Cross dressing students fuel complaints

| 20/04/2012

(CNS): Local students at the Cayman Islands Further Education Centre appear to have ruffled some religious sentiments with a fundraising effort for their prom. The Ministry of Education released a statement on Wednesday afternoon that on the one hand stated the students' ‘gender swap’ day had been conducted appropriately but that the ministry did not support students cross dressing. Students told CNS that the day designed to raise money for their graduation ceremony had gone very well with no issues but they heard that some complaints had been made to the school about boys in dresses.

The ministry stated that the principal had confirmed that the students who participated in the dress-down days all behaved appropriately. Girls taking part in the gender swap attire day came in baggy clothing and baseball caps and the boys wore brightly coloured shirts and pants, the ministry revealed.

The dress down days were part of a series of fundraisers and the youngsters also had a pajama day, a super hero day and will be having a sports personality day as well.

The CIFEC principal said he had issued guidance for appropriate dress under the theme days, with the proviso that anyone inappropriately dressed would be sent home.

However, despite the acknowledgement by the school authorities and the ministry that none of the students had stepped over the boundaries or behaved inappropriately, the complaints caused the ministry to state that it did not support either the gender swap or pajama themes.

“While the Ministry supports fund-raising efforts by students, including dress down days, we do not support dress-down days that promote gender swap attire or pajamas or any other inappropriate theme in any of our schools. The Ministry will be formally communicating to all schools, public and private, the expected boundaries for dress-down days," the statement read.

Students involved in the organization of the fundraising efforts for the prom said no one had done anything wrong and the dress down days had gone really well. The students said the problem was down to the homophobia of some people.

Taking a mature attitude about what had happened, the young students told CNS that this was something the gender swap day could have addressed as it got students talking among themselves about such prejudices.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I am a Caymanian and I am proud to be, but I must say that there is not another set of people on this planet that are such hyprocrites and trust me, I do not claim that status for myself because I speak it as I see it.  With all the prostitution, drugs, murders, thefts, bashing one another, homosexual behavior, divorces, devianancy etc, etc….cross dressing to raise money for such an important event in these young peoples lives are going to be looked on as inappropriate…bless your heart Mr. Minister of Education, please take the plank out of your eyes and then you can see clearly that this does not reflect badly on the Cayman Islands Christian society.

  2. Anonymous.. says:

    what the hell \\(-__-)/. just leave it alone, no one will die from this. (/'-')/. were're just humans. have a little fun, its not a long term thing. gesshum '_'

  3. Anonymous says:

    OMG  all this "preaching" about young people who are only trying to come up with creative ways to raise funds.  If you would underwrite all the expenses for the prom they wouldn't have to raise the money themselves.  Put your money where your mouth is or shut up.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Wow! I really cant believe the nerve of some of these people when they write, when they misinterpet and when they just sit on their butts and ASSUME " don't make an ASS of U and ME" and conclude and then take the time to trash a group of students/young adults who are trying to do something for themselves. Yes they have to raise these funds because you see half of the parents won't even support their children financially to attend their prom.

    1) Let me challenge all those negative persons that had so much to say! I challenge you to go down to the CIFEC Principal's office and give a donation of CI$50.00 before June 1, 2012 to help contribute towards the expense of the Year 2012 prom.

    2) All those Christian people that have so much to say, I challenge you to volunteer 15 mins of your time and go down to the CIFEC compound, the JGHS and the CHHS compound and offer to the Principal's your time to sit and spend time with some students who need that extra time and attention that the teacher's can't offer on a "one and one" basis. When they are functions, fundraising events show your support to the HSA/PTA's by just being there. You don't have to be a parent, I'm sure everyone is either an aunt, cousin, parent, grand-mother etc… to a student in one of these schools.

    3) To the negative parents, prehaps instead of you running of your mouth on Mandy, join the "converted group!" those are the parents that have, still is and will forever show their support to their students. They are always attending reporting sessions, HSA/PTA's meetings, fundraising events, always contributing or donating etc… Otherwise go sit down and SHUT UP! Some of you your child will graduate but yet there are still reports left in the school from your child's reporting sessions over the years that you have not even collected.

    Now let's not talk about the Ministers, yes like one parent stated. The Government is more willing to address minor issues such as these so dilligently when there are so other many major issuesfor them to address. For example why don't you all come up with some plan of action on how to stop drugs from entering and being distributed unto the compound of the schools. What actions have you taken to try and stop this problem?

    In fact to say the least the CIFEC program is not working. Why don't the Government be honest and tell us the public how this program is working and benefitting our students? Or should we ask them and have them tell us?

    • Anonymous says:

      To 'Wow I can't believe':  Even if I felt inclined to have donated, I certainly wouldn't feel like it now.  I don't know which is the greater turnoff…your diatribe or the fact that they missed their prom night.  

  5. Anonymous says:

    I commend Mandy for trying to get some points across.  Which from I tried to understand is, there are many problems including curriculum, teen age pregnacies, graduation requirements, finance and so on.  If you listen carefully the student is expressing that there are far greater problems that the students are facing.  I think that readers should try to observe that the students are trying to find some independance and to better involved in their prom.  I commend them for doing that.  It was just a dress down day, I think this type of thing happens all over the world and have been for a very long time.  I've mentioned time and time again that students need to be allowed to express themselves and have some freedom.  Don't take that away from them.  If the students acted in a respectful manner and did not disrespect the behaviour standards, then what is the problem? The main focus should be on the curriculum.  Students have been faced with changes year after year after year, so what if they want to just have some fun. 

  6. UDP Supporter says:

    This is ourageous! This children should be made to read the Bible day in and day out until they understand that God made Adam and Eve and not Adam and Steve! Homosexuality is an abomination in the eyes of the Lord and this is a Christian community! Such behaviour should not be tolerated!

    • Anonymous says:

      I’d LOL this if it weren’t for the fact that it’s mocking a view from the dark ages which is actually held by a lot of people in the Islands. What a dangerous place for enlightenment this is.

    • Love Unrepentant says:

      Troll much? I’ll just leave these here for you to ponder:

      “The Lord is my Shepherd and he knows I’m gay.” – Rev. Troy Perry

      One should no more deplore homosexuality than left-handedness. ~Towards a Quaker View of Sex (1964)

      “It’s a helluva start, being able to recognize what makes you happy.” – Lucille Ball

      “The Bible contains six admonishments to homosexuals and 362 admonishments to heterosexuals. That doesn’t mean that God doesn’t love heterosexuals. It’s just that they need more supervision.” – Lynn Lavner

    • Anonymous says:

      I guess it's their business how they wanted to dress – but years down the road the females are going to wish they'd had some great photos of themselves in smashing dresses.  Prom dresses are as important as wedding dresses.  They could have found more fun ways to have raised funds.

    • Anonymous says:

      You know it is really people like why our young people are doing the things they do! Always judmental, ready to put them down and oh not to forget quick to use Christanity and God when it is convenient for you and the community. Let me send a clear message I am a parent of the current year 12 and to you Mr or Miss Perfect Christian living your life by the laws of the Bible, it says "Judge not least ye be judged". I say go clean your house and it's cobwebs out before you go trying to clean out these young people. When you can prove to us the Cayma people that you read your Bible day in and day out and you too live perfect in the sight of God, then you should SHUT UP!

  7. Member of Class of 2012 says:

    As a student who will be attending this prom, this story honestly boils my blood. This gender swap was not intended to promote homosexuality, it was for fun! Even if it WAS highlighting homosexuality, why is it such a big deal? It would be ignorant for us to deny there are homosexuals in Cayman. In light of those comments advocating Christianity, as Christians, God told us to accept all and judge none for we are ALL sinners. We live in the 21st Century people! Just because you don’t agree with it doesn’t mean you have to shun it!

    PS: Nice to see Government is more concerned with a gender swap dress down day that threatens our “Christian values and heritage” than selling WB road, something which ALL Caymanians can relate to and will miss. Pull your stuff together Government.

    • Anonymous says:

      Usually called "backwards day" in the US. People have been doing it for 50 years to my personal knowlege.

    • Anonymous says:

      Very well said! I fully support your sentiments!

      Good luck with your prom and furhering your education: it is imperative that more young Caymanians obtain a degree or other professional qualifications so we can start running this place properly …and fairly!

      all the best to you!

  8. CIFEC Student says:

    The majority of students did not participate in gender switch day! Maybe some students didn’t mind dressing up but some of us just donated money too.

    Some of the themes could have been ‘Stand Against Violence & Guns’ or ‘Getting an Education is Our OnlyOption’ and we could have worn t-shirts we designed ourselves.

    We have other ways to raise funds for Prom and other graduating years did so before us. Maybe we should be writing letters to the media about our fundraising efforts and how we don’t get public support! I don’t think going on about girls dressing as boys and vice versa should be the issue. Then our Prom and the fact that we are trying to raise the money we need gets lost in all of this mess.

    So I am asking the public to please support CIFEC fund fundraising efforts when we have like stuff like car washes etc. Thank you.

  9. Anonymous says:

    This is just another example of how Americanized we have gotten here in Cayman! Everything in the USA is blown out of proportion and a big issue is made of everything. For example, I clearly remember when the first Lion King movie was shown in the USA and there was an outrageous across the USA that the monkey spoke with a Jamaican accent as it was felt it was degrading!

    If it is not some sort of activist protesting something, it is the church people who are trying to ruin it for eveyone else. Clearly somebody was rubbed the wrong again and based on my experience, likely some wannabe goodie old two shoe who in reality is a real beast!

    I think some people really just need to get on with it and get a LIFE!

    • Anonymous says:

      As a high school teacher I was in charge of the Senior Proms/activities for 16 years. I am not sure about the cost in GC, but where I live, the cost of a prom is well over $15,000 and that is a few years back. We did fundraising events from the time the students were in grade 9 until the prom took place. Believe me, creativity was key as car washes etc. did not raise enough money alone. Pajama days, dress down days, crazy hair days, wear your team spirit days and yes, even dress as the opposite gender days raised money! I do not believe that doing such events changed the "gender" of any of my students, but it did help raise money so that all students were able to attend their prom, receive a yearbook, and attend senior activities.

      My suggestion is that if you are part of a community where there is a prom taking place- please support the senior class activities( i.e. car washes, bake sales, etc.) or write out a small cheque to the class fund. Any amount is helpful especially at this time of the year. Donations of old prom dresses or nail/hair services were also wonderful so as a teacher I would be able to give these services to those students I knew were unable to afford the full expense of the prom.

      Just my 2 cents! BTW…I gave up running the proms etc. just for this reason. As an advisor you try to raise $$ for the kids in a zillion ways and then someone who does nothing to help always has a complaint( the car wash – kids standing out with too many signs, the bake sale had nuts, pajama days kids lookes sloppy, etc. etc.). Please just help out the kids raise some money for their proms and activities….they want to have a nice time…that is the bottom line…

    • Anonymous says:

      I think Canada is the real culprit..

  10. Anonymous says:

    All the detratctors and objectors should applaud teh open-mindedness of the persons who orgainized this and the students who participated. The comfort and confidence they have in who they are should be encouraged, not stifled or mocked. This event appears to be nothing more than light-heartedness for a good cause.

    It is really not much of an issue so as to be a national news story but I would like to think that CNS chose to publish it for a positive reason. If that is the case, I applaud CNS.

    Events like this will not erode or values or our society. "Devil-worshipping spawn"!!!??? Give me a break! The spawn that we have to fear in this country and those who are the prepetrators of our gun violence, burgalaries and other threats to our safety and quality of life in thsi country, not kids who choose to alter their normal dress habits for a specific, non-threatening reason. The criminal spawn in this country might be the offspring of those who have rejected religion and/or the principles expected of good society. While they might not be 'devil-worshippers', they certainly have never been raised to be respectful of religious principles. They are our real threat.

  11. Anonymous says:

    Sounds like the Ministry of misEducation is taking its instructions from the Ministers of Prejudice and Fear. How insecure can they possibly be? Clearly the students are more intellectually advanced than the banjo-pluckers running the Ministry!

  12. Anonymous says:

    They have a problem with they way this kids were dressing but they have NO problem with them humping each other at batabano.

    They should be more concerned with the kids shooting each other. And bulling each other!!!!

    • Anonymous says:

      Ministryof Education, if you want to complain about the youths, complain the gang problems, maybe some of the students the way they wear their uniforms….on another note, is it ok for a married man to have an affair with someone?????  I wouldn't throw stones at glass houses just because the childrren are expressing themselves..they aren't harming anyone or breaking up anyone's family or being deceitful

  13. Ants Nest says:

    Last time i checked the pictures depicting Jesus he was wearing a dress not pants !!

    • Anonymous says:

      …and those dudes he was always hanging out with… I’m pretty sure they were all, like, dudes…

    • British Bulldog says:

      That's true, so what's all the fuss about? Plenty men wear skirts eg most of the men in Scotland, which proves how hardy a people they are 'cos it's freezing cold up there most of the time and that rumour's true I can tell you (which is why I avoid walking anywhere near them for obvious reasons). And what about the Pope? Could you ever imagine him in a pair of pants? Of course not! If he took that dress off he's look weird. So let's not get too uptight about all this and women wear trousers after all.

  14. Anonymous says:

    i think the minister of education should hire these kids for a day to give them ideas how to raise money my be if the LA had a dress down day like these kids and pay we mite not be in such debt congrats class of 2012 JGHS

  15. Johnny Cake wid a cup of coffey says:

    hear my trial ya today.  Wha an absolute mess!  Leave these children alone.  Le'ts deal wit the elephant in the room…unna scared to death about sending the wrong signals to our young people i.ebeing gay (some would say…being yourself) is ok eh?!

    If am right, then our young people got more guts, love and tolerance than the sum total of all in the ministry.  Maybe unna should tear a page from their book about judging others.

    An innocent project turns into a witch-hunt.  Maybe the ministry need to worry about sending our children messages such as: dishonesty, infidelty, how not usurp the peoples' cry for keeping the west bay road in-tact, and hands in the cookie jar lessons.

    I need a cup of blue mountain with a lil spike for this one ya.

  16. I know Jesus says:

    I write in reference to the very first post "The most neurological chronic debilitating illness to infect mankind has got to be religion."  As a Christian,  I have to agree that this is true.  Jesus did not come to build institutions and rigorous rules-or even dress codes-he came for personal relationship and salvation-NOT religion.  Sadly,  I can see why so many people are fed up with religious views and churches who are filled with judgment, criticism and condemnation rather than accepting everyone as they are-it is up to the Lord to change people-not humans.  They go to church looking for Jesus and what do they find? You tell me. 

    If you are a Christian, you need to be embracing everyone-especially the young-with unconditional love and grace and mercy-and FORGIVENESS.  You need to pray for them even though they are not your children-because sooner or later they will become YOUR problem. 

    So to the students-I congratulate you on your efforts to raise money for your activity.  May God bless each and everyone of you with prosperity, favour, grace, mercy, success, victory, health, protection, intelligence, peace and faith in Jesus Christ-because THAT is all that matters-regardless what the 'religious' right tells you.  Jesus loves you and accepts you as your are.  Any changes that need to be made in you-HE will perfect through his Holy Spirit over time.

    And to the 'religious' people who are up in arms over this petty occurrence-remember this-you can never criticize another made in God's image and be blessed!  Remember -HE made us all-regardless of colour, nationality, race etc.  Everyone is important to Jesus.  So read Romans 14-forget about your church doctrines and man made interpretations.  Would Jesus have shown love and encouragement to these kids or reported them to the Government?  Are you not suppose to be HIS body on earth???? HIS ambassadors???  You might be saved by the skin of your teeth and get into heaven -but the blood of those-ESPECIALLY children- whom you have turned away from the faith by your hatefulness, judgment, condemnation and religious pride–will be on your hands. 

    May God bless you all and may you search your souls and act more like Jesus like the bible says to do-and by the way-the book of Revelation says HE will do the judging!!!


    • Anonymous says:

      If I were surrounded by people like you, I would most likely be in church every Sunday. It is exactly for the reasons you list that I have sworn off any church attendance or affiliation to any christian group. Thank you for your honest and sincere post.

  17. Mandy Wilkinson says:

    As an age group from 16-18 we are clearly treated like we are middle school students. I appreciate that the Education Department supports our fundraising but our fundraisers were advertised and it’s sad that barely anyone came to support us as what we want is for people to actually come out and contribute to our fundraisers as it seems we have too much chiefs and not enough Indians which basically means everybody is telling us what to do but no one wants to help make this possible.

    However it has come to my attention as the organizer of prom that because of two of our dress down day themes they are now band not only from my school CIFEC but all the schools around Cayman. It makes me feel bad personally because of the choices we have made we’ve spoilt the fun for everybody else. I don’t think it was necessary to make it blow up and come this far as we did announce prior before Easter break what the themes would have been. I think that if there was a problem it should have been dealt with there and then.

    Now speaking on behalf the students we did not carry ourselves with vulgarity or inappropriateness as we were all mature and mainly took pictures for the slideshow at prom. Teachers made comments on how we were neatly dressed for pajama day and found it hilarious how we dressed on gender switch day. However there was only one teacher making various comments to students about gender switch day as the teacher felt offended. We made it clear we were not promoting ‘homosexuality’ but everyone found it fun which made us profit for prom. Pajama Day: $148 and Gender Switch Day $128 was raised from these fund-raisers. 

    Yes I do agree there are guidelines on what to wear on what not wear and we made it clear to students that they would have been sent home if dressed inappropriately. I believe that if this is inappropriate then I have my right to say what I believe is actually inappropriate. When it comes to dress down day why is Clifton Hunter students allowed to wear shorts regarding the females as this is a younger age group? Also why is Swanky being promoted in school to underage students which may have liquor in it but definitely has vulgarity in it? Why the curriculum has be lowered to adjust to those students who waste their time to still be able to pass and graduate  as this is just showing us honestly we can get our way.

    I also believe that teenage pregnancy is another issue facing the Cayman Islands today not just us but around the world. In miss teen girls who choose the platform of trying to influence students not too get pregnant is almost impossible now because pregnant girls are now allowed to stay in school regarding (public schools) and if they give birth before graduation they are still allowed to walk the stage or if their stomach isn’t showing in the graduation gown and receive their diploma and walk the stage, however if this is impossible for them they will not walk the stage but are still allowed to receive their diploma, which is not only me but others have found it unfair as in the past girls were usually kicked out of school. However this is not a set rule but this is what is happening in the public schools and this is showing us that once again students get their way.

    Discrimination! There was a bill passed not too long ago stating that discrimination against women was to stop but at the event of gender switch day the boys were told to change why is that? In my eyes this shows contradiction. Everyone paid the same amount to dress down and if the males had to change I believe it was only fair that females had to change as well. If it’s anything inappropriate it’s promoting teenage pregnancy, liquor to underage students and vulgarity and the fact that we as Caymanians lower our standards to suit others.

    Example UCCI GPA: 2.0 Colleges/Universities have set their GPA at 3.0 which is a big difference. Previously some of our events have been cancelled before and honestly during spirit week there was no violence and for our privileges to be taken away from us just like that I find it unfair especially knowing we had a rough start because of the new system and made prom from impossible to possible with the pressure on the shoulders of just two young ladies but if this is something we really believe in I am proud to say that I will carry on with prom and as for something so small like this to be fused into something bigger it’s just another hill to walk over. 

    • Anonymous says:


      Although I applaud your attempt to express yourself on this public forum, I suggest your argument would be more compelling  had  you better command of the essay format.  Your writing style, although passionate, does not allow for comprehensive reading.

      An untintentional result is that the reader is left wondering about the competence of your school and teaching staff.

      Keep up, by all means,  your enthusiastic communications, but please bear in mind that  you  must convince the reader of your credibility. If you are uncertain on how to do this, at least employ computer-assisted spelling and grammar programmes.

      • Anonymous1 says:

        What is "untintentional"? May be if you had applied the same advise to yourself as you have done to the author of the post, then you could explain to us the little island people, what is "untintentional". Please give us a break, we have enough already on our plates to deal with.

    • Anonymous says:

      I disagree with you on one thing: if a girl is pregnant, she should graduate.  It is very archaic thinking to punish a woman for getting pregnant.  They need a diploma to get a job otherwise they become a burden to society by ending up on welfare.

      • Anonymous says:

        anon 2120 while I understand what you are saying, your system is telling her there are no consequences for their actions. Whats next rob a bank?

        • Anonymous says:

          Are you robbing a bank because someone else robbed a bank?  That is a ridiculous comparison.  We are all responsible for our actions.  Maybe, if the other students saw how hard it is to go to school, rear a child, and work then that would discourage them from getting pregnant.  Nothing sends a message better than seeing a student come to school all tired out from staying up all night with a baby.  However, not going to school yay!  

          I have another suggestion  as well but the prudes here would have a fit.  At the school that I went to, they actually had a class where they pretended like they were parents and they had to take a doll everywhere, write checks and basically perform all the adult activities. That would be a good class as well.  We also had child care but those were older kids.

          • Anonymous says:

            Anon 2233 if the rule says if she gets pregnant then she does not graduate. She knew that rule before she went to school. Now she pays the price.

            Now you want to ignore that rule.

            So yes if you rob a bank you pay the consequneces.

  18. Anonymous says:

    Mr. Muttoo, please include this in next year's Rundown. It is great food for a great skit.

  19. Anonymous says:

    Methinks these folks are hiding some pretty sick habits in their own closets.  Their protest reminds me of the politicians in the states who are rabidly anti-gay in public and going on long trips with male escorts outside of the political limelight.


  20. Anonymous says:

    No wonder they do badly in their exams. What a disgrace. They should all go to church on sunday and repent for their sins.

  21. Blouse n' Skirt says:

    To paraphrase Twain: Never let school interfere with your education.

    Rollie, you could learn a thing or many from these students. Just listen!

  22. Anonymous says:

    Government needs to worry about this crappy education system that they have in place and worry about the kind of teachers they're hiring. I sat in class and heard with my own ear a teacher say "I get paid to practically do nothing, but to watch you guys sit here in this room". 
    Teachers come to school STINK with alcohol and cigerettes; teachers curse in class and nobody says nothing about it but yet when we try to raise money for prom by doing something creative it's a problem.

    • Anonymous says:

      It is about time an investigation be done about discipline in schools. Students made to sit in the sun as punishment  or made to stand and hold a chair above their heads. Yet these are the teachers who are promoted and they can not even potty train their own children. All parents need to listen to their children more and you will hear how some teachers' children disrespect their parents on the school compound using the four letter words. How can they discipline other children?

  23. Anonymous says:

    This is a student from the cifec school
    We were not doing anything bad
    It was just for rasing money for our prom since the goverment does not pay for it & we made a pretty good amount of money out of it
    & the goverment should stop wasting their time about dumb lil things like this & worry about the messed up education system we have

  24. Anonymous says:

    When the Human Right laws come into place are the students still going to be forced to wear a uniform or would it be a human right voilation to force people to confirm to a uniformed system?

  25. Anonymous says:

    The government can ban students from having harmless fun but they can't ban other IMPORTANT MATTERS of this constitution. 

    the governent is clearly messing up and to shadow their mistakes (which is a lot )

    they use these kids dress down day to COVER up their BUTS which is  wrong.

    In addition these kids just want somone to look out for them and not judge them.

    seeing these kids in this school shows that they can live in harmony with out judging! 

     grown adults (The Government) just want to find something to talk about.


  26. Anonymous says:

    That is why I am a big supporter of home schooling all the way!  Having my son see this sort of nonsense that is going on in the schools today. It is brainwashing!  I wonder whose idea it was to cross dress the genders?  Fun or no fun, no one is putting foreign ideas into my boys head.

    • Anonymous says:

      I am also a big supporter of your home-schooling your son.  I just hope you do it throughout the whole of his education. The last thing any school needs is the introduction of a socially isolated and culturally backward kid.  Even worse, would be you as a xenophobic and homophobic parent in the PTA.

      • NG says:

        I understand your disagreement with the commenter, but what is so wrong with homeschooling????

        • Anonymous says:

          Sorry to digress from the main topic, but since you ask…..I am the commenter, and fully endorse homeschooling, but not for the reasons of "protecting" a child from outside influences, or trying to inculcate a child with unorthodox ideas. I homeschooled my own child when I was posted for fieldwork in other countries (Haiti, Vanuautu, Tahiti etc.) Due to the nature of the work the child sometimes "worked" with my team, but generally  followed a set curriculum in the 3R's, or played with the local kids. So rather than homeschooling providing a protected and isolated upbringing, I think it should offer children an enhanced education with enriched opportunities.

  27. Anonymous says:

    Wait til Julie gets a hold of this..unna better be glad she in Africa beating drums…

    • Anonymous says:

      Um….Tonga is in the South Pacific.

      • Anonymous says:

        Jesus, WTF is she in Tonga for? There is no reason in this world for anyone from our Government to go there – even if it's a ceremonial/symbolic function. It's thousands of miles away and the business class fare for her and her bodyguard would be staggering.

  28. Rorschach says:

    IF you really are a CIEFC student, then just(trying to) read(ing) your comment proves the reason for you being there…You see what i did there??

  29. CIFEC STUDENT[: says:

    everyone at school is laughing at the ministry & chief of education department………ROFL sad story lmaoo tha ca voting cummn up ah? dey tryn prove a point ah? *smh(shake my head) i say wa shebada say he na wan no bag juice the day of votin or no box food lollllllllll

    • Anonymous says:

      … what?

    • Anonymous says:

      Rolston  & Julie, this one is for you

      This mascarade all in the name of fun amongst young people can come home to bite us all as simple and innocent as it appears to be, there's something more to be careful of.

      We are all aware there is a group of liberals that would use this situation to preach the gospel of  liberalism to our young innoocent minds of our children.They will use this platform to push their corrupt agenda and encourage our young people that homosexuality is right and that marriage is ok between any two individuals be they 2 males or 2 females.


      Rolston you need to do your job and investigate exactly who is teaching our children and who is spending 6 to 7 hrs in the classroom daily. Teachers should be better screened at the application level, God only knows who else has infiltrated our education systems and it would scare the hell out of us to learn what they really believe in . Its your job Rolston to find out.

      Cayman is a christian nation and the institution of Marriage is defined as a union between a man and a woman. We believe in traditional family values and nothing else. God made Adam and Eve NOT Adam and Steve. XXXX

      Rolston stop sleeping on the job! already your portfolio is faced with a Teacher that is an atheist being hired to teach Religious Education. You and the Deputy Premier who's job as a Christian is to ensure moral clarity is defined and taught in our schools. We can not lose anymore young people to a society that is corrupt to the very core.

      Education Department must do better.


      And youare the mInister for Education and labor?  Boy are we in trouble.

      • Anonymous says:

        Wow… just wow… I hope that the above rambling is just a joke.  Please someone tell me this person is not serious…. so sad.    

        • Angel of truth says:

          I don't think the above rambling is a joke, the system you come from is no better, can you tell us if your country's children is any better? are we so bad because we don"t want our children to follow your failed society , guns in school, kidnapping little kids etc, i would rather live in my backward Cayman than live in your up to date hell.

          Why must we change our way? if that is advancement keep it, if you want to be so enlightened then be so, but don"t drag us along with you, we will stay here thank you.

          Some people are only tolerant when it suits them and i thank you are one of them, would we be shocked to know what you say in private ? i think so, anyway i don"t want to change where you come from so leave us poor in the dark Caymanians alone go fix and clean your house first then come look at mine.

  30. Anonymous says:

    Education department shouldn't ban pajama day! pajamas are pajamas and this is a fun event for students. come on give these students a break they already shown responsibility by rasing their own funds and not taking funds from your own pockets. also this is a good treat for students are you really trying to enforce no fun  they have uniforms all year long and if students ask for themes allow it please.

  31. Anonymous1 says:

    Was Jesus' way of dressing in Bad taste? Did he save souls in the garment he wore or did he have a pants and shirt as you at the ministry would want us to believe? Give the children a break and allow them to express themselves in whatever way they see fit to come up with funds for there graduation. Maybe if you were as creative as these students in finding ways to come up with funds to fund our growing budget, you would not have some many people up in arms against your policies.

    • CrossDress ye mad says:

      ANONYMOUS 1, NOW LOOK YA, dont bother with it.  Cannot you understand we do not want anyboys dressing in girls clothing.  This is the last straw now, and I am looking and listening to hear if this takes place again, that the same marching group for Cayman Aliance, make sure to march to the schools and let those principal know where to get off at.  Disgusting.  What next.

      • Anonymous1 says:

        Hey, you look ya now, let me tell you loud and clear that I amone of the most straight up heterosexual around to the point where you could not catch me dead in a pink or brightly colored shirt. Yes I am macho and I am confident in my manhood, but I am not brave enough to cross-dress for any reason, but I do have a great deal of respect for others who chose to do what pleases them. These students chose to express their artistic licenses by donning garments which may be considered effeminate just to poke fun at society and they have gotten the desired effect that they might have wanted. Let me tell you incase you did not know or did not want to know, the Cayman Islands have a very large population of active gays and lesbians walking our streets and if you can find twenty five (25) of them cross-dressing you have found a lot. Most homosexuals dress just as heterosexuals do, so these students wearing costumes is in no way encouraging homosexuality in schools or corrupting our people. Homosexuality is much more than the garment one wears.

  32. Anonymous says:

    This is simply another manifestation of an incompetent and archaic educational administration. It will remain the same as long as certain individuals in power pander to the religious community. I personally know of a teacher that has made significant contributions, yet she is constantly harassed and belittled because of her belief system to the chagrin of "church lady" tacticians who claim to know one and only one book-solution to all societies problems.  The same "ladies" are very keen to make superficial contributions and place a high value on dress-code, and acting like their simple presence at their desk(…while talking constantly on the phone taking care of non-work related matter and surfing the internet…or picking their next target through rumor mongering) means they are devoted over all others. With that type of culture , don't expect any intelligent contributions made to the betterment of a student's education. 

    • Anonymous says:

      So true Fri 10:57, and it has been going on for years and years, not just with what you call "church ladies" but also with "church men" and many of both types ended up in the Education Department because they were useless as teachers or principals in the schools. Being Caymanian, they could not be fired so the only thing to do was to promote them into the department, thus making it the irrelevent place it has been for so long. In the case of one "church man" in the education system, his influence was enormous as he passed himself off as oh so holy and God fearing. Until one day his wife came home and found out to her grief that he was not so holy after all and apparently did not fear God very much at all.

  33. Anonymous says:

    If you really what to think aboout this in a positive way look at cultures around the world!

    for example in Scotland men have kilts but to other nationalities it appears as a skirt.

    the point is if we take time to understand "differences" in cultures and in dress code then we won't be so quick to judge.

    Everyone should consider the fact these students didn't have any bad intentions.



  34. im jus saying says:

    common it just a dress down day !!!!!!!! una need to find something to do ….. differently

  35. Anonymous says:

    Sounds like some religious groups getting their panties in a buch over who wears what article of clothing.


    Does this mean that they think women should not wear pants, shirts, caps, etc. anywhere in Cayman now? GMAFB!! (Give Me A @$!%& Break!!)

  36. Anonymous says:

    What about the costumes that are worn by lords, judges and men "of the cloth"? It's all about playing dress up.

  37. Jungle Juice says:

    These children are clearly the spawn of the devil worshipers Mac warned us about!!! The endis near!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Repent, Repent I say!!!!!!!!

    LOL morons!

    • Run away says:

      Jungle Juice I am so happy to read your comments and I join in to say REPENT !!  REPENT !! yes in these final days Spawns of the devil will be many, but  we have to hold fast and pray, and try not to be caught up in the world.  God bless Cayman is my prayer today

  38. Typical says:

    I wish we had themes like this for when I was in school.  Stop trying to sifle these kids, let them express themselves and take control of fundraising their prom.  As long as they behave appropriately people really need to stop being so stuffy.  I'm sure the cross dressing opened up some important dialogue about the differences between the sexes, the impact of fashion and looking a certain way on self esteem and certainly issues of bullying.  This generation of kids are far more sensitive and exposed than we were (I'm in my 30's), I say let them express themselves.  It was for a good cause.

  39. Frank says:

    Really? You guys really need to find something important to focus on in the Education Department and stop wasting yours and everybody elses time probing into some students having a laugh at themselves and raising money for their GRADUATION CEREMONY!!

    Half of the people "graduating" public schools cannot read or write. Maybe you should concentrate on that instead!

  40. Cheese Face says:

    Oh grow up and stop bothering others, the church and the ministry I mean, the kids have obviously already done that.

  41. Anonymous says:

    These people who complained need to get a life and worry about the drugs and more serious things the kids are getting into.  They were just having fun trying to raise money. 

  42. Anonymous says:

    The most neurological chronic debilitating illness to infect mankind has got to be religion.

    • Anonymous says:

      Is it really  "religion" or is it more to do with mankind's use of it? Makes me think of the blanket statements some voice about "government". Any institution can be misused – it's human nature. Try constructing an arguement against what you presently believe. You might be surprised atthe outcome.