Government extends deadline on people’s awards

| 04/12/2011

PREMIER_MEDAL_PRESS RELEASE IMAGE_0.jpg(CNS): The nomination deadline for the Order of the Cayman Islands National Honours and Awards 2012 has been extended to Friday, 9 December, officials have stated. The awards were created by the premier and the first ever recipients of the local honours were awarded their gongs on the National Heroes Day in January this year. Officials said that nominations for January 2012 can be made for the Medal of Honour, the Medal of Merit and the Long Service Award in writing, to the Government Administration Building or via email. Nominators must provide a summary of the nominee’s service to the community and a persuasive account of the outstanding, innovative or self-sacrificing services and achievements of the nominee.

According to the law which was passed in June 2010 governing these local awards, the premier selects the members of the National Honours and Awards committee but can override the decisions made by it and confer honours himself. He can also remove any honours conferred should he see fit.

Send nominations by e-mail to  or fax to 947-5712 or deliver to the Government Administration Building in an envelope clearly marked “Order of the Cayman Islands – Nomination”. For any further information call 244-2420.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    It would be easier to hand out DISHONOURS this year.  I can think of several outstanding nominations…

  2. Anonymous says:

    I would like to nominate Mr. Alden McLaughlin for his stamina, stance(s) and stalwart-ness when it comes to being a proper check and balance Leader of the Opposition. He has asked the tough questions, said what needs to be said from an Opposition perspective (as well as being its Leader), and I wouild like the Premier to recognize Mr. Alden for being the proverbial "thorn in his side" and acting for his supporters interests.

  3. Anonymous says:

    These are not national awards, they are party awards. My guess is that proposed recipients are turning them down, as they should. They also look ridiculous. Were they designed by Ghaddafi? Still, what does one expect of a banana republic?

  4. Anonymous says:

    I would like to nominate Dr. Frank for the Courage Under Fire award. Can someone out there second my nomination?

    What the heck, while I'm at it we also need something for Ellio to pin on his chest. Any suggestions on what his award should be?

  5. Anonymous says:

    Maybe if we as a country spent a little less time on handing out awards & let good deeds be done we could get a bit further in cleaning up some of the messes the country is facing. Don't get me wrong I think people should be honored but every couple of months we seem to have a patting on the back award or dinner etc.

    Lets get on with the deeds & leave the patting on the backs for a bit.

  6. anonymous says:

    You guys are missing the point of these awards.  The UK has probably said they will no longer allow Royal awards outside of UK in future and these are to get the local awards up and running before they do so.

    This probably came with the new consititution you all voted for.

  7. Anonymous says:

    "People's Awards"?!?

    These are not the people's awards.  This is a farce created and perpetuated by the Premier.


  8. Anonymous says:

    "According to the law which was passed in June 2010 governing these local awards, the premier selects the members of the National Honours and Awards committee but can override thedecisions made by it and confer honours himself. He can also remove any honours conferred should he see fit."

    So why bother nominating anybody.  He can do that himself.  Matter of fact, he can nominate himself and give himself the award and nobody should attend.  Just leave him and his cronies at it.

  9. Anonymous says:

    I think it is a great idea to have the "Mac has picked you for the national UDP awards"   
    It is cheaper than giving out refrigerators and will secure the same number of votes.
    Another UDP cost saving plan.

  10. Anonymous says:

    Why doesn't he just publish the list of his UDP cronies that he is giving them too.

    Another political farce.

  11. An Onymous.... says:

    Mr. Premier, this is clearly one way that Cayman's expenditure could be reduced – abolish – (or at least hold in abeyance until Cayman's finances are on a sound footing again, even if that does not happen until after the 2015-16 financial year) – the Order of the Cayman Islands National Honours and Awards, especially as this is virtually a duplication of the long-established Cayman Islands Certificate and Badge of Honour.   This suggestion is in no way meant to diminish or belittle the worthiness of those on whom these Awards have already been bestowed, nor indeed on any future recipients, but there is great truth in the old saying that one must cut ones garment according to the amount of cloth available!

    And while you are at it, how about scrapping the idea of the Christian Heritage Park with Bell Tower and statues etc on the old Tower Building site  – remember Cayman already has the very nice Heroes Square across from the Legislative Assembly where there is ample room for the proposed five statues.  No doubt you will accept these suggestions as constructive criticism, as they are certainly offered as such..  




    • Anonymous says:

      Don't remind him about the Bell Tower…I am hoping he will forget…

      That site needs to be a Cabinet Office like they have on Front Street in Hamilton, where the Premier (not MB) will be based.  That way you have the Assembly and the political head of government in the same place, providing the opportunity for better integration between the lawmaking and policymaking functions.