Two arrested over stabbing

| 10/04/2012

netcam1.jpg(CNS): Two men are currently in police custody in connection with a violent, possibly gang related attack which took place at Million Dollar Run boat race party on Seven Mile Beach on Easter Monday. Police said that a 28-year-old man is currently recovering in hospital following a stabbing at Royal Palms in the afternoon of 9 April. The incident occurred at around 4:10pm when police received a report that a man had sustained stab wounds to his body in the beachside bar. The man was taken to the Cayman Islands Hospital, George Town, where he is currently in a stable condition with wounds that are not believed to be life threatening.

The two men who were arrested in the wake of the stabbing on suspicion of attempted murder are aged 18 and 24 years. Police said they remain in police custody while enquiries continue.

The officer in charge of the enquiry, Detective Sergeant Joe Wright, said the bar where the stabbing took place was very busy on Monday afternoon because of the Million Dollar Run event.

“The stabbing took place on the beachside patio area of the bar. Anyone who was in the area and saw the stabbing, or indeed any kind of a disturbance take place, is urged to contact the police as soon as possible. Information can be given in confidence. In addition, if you have any video footage or photographs which were taken in the bar area yesterday we would be keen to view those,” he said

Police confirmed that one line of enquiry being followed was that the attack was not random but that it may have been gang related.

Anyone with information which could assist the enquiry should contact George Town police station on 949-4222, the RCIPS Tip-line on 949-7777 or Crime Stoppers on 800-8477(TIPS).

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  1. Mike says:

    Wow, we have been coming to GCM for the past seven years. We have raved to anyone that would listen as to how safe GCM was. After reading all the recent posts on the CAG and CNS, I'm not too sure anymore! We have always gone to the Royal Palms after our annual sunset sail. I don't think that will be happening this year! I think we'll just go back to the condo where it's safe. I realize that it was just two idiots but that is two too many when it comes to the safety of my family!

    This is really sad!

  2. UDP Supporter says:

    This would never have happened if people had been at home studying the Bible or at Church like they should be on Easter Monday. Instead they were out there with all the drunken ex-pats and their corrupt and Godless ways. This is what breeds violence on our beautiful islands. Read the Good Book!

    • Anonymous says:

      Lol @ UDP Supporter, people in glass houses shouldn't throw stones!!!

    • Anonymous says:

      it is not expats, it was caymanian idiots who don't know how to behave that who start the fight!

    • Anonymous says:

      This is really ofensive as we are part of this community in which we are hard workers as caymanians.  We are here because we help to build a better future.  This is only a result of lack parenting skills!!!! Do you know where is your son at this time?????

    • Rickie Tatum says:

      You should try reading the good book yourself buddy.  Your completely contradicting yourself as a christian by judging others and vocalizing a harsh and rude opinion you have on ex-pats and people who (luckily) didnt find themselves next to u in church.

      Also, the party you support is spear heading the booming business of immigration and is letting all those expatriates that you hate so much work here, aren t your just a walking contradiction.

      By the way im not christian I just have a little common sense and see things from a not so narrow perspective, you should try it . im sure it will help you on your road to salvation.


    • Anonymous says:

      People responding to this guy are only taking his bait. He is not a Christian and probably not a Caymanian or UDP supporter.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Two men "arrested" on "suspicion" and will "remain in police custody while enquiries continue".


    In an unrelated matter, why didnt the Police arrest the person who imported the explosives without proper paperwork on suspicion of [a criminal offence] contravening the provisions of the Explosives Law and "remain in police custody while enquiries continue"?


    This seems like unfair treatment to me toward one set of alleged offenders vs. another, or are the Police NOT suspicious of the importer of the explosives?

  4. Anonymous says:

    Mac – are you even starting to understand what your tolerance of petty crime, lack of investment in our youth, open door immigration policies on even unskilled labour, crappy education system (Rolly is doing a good job with what he was handed) and your mass importation of poverty has done?

    • Anonymous says:

      How is this Mac's fault where two thugs decided to try to kill someone?  

      All you are giving are excuses.  Most youths get an education, some with post-secondary education, get a job and get on with adult life.   Why cant these two thugs do the same?   Dont blame the government;  its not their mandate.    Blame the mass of matter between these two thugs' ears.  

      99% of the people in society turn out fine, so dont blame society.   Its 100% the fault of these two thugs for making stupid decisions like this. 

      • Anonymous says:

        I would agree with you were it a one off but it has become systemic. Cayman’s youth have now to compete with expats with years of experience and willing to work in unlawful conditions ( no pension, no overtime etc. ) for entry level jobs. Expats are being literally owned by unscrupulous employers who subject many to the most unkind of treatment. Our already struggling education and social services have been overwhelmed by a massive influx of foreign nationals made Caymanian by accident as a result of Mac ignoring procedure. Of course it is his fault – any sociologist could see this coming a decade ago.

  5. Not Surprised says:

    I think I still see the Security Guards running away

  6. Anonymous says:

    Where was the Security?

    • Anonymous says:

      there were 10 guards at royal palm. They can’t be everywhere. it happen so fast. it is small mind gangs who don’t care about life.

  7. Anonymous says:

    No past (what culture? Going to see and make money to send back home – thats called making a living)

    No present ( Lack of moral,discipline and ethics in the home and school has raised thugs with no self esteem or confidence)

    No Future! (Multitudes of generations have been lost and more will due to an inept government and soon come negligence and self serving corrupt crony capitalism with only foresight for a few and the more fortunate) GOOD LUCK!  

  8. Anonymous says:

    Na man Easter can't go by without somenone getting stabbed or killed what is this place coming too? 

  9. Anonymous says:

    I'm glad I did not take my kids to Royal Palms. Is no place safe in Cayman now

  10. Anonymous says:

    Hopefully people will come forward and those involved will remain off the streets of Cayman.

  11. Anonymous says:

    I hope this does not start the fire again between the gangs.

  12. Anonymous says:

    I was there and it was very sad to know this happened. However Security there was quite lazy more worried about who got into VIP than making sure everyone else was safe. The organizers shoukd had required searches like they did last year. Last year people got searched regardless comimg from the road or coming from the beach side. Nowadays these events are so focused on making money at the bar and off their VIP’s they bypass safety and things like this happen.

  13. Anonymous says:

    It would make sense to me that the police start to "police" these types of events – unfortunately it looks like Cayman has no other option.  I was going to attend MDR with my kids (as I have done almost every year of the eleven I have been in Cayman, but opted instead to take to Rum Point.  Glad I made this decision now.  Also, doesn't Royal Palms still have a webcam and security cameras?  It seems odd to me RP would not at least have the latter……

    • Cayman Tourist says:

      The (current) article picture above is from the RP patio webcam. Although taken after the incident when the yellow crime scene tape went up.


  14. Anonymous says:

    I’m pretty damn sure there is cctv footage on that place. Shouldn’t be that difficult for the RCIP. Taking a look around that bar yesterday was a pretty sad reflection of the current youth population.

  15. Donald Loyd says:

    To Patrons of the Royal Palms

    This week while hosting the Million Dollar Boat Race an incident occurred when two individuals created a disturbance. Fortunately these individuals were arrested and hopefully will be dealt with accordingly. To the thousands of guests that visit us every week you can rest assured that we will do our best to make sure that this does not happen again. To those who are unfamiliar with the Royal Palms we hope that  you will come by to see all of the good things we have to offer. It is a shame that during a public event 2 individuals could tarnish the reputation that we have worked hard to achieve for over 14 years. The Royal Palms prides itself on welcoming visitors and residents alike to enjoy our facility. 

    Donald Loyd

    General Manager

    • Truth says:

      Don –

      For the last few years I have come to various events and you always had adequate security. Why did u drop the ball this event? For that much people u should have had security searching on the beach entrance and front gate. I came in the front gate accidently with a pocket knife and no one searched me. You dropped the ball on this one Don.

      • Don Loyd says:

        We hired 15 security guards and were assured that there would be a police presence provided. The answer is to have metal detectors and every hand bag being inspected.

        Has it really come to the point where we have to inconvenience over a thousand people who attended and were well behaved due to two low lifes? The logistics of having 300 feet on the beach makes it difficult. We are currently reviewing our security and determing whether we will host any other outside events. It not only put a blight on the Palms but also The Million Dollar Race event as well.


        • Truth says:

          I rather be inconvenienced and know that no knifes are guns are going to be coming from behind.
          I am not blaming you Don but I have been drinking at your bar for years. What happened to all those
          local and Columbian guys you had. They were always nice and on task. Now you traded them for all
          these Indian guards. These guys have no communication nor get any respect from the local thugs.
          The only improvement I see is they have nicer uniforms than the white polos the other company had.

          Try to get the other company or one that will give you guys that do not back down. Giving you some good advice. Will help keep you fishing and less time worrying.

          RH (you know who)

        • Anonymous says:

          What you and others have failed to realise and acknowledge is that it has come to that point in Cayman a long time ago.

          If your security officers were properly trained (and paid), targeted searches of potential troublemakers would go a long way in preventing these incidents; there is no such thing as perfect so a chance will always exist but the objective is to cut that chance down to as least as possible and send a message.

          I have run liqour-licenced venues for months in Cayman in the past without even ONE serious incident because people were searched, warned and alertly observed…and evicted at the slightest hint of problems….that is how venue security should be conducted.

          It only takes one bad apple to spoil the entire barrel….or one violent incident, to spoil the entire party.


        • Caymanianized woman says:

          I am from Chicago and have been coming to Royal Palms everytime I come to Cayman.
          I was there a few weeks ago and I was sad to see my Security friends were not there anymore. The guard at the entrance said you all fired them and replaced them with the new company. I went in and immediately started getting hit on by a bunch of guys sitting on the wall. The guard was there. He was middle eastern and he started laughing with the guys making the remarks and made me feel really uncomfortable. Had one of those men touched me I doubt he would stop his friends.

          I wonder if these guards just sat by idle and let this happen. If it was the same company who was there last month when I was on island then I would expect no better. I felt alot safer with Sam and the other rasta guard that worked there last year. Sometimes the impression of safe and professional guards can go a long way. I hope to see those same guys from last year there when I return in December.

          • Don Loyd says:

            The previous company was replaced as they were unable to secure a business license.

            I am not sure if they are in business now. 

  16. Anonymous says:

    OMG! Out of control! I wonder if anyone was watching it on the webcam?

    Cayman get a grip! I personally love GC and have been travelling there for over 15 years, but the crime is getting just too much! I rave about GC and send all newcomers to Royal Palms…now what is one to suggest? Plus…this was in the afternoon…not even late night.

    And…no…there is NOT this type of crime where I live, but yes, there is this type of crime where I work and THAT is EXACTLY what I am trying to escape when I go on holiday. I WILL

    NOT pay all this money to not be able to feel safe/be safe and it is lookiing like I need a new holiday destination, I am very sorry to say. 

  17. Anonymous says:

    I will not be surprised if this is gang related. 


    We went to the beach and in the end only stayed there for a maximum of 15 minutes due to the drunk behaviours of the other beach visitors around us, and being afraid to leave our belongings alone when going into the ocean.

    When we left we almost had to force our way through a group of young men "boys" blocking the side entrance at the wall giving each other fist pumps and high fives. As we left the police vehicles startedto arrive. Hmmm, makes me think now.

    I for one is glad we are leaving here as this is not the safe place it was a couple of years ago.



    • Anonymous says:

      Nowhere in this world is safe anymore.  Cayman used to be a peaceful place but with all the serious influences (drugs, gangs, and other voilent behaviour), which has been introduced and now emulated by some of our not so smart fops, it has left us to wonder about the future.

      When incidents occur, it is left to the witnesses to do their part and help get the problems off the streets and out from society.