Cops mum on Bush probe

| 26/04/2012

banes tight lipped.jpg(CNS): The RCIPS have refused to comment on why the premier has not yet been interviewed by the police officers who are working on the various investigations surrounding him. The RCIPS issued a short statement at the weekend following revelations by the governor that the premier was the subject of more than one police enquiry, which confirmed three investigations concerning financial irregularities and a shipment of unlicensed explosives. However, it is understood that the premier has never been interviewed by the police. Last week Bush said that he was unaware of any investigation, despite what people might be saying, and at the weekend he said that he had never been notified by the police of the probes.

Although the existence of multiple investigations has now been confirmed by the police, the governor and the UK Overseas Territories minister, Bush has continued to dismiss the probes. Speaking on Cayman 27’s The Panel programme on Tuesday night, Education Minister Rolston Anglin also stated that, while the governor may have confirmed the existence of the investigations to the press, he has never mentioned the subject during the regular Cabinet briefings to the premier or other ministers.

In a statement at the weekend reacting to the revelations by the police that they were conducting three investigations — two into financial irregularities and a third in relation to an unlicensed shipment of explosives — Bush’s press secretary said that the premier had still not received formal notice of any police investigation into his affairs.  "The premier is confident that whatever these ‘so called’ allegations may be, they are baseless and that he has done nothing illegal whatsoever,” Charles Glidden said on behalf of his boss.

Although the investigation regarding the dynamite started just a few weeks ago, the police probe into the letter Bush sent to Stan Thomas asking for $350,000 in connection with land zoning of property Thomas owned along the West Bay road is more than two years old. However, no one from the RCIPS has questioned Bush about that letter.

The premier has said very little about the letter he sent to the Texan developer, which has been in the public domain for almost one year, but referred to it at one point as a "real estate bill", though he has never clarified for what service. The zoning application had already been made by the previous owner of the land when Thomas acquired the land, and it is understood that he was merely waiting for Cabinet approval on the re-zoning, (see letter here).

However, over the last 26 months since the suspicious letter came to light, Bush has not been asked by the investigating officers to give an explanation for the correspondence sent on Windsor Development letter head from Bush’s office fax machine at the Glass House. At the time he was leader of government business and minister for tourism and environment.

On Tuesday both the opposition leader and the independent member for North Side said they believed that the premier’s continuing in office may be acting as a buffer and the reason why the police have failed to speak directly with Bush or put any allegations to him.

Alden McLaughlin stated that there would be real reluctance to lay charges against a sitting premier. “The reason why he has not been interviewed is because he is the premier … there is a certain deference,” he said. “If he stood aside there would probably be a different view of the matter,” as the office was acting as a buffer, the opposition leader stated.

CNS asked the police commissioner if the premier’s position was preventing his officers from interviewing him about the issues that had given rise to the investigations but he declined to comment on any matter relating to the enquiries surrounding Bush.

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  1. Raffael says:

    A Bogus Government with a Bogus Police Service and totally Bogus Commisioner of Police does not leave much or bode well for us does it. Sad part It was not always like this, only started when certain corrupt elements wanted power and control over everything and our governing power allowed it to happen causing serious damage to people and institutions, Just because they saw a great opportunity to take control. No wonder poor old Mckeeva feels so betrayed.

  2. Anonymous says:

    The famous case of Canadian Senator Edward Thompson:  He lived in Mexico while collecting a salary as a senator.  Some senators had never met him. In a twelve year period he attended four sittings.  He contimued to do this and when it was brought to light by the press the Senate vowed to investigate the matter.  But because so many other senators were relaxing at the public trough in similar scams of their own the" investigation" dragged on. By the time they had agreed to sanction him Senator Thompson was eligible for retirement.  Which he did.  In Mexico.  Receiving 2/3 salary for life having never returned to answer charges.  Only in government!

    • Anonymous says:

      But how did he get elected and re-elected each time? Are Canadian voters even dumber than West Bay voters?

      • Anonymous says:

        Maybe not. Think how much better off we would be if McKeeva had only showed up in LA for a couple of meetings.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Who will investigate RCIPS?

    If the political leadership is out of control and the police aren't doing their jobs what do you do?

    Seriously where is the authority in this country? The politicians are corrupt and the police are asleep at the wheel.  Crimes are just piling up unsolved.  Robberies, home invasions, disappearances.  The political class just line their own pockets.  They don't even give us annual accounts even though the law requires it.  How bad do things have to get XXXX??


  4. Truth says:

    Here you just have to say your doing it.  Everyone knows you don't have to prove your doing it just like you don't have to prove your working to get a paycheck, prove your not stealing gas or not cooking the books.  After 2 years of solid "investigating" they have yet to even talk to Bush but everyone still belives them.   WOW!  But even after realizing there is no "active" in the active ivestigations what can a Caymanian do but complain?  Right?

  5. Anonymous says:

    This is an outrage, where is the justice, where is the disincentive for others who may come to Office and chose to engage in "untoward" activities.

    For the person involved in these allegations, this may very well be his last hurrah after nearly 3 decades in the House. If he is guilty, when will the  sanction occur? after he's retired?

    I realize the reluctance to charge or prosecute a sitting head of State due to the potential reputational damage to the Cayman Islands. However, sometimes, when one has a wound that is infected, painful as it may be, you sometime have to peel back the scab and squeeze it so the healing process can begin.

    The Governor, the Commissioner of Police, the Director of Public Prosecution, indeed, the entire publicservice is being paid by taxes that us Citizens pay through blood sweat and toil every day. This level of incompetence is unacceptable, doooo something, write him an Arden letter, interview him, charge him, tell us what the allegations are about but for pete sake just don't sit around with your thumbs up you know where.

    Now in regards to the Premier and the rest of the UDP Government. I don't know who you think you are fooling, are you trying to tell me that you sit with the Governor in Cabinet every Tuesday, but because he has not said anything to you, you don't think that this matter is of sufficient importance for you to ask a question? that is simply ridiculous and I don't by that crap excuse for one moment.

    • Chris Johnson says:

      I will not dwell on this subject too long as my thoughts have been expressed on this website for quite a while. Let’s us go back to where it all came from. During a court case a Judge of some stature who had been the senior partner of a major law firm prior to his retirement chose to refer an incident and documentation to the department of the Attorney General and/or the police. This event is unusual but not unique should one investigate further.
      Now my particular investigations into this matter say why has it taken so long for our RCIP to take two years to investigate this case. The famous letter signed by our esteemed premier regarding the commission for moving the road is well known to all including the international press. Having seen the corruption in the Turks and Caicos Islands I am conscious that the FCO has now turned it’s attention to Cayman.

      As an accountant who has settled here and devoted his life to Cayman, I say to you why has the police and the Attorney General department not finished their investigation? It is two years since the matter was reported by a senior judge. Is there a magic carpet under which all will be swept? Well if so it is the same carpet that was used by First Cayman Bank. I know because I tried take the same carpet to the cleaners
      . On confronting the regulators I was informed all was well. Months later the bank went into liquidation.

      Thus in conclusion I implore the Government to bring in an independent investigation team to identify, confirm and put to bed for once and for all, the corruption that is inherent in the Cayman Islands.Let us start with the road removal, Mr Thomas and Mr Bush.

      I for one am proud to put my name to this blog and I have no intention of going away. Corruption in Cayman is not tolerable and unacceptable. If you do not agree then I am happy to discuss.. Check the yellow pages for my address.

  6. Just Me says:

    Crucify McKeeva and give us Duncan Taylor! Crucify McKeeva and give us Comm. Baines!!

    This is what we Caymanians are saying.  We are not prepared to give the benefit of "innocent until proven guilty or even until CHARGED" to one of our own.  We prefer to bring in British masters to continue their ruthless rule.

    Caymanians this is a wake-up call.  Unite Cayman, unite!

    • Anonymous says:

      If he was accused of child molestation and taught your children would you want to give him the benifiet of "Innocent until proven guilty" or suspended until it was resolved.

      If he worked in your bank and was accused of stealing from customer accounts  would you want to give him the benifiet of "Innocent until proven guilty" or suspended until it was resolved.

      Well he is Minister of Finance. He is in charge of your money and he is accused of  financial irregularities.

      Get a brain!


    • Kent McT says:

      That is fine to say unite, but we need someone to lead us as united country.  In my opinion the so called Honorable Premier Bush is the polar opposite of what a leader should be.  So until he is willing to sacrifice for the betterment of Cayman and step asside, I will not support any type of unification that has he or his band of clowns at the helm.

      With all sincerity,

      Kent McTaggart

  7. Anonymous says:

    How is it POSSIBLE to "investigate" for 2 years WITHOUT interviewing the subject???


    Out of order!!

    Baines must explain this crap!!!

  8. Anonymous says:

    What is clealry needed here is a Special Investigation Team brought in to complete these investigations and hold exploratory hearings.

    If he is guilty then lock him up- I have no problem with that. If there are no charges brought, end the investigations. This idea of holding someone and the public in suspence for years is ridiculous.

    Get it done and over so we can get back to One Man One Vote.

    • Anonymous says:

      Simplifiy the long investigations and deal with the current and most recent probe (the dynamite/explosives) and build that case.   Is that too hard to do?

  9. Anonymous says:

    Could the police also confirm whether their investigations in relation to FCB are yet to be concluded. What were their findings (if any)? Was everyone cleared of wrongdoing?

    • The Constabulary says:

      It’s only been 20 years since the allegations were bought to our attention. These things take time, you know. One key piece of information we are trying to confirm is who owned a particular Volvo motor vehicle? We have asked the traffic department for confirmation. We are waiting for a response.

      • Anonymous says:

        That is unfair. You know what the information is so the requast was ignored. We closed our file when some of us got status. We couldn’t really take steps after that, could we. Where would our families get refrigerators from? Where would the people who lost their money at FCB go for handouts? It just wouldn’t be Christian.

  10. British MP says:

    Cayman..make no mistake…the local police force is just the concierge for bad news in my humble opinion. They will "enforce the decision made" when it comes time.

    Wish we had wikileaks now to see the cables going back and forth between the British and Americans now on this matter with Stan Thomas.

    They probably have the ATF leading an investigation into the dynamite as perhaps,it wasn't declared properly on their side either.

    The hard work is being pulled by the Americans and they have tipped their hat to the British as a gesture.  The British have been given a chace to set the situation straight !

    That is why the MP was down here..put the pieces together..this is high level with many consequences and it is not to be left up to the RCIPS. If you were the UK would you leave it up to the RCIPS…Thank you!

    The corruption they have been searching for has been found…they were just looking .."inthe wrong place?" you know' Corruption usually starts at the head!

    So, they have left it with us for the time being to get our house in order quickly or else I am afraid they will put it in order for us. 

    The great fear I would have XXXX is when the Yankees issue a request for extradition and it is real hard time in a Federal Play Pen.. that what is keeping certain persons up at night…

    Well I will be in my bed at 9:45Pm sleeping well comfortable…ask yourself will you?? I hope the answer is yes…

    • Anonymous says:

      Finally someone who is writing what is actually going on while the restfollow the rabbit down the hole! The consequences are so far reaching and encompass everything from arms importation to big players who pull strings from shadows it isn’t even funny! The number of US and UK agencies involved is mind boggling. And you expect local law enforcement to speak out? First it would taint any potential case, second they themselves have levels of involvement and third they are on an unspoken gag order!

    • Anonymous says:

      Mr. MP, for your elucidation, the explosives came from Panama. Now perhaps you can see why we have trade missions there, talks about air links, and frequent visits to Honduras.

      The ATF would have been most pleased if the explosives had originated in the USA. They keep meticulous records, and are able to trace little things like who purchased guns and from where. And that is even AFTER serial numbers have been filed down and the guns hidden in refrigerators. Things are a whole lot different when the majority of the guns start coming from South America.

  11. Anonymous says:

    To His Ex The Governor, The RCIP Commissioner and the FCO, for gods sake do something about this and the rest of the endemic corruption on this island before its to late. 

  12. Anonymous says:

    Walmart just got in all kinds of trouble for haning out bribes

  13. Truth says:

    2 words.  Third world.

  14. Anonymous says:

    My concern is that regardless of evidence it will be impossible to get a conviction from a local jury. That is why a commission and TCI style intervention is the best hope for the future of Cayman.

  15. UDP Supporter says:

    The sooner these ridiculous investigations go away the better for the people of these islands and our Premier. He needs to concentrate on his work and getting the economy of these islands thriving again. This is all down to jealously and people not wanting to see a local Christian person succeed. The people of West Bay have long known of the Godly nature of our Premier and his Christian deeds and we will stand behind him 100%!

    • Anonymous says:

      The first christian deed was First Cayman Bank.  It is really strange how some people can transform handouts to christian deeds.  It is time for us to get beyond that and concentrate on the best that is desired for our country to move ahead.  The gifts, to an hand full of people has put us in a corner of low expectation, which can only cause us to lower our standards because of being on the receiving end.  Hard work can accomplish anything and everything.

      These past 3 years, has shown us what can wreck a prosperous.  Let us work together and remove the incompetent, gregarious, power hungry monster, who is causing this dark cloud over the The Cayman Islands.

  16. Sad for my Caymanian People says:

    Every Caymanian with any memory and any gratitude at all should support McKeeva Bush, also the Poor Jamaicans, Hondurians and other small Island who he tried to assist.

    I am not calling the names of the other Big countries like Canada Europe, France, USA and more, because we the people of Cayman know how that go.  We know who like us we know who is against us in our own country.  No shame whatsoever to come to our little Island and want to suppress its native people, take away our land and beaches, do not eat from our restaurants, or drink in our bars, do not go to our churches and want all the beach and the water for themselves.   Shame on you people for wanting to take down our Caymanian Premier.   Tomorrow if the people of Cayman was starving for food and water, McKeeva Bush would be the one person who would go get a container load of food to feed his people, and all you Caymanians with any memory and any guts should nod your heads to this.

    Do you think the people of Cayman do not know who wants McKeeva out of Office.   We know, and it is only because he is helping his people Caymanians.  But I am sure that those who are fighting him down will not like the results taking him out of office.

    Poor Caymanians do not have internet in their himes, we cannot afford it.  So all the blogs and no confidence voters are not Caymanians.   CAYMANIANS WAKE UP.  Stand by your Premier.   But Mr Bush it is your fault for giving them Caymanian Status, you should have given it to the poor Jamaicans and others.  Atleast they would not be doing this to you.    Mr Bellingham and all the others who has came here from England, does not know what is going on here, but if they had the time to stay a bit longer they will really see who is trying to destroy the Caman Islands.  It is not Caymanians, and if Alden Kurk, Arden and Ezzard, Anthony Eden thought anything about Cayman and Caymanians, they would not let outside people influence them against their own people.



    • Anonymous says:

      What you say makes a lot of sense. I remember the poverty in my own village in Colombia before Pablo Escobar gave us football fields and free satellite TV. Whenever anyone needed medical attention Pablo was there with money to help. Kids did not go to school hungry, Pablo saw that they were fed. Now many people have said terrible things about Pablo, but …..

      The world was so much better when Pablo Escobar was in charge, don't you agree? I know that some judges, policemen, politicians, etc. might feel different, but this is why we must keep McKeeva in power at all costs!

      • Anonymous says:

        Pablo, there is no free lunch, always remember someone, someone is paying for it and it could be very expensive in the end.

    • Anonymous says:

      I am a true born Caymanian (7th generation), I did not need nor did I receive STATUS.  I am not seeking favours from the government, only wishing and hoping that our representatives would strive to do what is just for one and all of us.

  17. Killa Lyrics says:

    As Long as our dear leader keeps giving our UK lords what they desire and what they want their will be no problems for him and his cohorts investigations can last forever it is the most effective tool in the UK FCO bag of tricks to get compliance from those crooked natives.

  18. CLOSEBY says:

    All the time you people are doing the same thing, critizing the Police force, and wants to know all about their investigations.  WHY?   You complain about police and want to get them fired for doing their job because you people cannot have your way.  Besides the fact we know who wants McKeeva Bush out of office, we know, and it is not only the Opposition, but many expatriate croonies who do not like the police.

    It will be a very sad day for Caymanians and poor working foreign people with status if they know what w3ill happen if McKeeva is not helping this country.

    Any idiot, if they would only think know that Mckeeva is trying his best to keep food and money in the home of every Caymanian, and poor working foreigners.   I for one, was right here on this Island after the Hurricane Ivan, and I had to sleep in my  car with two children and four grand children.  If  it was not for McKeeva Bush, I would still be there in that old abandon car with 6 children.    Cayman, I say do not forget good. 

  19. Anonymous says:

    If one investigation is the Stan Thomas letter, another the dynamite… what is the third one?

  20. Anonymous says:

    I cannot think of a single valid reason why in over 2 years the police have not yet conducted an initial interview to ask KeKe to explain why he used a government fax machine for his personal business in sending the invoice to Mr. Thomas, if the documentation suggests he did – and to explain what he was invoicing Mr. Thomas for – if he was. It may be only a minor thing, but it is my understanding that people are not supposed to appropriate government equipment or services for their personal business on any scale and given the mess our government finances are in a zero tolerance policy regarding any abuse is justified.

  21. Anonymous says:

    Seriously when is the RCIPS going to get there act together. Why Annoounce that someone is b under investigation and nothen ever come out of it you guys just causes this country a hole heap of money to be spent and nothen never come out of it. Stop handing out useless tickets and do some real work.

  22. Anonymous says:

    The history of RCIP investigations does not instill confidence in a speedy or compentent investigation in this or any matter. Lost evidence or other mismanagment seems to be the norm. I am not trying to be disrespectful.

  23. Anonymous says:

    they have been investigating the stan thomas issue for 2 years now…..and have never interviewed bush????…this is a joke……the whole thing will fade away or be swept under the carpet like tempura…..


      I have the greatest confidence in the RCIP, and I am sure they know very well when there is too many holes in a seive to hold water.

      In long and short, twe have confidence that  Premier did nothing that is Criminal.   It is just Power hungry people after his hide.  However we need to stop pressuring the police, because the same persons now critizing the police force, have always been doing that.  They are never saying anything good about the police force.  Leave them alone to do their invest6igations

    • Anonymous says:

      9.15. The letter to Stan Thomas probably got lost in the mail 18 months ago, and with the budget cuts, they don't want to run to another stamp. I can't think of any other reason.

    • Anonymous says:

      Not unless we, the people of Cayman, allow it to be.

    • Anonymous says:

      It is time to look at cases not personalities.

  24. Anonymous says:

    I see a "Tempura" all over again…this time they are frying McKeeva

    • Anonymous says:

      This is nothing more than a "Lets get Mac" campaign by the Gov and FCO. Caymanians need to be angry with the Gov rather than Mac as this is a smear campaign.

    • Anonymous says:

      Yep  and Alden, Arden and Ezzard are licking their chops…some good "Cayman style Tempura" coming right up…Hmm hmmm good!!!!

    • Anonymous says:

      I hear Kurt is providing the fritters.

  25. Absurdistani says:

    And this, ladies and gentlemen of the Cayman Islands, is perhaps the major issue that is leading to the impasse that currently allows McKeeva to stay in his position.

    The RCIP has been "investigating" for about 2 years now and have not produced anything that has led to even a single charge being brought forward. We've had little or no communication from them on this matter which is of national importance.

    The Governor can remove McKeeva from his positionl; the precedent has been set with McKeeva's removal from a prominent position after the First Cayman Bank fiasco. However, while members of the public, the opposition and others continue to call for the Premier's removal it must be made clear that suspicion is not enough.

    I am certainly no supporter of McKeeva, but the RCIP must bring a charge to take the current situation forward. Two years of "investigating" and not producing anything is shameful and unacceptable.

    • Anonymous says:

      I don't think you get it..The RCIPS don't want to find anything…that is not the objective..look at Tempura and CEALT..It is not about proving anything, it is about destabilizing  undermining our country and our people..We are just too stupid and small minded to see it. Belioeve me this is bigger than McKeeva…just like Tempura was bigger than Rudy…does anyone need alighting bolt to see this..

      They sit back and laugh a us as we cannibalize each other..,,but very typical of us Caymanians…crabs in a barrell!!!

    • Anonymous says:

      If the Police wanted to get a job done, why do't they start with the last probe, first?  That probe would cast more light on who, or what is wrong.  Custmos has invoices, bill of laden, email requesting delivery and who the requester was.  The consignee, had no license, or permit.  While the press and talk shows cannot call names, John Public is talking and are aware of induviduals who are involved. 

      Has the questions been asked, 'who are the partners or shareholders involved with the shipment of explosives'?  When that question is answered, then more heads would roll.   Shake the tree and leaves fall, sometimes fruits as well.  Food for thought.

    • Truth says:

      Who investigates the investigators?  Anyone? who will tell them they have to do the work if they really don't want to?  No one?  In 2 years what do they have to show the public ?  Why do you really think they have nothing to report?  Because they can do what they want if they want when they want with no worries what so ever.  Who do they have to please?  Exactly.

    • Anonymous says:

      'To serve and protect?'    To serve notice on McKeeva that he is being investigated?

  26. Anonymous says:

    Given the past performance of the RCIPS, they may need some help finding the Premier.


  27. Anonymous says:

    I hate to say it, but a lot of what is wrong with the Cayman Islands is caused by its toothless and incompetent police force. I know a lot of RCIPS officers and they're all great people but they just aren't getting the job done. Crimes aren't getting solved or prevented, corruption is happening right under their noses, gangs are operating freely.  You only have to spend 5 minutes driving on Cayman's roads to know that laws are not enforced here.

  28. Anonymous says:

    I believe we have someone in gowerment who is always promoting 'substance over process'? All dem bad dogs coming back to bite you on the ass, sir?