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| 16/04/2012

They say that the only thing to do when things get really bad is laugh, and that’s certainly what happened at the weekend when Rundown launched its annual dose of comic cure for Cayman’s ills. Alongside a ‘double helping’ of McKeeva, Shetty and Quincy, few were safe from the butt of the gags which peppered this year’s production of Cayman’s comedy review.

Rundown is always funny but this year it was also extremely clever and Henry Muttoo isn’t worrying about who he takes aim at and whose sensibilities he might be offending with his ‘un-PC’ but hilariously irreverent script.

The cast is refreshingly diverse and very funny with some great acting. Classic performers such as Harwell McCoy, Rita Estevanovitch and Michael McLaughlin — the inner circle of ‘Rundown Idiots’ — ensure the professionalism of the show and, of course, Quincy Brown's talent for acting, impersonation, singing and comic timing seems to grow better each year. 

Priscilla Pouchie, who has virtually grown up on stage, also gives a great performance, especially singing for the double McKeevas – who are almost as funny as the real thing.

The newer members of the cast also add some interesting new perspectives on the traditional show, which brings back the much loved ‘Ital’ and the funniest talk show in Cayman, ‘Talkacross’; McLaughlin's impersonation of Gilbert McLean is classic.

The show, which has a special place in the heart of Caymanians and ex-pats alike, provides plenty of chortles and is sure to offend plenty of people as well  — but if they can’t take a joke and all that …

Muttoo has proved more than able to carry on the review created by Dave Martin with quality material that offers something for all, including some very subtle gags that can easily be missed by those not paying attention but will appeal to the cerebral among the audience. The wit is complemented with splendid slapstick and visual comedy, not least of which is an excellent cameo by Hell’s very own Ivan Farrington, plus a great dance routine by Kevin Creary and Giselle Webb, and the Shetty and Shetty act by Judy Singh and Vijay Singhera is not to be missed.

Topical and sharp, the show takes a hilarious and flippant swipe at many of Cayman’s politicians and local characters, reminding them not to take themselves too seriously.

Oh, and Mutooo, whaddya mean "Cayman Olds Service"? Yer cheeky beggar…

Rundown opened on Thursday evening with a fundraising performance for George Town Primary School and the curtain rises again on Thursday 19 April, with performances starting at 8 through Sunday, when the curtain goes up at 6pm. The show then moves to Cayman Brac for one weekend before returning for its final showdown on Grand Cayman on 3 May, closing on 6 May.

Tickets are available at Fosters Funky Tangs and the CNCF offices at the bargain price of $20, given the amount of laugh you get for your money.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Ivan Farrington in RunDown???


    I am an expat who left Cayman several years ago. Seeing Ivan Farrington in RunDown would have paid for the air fare to Cayman to see that.


    Mr. Muttoo, please keep Dave's dream alive. It is worth it. A culture that laughs at itself is a culture to be admired.