Minister confirms sex-offender worked at school

| 12/04/2012

rolston good.jpg(CNS): An investigation by the education ministry revealed that for nine days last summer a convicted sex offender was working on a government school campus for a subcontractor. Following an article on CNS last week that raised the issue, the minister told the Legislative Assembly that the man was on site for three and a half days when students were in the school but in aconstruction zone isolated from the rest of the campus and his remaining time there was spent when students were not at school. Rolston Anglin said that no complaints had been received but he revealed immediate measures to prevent the situation happening again.

In a statement on Wednesday Anglin said the education department already has a number of protocols in place but he would be mandating police checks for all contracted services and construction workers on the school sites. He also said that construction workers are not permitted to enter a school site without express approval by a project manager or school leader.

In the interest of strengthening the existing system the minister said with immediate effect moremeasures would be introduced for the safety and protection of students. He said all construction contractors engaged in current projects would be required to meet the new safety measures and all volunteers whether on school sites or not would also be required to supply police checks.

“The ministry will also immediately begin the process of developing regulations under the education law to extend and strengthen existing child and student protection measures for persons with direct access to children and make it illegal for persons with certain offences, including sex offences, to be on school sites or school buses,” Anglin said in his statement to the House. “This will then mandate all schools, Early Years Centres and tertiary institutions to put in place policies and procedures to give effect to these standards.”

He added that this was in effect the adoption of a uniform national standard for protecting children in future.

“The ministry takes the safety of our children very seriously,” the minister said. “Outside of contracted services….all prospective employees are police checked as part of the ministry’s pre-employment process.”

In addition Anglin announced what he said were “well advanced plans” for the “safer Schools Strategy” a new initiative that he added would have a wider impact on children’s safety and well-being.

“It aims to develop safe, supportive school, free from risk and harm,” the minister said as he reiterated his commitment to the security and safety of all students in learning institutions.

The issue of the sex-offender who was working on a school campus was raised by local activist Sandra Catron who had petitioned government to introduce a zero tolerance policy for the employment of any offenders but in particular sex offenders in any government school buildings or areas.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    This has been happening for years even I cayman Brac high school, i remember the whole getting strap because of perverted grounds-man that drew nude pictures on the wall and the principal thought it was the students, good job Sandra for opening the eyes of the cayman public even though I don’t have any kids yet.

  2. Anonymous says:

    We desperately need the sex offender registry. Anyone who thinks otherwise is just kidding themselves.  I understand that a few years ago a  pervert who raped and impregnated his own little girl was teaching Sunday School after being released from prison.  Fact is, they are out there and coming in contact with our children, even in places we like to think our children are safe.  Perhaps we also need an education campaign to teach parents how to talk to their children about this issue (in an age appropropriate format of course) without embarrassment.  Or we can continue to bury our heads in the sand and see where that gets us….. 


  3. Anonymous says:

    I do not like Sandra but I like what she did to expose this monster who could have easily molested one of our kids.  So, although I am not fond of the Messenger and actually afraid of her, I am satisfied with her Message.

  4. Anonymous says:

    I don't understand why some have put a "thumbs down" to people praising Sandra Catron for instigating this investigation.  What is wrong with you – she did something good for the sake of our children – how can you think that is not good?  Regardless of your personal thoughts about Ms Catron or her motives, she has done a very good thing here – made the public aware of the sex offender working at the school and now that something will hopefully be done so this will not happen in the future.

    Next thing I would like to see is the creation of a sex offender register that is available to the public.


  5. Anonymous says:

    Kudos to Sandra Catron!!

    • Anonymous says:

      You know what the scary thing is….this was just one that was noticed, can you imagine the ones that goe un-noticed….Thank you Sandra!!!!

      • Anonymous says:

        I reported a child molester to police once for showing his private parts to a child as I was a witness to the incident. I went to a school about 2 months ago and there he was working on the compound with students in ( primary) school at the time. I wasn't shocked to see him there at all as that is the kind of policing we get. Government doesn't seem to give a rat's ass about protecting our kids from sexual predators as the extremely light jail sentences that they get will reflect. So NO I didn't call the police !!! Why the hell should I ? I already reported him to them and nothing was done. Instead I casually walked over to the security guard said what I had to say which is to point out said man and tell him to watch him because I caught him doing what he does. Warned him if anybody's child got molested  by said person somebody's head was gonna roll  ( and at the very least I could identify him if needed) and I left. However I did stop long enough to see what the security was going to do with the info I gave him and am pleased to report he went and stationed himself next to the man hopefully until the predator finished working and leftthe premises. You know what I don't know his name but I do know where he lives  as i saw him at home as i was driving by one day (his image is forever etched into my brain) and the sad part is he has kids of his own. If anyone ever molests one of my kids and I am alive , I will gladly spend the rest of my life in prison as there won't be a perpetrater for the police to arrest to give a 18 month sentence to.


        With that said Good Job Sandra Catron I fully and completely support this cause.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Thank you Ms. Sandra Catron – your efforts have not gone unnoticed! As a parent of a young female child I am very glad that we  have your voice in this community! Our children are so vulnerable and a lot is happenining – even in our schools that never gets reported.

    Now, don't make these changes fall thru the cracks in terms of the changes the Minister has said he will propose! Make sure it gets done!