UK minister crams in meetings over 3 day visit

| 24/04/2012

Gov&UK Min (228x300).jpg(CNS): The British minister with responsibility for the UK’s overseas territories faced a whirlwind of meetings and events when he came to the Cayman Islands for the first time last week. He met with government bosses, cabinet, various government agencies, non-governmental organisations, the opposition, the police, visited local schools and attended a cultural meeting. He also held intense talks with the premier in particular on procurement and good governance. Bellingham talso visited the Department of the Environment to hear about the Marine Park Review, a project supported by the UK’s Darwin initiative and a visit to the lionfish laboratory.

The minister noted at a press briefing before he left the island that more than 80% of the UK’s environmental diversity is found in the territories as he emphasised the importance of environmental issues. Bellingham made no comment however, on the failure of the Cayman Islands successive governments to implement the long awaited and much discussed national conservation law.

But it was good governance and procurement that appeared to be at the top of the Tory minister’s agenda a subject discussed during a round table meeting with the Commission for Standards in Public Life (CSPL) members, government leaders and officials.

According to GIS the meeting, held at Government Administration Building, reflected the importance that the UK Government places on the Overseas Territories practising proper procurement in all major government projects.

During a reception hosted by the premier at Pedro St. James Bellingham had reiterated the UK Government’s expectation of good governance in the OTs.

“We are keen to see responsible, fiscal, financial management,” the Minister said. “In this very tough global environment, we all must try and live within our means.”


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