Activists and MLAs unite

| 17/02/2012

8329-cns (253x300).jpg(CNS): The West Bay groups fighting to keep the West Bay road open and the Bodden Town coalition aiming to keep the dump out of their district were joined by the opposition leader and two other MLAs on Thursday night as they stepped up their campaigns at a public meeting. More than 250 people turned out for the gathering, which focused heavily on opposition to government’s proposed deal with Cayman’s biggest developer. The activists and politicians all spoke about the pressing need not to give up the fight over what was described as the gifting of crown land to the Dart Group and other elements of the deal, which they all believe will in the long run be detrimental to the people. (Photo Dennie Warren Jr)

The politicians as well as activist leaders spoke about a rally that is being planned for when the Legislative Assembly eventually returns for business, though the premier has not yet set a date for when the country’s parliament will meet. They also spoke about occupying the more than 4,200 feet of the West Bay Road (a distance now confirmed by the Lands and Survey Department in contrast to Dart’s earlier claims of around 2,500 feet) which the government intends to swap with the developer.

Although parts of the proposed ForCayman Alliance appear to have already been sanctioned, including an agreement signed with the developer and the Ntional Roads Autjority, the main deal, which involves multiple elements, has not yet been signed.

The meeting focused very heavily on the concerns and fears in the community on government’s relationship with the Dart Group, which few considered to be beneficial for the wider community and in particular what many people see as a poor deal for the Caymanian people.

Current estimates regarding land value in the alliance suggest the deal could be worth more than $800 milllion to the developer in exchange for around $100 million of investment in public amenities and the dump move, and the activist say if this is the case Cayman is getting the raw end of the deal.

“We are losing this place fast,” said Captain Bryan Ebanks, one of the leaders of Save Cayman, and he urged people to stand up and stop the government from using the developer’s money to destroy the country. He pleaded with the Dart Group not to take the West Bay Road, pointing out that the (group) was already wealthy enough and did not need more land or more money.

Paul Rivers, a member of the West Bay Action Committee and former political candidate at the previous election in West Bay, spoke about government’s dismissal of a petition which contained more than 4,000 signatures against the closure of the West Bay to accommodate the wishes of just one developer. He said that occupying the road was probably the only message that the government would understand.

Activists all said that the Dart Group could still develop its land without closing the West Bay Road or moving the landfill. Gregg Anderson, one of the leaders of the coalition to Keep BT Dump Free, said that after considerable research there were no scientific, economic, social or geographical reasons to move the GT dump to Bodden Town and that it could be addressed on site.

This was echoed by Arden McLean, the PPM member for East End and former public works minister, who said that work by the previous administration, which had included a cross party committee, had all shown that the dump had to be dealt with where it was. He told the crowd that Dwayne Seymour and Mark Scotland must be sick of politics after just three years to support such a move as he urged the whole of Cayman to come together and stop the dump move and the road closure.

Opposition Leader Alden McLaughlin noted that the “absolutely idiotic proposals” were symptoms of a much bigger more frightening problem, which was that the country had a government that was “clueless”, as he described the premier as “flailing around” trying to come up with a solution to the country’s economic ills but failing at every turn. “The reality is there is no plan,” he said. “The only economic policy the UDP has is to sell assets and buy votes.”

Ezzard Miller, the independent member for North Side, urged the people to march and stand up to what was happening as he criticised the Dart Group for exploiting the low paid workers who were clearing the ground for its promotional material.

Pointing to the significant percentage of the land and businesses owned by the developer across Grand Cayman, he urged people not to give up. “The closure of the West Bay Road is the tip of the iceberg,” Miller warned as he encouraged everyone to march on the LA when it eventually reconvenes.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Hey there 13:20

    You are spot on!
    Right on the money!

    A spouse that has been wronged by his or her mate does not only
    raise hell with the person who lured them into bed but they also raise
    hell with the spouse who is unfaithul

    Yes Dart is in bed with this UDP government that we criticize
    so we’re turning the guns of criticism on him too!
    They all share responsibility for making us unhappy.


    • !Anonymous says:

      Volunteer! Help someone! None but yourself can free your mind. Children and others need a leg up. Everytime I ask someone about the road moving? Well It's the last view. WHAT? Oh,!!!! Yes!!!! Let's march about that! Not the fact that kids are being neglected or abused…People are losing their homes. Our kids need a future, and a way to make a living.All of this energy blaming Mackeeva. There are so many ways to help this country> Visit an old person, donate an hour to a neglected kid….You know, the kids that will be holding the gun ina year or two. Let us mix again with each other. We have become a ntation of full time bitchers, gripers and whiners. Think about it.

  2. Anonymous says:

    All you misleading monsters, no one hates Dart.
    We hate what the government is doing to the people in order to please Dart.
    Caymanians are being discriminated against by being treated different by their government.The government undermines the will and wishes of the people ignoring them totally seasoned with disrespect while jumping to the every whim of Dart. when Dart tells McKeeva to jump he says “HOW HIGH?!”

    That’s a weak sick government.
    Its even more sick to have to be stuck with a governor who does nothing better.
    This kind of selfish bureaucracy pushes people to take to the streets.
    this is a very provocative government capable of inciting riots in the not too distant future if something is not done about corruption in this region.

    • Anonymous says:

      Think again about who is inciting riots…….

    • Anonymous says:

      You're wrong. Dead wrong. What he actually says is "HOW HIGH would you like me to jump Mr. Dart SIR?!" "You see Mr Dart? I can jump forty million dollars in concessions high. And who gives a dam if I land on those stupid Caymanians. All I want is to mek the eejuts believe I am doing someting to hep um so dey can re-elec me".

  3. **ACTIVIST** says:

    People want fair and responsible development.
    They do not want favoritism to one person because he has money.
    And people want their MLA's to represent them because they elected them into office.
    They do not want them sold out to the money-makers, ignoring us 90%, and giving us cheap labor. People want to be heard, not Ignored by MLAs during elections and after elections!

  4. Anonymous says:

    I cant believe some of this garbage on here, the dump must move, its the middle of the tourist center.

    What we need to worry about is CHEC, this is a nightmare created by mac that we had to pay for with canceled contracts and will pay for for generations to come and has to be stopped. Leave Dart alone and thank him for the untold millions he has poured into the economy in Cayman and the jobs he has created. DO NOT let the Chinese in the door and get mac OUT.



    • Anonymous says:

      I want to give you a thumbs up but I can't because I don't agree with your first sentence. The rest of your comment Thumbs Up All The Way!

  5. Anonymous says:

    That "Scrubby little bit of road" is worth many many millions to Dart.  He stands to gain way more than he is giving.  amazing what you can do when you have the money to influence the political leaders.

  6. Patricia X says:

    Camana Bay and the Ritz are two bright spots of class on Grand Cayman.  If the Dart deal means we at last get another high end hotel and it is built with the care and attention to detail that Dart have shown to date it will be very good news.  To move a scrubby little bit of road seems a tiny price to pay, if it is a price at al. 

    • Anonymous says:

      There is no price for the road being paid by Dart, it is being moved or closed for FREE by this UDP Government.

      • Anonymous says:

        Not true.  The road realignment is part of a package deal that will cost Dart more than $108 million.  As part of the overall deal, Dart will pay for the construction of the Esterley Tibbetts Highway extension. Also, since Dart owns most of the land that will be needed to create the Esterley Tibbetts Highyway extension, ait will give this to government as part of the deal.  If the government were to build the road on its own (which it can't afford in the first place) it would have to  pay Dart millions for the land, as it would any other land holder who owned it.

        Please, is possible for you activists to do one ounce of research before you post inaccurate foolishness? Or is spreading misinformation your goal because it supports your political agenda?

        • Anonymous says:

          The estimated gain to Dart for the Alliance deal is 800 million, your estimate of the cost to dart is 108 million, based on my logic dart is getting something for FREE – so you tell me which part of the alliance deal he is paying for and which part he is getting for FREE.

          • Anonymous says:

            That's the activist's estimated gain.  Others have said it was billion dollars once.  Both numbers are made up nonsense.  For instance, I could estimate the average number of living brain cells in Cayman's activists…. but I won't.

            • Anonymous says:

              Well what is your estimate of the gain to dart?

              • Anonymous says:

                A reasonable question by you, so I'll try to respond.

                The answer is: I don't know.  I could pull a figure out of the air, but it would just be a guess.

                But I do know the deal is still dependent on an independent review of the equity of the trade, That's supposed to be done by next month. We'll all know more then.

                The fact is, Dart owns the land and the beach already and that land is very valuable.  Moving the road certainly makes the land worth much more.  But you can't use Seven Mile Beach prices from down near the Ritz because the beach up north isn't as nice (and it's rocky in the water up there).  But, whatever the value increase is of the land, Dart only gets benefit of that increase if he sells it.  If he develops the land, which what he says he's going to do, then all the road realignment does is make whatever venture he puts there more likely to succeed – which I view as a benefit to everyone.  In addition, moving the road allows Dart to develop the property, which will bring needed investment here.

                Cayman gets a lot of things out of the deal: the Esterley Tibbetts HIghway extension to West Bay and the dump problem solved.  The government gives up a lot, too, but it has no money to do these important infrastructure projects.  Depending on the results of the independent review, I hope the deal goes through. Cayman needs it.  I really don't care if Dart makes a profit. So what?  He's done some very good things for Cayman and I'd rather have him than the Chinese any day.

    • Stale News says:

      Patricia X    07:49  your comments are true, but since a few years back Cayman has developed some people who are not thinking well.  WHY CAN'T THE MAJORITY SEE THAT THIS IS ALL POLITICAL ………..As I see it only a fool does not want to have money and live comfortable.  The one thing I can see Dart doing is making the Island more beautiful.  The man is not taking anything away from any Caymanian.  I would wish that a Caymanian could write and identify himself on this NS saying that Dart has taken away his Land, his Boat or his Wife.  For Pete's sake give the man a break.

      Like the writter said, why all the fuss for just a little scrubby piece of road which no one sees but drive pass and do not even look left.    Why cannot the people of Cayman, including the foreign people living here, see that Dart is improving the looks of the Island.   I can still remember not so long ago, when the west Bay road look like Sh##it.  Garbage, and bush all the way in.  Now someone comes along with their own money and want to make a difference.

      And as for the Bodden Town Dump, I would like to ask one question.   Would Mr Arden, Mr Ezzaed  consent for the dump to go in North Side or East End, better than that would West Bay or Cayman Brac want it there.  So if the answer is NO, then tell me where the Hell they will put this dump.  It need to be out of the CAPITAL CITY surrounding tourist thats for sure ..

      They are only fanning  POLITICAL FIRE and the people of Cayman are too dumb to realize what is happening.,  It is all being geared up for a Political movement.  I would always hear these words, "If you  can do a better job then do it and stop complaining"   So if there is a solution to the problem, why dont one of the team members come forward and give it to the people.  I SEE IT AS JUST AN OBJECTION WITH NO GOOD REASON.

      • CaymanFisting says:

        Stale News,
        What is/was Cayman known for? Pristine beaches, excellent diving, the friendliest most hospitable people in the entire carribean. How much undeveloped land has been commercialized in the past 5-10 years since Dart has “graciously donated” their investment into the country? Save the charity routine….do I agree Dart has provided significant benefits to the island? Undoubtably yes!!! Have they received unparalleled consessions in return? You bet your ass they have. If you can’t draw the correlation between over development and an increase in crime, corruption, and the depletion of natural resources that is currently occurring at an unparalleled proportion open your eyes. Don’t get me wrong I am not anti-Dart, however it is time to take a step back and consider implementing a proper infrastructure before green lighting development of an island that is not getting any larger in geographic size.

    • Profound Reality! says:

      You don't get it, its okay! Not everyone(believe it or not) believes in an island saturated with condos, resorts, and "class" as its called. Cayman with its limited attractions, had one thing few others had, tranquility(maybe before your time or beyond your understanding), our touristcame to relax and get away from it all, you know, the "class" of the civilized world, in fact it was so important to indulge in our tranquility that they would come from far and wide, year after year, remembering as-well that Cayman has always been an expensive destination; not bad for a laid back Island with no class huh?! On to the "scrubby little bit of road", for many it has taken us back and forth for years, we enjoy the beachside view,(another reason why another resort is not wanted)we enjoy access to our beaches, and frankly we dont trust that this deal will take Cayman into the future with Caymanians on board(our Govt(treasoness bunch) and Dart(shiny fellah) are both deceptive,greedy and selfish)

      So my dear, we will fight to keep our "scrubby little road" as it represents more than land to us!

      • Anonymous says:

        I have a great deal of sympathy for your points but there is unfortunately a little flaw in human character that  it ignores.

        Specifically we are very bad at believing 'you never had it so good'.   There is no doubt that the influx of money  that tourism brought to good old laid back Cayman wa welcome and improved the lot of many without spoiling the inherent charcter of the Island. Had it all stopped then then it woudl be fine but everybody was guilty of wanting that little bit more and the genie is always going to be let out of the bottle when that happens and as a result you get what you wished for 9and the stuff that comes with it that we didn't wish for).

        it is not just Dart and / or Govt that have fallen into that trap but the majority of Caymanian Society. Woudl I want it to stop (or even better go back 20 odd years – yep. Is that realistic…Nope.  All we can wish for is a controlled pace of 'progress'.

  7. Anonymous says:

    The Cayman Islands Government listens to business Owners, Rich people and big companies like Dart becuase they are the ones filling government coffers. The people of the Cayman islands contribute a very small percentage financially to the Cayman Islands. So when you look at the situation realistically it's not the people that are sustaining the island.

    • Goat Boy says:

      May income tax should be introduced to remove this problem.

      • Anonymous says:

        Income taxes have not reduced this problem in other countries like USA and UK, so why would you think it will work in Cayman? Somehow, the super rich always get bigger breaks on such things like income taxes, or any kind of payment due to Government, than do the majority average-to-low income population.

        • Anonymous says:

          Dart left the US to avoid paying income taxes.  You know he will not allow Mac to introduce them here.  As Dart gets more and more control we loss a lot of options.  Decisions made will be to his benefit not to the benefit of the Cayman people.  As Mac has said.  "Cash is King!"

          • Anonymous says:

            You are absolutely right, he did leave the US to avoid thier rediculously hgh taxes, but think about it, all those taxes he would have been paying to the US are now being invested in the Cayman Islands. What's your problem with that? would you rather the money go to the US government.. I know I would rather have it here…

            Put whatever twist on you like, but we are better off with him here than in the US..Thier loss is our gain..Keep listening to reverse politics if you want..

        • Anonymous says:

          "Somehow, the super rich always get bigger breaks on such things like income taxes, or any kind of payment due to Government, than do the majority average-to-low income population."  The way they usually manage it is through financial manipulation via the offshore financial centres.  Terrible isn't it?

    • Anonymous says:

      I disagree. Big businesses get all the breaks from GOvernment, especially when it comes to Customs Duties to be paid, Stamp Duties, Planning Fees, etc. If it was not for the money collected from the activities of the local population, how else would Govt survive?

      • Anonymous says:

        Of course big business and millionaires get more breaks becuase they pay more. If you pay 10 percent of a Million dollars thats still way more then someone who pays 20 percent of  a hundred thousand dollars. Look at the numbers and do the math. 10 percent of a Million dollars is 100000 Dollars while 20 percent off 100000 Dollars is only 20000. When compared even with the tax break Rich folk are still paying way more than the average man. Anyone who thinks these guys are paying less than the average man has to be ignorant, they me be paying a lower percentage but in the end its still way more money than the average man even makes.

    • Anonymous says:

      Actually the very rich, like Michael Ryan, are the people who contribute very little to the government coffers because of all the breaks they get. As in every capitalist society it is the little man who is squeezed.

      Perhaps the super rich are contributingto someone else's coffers just not the Cyaman Islands govt.

  8. Anonymous says:

    If the project continues, maybe mr dart or whoever is in charge of the happy clowns driving the dump trucks could implore them to get down closer to 50 or 40 mph before someone gets killed.

    • Anonymous says:


      I agree with you, but where are our traffic cops? again we see the inadequate, untrained, don't care attitude  of our traffic cops. How in the hell can we the common public  notice the high speed of these truckers, and they can't, its there job to be patrolling the streets. why do we hire these dummies and waste our money on them? 

    • Dr.Florence Goring-Nozza,D.Div says:

      This unique stand against this government for its incompetence and its disrespect and disregard for the will and the wishes of the people of the Cayman Islands “Is way Overdue.”
      I support Mr. McLaughlin, Mr. Ezzard Miller, Mr. Arden McLean, Mr. Anthony Eden, Mr. Kurt Tibbitts, the Concerned Citizens and all the opposition that is standing up to this UDP regime that is rapidly flushing our fundamental freedoms of democracy down the toilet. This is indeed a test of the democratic process and we must win this fight at all costs.
      This is not about politics, its about democracy and freedom of speech, and proving that the democratic process must prevail.

  9. Independant (Not UDP,Not Ezzy,Not PPM, but a born Caymanian) says:

    Our politicians just don't get it!   So long make deals and shake hands with private entities, developers, and persons like Dart, the people of Cayman will not accept such deals, so long, you keep excluding them from the deals, not holding public meetings, not consulting them, and representing your own interest other than their interest. NO DEAL WILL BE A GOOD DEAL SO LONG YOU EXCLUDE THE PEOPLE FOR A FEW WELL-OFF HEADS!  Unfortunately, UDP, PPM, even Ezzard and Alden, still don't get the picture. The Opposition are protesting for their own political gain, but once they get is, will they represent us as well?  You see, I don't think so, and that is why I believe they haven't got the message!  

  10. Anonymous says:

    Any business is going to spend money to make money. So of course the DART group will profit from this. It will also provide more jobs and more money into our economy. Arguing the closing of the road is a mute point. The deal is already done and the new road nearly complete. As far as how many people where there does it matter? if it was 100 or 500 that is still such a small portion of the caymanian people it will make no difference. In my opinion its a bunch of people getting together without a clue what the true facts are. It is more a bunch of adult babies throwing a tantrum because they are not getting what they think they want when in reality they will see a new issue to occupy there time and move on to that. DO SOMETHING TO HELP WITH THE REAL ISSUES!!!  our island has so many other problems that could use three or four hundred people helping with and the closure of a road is not one of them.

  11. Whodatis says:

    I am concerned about the future of the Cayman Islands.

    This is due to the obvious divisions that now exist in our community. A 50 / 50 split of 'the people' is never an easy thing to deal with and history has proven this time and again.

    The situation is even more worrying as we see many of our newcomers (and even some natives) tending to oppose or criticize just about any and everything that the native Caymanians hold dear to their hearts. Many brush it off as a sign of ignorance, miseducation or 'nimbyism'.

    The need for 'development' and progress is often touted as the catalyst behind many proposals today, however, if a nation does not develop its infrastructure for the benefit of the people that live there then trouble will eventually come.

    At this point I would like to remind the room of the NY (and worldwide) 'Occupy' movements and the nationwide UK riots of just a few months back. Those are / were actions taken by disenfranchised young people living within the "richest" countries in the western world – granted, a fair number of them were lazy bums looking to score a few pairs of designer jeans. However, with fresh reports of the dire state of the UK's unemployment problem and over 25% of its young people being jobless, it is clear that they have a major issue on their hands.

    Certainly the issue of "education" will now be injected however, I argue that "education", or a lack thereof, is NOT the fundamental reason for the troubles in the world today. For it were the "educated" policy makers, politicians, business owners and respected wealthy that failed to realize the ultimate disastrous results of the blatant and rampant removal of actual jobs from their economies.

    *In essence, many Westerners still believe in slavery – this is the fundamental reason for the unemployment and socioeconomic problems of the western world today.

    Western policy dictates that a bus driver is not worthy of a decent quality of life. A painter is not worthy of ever owning his own home. A factory worker should not expect to send his child to university.

    This is what we are really saying when we spit out that rhetoric of "education". Of course, on an individual basis a good education is crucial, however there are services that are provided by the "uneducated" that are absolutely essential for modern life to function. In fact it was on the sweat, blood and toil of these very "uneducated" people that the western world rose to dominance in the past century (ignoring other pre-dating factors of course – wont go there today).

    I said the above to remind those that oppose such sentiments of the consequences of following that good ol' modern day western approach to 'development' and 'civilisation'. It has failed.

    (Another fine example is the forthcoming 2012 London Olympics. Major infrastructure was carried out in East London and it is now awash with million-dollar flats and homes as a result however, East London has long been the preserve of blue collar and low income Londoners as an affordable place to live. That reality has now been shattered for so many as they have now been pushed out to an even further fringe – however, the British PM, political elite, and London high-flyers have praised these changes as "development" and "progress". Standby for guaranteed future friction … )

    Unfortunately it has been rammed into our society at breakneck speed and it is failing here as well as it is a flawed approach to its very core.

    Therefore, we can either continue along this path of self-destruction or we can wake up, identify where we are failing as a community, and do our best to address those shortcomings.

    The easiest and laziest thing for us to do would be to simply follow the status quo and let the chips fall where they may. However, I believe that is a risk that we are too small and overlapped a society to take. Hopefully our society has not regressed to the point (as many other greater societies) where only after a member of the perceived elite is directly affected by the reality of the majority that we will realize exactly what is taking place around us.

    • Anonymous says:

      Once again Whodatis has outdone himself in confusing the facts and manipulating reality to serve his argument.

      One of my favorite lines in his recent issue of "the world according to Whodatis" is this, "In essence many Westerners believe in slavery- this is the fundamental reason for unemployment and socioeconomic problems of the western world today."

      Wow where do I begin with this bizarre comment. I hope he doesn't really believe this and it is an attempt at humor or satire.  This is one of the most flawed comments I have ever read.

      • Whodatis says:

        The policies of outsourcing jobs (manufacturing, customer service personnel, agriculture, factories etc.) to other countries / economies and or the importation of cheap labour (in order to undercut the costs and expected liveable wages of a local population) amount to modern day SLAVERY.

        * I guess one has to spell things out for some of us to understand.

        • Anonymous says:

          You obviously don't know the meaning of the word "slavery".  Perhaps you could google it as what you are discussing is not slavery.  Take a look at the slavery history of Haiti if you want a refresher into the meaning of the word.

    • Anonymous says:

      What makes you think you enjoy the reality of the majority?

      One of the majorflaws of the "activists" is that they tend to be truly disconnected from what the youth of this country wants. They long, from a sense of nostalgic delusion, for a return to the good old days, when life was much simpler. Sorry to have to tell you this, but those days are gone and they are never to return.  The path was forged decades ago and as a result, the Cayman Islands enjoys the highest standard of living in the Caribbean. This didn't happen because Caymanians were brilliant financial services  professionals, but because Cayman's leadership saw an opportunity to create something other than a mosquito-infested backwater.  What Cayman did best is facilitate this financial miracle, and what the Caymanian people did best was adapt to the changes it brought, which includes developement and vast immigration

      Many, many Caymanians have benefitted from this miracle to a degree that would have been impossible to attain otherwise. Some of these Caymanians benefited merely from selling their birthright – their family land – but many others have benefited by taking advantage of the opportunities this miracle afforded. In many cases, this entailed getting a first-rate education.

      Unfortunately, while all of this financial miracle was occurring, Caymanian values changed, away from the simple, modest, God-fearing people of the 50s, to a more materialistic and pretentious society that looks and acts more like Miami.  It's no wonder why some of the older folks abhor what has happened, but to think they represent the majority of Caymanians now is misplaced arrogance.  But the biggest arrogance of all is thinking that Cayman  can stop the development and immigration train now and everything will be better, that Caymanians will fill the financial services industry jobs currently filled by talented expats and that the money will continue to roll in.  It doesn't work that way. Lose the expertise and with it goes the money.

      To get off the development and immigration train now means a fundamental and extremely painful societal change.  And no, you  don't get to keep all the toys you've become so accostomed to and be prepared for direct taxation because there won't be enough expats or rich Caymanians left to pay for the civil service welfare society we have.

      You may want that, Whodatis, with all of your quasi-communist drivel, but I can tell you right now:you are not in the majority.


      • Whodatis says:

        Re: "You may want that, Whodatis, with all of your quasi-communist drivel, but I can tell you right now: you are not in the majority."

        Not really sure how I could want that when it was you that said all of it and not me.

        Anyway, I guess to you it makes sense.

    • Anonymous says:

      What exactly is your point? You ramble all over the place but never actually conclude anything (other than taking pot-shots at the UK and the West generally).   

    • Slowpoke says:

      There has been an incredibly rapid polarization between the “haves” and the “have-nots” over the last forty years, in many western countries.  The accumulation of wealth by a tiny minority in combination with the loss of middle class jobs, due to outsourcing, has resulted in significant social problems.  The ridiculous insistence that only tax cuts for the wealthy will stimulate job creation, in spite of overwhelming evidence to the contrary persists, as it is very well funded by the beneficiaries.  There is not a lack of money in Cayman, it is just not distributed in any way resembling a bell curve.

      It is also interesting that you mention education, as one recent study in the US has provocatively suggested that a new elite is being formed by Ivy Leaguers (or OxBridge) graduates.  Students at these institutions are almost exclusively coming from upper income families and then starting their own upper income families.

      No simple solutions here, but the UK, Greek, Spanish… “Austerity” budgets are not the way to go (as your mouse quickly moves to the thumbs down, please check out the UK economic performance since the new budget).

    • Anonymous says:

      What a load of waffle…

      Listen very carefully.

      Educate yourself to the best of your ability.

      Work as hard as you can to gain valuable knowledge and understanding.

      Apply them together and you will suceed beyond your wildest dreams.

      Today anyone can better themselves.

      The only person STOPPING YOU … IS YOU !!!!

      The people that have stuff did just that AND the people that don't have stuff didn't.

      Simple 🙂

  12. Anonymous says:

    The activist are correct! we need to stand together and preserve what is rightfully for Caymanians.  You truckers and UDP Politicians got to realize that this is a short term gain and not a sustainable gain for us, our children and our grand children.  The Dart Group are businessmen and they are GREEDY AGRESSIVE Business and will stop at anything to get to increase their business.  This Group started with Parks, then they built Camana Bay, then they gone into the liquor business, then they were agressive on the waterfront and bought up, push out all the jewellery stores, then they are in to real estate, then they are moving in to waste management, they offer a scholarship now to the high school, they are in to mortgages, which leaves me to wonder what's next.  These people started off with Foam cups for crying out loud.  The Dart group are savvy greedy agressive businessmen and Lord help us when he asks for the payback. Remember Argentina, Russia, Belieze, Mexico???? Don't forget this group is all about them, they don't care about "FOR CAYMAN".  This is a wool they are pulling over the UDP and their croonies eyes.  Remember…If you DON'T STAND FOR SOMETHING, You will fall for everything.  Please stand up and SAVE what is left for our Caymanian future now.  Later on you will have to pay a toll on Mr. Dart Road to get from West Bay to George Town.  There is NO deal for us, just for the Dart Group. For Cayman Alliance its good to know that The Dart Group money is used to push this concept and I know he has captured some of you money hungry caymanians to believe this concept and to sell it, but you can only fool some of us, not all.  In regards to the dump, when he purchased his land he purchased it very cheap, as it was bordering the dump.  Now he don't want the dump near his rich people, he wanrs to put it in the poor man backyard, you know what that is….yes!!…..Discrimination agains the locals.

  13. MANOR1 says:

    What a joke .Are the oppisition that desperate to get back into power. I f they actually did something constructive there would be no question in them getting re-elected. Believe me after the Chinese come Dart will look like a ''God'' in comparison to what people think of him now.

    • Anonymous says:

      I so agree.  Instead of attacking a Caymanian – Dart – who at least has a proven track record of contributing to the betterment of Cayman, people should be concentrating on stopping this Chinese invastion.  if the Chinese get a foothold here, the only person who could possibly stop a complete economic takeover of this country is Dart.   I hate to use one of McKeeva's analogies, but we are truly worried about fire ants when there's a real threat of being trampled by elephants.  We need to unite against the Chinese invasion people! Even strong UDP supporters aren't on board with the Chinese, so why not focus attention on the real threat?

      • Anonymous says:

        Simple answer is becuase there is no unity, Caymanian seem to like being devided and the polititians place into this very well. The simple fact that UDP supporters are against the CHEC idea means that fighting it is not that attractive to the PPM. If they did that it would mean unity and that my friend seems to be what a lot of people do not want…They prefer to hate things that the other people like,

  14. BODDEN - Stick to the Real Issue Here! says:

    I afraid these people are protesting for the wrong reason. I was very very dissappointed when I watched New27 on those attacking the ForCaymanAlliance. The reason for them attacking the Alliance between government and Dart, has nothing to do with promoting Democracy, but attacking one of our largest investor here in Cayman, Mr. Dart.

    It seems like they are making this protest against a man's person, and have drifted from the real reason as to why they should protest.

    I am very dissappoint with the leaders of this movement, Alden, Ezzard, and Arden as well. If you are going to protest about something, at least have a good argument. Hello!!! Protesting about a rich man spending his money in Cayman and buying what he canbuy, is a dumb reason!

    The most valid reason to protest against the Alliance was expressed well with the Bodden Town movement against the Dump where Mark and Dwayne, have shown to the country that they are representing Dart and not their constituency- those who elected them into office. Now that is VALID REASON to protest!

    DEMOCRATIC REPRESENTATION – that our MLAs are failing to represent, listen to, and acknowledge the citizens of this country! Should be the sole reason for protesting the road movement! Not to get another party in and not to attack capitalism and class warfare, not to attack a business man. All fingers should now be pointed at the MLAs and the UK representative here!



    • m says:

      bodden, government – private partnerships left uncheck, always head down the road towards fascism… and of course, that will mean less democratic representation of the people.  so yes, we should protest against government, but dart has entangled himself with government, creating an alliance; hence, protest has to be at dart too… as for protesting the moving of the road, i agree with you, but the reason why they are moving it, is not because government is currently representing the people, but they are representing dart!  so again, bodden, there is justification in protesting the For Cayman Alliance deals. the mlas should have made the deals through us, the people. 

    • Anonymous says:

      perhaps its mr bush and his butt-first style of leadership that has people riled up over everything

  15. Anonymous says:

    Mr. Dart will make a shed load of money from this public private partnership even with the West Bay Road left open.  If he wants his reputation in the Cayman Islands to remain "untarnished," he must take into account the wishes of the people of Cayman, no matter how few; even if the Gowerment doesn't give a shit about us.  The FCIA is starting to become a huge public relations nightmare for Dart – – self proclaimed philanthropist of jobs for Caymanians and saviour of the Cayman economy — and I believe, even though he's a wiley old fox of a businessman, he's beginning to learn a lesson:  that when you get into bed with the CIG (i.e., Mr. Bush) your reputation will be tarnished with the same brush.  You must look past the billions of dollars profit margin and start to become more selective in your choice of business partners, Mr. Dart!  By the way, did you take up references before you took the CIG into your employ?

    • Anonymous says:


      DART's investment have not made him any money whatsoever.

      Everything he has done so far has been red ink.

      He's the one that made public parks and heritage meetings. He's the one that promotes Cayman and Caymanian. He's the one that funds cultural events and let's Caymanian culture not be lost or forgotten.

      So all of the people that continue to be so raceist towards him and make out that he's making another fortune here – you could not be further from the truth.

      So why does he do it???? 

      Just as Bill Gates and Warren Buffet have turned their attention to more philanthropic activities so has Dart.

      It's that simple. Nothing more sinister than wanting to do something right and give back.


      Don't look a gift horse in the mouth.

  16. Anonymous says:

    “He pleaded with the Dart Group not to take the West Bay Road, pointing out that the (group) was already wealthy enough and did not need more land or more money.”

    Good point – I think that should do it! Lmao

  17. Anon says:

    Why do you all hate Dart so much? You are a bunch of fools that are jealous and wicked. If I was Dart I would BURN down my town Caymana Bay so that none of you could occupy the buildings when I leave. And then I would just LEAVE so that all of you will start eating each other when you have no more jobs that my Dart  companies are providing. And last, I will hope when Caymana Bay is burning all you Haters, just take a smoke. I am a local and I do not hate Dart. I do not know Dart and if I should ever have the opportunity to meet him, that meeting would not mean anything to me because, I am sure he looks like a human with 2 eyes, 1 nose, 2 ear, 2 legs and 2 arms. I have not seen nothing evil that this man and his companies are doing to the island. Neither did I hear that he stole anything from any of us. So what's really your problems? Let go and move on. For those of you that are so jealous and wants the road, then just start shovel it up and put it on your heads and maybe your head will carry a price. 

    • Anonymous says:

      You obviously never heard of Dartania.  Dartania was one of Darts developments in the Bahamas which he abandoned and is now overrun with wild dogs and chickens. Look it up.


      The real question is: Are we better off today than we were 15 years ago?

      You can see the hundreds of millions of dollars Dart has pumped into Cayman through all of his developments and purchases yet before Dart we had no unemployment and government was running at a surplus. Now with all Dart has done we have close to 20% of Caymanians out of work and we have exceeded our debt limit as a country. If Dart developments were such a positive thing we should be better off not worse off than we were before he started. 

      Moving West Bay Road will create a few temporary construction jobs and the end result will be Dart has increased the value of His holdings and those who moved the road are once again out of work.


      Wouldn't it be nice if someone like Dart were to develop things here such as climate controlled indoor greenhouses so we could become less dependent on the outside world for food? This would be an on-going industry that would employ hundreds of Caymanians on a permanent basis and at the same time reduce our food costs. He could also invest in building power plants that run on solar, wind or ocean power to help reduce our electricity costs. These would be meaningful contributions to the country as a whole that would benefit everyone including the developer.  More homes, condos and facilities built for the wealthy do not grow our economy the way it needs to be grown.

      • Anonymous says:

        So, Einstein, what are you saying… the unemployment rate has nothing to do with the Great Recession and wouldn't have been felt here if Dart were good for Cayman?

        If it weren't for Dart's development over the past four years, Cayman would have felt the recession much more harshly, like the rest of the world.  

        And, oh… I called your bluff.  I looked up Dartania and no such place exists. But guess what: Camana Bay does!

    • Anonymous says:

      It’s his buddy Bush we don’t like

      • Anonymous says:

        And that is why the heading of the original article is posted under "politics" and not 'development'. 

    • Anonymous says:

      Don't you have ANYTHING sensible to say?

    • Anonymous says:

      Its Camana Bay my dear….Not "Caymana"

  18. Dred says:

    People I believe the talking time is coming to a close. I believe the action time needs to start and I would tell you if we are to get people’s attention we must go for where it hurts them most. My suggestion would be to:

    1) Employee through all peopls who support the cause to BOYCOTT all Dart companies starting with Caymana Bay. I believe it will affect his sales and the businesses within his establishment. An extended BOYCOTT would serve notice that the people of the Cayman Islands are serious.
    2) Extablish Picket lines in front of his businesses the way we did the line in East End to show that developer that the Cayman people will not lay down and allow him to trample us with his billions of dollars

    People…We are good at talking but when its time for the rubber to hit the road we start scrambling like chickens with our heads cut off. If this is ever going to mean something we need to ACT not just TALK. Actuially I would go as far as saying the time for talking is done and the time for some sort of ACTION is NOW.

    Now on to PPM. Alden I could not disagree with your piece in the papers more. You need to stop for a second and stop thinking about PPM and start thinking about the people. You want us to back off “One Person One Vote” only so you can use it to get PPM in the next election. Alden, this is bigger than you. It’s bigger than our Much Hated Premier. This is about our country. This is about TRUE equality between our people. This is not about Ezzard and not about Arden but about giving each person an equal opportunity to serve his/her people. It levels the playing field and makes parties such as yours on the shorter end of the stick. This needs to be done now while the people can see the effects of BAD GOVERNANCE which we are experiencing now.

    My final message is for the two CLOWNS we have in BT. I say this is block capitals cause I want you to remember my words here today.


    You have signed YOUR Polictical Death Warrant when YOU decdied YOU (Not US) YOU wanted a DUMP in BT.

    Remember IVAN. Ask Gilbert Ask Roy what wronging the People of BT got them.

    What you are doing. It’s no different and in fact WORSE. The damage you are about to do will last GENERATIONS. GENERATIONS I TELL YOU.

    Again I say….


    2013 you will be on the outside looking in. You will be the scorn of BT for this. You will see it in every BTers face you look into. A distain for you.

    Signed a LOYAL and PROUD BTer

    • Pit Bull says:

      I doubt the type of luddites that are trying to stop sensible progress shop much at Camana Bay.

      • Anonymous says:

        These luddites, as you put it, have far more intelligence than you, you big sell-out.  They care about their family's future.  What the hell do you care about, other than having expensive shops to browse in? 

      • Anonymous says:

        Another feeble effort from you, Pit Bull. Your devoted followers are beginning to think you've lost that pithy nasty colonial edge you used to have that we all admired so much.. I mean quite honestly, old chap, how many people even of English origin nowadays (let alone Caymanian) would understand the term 'luddite" (sic). And, as one educated at an ancient university without a red brick in sight, I feel compelled to point out to you that the term should be spelled "Luddite" with a capital. These things matter, don't you know, eh what?

        • Pit Bull says:

          At least I am not a one trick pony like you.  Your passive/aggressive "come, come let's do better" cut and paste posts were dull first time round.  Now I think your wonderful education robbed you of any imagination.

          • Anonymous says:

            What does luddites and one trick pony mean? These English people have a very strange way of speaking.

            • Anonymous says:

              It's is called English.  Many people here have only a passing knowledge of it.

            • Anonymous says:

              "One trick pony" is of American derivation.  How isolationist do these "activists" want to be?

        • Bitter are we? says:

          "[A]s one educated at an ancient university without a red brick in sight" the only people who write like this in the modern age are pompous Oxbridge rejects with a chip on their shoulder.  Durham was it?  You preferred the course, albeit only after Cambridge rejected you?

          • Anonymous says:

            I just love it when the English get catty with each other. It is obvious to anyone with the slightest degree of education that the poster who talked about "ancient university/red brick" etc was being ironic (or sarcastic as we say in Cayman) in an effort (clumsy I agree) to poke at Pit Bull who is well known to us Caymanians as one who constantly posts along negative lines about Cayman and Caymanians.. The clue to this, apart from the use of the archaic terms "ancient university" and "red brick" is in the ridiculous Bertie Wooster language he/she uses. In leaping into the fray and trying to be witty, Bitter are we, you are unaware of this irony (astonishingly) and proceed to malign Durham University with your implication that it is only a place where rejects from Oxbridge go.That says as much about you as it does about the "ancient university" poster.

          • Anonymous says:

            Durham is not an ancient university, dim wit. The ancient universities are Oxford, Cambridge, St. Andrews, Glasgow and Edinburgh.

      • Dred says:

        Mckeeva…is that you?

      • Anonymous says:

        Pit Bull, I for one don't shop at Camana Bay. It is too expensive, and I see more foreign workers there than locals. The only place I go at Camana Bay is the movies. And yes, I am against Dart, but I have no choice to watch his movies, because he cause our locally own cinema by cimboco to shut down, when he opened up his own to compete with it. Trust me, if Dart has his way, he will do the same thing to other businesses here on the island. He will open his version and compete with the locally own businesses, and guess what will happen – the arising of a DART-UDP MONOPOLY !  Not good for Cayman. But PitBull, I have no choice but to use his cinema. I don't mind being called a hypocrit for using it, because he has taken away ours, so Dart owes me!

        • Anonymous says:

          To be fair, no one ever strong armed anyone away from the old cinema. If it was so dear to us, why did we attend the new one in the first place? Use it or lose it, as the saying goes. We did have a choice…

          • Anonymous says:

            So rigth why didn't Caymanian chose to support the old theater? it's becuase they wanted to enjoy Darts new state of the art facility…So say he closed it down..It was you who stopped going..

        • Anonymous says:

          The locally own cinema you refer to was owned by an extension of a Jamaican conglomerate. I personally don’t care who owns the cinema, and Camana Bay has a first class one. Just saying.

    • Anonymous says:

      I like the way you think.  Boycotts indeed the most powerful weapon of the people.  Hitting them in the wallet works every time.

    • Kosher Nostra says:

      I understand that Dart is Caymanian.  He's not a US citizen anymore.  That would make him one of us and dispite your kevetchin he has this right. You can blame anything or anyone you wish to blame, but we have many local millionaires and probably 1-2 billionaires as Caymanian (outside of Mr. Dart).  Did they do anyhting to even hint at stimulating the economy?  Not from where I sit.  Point is, change is never easy.  Neither is it bad, nor good.  We will have to wait and see, but I'm sure some agreement can be made with locals and local billionaires.

       If not Brac will take Mr. Dart I'm told.

    • ONE LOVE says:

      What has Dart done other than pump $750,000,000 into Cayman’s construction industry over the last 5 years? Don’t be silly.

      Use your energy to come up with SOLUTIONS to our crime, to our unemployment, to our divisive party politics, to our poor education standards and to our teen pegnancy issues. You will then have truly made a difference. Your approach is simply to break down and further divide us which gets us nowhere. FYI, Your suggestions above will undoubtedly land you in jail as well. Hope you have bail money and rent before you start.

    • Anonymous says:

      You really need to chill…you obviously got worked up by Ezzard and Arden’s election campaigns. Chill. It’s all just party politics.

    • Anonymous says:

      How many Caymanians actually shop at Camana Bay……

      • Anonymous says:

        A lot go to the movies

      • Anonymous says:

        Wouldn't be caught dead in that ridiculous monstrosity, truly a blight on Grand Cayman's landscape. I'd work for free to reduce the sorry excuse of a "town" to rubble. Who does this "Dart" character think he is – Nero?

      • Anonymous says:

        And therein lies the reality:  

        Dart projects are NOT for the benefit of Caymanians.  Furthermore, I wonder what the true position is at Camana Bay, i.e., how many Caymanian owned companies trade from the new Capital of the Cayman Islands?  What is the ratio of Caymanian to Ex-patriot employees within the whole trading community there, and I don't just mean DECCO?  My guess is that, in toto, Camana Bay is predominantly an employer of ex-patriots. 

        Overal, dart is good for Cayman, and I don't mind him making ahuge profit on his invetments.  But Ms. Doak must stop referring to the FCIA as a philanthropic project to employ Caymanians and save the economy.  The FCIA will mean a few jobs for a number of construction and heavy equipment companies for a few years, then it'll be back to square one for them; and the new Dart hotel on the beach will hire a few Caymanian cleaners and room maids, but the rest of the employees will be imported.

        Look, the construction industry is in dire trouble we're told, so all those construction companies who helped build the first phase of Camana Bay (and the Ritz-Carlton for that matter) are now out of work, right? So tell me, where are the long-term jobs promised by the gowerment? We are baboozled by the jobs for Caymanians BS year-in and year-out and we fall for it hook, line, and sinker. 

        By the way: I wonder what the ratio of Caymanian to Ex-Patriot employees is at Ritz-Carlton, and what the split is between blue and white collar workers?  My guess is that you'd need a FOI request to get them to tell you! 

        When we will we — no when will the gowerment — realise that a couple of inward investment projects will not "turn the economy around."  The CIG must institute sound socio-economic and fiscal policies to stimulate the growth of the LOCAL economy to allow Caymanian entrepreneurs to thrive; to get rid of the thousands of FOR LEASE signs on buisness premises across the island.  The CIG should stop trying to find NEW "pillars" to prop up the Caymanian economy and take proper steps to invigorate the industries already here, that have been the vortex of the Cayman economy for decades.

        One thing that has baffled me throughout the period of the Cayman economic recession is why CIG has not reduce the prime rate to make borrowing cheaper to boost the real estate industry and the LOCAL economy in general. The current base rate in the UK is 0.5%! 

        • Anonymous says:

          You know there should be a minimum level of understanding and education required before allowing Posts like this….CIG does not have ANY POWER to reduce interest rates. That would take an independent central bank and independent currency. We have neither. It’s the commercial banks that set that rate based on the USA bank rates. In other words, the USA sets our interest rates and they are as low as they have been for 40 years.

        • Anonymous says:

          You are absolutely right!  Keep Cayman third world!  What use is a hotel you can't afford to stay in?(other than the jobs and money that pays your way?)  What use is a road when you can't afford gas?  What use is a store when you can't afford the food?  what use is a school when you don't see a reason for an education?  Bush did it and you can too!  Keeping Cayman third world will mean no one will want to take it from you.  The best reason to fight development. Keep Cayman Caymankind for the Caymankind.
           The only ones that will want to stay is the ones who can't make it in a developed society.  Like your kids.

        • Anonymous says:

          BINGO!  Since we started the Party System, our Politicians have forgotten about the people and it is all about the Party!  The Governor is complacent with the whole thing, because he knows what will happen next, and "they" have their own interest as well.  Just wait and see what happens to Cayman. I am making a prediction.

  19. Anonymous says:

    "Activists all said that the Dart Group could still develop its land without closing the West Bay Road"….. What???

    I thought the big issue was that we would not be able to see the sea anymore. If Dart can develop the seaside anyhow and block the view, what is the point of this campaign? This is starting to look like politics 101 now. Sorry I signed.

    • Anonymous says:

      No dum dum. The Dart Group land is not on the seaside. That is the whole point of his proposal. If you are this dim about the issue I doubt that you signed the petition in the first place.  

      • Just Sayin' says:

        Hey foo foo, when you get done checking the land registry, come back and let us know who the dum dum is.

      • Anonymous says:

        Wrong. You are the dum dum. Dart owns the land on both sides of the road.  The reason Dart wants to have the road moved is because the depth of the land on the seaside (which, and I repeat to get it through your obviously very thick skull,  is still owned by Dart) is not enough to build a hotel on. All you can do is build bars or beach shacks, like was there when the Courtyard Marriott was open.  If the road isn't closed, Dart still owns the beach side of the land.  If Dart wants to, they can densely plant the whole stretch of land that they own on the beachside with dense vegetation just to spite all of you twits who complain you can't see the ocean while you're driving. Seriously… if you're going to be so rude and arrogant, try to bone up on the facts instead of just mouthing off about things you know not.  Then again, spreading misinformation seems to be the whole plan of you "activists".

        • Anonymous says:

          Hey dum dum.  The whole point of this is not to close the ROAD !  What part of that do you not understand?   The people don't want their road closed.  End of story.  It is not about what Dart can or cannot do with the beachside, it is about KEEPING THE ROAD OPEN !

          • Anonnymous says:

            Enough with the road already!!!  The entire stretch of "beachside road" from the former Beach Club site to the Wharf Restaurant was closed years ago and accommodated all those condos, hotels and private homes on that strip.  I agree with the poster who said these activists would better serve the country if they would protests against crime, our uneducated young people and teenage (child) pregnancies.  And, they are asking for donations from the public, in this economy, to pay their fares to England!!! Get real guys!

            • Anonymous says:

              Anon 17:20

              thank you for your information. this road that was closed from Beach Club to Wharf Restaurant to accomodate all those condos, that gave many Caymanians jobs. But i guess by now they forgot how their jobs came by.

              Was this road given to the developers back then…belongs to our Queen? this was Crown"s property…wasn't it?

               I dont think the monarchy has changed since then. she is the same queen i know we had since 1952. She traded land back then, she will do it now, especially now that her little colony is in need of development. 

              I really think you guys are wasting your time. lets get the ball rolling and put people back to work.

          • Anonymous says:

            THINK ABOUT IT …

            You want to keep the road – WHY???

            If the road remains where it is you LOSE the following:

            1. A bigger, wider, safer, easier, better lit dual lane road.

            2. A quicker commute to GT from WB so you can sleep-in a little longer.

            3. CIG gets cash and land at fair market value. 

            4. CIG gets import duties from construction and materials.

            5. CAYMANIANS get employment during construction and for years after in developed property.

            6. The CAYMAN ISLANDS gets another world class resort facility that will bring more tourists to our islands. Giving work to thousands of Caymanians and Caymanian businesses.

            7. Two new public beaches with loads of space and proper facilities for all to enjoy.



            1. A dark, poorly lit West bay Road that is a death trap to road users and tourists alike.

            2. A scrubby, litter infested mess of land on our beautiful seven mile beach.

            3. Commuter traffic thundering up and down past the beach and condos – which are not pleasant for anyone.

            4. Nothing changes. No investment. No new hotel or marina – NOTHING.

            5. People like you win and get to wallow in your pride at hurting the Cayman Islands and Caymanian people. You will be happy just to put down the much needed investment in to the islands. 

            6. Years later nothing has improved – in fact you realise that you made a foolish decision and wished that you and your family and your friends could get work, pay the mortgage and live a better life. But, NO. We kept the road and made DART pay.

            7. 8. 9. 10+++ You are misguided and obviously unable to see over your hatred.



          • Anonymous says:

            The road doesn't belong to the people, it belongs to Cayman. And the Government is in charge of keeping Cayman from Sinking, with no help from the people, I wonder how many people would rather pay taxes, then have the road moved.

            Did the people pay for the road, NO….

        • Anonymous says:

          Anon 17;13 i totally agree with, well spoken. XXXX

          Any idiot can understand Mr. Dart wants to join the land side property to his seaside property, this way he can develop…maybe another Atlantis in  Cayman, which would be benificial to the Caymanians that wants to work,and of course it will bring in more revenue to take care of us old folks when we retire.

          We have given miles of beach side roads in the past, for developments that have fed some of the same people that are objecting to Dart and cursing Mackeeva.

          Some of these people i know, worked in these same beach resorts that couldnt be developed if certain roads werent diverted. These said roads, were given to the owners of these establishments. What is the big deal now??? Dart's Millions? Makeeva's foresight and briliance?

        • Anonymous says:

          The public beach is not owned by Dart. That is what he is after.

          • Anonymous says:

            No he's not.  There is no plan whatsoever for Dart to own public beach. This is just misinformation being spread by the "activists". 

            If you'd care to educate yourself, you'll see that as part of the deal for the road closure, Dart will donate land to make Public Beach go from the sea all the way to the Esterley Tibbetts Highway. They will develop it into an expanded beach and park that will be much, much nicer  and safer than what it is now.



          • noname says:

            Get your facts straight!!!


            Dart doesn't want the public beach or did your leaders forget to mention that? His intention is to extend the beach out past the road so we will have a larger beach area not the little one we have now that is occupied by cars the majority of the time. 

          • Anonymous says:

            Ignore the naive souls below. Dart obviously wants his hotel to have direct access to the public beach and while in effect, because there is no direct road access, lessening the access to the public.   

    • Stiffed-Necked Fool says:

      Star (Fri, 02/17/2012 -12:11) are you an imbecile? The development is on the land side of the road, NOT THE SEA SIDE OF THE ROAD! The developer wants the road closed so that his development will then have Beach front property which will quadruple the value of his development.

      What is so difficult for you to understand? The Activists are saying, go ahead and do your development but leave the road as it is, as the road belongs to the people of Cayman.

      This is not politics, it is a group getting together and trying to save what little treasure we have left, so please Star, stop so trying to play politics!

      • Anonymous says:

        Planning permission has already been granted for most of the SEASIDE lands. Just never built. For five homes plus a condo complex. Just ask Mr Pandohy at planning. You guys are being misled for political reasons. there is no view to be “saved”. Myth. So not sure what a 40 strip of road in between condos and hotels really get you. Do your own research.

    • Anonymous says:

      The piece of beachfront land is not wide enough to develop and block the view. That is the whole point idiot.

  20. Anonymous says:

    CNS, you exaggerate. There surely weren't more than 100 people there and I'm being generous in giving that number.

    • Stiffed-Necked Fool says:

      Wake up as I saw you sitting by the water fountain, but I personally counted 261 and that was walking around and doing it quickly so I know I missed people on the outer rims and in their cars. Mac will believe you though, so you doing your job!

      • Anonymous says:

        Does it really matter if it was one, two or three hundred. It,s still only a handful of people….

    • Poor Government says:

      We know the number of Chairs and the aprox # standing behind the wall and around the on man one vote table. Ask Ellio he was there. But no need to argue, count the votes in May 2013. My advice go fix u resume, all one term MLA's

      • Anonymous says:

        Anon 17;35

        I hope you know the numbers of the truckers that now working on this project. Now  able to feed their children.

        Why dont you all just go and try to stop them, lay down in their path like Arden was going to do in East End.

        We dont care for your political bull, we need work and Mac along with Mr. Dart is making sure of that.

        What will you give us to take home to our children. Our children cant eat that piece of road, it wont digest well.

        • Anonymous says:

          There is not a lack of jobs on the island.  Caymanian unemployment is due to other reasons.

          • Anonymous says:

            And what are those reason? if it's the difuntional employemnt department, then w should shut it down and save the countery money

            • Anonymous says:

              I has more to do with dysfunctional parents. And a dysfunctional public education system.

    • BORN FREE says:

      Anon 12:04: you are so right, CNS did get the figure wrong because I did a rough count & I got a little over 300. I'm sorry for you but you must have gone to the Mckeeva school of maths because it seems that you cannot count past 100, poor thing. All the speakers were excellent. It was a wonderful crowd at the meeting last night, & all were in a happy mood except for the lonesome figure sitting on the west side of the fountain (oh, was that you foolio?). Nice crowd, don't you think?

      • Anonymous says:

        You know Cayman, 100 supporters and 200 onlookers. Got to see what’s happening!

    • Anonymous says:

      It was actually closer to 400.

  21. Anonymous says:

    Have any of you seen the road work already done? Perhaps the horse has already left the barn. It baffles me when the crime issue is out of control and is a true danger to the tourism product that these groups are waving their arms at the dump and West Bay Road.

    Instead why aren't people waving their arms at crime and recycling. Women are disappearing on the island and it doesn't seem to raise the concern that the road closure gets.

    Politicians are working on getting votes instead of leading the country forward during bad economic times.

    Given how regional many are around here a certain number would not even notice the West Bay road closure.

  22. Islandman says:

    I will continue to support those oposed to the sell-out (give away) of Cayman by UDP.

    Short Term Gain (for a few) for Long Term Pain for the many is what UDP/Dart Proposal is about. Same as the UDP/CHEC Port Deal.

    Time past due for us to Stand and March!

  23. ** ACTIVISTS ** says:

    People want fair and responsible development.

    They do not want favoritism to one person because he has money.

    And people want their MLA's to represent them because they elected them into office.

    They do not want them sold out to the money-makers, ignoring us 90% of Cayman.

    • Anonymous says:

      Yes, welll… I don't see many people trotting out any money or development except the ones the "activists" object to.  If the 90 per cent Caymanians would pump money into the economy, we wouldn't need Dart.  Don't worry though… keep it up and the 90 per cent will indeed be contributing to the economy in the form of income and property taxes.

      • Anonymous says:

        You talk as if Dart "pumps" money into Cayman for the good of Cayman.   Dart does so solely for the good of Dart and what Dart stands to gain from it, not Cayman.

        • Anonymous says:

          What's wrong with Dart thinking of Dart, That what everyone does they think of themselves. Wh the heck do you think is just going to pump money into anything and not expect to make something in return..You people are just looking for handouts…

        • Anonymous says:

          Let's assume for a minute that you're right about Dart's motives. Then that makes Dart no different than any other developer that ever developed here, and that includes ALL of the born-Caymanian developers.

          Of course, you don't see those other developers contributing to the long list ofl organisations that Dart has.

          What's more, it seems Dart is one of the only developers who has been willing to pump money into Cayman during this long recession, although why he has put up with the small-minded, xenophobic, nitwits that he has to is beyond me.

          But beyond all that… So what if Dart does develop for the good of only Dart – it still benefits the Cayman Islands and its people greatly. 




    • Anonymous says:

      People want jobs and the goverenment needs money to provide us services…thats what we really need silly!

      • Kmanlady says:

        You say people need Jobs…yes I agree with you…but tell me something with all the companies the Dart NOW owns why are you not employed with him if all that he is doing is going to provide jobs and help the people…want to shine that light for me… You need to look beyond your nose and small the  (black) rose that he has planted in our country…remember Comana Bay…he promise us haven an earth until he got Status and what did he do, form is own companies and the little small companies had to move out…i must some people memories are very short…look toward the future of our island and our children and protect that you selfish person…Kmanlady

      • CashHasEveryCorputSmiling says:

        Silly, Silly is what you will cause to happen.

  24. I Love Big Dumps says:

    I really hope that Hazzard and his merry band of misguided obstructionists in no way benefit from these projects as the rest of us will when they are completed.

  25. Beloved Isle Cayman says:

    I have to say that I am deeply troubled by the political divide that currently exists in our little country, we are arguably going through  the worst economic period of our time; hundredsof our countrymen are out of work, some about to loose their homes and livelihoods and yet we think we have the luxury of playing politics…this makes me sad.

    • cayman stew says:

      Just what the UK's Foreign Office want in order to justify corruption is rampant here, and that a British takeover is the only means to safeguarding their interest. Look at what happened to TCI. The whole country was in a "divide."  It almost sounds like setting up a two-party system similar to Jamaica's was well planned. Congrulations… we got now increased crime, divisions, unemployment, and an uncertaintly of political corruption in the air, looming over us at this time.

      • Anonymous says:

        If the UK intervenes to introduce direct rule on the basis of corruption it will not be because local politicians are divided it will be because there is evidence of corruption by those in power.  

  26. EYE ON ISLAND says:

    This is bad news for the UDP. Mac is going to have to choose between travel and staying home. If he travels no one in UDP has the brains to deal with this movement. If he stays at home then he becomes the face and target of the unhappy movement. Caught between a rock and a hard place at a very bad time in history. Let's see what shakes out.

    • R.U. Kidden says:

      Eye On Island, i don't know for sure that "If he travels no one in UDP has the brains to deal with this movement".  I'd be more likely to believe "when he DOESN'T travel no one in UDP has the brains to deal with this movement".


  27. Anonymous says:

    OK, I am not Caymanian, and I do not have status, but I would like to offer my support to those rallying against the West Bay Road, BT Dump, and CHEC issues, amongst quite a lot of other things!  I also support one man, one vote.

    I wonder if anyone reading this knows whether people like me are able to sign petitions and offer support to those Caymanians taking a stand on these issues?  Is my signature/support worth anything and/or likely to help make a difference or will it be discounted?

    • so Anonymous says:

      You mean will the powers that be listen to you any more than they listen to the average Caymanian?  Yes.  Is your signature/support worth the same as the average Caymanian? yes.  Will it make a difference?  No!

    • Anonymous says:

      Sorry dude, you can sign all you want but only those that get to vote in the country count….

      The sad reality is that your signing the petition may actually hurt the movement when it comes time for those in power to decide on the validity of the petition based on those who have signed it.

      • Anonymous says:

        It won't hurt. It will simply be eliminated from the count.  

        • Theo says:

          Boy the economy really bad,people na going out,na watching tv saving de money to go on the Internet to talk pure crap my my we got a serious National problem.

    • Anonymous says:

      As a Caymanian I would just like to say thank you for your post.  It helps support the fact that whatever future Caymanian politicians choose to bulldoze out for us, it affects all residents of the country, Caymanian and non-Caymanian alike.


      As to your query regarding the signing of petitions, I am not sure of the answer, but hopefully someone in-the-know will also reply.


      An irate Caymanian

      • Anonymous says:

        Dear irate Caymanian. You are absolutely correct that it affects everyone. Its sounds as if you are simply too good a person to know that there is a huge difference between Caymanian and Expats. Wish there were more like you. You preach love, not division.


    • Anonymous says:

      Who can sign the petition but it won't count towards the 25% of the electorate required if you are not a registered voter.  

    • Anonymous says:

      The thumbs down and joke count provide your answer. Welcome to Caymankind. You are a nobody as you weren't born with Caymanian entitlement. However, if it makes you feel better, we readily accept donations.






      • Anonymous says:

        So how you quick to decide that its Caymankind thumbs downing and smiling the man? Plenty expats would find his comments amusing too and there are people who just click those things out a bad mind.

        Don't be so quick to judge when you have NO proof.