Rundown comes of age, if not quite maturity

| 29/03/2012

images_32.jpg (CNS):CNCF’s annual comedy revue will be celebrating 21 years of comic antics when the team take to the stage next month. The show, created by Dave Martins, retains its original format under the current writer and director, Henry Muttoo who is continuing with the traditional irreverent look at life in Cayman. Many of the show’s regular cast members have returned and are joined by a number of newcomers whom the organisers say are adding to the ‘knee-weakening’ and ‘belly-busting’ humour. Original cast member, Harwell McCoy also comes ‘home’ to the show with two vintage performances, in the mirage roles of “Mr. Premier” and “Q Brown, PhD, PhD, DTh, QC, MBE”. 

Other familiar Rundown players in this year’s show are Fritz McPherson, Giselle Webb, Priscilla Pouchie, Judy Singh and, joining the cast for the first time, Jacoline Frank, Vijay Singhera and Kevin Morales complete the multicultural mix for which Rundown is justifiably famous.

Henry Muttoo, said, “Writing the show has given me a much clearer understanding of Dave Martin’s creative talents. To use a Shakespearean quote, Dave is ‘… a great observer and he looks quite through the deeds of men…’ The challenge has always been locating the comedy in situations, which if we stress over them, would otherwise drive us all absolutely insane.”

Muttoo described Rundown as an institution and said people had been suggesting topics – mainly of a political bias which he said shows how attuned residents are to what’s happening around them.

“Once January rolls around, we get constant calls asking about the show – even the media call and write us for the scoop on topics being played, opening date, and so on. And not only the media but well–known personalities, mentioned in past shows, will even enquire if they ‘are in it again’ and are quite disappointed if they are not mentioned,” he added.

According to a CNCF source, the organisation, was not going to do the show this year but, “we got a leaked document from a source, which shall remain unnamed, who we understand – although this has not been confirmed – works at a firm which has a roof that lets in rain. That ‘someone’, whose name has been redacted, had plans to bring a no-confidence motion against CNCF for mis-management of Cayman’s laugh time so, we had no choice but to plug the leak by going ahead with the show,” the source revealed.

Rundown opens on 12 April as part of Cayfest – the Cayman Islands National Festival of the Arts – and plays for two weekends Thursdays through Sundays.  It then returns for its finale over the weekend of 4 – 6 May.

The opening night performance on Thursday 12 April promises to bea sold out affair and tickets for this show are available exclusively from the PTA of the George Town Primary School. 

Cheyenna Stewart, fund-raising chair of the PTA, asked what better event there was to raise money for the school than Rundown.

“The show is so well known and loved that selling tickets will be a breeze. Added to that we will also be assisting the show to play to a full house of patrons who will no doubt spread the good word and by doing so, assist CNCF,” she said.

“We are grateful for the opportunity and wish to thank CNCF and our generous sponsors, Jacques Scott and Foster’s Food Fair, who each donated items for the event. The funds raised will go towards a playground for the school. We have chosen this project to coincide with the new building being constructed at George Town Primary. We feel the time is now to focus our attention on accomplishing this much needed project for our children as George Town Primary does not currently have a playground,” she added.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I always enjoy Run-Down! I would enjoy it even more if it was brave enough to be a little more "edgy" comedy is one way we can vent our accumulated frustration about the way "things" seem to go! A little sharper satire would certainly be welcome by many!

    • A CLUELESS EXPAT. says:

      I believe that the CNCF should solicit actors from the community.  I have seen some good Cayman actors and story tellers since year but I am wondering how the CNCF does not recruit any of these persons.  I believe this should be thought about.

      • Anonymous says:

        Just about every name mentioned above is a Caymanian.

        What you talkin' bout though?

        • Anonymous says:

          He doesn't know. He is a self-identified clueless expat.

          • Anonymous says:

            What a joke. Rundown, like almost everything else of recent theatrical cultural value in Cayman, was started by a non Caymanian, Dave Martins, who at the time was married to a Caymanian (not born here but that was not her fault and is another issue). Martins deserves immense credit for absorbing the local culture and, through witty perceptive scripts, being able to poke fun at it without despising it, Rundown over the years had some very amateurish performers-fair enough, they were non professional locals – and some skits misfired because of that. But Martins' talent prevailed. No one has replaced him.