PPM to reveal new faces

| 05/05/2012

_DEW5940.jpg(CNS): The opposition has said it will be revealing some new faces to the public on Monday evening at what it hopes will be a mass meeting in Savannah where the public can show their dissatisfaction with the premier. Opposition Leader Alden McLaughlin said that a number of people who have expressed an interest in running on the PPM ticket in 2013 will be making an appearance at the meeting. This appears to be marking the start of a year-long campaign to oust the UDP government but also part of what he hopes will be a short campaign to persuade the premier to step aside while he remains the subject of three police probes.

At a heavily attended PPM national council meeting on Thursday evening McLaughlin said eight people have already stepped forward to be considered as People’s Progressive Movement candidates for the May 2013 General Election to run alongside the five existing members also in coalition with Ezzard Miller. The member for North Side denied completely throwing in his lot with the PPM, however, saying he had not joined the party and would remain an independent candidate.

As the campaign for a return to government for the PPM gets underway, the opposition leader hopes that Monday evening’s public meeting will also serve as a mass protest against the premier. He said he wanted to see hundreds of people come out to express their displeasure that McKeeva Bush is persisting in office as the Cayman Islands premier even while under investigation for financial irregularities and his involvement with an illegal shipment of explosives.

McLaughlin spoke of the need for the people to be more militant in their opposition to the premier remaining in office given the circumstances. He said the people have to put pressure on Bush to step aside and it was only big numbers of people on the street and in protest that would make Bush recognise that he had to step aside.

In preparation for Wednesday’s meeting at the Legislative Assembly, where it appears government will not be placing the no confidence motion ahead of the day’s business and where what the opposition calls a flawed referendum bill are at issue, McLaughlin said the PPM and the independent MLAs would be standing up against the premier. However, he said they needed the people’ support. The opposition leader said that Wednesday would be a critical day for politics in Cayman and the people had to mobilize against what the premier was doing.

“We need your support and I am issuing a call to arms of all right thinking people in this country but in particular the members of the PPM," said McLaughlin. “We have to become more militant about these matters. It is not enough for us to sit down and complain amongst ourselves we have got to stand up and demonstrate our dissatisfaction.”

He encouraged everyone to come out to the meeting at the empty lot by Savannah Meadows on Monday in preparation for a mass demonstration on Wednesday outside the LA if necessary. McLaughlin appealed to PPM members to go out to talk to their friends and neighbours and bring someone with them to Monday night’s meeting.

The opposition leader said the people had to pressure the premier into explaining the letter he sent to developer Stan Thomas in 2004 demanding a balance be paid of $350,000 for a service that has never been outlined. He said Bush also had an obligation to tell the people what he had said in emails regarding the unlicensed dynamite shipment and answer the questions regarding the third investigation and what those financial irregularities were.

"It is those sorts of questions that have to be answered,” McLaughlin said, if Bush expected people to support his persistence in remaining in office.

The PPM open public meeting will start at 8pm Monday evening on the empty lot at Savannah Meadows.


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  1. Anonymous says:

    Whatever you do do not replace Mac with Alden,

    it makes no sense.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Is it the lawyer and the talk show host? No big surprises there!!

    PPM or UDP do nothing for me…New Blood please!!!

  3. Anonymous says:

    Whether a party member or not, I am voting for ppl of GOOD, HONEST CHARACTER, like:


    Kurt Tibbetts

    Arden McLean

    Paul Rivers

    Mike Adam

    Alden McLaughlin

    Wayne Panton


    MLAs obviously dont need to be highly educated to be elected and run the country. Even those that were highly educated (Ph.D and all) performed horribly. The Govt has its experts on the inside of Civil Service to do the leg work, while the MLAs make decisions based on the information presented.


    Tell me, when was the last time you heard of Mac, as the Minister of Finance, staying up late at night by himself crunching the numbers to try and balance the Govt budget???


    • Anonymous says:

      with all due respect to their 'character', Mike and Kurt again, really?? how much more do we have to pay people for lack of performance?

    • Anonymous says:


    • Anonymous says:

      Mike is the only one getting anything done and his entire Ministry and Porfolios will attest to that! UDP member or not, he isn't letting any of you deter him from the job he was hired to do!!! Keep up the great work Mike and God speed on your progress!

  4. Anonymous says:

    Amazing that people want to align themselves with the PPM, the same political party that didn’t do such a good job of running this country previously!

    If you are out there and wish to serve this country, form a new party and stand on you own two feet – at least give us the opportunity to show that you can gain support for yourselves, if you are worthy. We have tried the UDP, we have tried the PPM, give us another party that we can have some faith in – it can’t get any worse.

    • Anonymous says:

      They made a mistake, one that couldn't happen again in any event.

      • Anonymous says:

        Yes because there is no more money.

        • Anonymous says:

          Well we can’t accuse the PPM of taking money under the table. At least we know they’re honest and that they have the country at heart. They can’t be that bad if they gave us a new constitution and FOI. They was I see it, we have a lot of good things to thank the PPM for. What good things do we have to thank the UDP for? The UDP has yet to produce anything for all the money they have spent.

    • Anonymous says:

      "the PPM, the same political party that didn't do such a good job of running this country previously!"


      According to who???


      Apparently it is only the UDP MLAs that are privy to how the debt got to 81million, that's 9 ppl out of54,000. if the 81million deficit was true, and it was caused by the PPM, and it would turn most of the support toward UDP, why did the UDP NOT WANT TO do an audit to solidify their claim of the oh so terrible mis-management of the country and the finances by the PPM???


      My only guess is that it was a lie by the UDP members.

  5. Anonymous says:

    I am quite sure with the experience and the intelligence of the humble Kurt and energetic Alden, plus perhaps the lawyers Chucky and Wayne…I am sure they have a good idea and good plans on how to lead these Islands forward.  The peoblem with UDP from the time they got in, they wanted the PPM to give them the ideas on how to proceed with projects and how to run the finances, hence the reason why they were lost in being fiscally responsible. The PPM are all about clean Governance, hence the reason they had put the Constitution in place and the FOI and other whistleblowing and watchdogs procedures in place, so that the UDP every movement could be tracked.  They XXXX clipped McKeeva's wings and he still tried to fly and side stepped them.  He was caught in some, thank God! Alden the Constitution still needs some adjustments, as the Premier has too too much power and we cannot have a repeat of the same McKeevism syndrome in the future.

    • Just Me says:

      "The peoblem with UDP from the time they got in, they wanted the PPM to give them the ideas on how to proceed with projects and how to run the finances, hence the reason why they were lost in being fiscally responsible."

      This postermust have a serious memory deficit! Fiscal responsibilty of the PPM?  Certainly you jest.  Please, it was the PPM who did the irresponsible fiscal management that put us into the mess!

      Both parties are messed up.  We need a sensible alternative.

    • Anonymous says:

      No, no, please, no more "Chucky". Opportunistic and not too good on the moral side and lightweight when the chips are down.

      • Anonymous says:

        Chuckie has more moral fibre in his little finger than the whole UDP combined. He is one tough fighter though. We would be blessed if "opportunistic" was the worst you could say about our current crop of politicians.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Well France and Russia just changed their leadership, so why not Cayman? We cannot continue down this path that McKeeva and the UDP is leading us, they are destructive to our little nation.  Alden I hear your call and I believe in a clean Government, so first of all PPM, make sure that your "Hands are Clean and your hearts are pure".  Proceed with Caution, in regards to the militant direction.  McKeeva is a broken man, but its hard for him to admit so and step aside. He would rather take down the whole UDP with him, than to concede and give others a chance.  Now on the otherhand, if CG, Rolston and Mack Scotland were guided correctly, we could have a very strong and vibrant Government, inclusive of those 3, but if they are going to stay behind and back everything McKeeva tells them, then they are spineless and should be defeated at the polls too. Those 3 young men are educated and they should be leaders and NOT followers and why? for the love of money over Country? I am glad the Phoenix is rising again in the "New" PPM chapter. Let see their Revelations and any change will be much appreciated.

  7. flo jo messi says:

    I agree with the sentiments posted about a strong independent candidate , i say wipe both parties out and truly start with a clean slate!!!

  8. Fairplay says:

    I am very surprised that the Hon Leader of the Opposition would open himself up to criticism by the UDP: I can easily hear the UDP saying that Mr. McLaughlin’s use of words such as “more militant” and “call to arms” indicates that the PPM is promoting and inciting public violence.

    This should not be taken to suggest that I am pro-UDP, because I’m not.

    I do believe that the Premier should step aside.

    As an ex-Civil Servant with some experience, I would warn the PPM not to be blinded by the good possibility of the party regaining power in May 2013, because they will not be inheriting a bed ofroses, so the Party needs to have answers other than just how to remove the present Premier.

    I actually believe that a Government made-up of UDP, PPM and truly independent members, in May 2013, would be best for Cayman.

    Mr. McLaughlin be very careful in your choice of words and please have solutions and ideas up your sleeve for May 2013 because your Party will need them and you will find if there isn’t real improvement in the economy once the present Premier is gone, the public will give the PPM a very short honeymoon and will turn quickly your Party: plan well Sir.

  9. Anonymous says:

    Lord help us…more PPM members? might as well give us more  UDP and another Ezzard…

    Where are the independents? Im tired of these old recycled politicians and political groups?

  10. Peter Milburn says:

    I for one will not be voting for any party members UDP or PPM as the party system has run its course in my honest opinion.Time for some major changes in how our  Govt is run and lets give someone else the chance to put things right.Time will tell but if the truth be known we are running OUT OF TIME.Stop talking and get on with righting the good ship Cayman.

    • Anonymous says:


      We the people need to forget about whether a person is aligned to a Party or not, as to my disdain the Party system does not seem to be going anywhere. Instead we need to vote for the BEST people to represent our Country, however with that said we need to ensure that McKeeva cannot continue to destroy our Country.

    • Anonymous says:

      Peter, as someone who has come to Cayman and given it your best I have the greatest respect for your contributions and achievements. I especially like the way you have always been a staunch defender of the environment. Now I have to disagree with you on your "give someone else a chance".


      I am no more in favour of the party system than you are, but in reality it is here to stay. When someone tells you that they are independent, in our present multi-vote system they really mean that they are awaiting the best offer. So most people presenting themselves as "independents" in my opinion are really wolves in sheep clothing. There are some exceptions, but very few.


      I am not a member of any party, but in the last election I voted for the PPM candidates in George Town. This was not a vote for the PPM party, but a vote for the POLICIES that were most important to me. I do not vote for politicians or parties but for policies, but I am mindful of the fact that policies have to be carried out by someone.


      The UDP is not a political party, regardless of what anyone might think. The UDP's policies are the whims and wishes of McKeeva, and subject to change at any time. When and if the PPM has a successful transition of leadership from Alden to the next leader then  they will be on the road to being a political party. A majority vote of no confidence in McKeeva could set the stage for the UDP to become a party, but as the old saying goes "it will be a cold day in hell…."


      The problem with political parties in Cayman is that there is very little to distinguish one from the other, and the problem with Independents is that they do not have to vote according to the promises they made to get elected. A real political party, which the PPM stands a chance of becoming, will enact the policies that the people voted for during the elections.


      Cayman is no longer in a position where great politicians like Capt. Charles come come in to work, sign what was necessary to be signed, and issue directives to be carried on while he went about tending his own business. At the end of the day his directives were carried out and the country worked as efficiently (and cheaply) as possible. Managing the country is now a full-time job, and complete chaos would be the result if we had 15 or 18 independents running the country where each one would have to be appeased before anything was done.

    • Anonymous says:


      It's impossible not to have a party system in any Capitalist Government. Even if not formally labeled as such … like minds, ambitions and special interest will converge. Hence, an informal party system, and just as divided. 

    • Anonymous says:

      Then you will be voting to return McKeeva Bush as premier. Splits in the anti-UDP vote will mean exactly that. Actually Independents have run their course. The party system is just getting warmed up.

  11. Anonymous says:

    The bar for future politicians needs to be higher than in the past where anyone with a large mouth and an opinion on everything gets elected. For goodness sake if nothing else the last 10 years must have taught the electorate something beyond hating McKeeva.

    Demand answers from political wannabees not just hate mongering and personal attacks.

  12. Not impressed says:

    I don't like the PPM approach to this!

    I believe they should have had seperated the issue of campaign and protest into to seperate items.

    Maybe it is just the reporting but if I was them I would use the potential  new PPM members to take charges of certain areas of the protest.  They should use the new recruits to lead certain aspects of the demonstration and see who at a performer and who is just a doll.

    It is so difficult these days I tell you.  I don't know who to vote for and I want to give my vote to the capable person.  


  13. Truth says:

    About time.You will all have an easy act to follow.  Your main problem will be showing the world you really can Govern yourselves.

  14. Anonymous says:

    I hope we see some genuinely new faces and not just those who failed last time as independents and are now, with Ezzard, jumping opportunistically onto the currently popular anti-Bush bandwagon.

  15. Anonymously IRON CLAD says:

    "…more militant in their opposition to the premier remaining in office…" That's more like it Alden. The People of this country NEEDS to get REAL TOUGH with this UNRULY, PERSISTENT fella we have here to deal with.

  16. Anonymous says:

    $5 on Austin being on that list. LOL. He's been interviewing for the past two years.

  17. Anonymous says:

    Please don't retread the same old stale politicians looking to regain their place at the trough.

  18. At a time says:

    At a time when these islands were ripped apart by hurricane Ivan and people were homeless and lining up for food and water our wonderful leader was faxing a letter to Stan Thomas demanding payment for what appears to be services rendered not relating to his Government responsibilities. Even if this was a "real estate" transaction why would the Premier be faxing his personal "bill" to Stan Thomas instead of looking after the people of this country many of whom lost their homes and were living out of garbage bags. This shows that the UDP and their leader do not hold care for their people more than they care about filling their bank accounts


  19. Anonymous says:

    "Opposition Leader Alden McLaughlin said that a number of people who have expressed an interest in running on the PPM ticket in 2013 will be making an appearance at the meeting"  And here in lies the problem with politics in Cayman!  I trust these people will bring with them CVs outlining their qualifications and experience in running a constituency and managing a governmental portfio.

  20. Anonymous says:

    Agreed! I'll be there to lend my support to have this embarrassment of a premier removed.

    Just about anyone can surely do a better job.

  21. anonymous says:

    This is becoming a very nasty mudslinging political fight. Now we know why those who prefer to live in dignity will most likely avoid the political party affiliation, it is just way to base, and some players will stoop as low as necessary to make their own selfish point.
    Wile I take an independent position, my observation of these two political parties at war is somewhat quite amusing to say the least.
    The PPM nor the UDP are perfect examples of how politicians should behave in public. I agree it is indeed pot cursing kettle.
    But keeping it real and keeping everyone honest,
    have all the premier's critics considered this very important and crucial point?
    Which opposition member or aspiring politician can do a better job in lobbying for business and investment in the Cayman Islands.

    Keeping everyone honest, We have no comprehensive business plan of a 5 or even 10 year projection  coming from the opposition, The opposition has not done a very good job of convincing voters or give them a good reason Why they should trade the premier to embrace them, a party with no known business plan for this island and its social and economic woes.

    Keeping it real. 

    • Keeping it Real says:

      Wher eis the UDP plan that Mac promised would be produced 90 days after taking office ? All we have had from the UDP is a string of broken promises.

      Thumbs up if your standard of life has improved any in the last 3 years, thumbs down if it has declined!

      Time for UDP to go before its too late!

  22. Anonymous says:

    What is the difference between Ezzard and the PPM? Obviously both hate Mckeeva but beyond that could Ezzard ever become head of the PPM? I hope not.

  23. Anonymous says:

    Granted the PPM will be playing the tune, "MacKeeva is being investigated" but I hope they come up with some proposed answers to the economy or capital projects when the government is broke. Bashing McKeeva is good as far as it goes but at some point they must have some answers to the country's problems.

    Perhaps some voters will be satisfied with the old tune but I am not.

    • Knot S Smart says:

      I keep hearing that Ezzard and the PPM have no answers to the problems facing the country.

      I disagree!

      They have given the UDP three years of opportunity to show the country their economic plan:

      So far the UDP'S economic plan has been to increase every tax and fee possible, squander the limited resources with excessive travel, and giveaway of millions of Govt's funds to churches, and their supporters in a massive vote buying scheme at the people's expense.

      The UDP's economic plan also included throwing millions away by haphazardly entering and breaching Govt contracts and being sued right, left, and center, for millions at a time.

      Finally the core element of the UDP's economic plan is to bend over backwards trying to attract the 'magic-wand' of foreign investment. To accomodate this they have again haphazardly changed our laws and regulations and fees to benefit their proposed foreign investors (to the detriment of Caymanians in the same fields) – for example the work permit fee freebies to the proposed hospital and the economic zone. Lets not forget the in-our-face import duty breaks, and the massive land and import duty giveaway to one of the worlds wealthiest men.

      And lastly the BS that has been spewed about the Port, is sufficient that if we could use it for fertilizer then Cayman would become an argicultural miracle.

      So far the UDP's economic plan has wreaked havoc on our country – and that is not including the deficit which we will hear about next month.

      So getting back to the PPM and Ezzard's economic plan. They have sensibly remained silent, except to expose the flaws of the UDP'S economic dilly-allying.

      They correctly understand that any plan they offer up, will either be defeated by the 'jolly band of puppets' or it will simply be hijacked and become a UDP plan – just like what has happened with the Referendum.

      So therefore there is no evidence that the PPM and Ezzard does not have a plan for our economy.

      They are simply prudent and first needs to know exactly how far in debt the UDP has put the country!

      And the reality is that it will take years to get back to the level of prosperity where we were when the UDP took control…





  24. Anonymous says:

    I shudder to think of the further financial ruin any government with Alden in charge will visit on Cayman. Have we all deveolped a serious case of amnaesia? Please present me with a viable alternative that isn't led by an individual who over-spent like crazy  and set education back about 30 years in the process with his wacko ideas about Leonardo da Vinci and being led by the nose towards a some kind of egocentrical "heaven" by a foreigner who wanted to "try out his ideas" by experimenting on the schoolchildren. It was a period of utter lunacy. Oh, and I would love for Mr.Bush to just go home and for us to get some people of statesmanship into the house for a change..

    • Lachlan MacTavish says:

      Thank-you for posting. Things will change for the better just do not let up.

      Lachlan MacTavish

    • Anonymous says:

      At this point it is simply incomprehensible that even his very staunchest supporters can deny that we desperately need to get rid of this maniac once and for all.

      • Anonymous says:

        It's the haters that cause the people to continue to support Mr. Bush as they know that those calling for him to step down have their own agenda. 

        Had the opposition been more sincere with their concerns then they might get more support.   Right now, the best person to lead these islands remains Mr. Bush and until someone emerges who can take up the reins I will continue to vote for him. My loyalty has not been swayed by all the negativity being posted. Long live the islands first Premier.

    • Anonymously IRON CLAD says:


      Please DO NOT be fooled by the PROPAGANDA this Dragon has to DISPENSE on the People of the Cayman Islands.

      As it seems sooo bleeping obvious, this whole HOT MESS can surely be attributed to the XXXX Dealings and UNRULY behaviour that the PREMIER himself is producing that is RUINING our little nation and NOT the UK or the Governor that is trying to "ruin our nation" as he accused.

      The real FACT of the matter here is that the Governor/UK is NOT coming DOWN on this Dragon HARSH ENOUGH. Regardless of the result of the UK taking over, I truly hope this is just the begining. I am all too sure that we might be 85% better off with the UK in charge as apposed to McKeeva and his young Dragons.

      We ask God's Intervention and Mercy to keep us from the clutches of this apparent Dictatorship-in-the-making.

      God help us!!!

  25. Cayman Spock says:

    That may very well be true but same old Political agenda Cayman A Nanny State it is time  Cayman to move beyond this political mindset and tag team politics where our agenda is set by the chosen few in certain secret establishments both here and overseas. People are really really tired of this old game. Independant candidates with all residents views in mind got to be a far better option than this it certainly cannot get any worse!  Than those enlighten few who's secret agenda politics and economic polices defy logic.

    • Anonymous says:

      The UDP and McKeeva needs to be out of office and a demonstration against them is a good idea but the PPM is unlikely to bring the people out en mass as Alden is calling for. What is needed is for a strong and credible, truly independent candidate to rise up and lead the people of this country. In my opinion Ezzard Miller is not that person as he appears to be too closely connected to the PPM.

    • Anonymous says:

      Singapore is also accused of being a nanny state.  We could do worse.

  26. Knot S Smart says:


    • Anonymous says:

      Want to know who the UDP running in WB; what with one of their own wanting to be a lawyer?

      • 2much2soon says:

        Moe, Larry or Curly? Either would mix well with the incumbent stooges.