unna get! You get the government you vote for, & despite being warned you still voted them spineless fries (as in Big Mac & fries) in! They do what Big Mac tells them NOT what the BT people want! Understand yet? That what unna get!

  22. Anonymous says:

    I think the dump should go in all that marsh land in South Sound.  It's close to town, will be better for the environment (trucks won't have to go as far) and it doesn't involve a canal or bridge.

  23. Anonymous says:

    Let me put this in plain english: IF this garbage dump moves to Bodden Town Mark Scotland and Dwayne Seymour will NOT get reelected.  If they feel it is such a good move for the country that they are willing to kiss their political careers goodbye, then so be it.

    • Anonymous says:

      well, this is a positive spin!!!!!

    • Anonymous says:

      Nice try to scare those two……the dump is actually not going anywhere. Its a solid waste facility and its going inland, next to Breakers. Mark and John will not get reelected by the way but not because of the logical move of this facility.

  24. Anonymous says:

    We've been taking their trash for decades with no complaints from BT residents and now that it is their turn they think it's not fair. Cry me a freakin' river 'Historic Bodden Town'.

  25. Anonymous says:

    Why wasn't West Bay considered?

  26. Anon says:

    When I drive too and through Bodden town… evvverryyythiiingggg issss jusuuusttt soooo slooowwwwwww.

    But seriously, I don't think anyone wants the dump anywhere… what to do… what to do…

  27. Anonymous says:

    Bodden Towners voted to replace the known with the unknown and are now being dumped on!

  28. Anonymous says:

    The dump in Bodden Town and closing part of West Bay Road are just a few of the things that the Premier wants to trade with Dart.  I agree with them and all the others who are objecting to the ForCayman Alliance. 

    I think it should be called ForDartAlliance.

  29. Anonymous says:

    What exactly do the people of the Cayman Islands want? I wish there could be one spokesperson who will give us a definitive answer.

    People are clamboring about all the things that are wrong – the dump being a really BIG item, yet everything that is put forth as possible solutions are shot down. No one is ever going to say that they want it in their back yard – period!


    The Government must decide on the best way forward and just DO IT! We have not achieved one single thing in the past 2 1/2 years because of the vociferous opposition to anything and everything that has been put forward.

    • Anonymous says:

      I agree with you 100%, thats just Cayman. The people think small and worry big!

    • Anonymous says:

      That's because the majority of the suggestions are not thought out. They are off-the-cuff solutions based on greed.  There are ways to recycle and dispose of garbage in ways that are much more environmentally effective but the proposal is to move it and be maintained by government. Do you think they've done a good job with the dump where it is? really? a 10-yr old could do a better job.  Read up on what the experts say and none of them say or have said (previous requests that have been provided to government) to move it.  You really want two parcels of acreage polluted?

    • Y U T E says:

      That is not an excuse. The udp have been the government for 2 1/2 years & have got nothing done, I AGREE! But to blame that on objectors is a joke, the problem has been the udp, or should I say McKeeva Bush? When the PPM was the government, McKeeva Bush & the udp objected to everything they proposed but did that stop them? No! They got plenty done. In fact, according to the UDP the PPM government did too much, which goes to prove that "objectors" is not an excuse for getting nothing (ZERO) done!

    • Anonymous says:


    • Anonymous says:

      Good post! Good question! We just complain about EVERYTHING! Nothing pleases us – just love to tear down each other.  And, we don't even realize that we are our own worst enemy.

  30. Anonymous says:

    I think that what is being lost sight of is that:

    1. Remediating the dump will be good for our WHOLE country

    2. There will NOT be a dump in Bodden Town, there will be a modern Waste Management Facility

    3. It will not be IN the MIDDLE of Bodden Town

    4. Improved access will also remove the heavy traffic

    Please, members of the Coalition to Keep Bodden Town Dump Free give us a solution which does not require polluting the air which we all breath for years to come, generating trash for years to come instead of finding ways to decrease it and allowing the Cayman Islands to upgrade its waste management to a level which is acceptable for the otherwise modern country which we are.

    • Anonymous says:

      We should not be worried about air quality as an island. Any air here is quickly swept away by our lovely tradewinds. Soil and water pollution, yes, but not air pollution.

  31. Anonymous says:

    To CNS

    How many people are in this Boddentown movement and is this a tempest in a teacup?

    • Anonymous says:

      What difference does that make.  Haven't you ever heard the saying that 'one person can make a difference'? 

      • Anonymous says:

        If you think 1 person should be allowed to stop the movement of the dump to Boddentown then you are against any change what so ever and should be considered an obstructionist and hurtful to the common good of the country.

  32. Anonymous says:

    The government needs to move ahead with the dump, the few who object must be made to understandthat the country's welfare is at stake and if you wait for aggreement on anything nothing will ever be done.

    • Anonymous says:

      be "made to ounderstand"? we're not idiots. you might want to be "made to read up on facts about moving dumps".  If you're so confident that government will do a good job, move it to your backyard/neighborhood.  If DART were managing and running the facility that would be a different matter.

  33. Anonymous says:

    I have lived in George Town area all my life and have been 'storing' the Bodden Town Garbage for as long as I can remember.  I no longer want your garbage, you can keep it in your own district. 

  34. Bodden Towner says:

    Bodden Town could be cleaned up and saved – it would be an asset to the country and historic Main Street could be charming – "Just sayin' " is right – there has been very little planning or preservation effort made so far – but there are people here who DO have plans and ideas – This country is too small to write off a whole district as a "mess."  BT was the first capital, it has a beautiful beach and a rich history and quite a few historic homes still intact and being lived in.

    IF the dump is properly built and run – as the developer has put in his press releases – recycling, composting, "environmentally friendly"  then Bodden Town would not be affected and the objections would melt away – but there are doubts here – and these things are not guaranteed in any documents or contracts we've seen so far – The future management is still unspecified – off-hand, "don't worry" comments made to placate objectors are not binding. 

  35. Anonymous says:

    It is time to put the pettiness behind us and think about the betterment of the country… someone into power does not mean you should sit back and take everything that is pushed down your throat. I personally think that the people of Bodden Town has a right to speak out and stand up for what they want.

  36. Anonymous says:

    This is so ridiculous. We are all going to starve to death. These people who have absolutely nothing else to do with their time but to go around and complain about everything. Look at the people involved in this they are the older generation who showed have planned for us instead of throwing their crap into the dump without any thought that when we grew up that it would be full and we would have no choice tbut to do something different.

    Opportunity only knocks once. This is not a dump, it is a properly done landfill that will serve us for years and unlike the present "dump" will not be just piling stuff on top of stuff.

    What am i going to tell my children when they grow up? I guess it will be that their grand parents made us lose our only opportunity to correct our landfill issues.

    Where are we going to put it? in Miami? Let's stop being so negative. The Landfill is going to have to go somewhere, where do these people suggest?

    Stop looking the gift horse in the mouth!



    • Bodden Towner says:

      How do you know it will be a "properly run landfill" – the same people who are running the present dump, will be running the new one – The Darts are only giving the land, and a lined pit – then turning it over to government – No state-of-the-art composting or recycling is contracted at the present time. They just want it out of their way. – Which is fine – Bring it to BT, but give us some proof that it will be done right – vague generalities are not reassuring. 

  37. Just Sayin' says:

    They should really find something better to do with their time. Bodden Town has been a disgraceful mess since 2004 and not one of them has got up off their backsides to do anything about it. "Historic Capital" my rear end. A tacky zoo/pirate cave and a local soap shop does not a Historic Capital make.

    Give them the dump yes, hell, build the oil refinfery there too, it will be an improvement on the current crap.

    • Anonymous says:

      It is obvious that “Just Sayin” is not from Bodden Town by the comments they made. I was born and raised in Bodden Town and so was 5 generations of my family. I have resided in Midland Acres for quite some time, over 10 years to be exact and I am proud that my district was the first capital and does have a significant historic value to our islands and their history. Unfortunately many could not afford proper post Ivan recovery due to being underinsured or having no insurance at all which on a hold is a shame and it part to blame for many of the now abandoned/disgusting looking properties that one will see when passingthrough our district, for this we as Boddentowners on a hold have been feeling the wrath from comments made by members of the public who fail to realize that people are not sitting flat on their bottoms and don’t care, many of us do but must we plant money tree so that we can afford to take care of other peoples dilapidated or wrecked beyond repairs properties, the answer is No, to each his own and that means responsibility not judgment. I lost my home completely in Ivan and you know what I cleaned up my land from the remains of my prior residence first, I did it properly compete with heavy equipment and several trips to the dump, etc. I didn’t want my property to be soar eye and even though it took some time I rebuilt. If you do a little at a time it will be finished eventually, but to just  leave it and walk away is wrong . That does not mean that we deserve to have the dump relocated and the oil refinery built there. We live there, we have families, we have young children etc. If one was to drive through Midland Acres on any given evening you will notice that A) only 15-20% of the houses are locked up with central air blowing, the others can’t afford it and rely on open windows to get air/breeze into their houses and may have a window unit or two for their bedrooms. B)Almost every house in there has a family with young kids who are ALWAYS outside playing. You see people pushing strollers every morning with babies that are under a year old. These kids deserve clean air! C)  Most of the air/breeze that myself and my neighbors enjoy comes out of the North or the North East D)The so call swamp that they are planning on using has quite a variety of local indigenous plants and wildlife that will be severely disrupted if long term development was to happen in this area E) There is enough noise through our subdivision 5 days a week and some weekends from trucks going in and out of and the machinery being used in the nearby quarries, not to mention the wonderful sound the explosives make when they are blasting to reach more rock/aggregate as well, but at least we know that the noise that comes from these reasons will only be for a time because of the way Quarry approvals are done, they don’t last forever once you have reached your approved quarrying limit that’s it, this we can live with! E) Most of the homes in there use wells as their main water source F) People are putting thier properties up for sale now because they don't know what to expect in the future when it comes to the dump, they are fearing that it will be the same thing that is now in george Town; Mount Trashmore. I know what a proper waste management facility looks like as I have been to several over the years and they are all built in an industrial area and near to a good power source. Ddin't all teh surveys done in past speacify that the current dump was to not be relocate, should be near a power source, a dock (for exporting recycleable productsand, etc the list goes on? lastly  G) There are areas back there where no one knows how deep the swamp/mud is, it is actually deep enough that one could lose livestock let alone a piece of heavy equipment and never get it back out! Which imposes the question of will they ever find the bottom to properly “line” the waste collection area so that there is no pollution leaking into our ground water like the way pollution has destroyed the main water lens area of George Town and the pollution that is in the North Sound today due to the “run off” from the current dump? So what we will have to look forward to in the near future will be a constant smell of decomposing waste, more noise from trucks and equipment that will continue until the end of time, more lost indigenous wildlife and plants, no one will be able to go outside and enjoy good fresh air because you will not know how much streams of bacteria you or your family will be inhaling . So if some of you would put your small town mentality one sideand make comments that were worth a reader’s time and made sense our islands would be a better place to live in. We all know that in many cases its nothing good and is “all about the money” espeacially when you here the names Dart or McKeeva being mentioned . But if the government would take the same time they have been taken recently to have employees from the Government office go around the same Midland Acres to our houses on a Sunday taking a  survey on where you live, how many live there, how many are employed and in school, what is your household income, etc they can also come by and speak to us about the proposed land fill relocation and new waste management facility, let our voices be heard and then say well we informed them properly and they were not for it and petitioned against it. That would make the situation a little better. When the owners of the quarries were submitting their approval requests we all received registered letters informing us of their proposed developments and were given a choice to dispute it, that was fair! It was the correct way to handle a development that would be in the back doors of the people of a community! That’s my trupponz worth.

      • Anonymous says:

        So where do you propose we put…We are on a little 24 x 8 mile island. do you think the people that live in George Town deserve to have the dump. what about there children? You don't understand that this is not a dump. it is a proper land fill. It will not be what you and others see in george Town. It will not be another Mount Trashmore.

        I live in Bodden Town and i have no objections. It is not in "historical Bodden Town" as some would have every one to believe  and will bring jobs and additional business to the district. 

        What we need to do is clean up Boddent Town because it already looks "dumpy" when we drive through there. I was so embarrased when we had to have visitors come through there and Gun Square to get to the Pirates Week Festival. If i was a tourist i would think twice about going off the beaten path downGun Squar. Road and no disrespect to those who keep their yards and the streets clean but shame on those who don't! We sit around and blame politicians when it is us the people of Bodden Town that leave all the mess around and expect the government to clean it up and ironically when they do they have to take it to George Town where we expect that the George Towners should take it without a second thought.

        Stop complaining and be a part of the solution. You yourself complai about the poverty like conditions in Midland Acres yet you don't want to do a thing to spur the economy or to help the environment.

        This Bodden Towner says yes to the LANDFILL and I am not a supporter of any MLA or government. I don't ever want to live offcharity like so many have accepted as their way of life. Help the government instead of trying to use it so you don't have to work.

        Ask not what Cayman can do for you but what you can do for Cayman..


    • Anonymous says:

      Somebody in this country needs to make a sacrifice and Bodden Town is the largest district. Besides I think it is linked to a larger deal with Dart that will add a major hotel/resort on Seven Mile Beach as well.

    • Anonymous says:

      But we LOVE Nina's soap shop!

    • WOw says:

      Mark? John John? any comment? oh and Anthony please wake up!!!!

    • Anonymous says:

      Actually since your rear end is the Historic Capital they should probably put both the dump and the oil refinery there. That would certainly improve on the horrible odors currently emanating from there.

  38. Anonymous says:

    How can the Cayman Government allow putting a dump in such a historical area of the island?The history and heritage of this area ,where it all started,should be cherished by those in power  and every effort to keep itas a national treasure should be put forth.


    Dart has no concern for the people or the heritage of the island ,they are in it for the money.


    Shame on Governemnt officials for even thinking of allowing  this .

    • Anonymous says:

      Bodden Town is a poor district that government has been crapping on for years. When's the last time you heard of government spending a dime in Bodden Town?

  39. Anonymous says:

    Not in my back yard!!!!

  40. Anonymous says:

    Did you not vote the guys in that are willing to turn your district into a dump Bodden towners?

    • Anonymous says:

      Hind sight is 20/20.

    • Anonymous says:

      Unfortunately it seems the majority of us actually did. That was probably an even worse choice than the West Bayers made. It seems the higher the stench the more these guys love it.