UK to give TCI over $7million for corruption enquiry

| 26/04/2012

henry-bellingham-mp.jpg(CNS): The FCO has given £4.5m ($7.2m) to the TCI government to cover the escalating costs of the SIPT investigation recovery programme for this financial year. Henry Bellingham said Thursday that this was extra cash in addition to the £6.6m the UK gave last year. Over the last two years the TCI interim government has spent more than $14 milliion on the corruption probe, some 4% of the islands’ budget. Speaking in the UK House of Commons today, Bellingham said that so far 13 people had been charged with corruption, conspiracy todefraud and money laundering.  Officials also stated that some 900 acres of crown land had also been recovered.

“In financial year 2010-11 the Foreign and Commonwealth Office made a discretionary grant of £6.6m to reimburse the Turks and Caicos Islands Government for some of the exceptional costs of the criminal investigation, including the work of the Special Investigation and Prosecution Team, and related civil recovery and police work,” he said.

As a result of the high cost of the corruption probe and what he called an exceptional situation, Bellingham said the foreign secretary had agreed to make a grant of £3 to reimburse the TCI government plus £745,000 contribution to the cost of setting up a suitable courtroom for the trials thath will be held as a result of the investigation.

In response to the news, TCI Governor Ric Todd said he had approached the UK about financial support for the investigation and was pleased he was able to make a successful case.

Although the UK normally expects the OT governments to fund their own criminal investigations, as was the case in the Cayman islands with operation Tempura, which cost the public purse almost $10 million, UK officials said the TCI  investigation presented a “significant funding challenge" and the UK decided to reimburse the TCI government.

Officials said that the investigation was difficult and complex, working across international borders and dealing with law enforcement and judicial authorities in a number of countries. However, the probe had resulted in some recovery of money and some 900 acres of land has also been returned to the crown.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Does this "double nation" trip signal something?  It seems his trip over here was to look over what corruption exists within the "islands" (inclusive of Cayman and TCI).  Hmm..makes you wonder huh.  A fact finding mission perhaps…

    • Jonas Dwyer says:

      I think we are missing the point here y’all the UK has provided funding for TCI investigations, it did not do so for Tempura, and whatever the other one was named. Don’t you see whats going on , if you do speak out against the UK oppression.

  2. Anonymous says:

    If you believe Tempura and Cealt 'only' cost the Cayman Islands $10million you probably also believe the moon is made of green cheese and politicians always tell the truth.

    Tempura cost the Cayman Islands $10million in the 18 months up to the beginning of 2009. It went on for another 18 months and is currently responsible for, amongst other things, the costs of former Deputy Commissioner Rudi Dixon's undisclosed severance deal and his pension.

    Tempura will also be ultimately responsible for the costs of on-going legal actions relating to Stuart Kenohan and Burmon Scott.

    $10million? Double that and add a bit more then you might come close to the final figure.     

  3. Naya Boy says:

    Can 't wrong ya deh Pit Bull we paid $10 Million dollars for ours and were told not to ask questions and keep ours mouths shut afterwards too!  Some were warned of the direction and about those directing and assisting Tempura and they failed to heed the numerous warnings and signs of the investigation process being corrupted by those in powerful postions who it would affect who by the way are now almost all promoted in Government upper echeleons Problem was many investigating and directing belong to the same lnstitution as those it would effectively punish or prosecute and remove from power and dimish their control in our little government. What a huge problem that would be for those in the house of the secret handshake…. XXXXX

  4. Anonymous says:

    If the amount of money given is commensurate with the level of corruption, we should be in for quite a windfall.

  5. Pit Bull says:

    What a disgrace.  These places should be required to fund these investigations through income taxes. 

    • M.1 caymanian says:

      well its your leaders that have the poor people paying for takeovers and sh.t like this… oh i almost forgot, they are righteous bunch to you

  6. Anonymous says:

    That's heck of a lot less than SPIT/ Tempura/Cealt cost the Cayman Islands and SIPT has a lot more to show for it.

    But then John 'Air Miles' Yates and his gang of private sector cronies haven't been running it.

    What this demonstrates is that the UK can do a job like this properly, and within a sensible budget, if the right people are in charge.




    • Anonymous says:

      When ps Mr. Bellingham going to stop the West Bay road land gift, to the Millionaire?