Bush still in office

| 09/05/2012

mac LA.jpg(CNS): As the opposition prepared to debate its lack of confidence motion outside the Legislative Assembly, the premier remained in office and as defiant as ever on Wednesday. Following another appearance on a local television show on Tuesday evening, McKeeva Bush stated again he had done nothing wrong, and despite the pressure, he was not stepping aside. Opposition Leader Alden McLaughlin warned Bush at a PPM meeting on Monday night that he was willing to reveal more of the details regarding the police probes into the premier and in particular the further evidence held by police in connection with the Stan Thomas affair.

McLaughlin said it was up to the premier to explain the letter but if he would not do that and he would not step aside, then he was prepared to reveal what he knew of the two year long investigation surrounding Bush and Thomas and a payment in connection with a land zoning deal.

The premier has also made it clear that the government was not ready to debate the opposition’s lack of confidence motion as he needed to speak with his lawyers to clarify what he could say during such a debate as he said he wanted the people to hear the truth. Speaking on Cayman27’s "The Panel" on Tuesday evening, the premier also stated that he was unconcerned by the opposition’s threat to boycott the parliament’s proceedings because that would make it easier to get government’s work done.

The opposition members are calling on the people to come to the impromptu outdoor Legislative Assembly debate that they plan to have Wednesday as a result of the government’s refusal to place the no confidence motion on the order paper and to keep up the pressure on the premier to resign.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Could anyone please tell me what the premier is looking for as he endlessly shuffles, reshuffles, and searches through that stack of papers he has in front of him on the panel discussions on channel 27?
    The noise alone has me pulling at my hair. It sounds like a small pack of mice tearing up discarded Editions of the Compass!

    • What a Dogs Life says:

      It  will be a dark day in Cayman and Hell will freeze up for this Island for all of you people against McKeeva Bush.  Stop being led to slaughtrer by Power hungry people.   Many of you expatriates are against McKeeva, but I will be around, if anything happens to him, because I will have to laugh at what will happen to you all without hime.   How did you get residence ans status.  Do you really think all of you on work permit will be given residence and status if he leaves.  JUST WAIT AND SEE.  I am a wise old owl who has been around the tree top for a very long time.   Watch what you all will get.

  2. Anonymous says:

    This post is by no means any inference to support the Premier, the Givernment, the Opposition nor the "Independent" elected representatives. As far as I am concerned- they are ALL a bunch of self-centered, egotistical, condescending and power hungry bunch of children. My post here is to CONDEMN the disrespect that was displayed on the steps of the LA today. Now I will agree that the disrepsect goes on inside as well, but to bring it into the public is simply despicable. I am shocked at Alden for orchestrating this considering that his grandfather once was an elected member of the very house he is showing no ethics to and was a well respected representative too I must add. As a grandchild of another long serving politician- I feel ashamed to have to face the actions of today. I had a little hope in the PPM; however after Monday night, and today- I will not be voting for ANYONE. On election day next year, I plan to be so far away from Cayman that LIME wouldnt even be recognized for roaming. The UDP, PPM and independent are all pathetic- we need to sweep all 15 of these out next year and stop the kangaroo politics. For all those who voted for the new constitution in 2009- do you wish you could have your YES vote returned???

    • Anonymous says:

      Trust me, if the archives of Cayman Net News were available, as are those of the Compass, more letters are published urging and warning Caymanians NOT TO VOTE for this 2009 Constitution in its current form under my real name than any others…all to no avail, except the 4,000 wise souls who decided to refrain from doing so.

      Sometimes you can lead the horse to water but you can't force it to drink.

      I foresee a direct UK takeover of the Cayman Islands looming ahead in the very near future if these idiots that have been elected by Cayman's voters as their so-called government and opposition, do not come to their senses…and quickly.

    • deepdiver says:

      And therin lies so much of our problem in Cayman.

      You wish them all to be swept from power – and yet you plan to run away from the process that could do so.

      Our current politcians are counting on you and your like.

    • 21:32 says:

      21:32 my unknown but sensible friend.  EDUCATION Is THE KEY.  I voted Yes in the Constitution, and believe me If I could take back my yes I would.

      Now the One Man One Vote will not catch me naping. No it wont. I will get  the best advice.

      EDUCATE YOUR PEOPLE PROPERLY Begin having meetings on this, because I have already heard many who have signed the paper said they wished they had not, because they do not understand the bad and good about it.   Have meetings Please.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Don't stop the Carnival.


    This whole fiasco, for an expat, is hilarious.

    • Anonymous says:

      I know what you mean, but to be honest the same stuff (and a lot more of it) goes on in other countries but I suppose because of the sizes of their populations and the resulting ways inwhich they are organised it all gets quite diluted much of the time, save for some massive scandal now and then that jars people out of their customary indifference and feeling of detachment. It's feels so much more personal and immediate here in Cayman, and a bit like watching a never-ending stage play in a small theatre with a cast made up of a bunch of characterful regular players and a steady stream of guest appearances by governors, police commissioners, auditor generals, developers and the like, and an entirely ad lib script . Very entertaining and anything but predictable!

  4. Anonymous says:



    At 5:51:

    "You can be charged,  but that's not saying you're innocent of anything! You can be accused,  but that's not saying you're innocent of anything"


    Wow, really?  hidden in plain sight.

  5. Bethinking says:

    This is just plain crazy.  Bush is no more.  He is done, done, done.  The only honarable thing left is for him to exit quickly.  Time to move on Sir.

    • Anonymous says:

      i have never in my life heard so much bull shit, you people need to try and fight for equality instead of trying to remove your Premier from office.

  6. David R. Legge says:


    This article, if correct as reported, is troubling and raises some serious issues:

    First, the article reports that Opposition Leader Mr. Alden McLaughlin is prepared to make public details now in the possession of the police regarding an investigation into the Premier's financial affairs.

    This raises the obvious question: How did Mr. McLaughlin come into possession of these confidential police details and what will the effect of their release be on the police investigation and subsequent judicial proceedings (if any).

    Any unauthorized release of such information calls into question whether the materials (leaks) are coming from the RCIPS itself – a serious breach of confidentiality that I’m certain Commissioner Baines will want to investigate vigorously.

    Second, Mr. McLaughlin is an attorney and certainly must understand the libel/slander implications of making certain damaging statements without the protection of either legislative or judicial privilege.

    Frankly, I thought Mr. McLaughlin was far too smart to do something so stupid. We’ll see if he proves me wrong.

    • Anonymous says:

      A lot of assumptions there David Legge. There is also the possibility, which is of course unthinkable, that he he has considered all of these matters and is smarter than you.

    • Anonymous says:

      It is understandable that you are a follower of the UDP. 

    • Knal Domp says:

      Alden is not a super-smart guy. Neither is Beloved Leader- but then his play on the referedum has been nothing short of tactical brilliance, and again exposing the Constitution as a PPM aspiration rather than an effective rulebook. Alden is smarting, and has again shown his somewht puerile desperation at consistently being outplayed by BL. I doubt whether Alden is that stupid to make that play- but who knows? David may be proven wrong. Now that will make for an interesting day!

  7. Knot S Smart says:

    You all need to understand that Mac needs to consult his QC in the UK to find out whether he can tell us the truth about the dynamite or Stan Thomas payment request, or not!

    He is not guilty until Ms Julie says he is guilty…


  8. Anonymous says:


    Is there any way we can just get a monthly update on this rubbish instead of the bi-weekly nonupdate? My guilty devotion to keeping up with this topic is draining my soul.

  9. Libertarian says:

    BUSH IS STILL IN OFFICE?  Yes…  Why not?  Not meaning that he shouldn't step down, and nobly have someone else in the party to temporarily take his post whilst the investigations are ongoing. But  my point is, he has not even been charge for an offense as yet.  He has not even been interviewed for a crime!  He was not been informed of two more offences when the Governor and Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) Minister decided to declare the offences to the new's media without any notification.

    Think of this:  When people make reports against other people at the George Town Police station, do you see Police going out and ARRESTING someone without "reasonable suspicion" as is spelt out in the law???  Here you have the Premier being targetted for offences and there is not even a clue of "reasonable suspicion" to arrest him on suspicion?  When people are arrest on suspicion only, do you even have a public outcry that they MUST leave their jobs or step down???  When allegations are made against you and Police do nothing for two long years, yes, two long years of dragging on reputational damage against this financial centre, tell me, whose reputation is really being effected in the long run?  It is certainly not the Premier's!  Rather, ought we not to be targetting the way in which the Police and Governor, FCO servant is handling the situation???!  When allegations are made against you and you go to a lawyer, named Mr Panton, are you saying that because of allegations, Mr. Panton shouldn't represent you???  Isn't lawyers suppose to represent you and not assume you are guilty without any hardcore evidense???  Has Mr Panton received evidence?  Just who has received evidense???  The more I see it, is the more the Premier like the rest of the MP's in London, have the sole right to remain where they are. I am afraid that this is the case! 

    Has the Governor or FCO Minister presented EVIDENCE to the Caymanian people to make a rational or sound judgement on this matter; or, have they left the people of these islands, hanging in speculation and political divide – a divide similar to the "divide and conquored" method that was used in India in the days of Mohatmas Ghandi??? 

    Definitely, I am NO SUPPORTER OF MCKEEVA BUSH, but I will tell you this, we all should be respecting the rule of law and the datum, "innocense until proven guilty."  We should be repsecting these principles so that when we are accused of something or allegations are made against us, we too, will have FAIR treatment and not be pressured by a group or people or a Minister to leave our jobs or step down from a government post. What I see as most independents, is a political arena where at its best the post of Premier has been envied and there are some that are fueling this because they have agendas that are for their own interest and not the people's interest. Unfortunately, Cayman's reputation, Cayman's relations with the UK, Cayman's good governance, the prospects of Cayman's civil rights like "fairness" in the judicial processes, is being undermined by top members of our society whom I respect very much. And that is really sad, because we are more than politics.

    Yes, we have bad apples and BUSH could very well be a rotten one, but HOW WE GO ABOUT THIS, could affect us for years to come, and could affect the role of how we deal with a "Premier role" in our weak Constitution or could affect how we deal with another public official that has been accused of something without evidence presented to the public. It concerns me alot, and as you all very well know that I an very WARY of the FCO and their talk about IT IS NOT THEM….  yet dear reader, I am not expressing my concerns because I am prejudice of the fact of the cleverness and covert ways of the FCO along with M15/16 and their previous past histories. But for our interest, the people's interest, and not some politician or politicians interest for that matter, the Cayman Islands should be more UNIFIED and respectful and aligned to the principles of FAIRNESS, HUMAN DIGNITY, and JUSTICE.

    • Anonymous says:

      I think you need to read the excellent Viewpoint article of Antony Duckworth which addresses the issue of legal rights versus the court of public opinion with regard to public figures. 

      "When people are arrest on suspicion only, do you even have a public outcry that they MUST leave their jobs or step down???"

      The Premier is not "people" and he is not just doing a job. He holds the highest elected office in the land and accordingly he is not held according to the standard of regular person doing an ordinary job. And yes, when high ranking public officials are under investigation for what may be a serious crime, let alone three, it is the norm in western democratic societies to be either suspended or to resign pending the outcome of the investigation. There are innumerable examples of this.  There is McKeeva's own precedent when as ExCo member he was forced to resign from Cabinet in 1997/98. 
      We do not tend to look at Jamaica as the best example of good governance but even there former Prime Minister Bruce Golding knew when it was time to resign even though he was not charged with anything. Then late last year, the Chairman of the Jamaica JLP and Transport and Works Minister Mike Henry resigned from the Cabinet over allegations that his ministry has mismanaged a sprawling $400 million road program financed by China and being built by China Harbour Engineering Company Ltd.when the Contractor General decided to investigate the matter. Britain's defense minister Liam Fox quit his post last year after days of allegations about the influence-peddling of a close personal friend.Then there was the case of David Laws, Chief Secretary to the Treasury who the Daily Standard revealed who had claimed more than £40,000 on his expenses in the form of second home costs, from 2004 to late 2009 and referred the matter himself to the Parliamentary Commissioner for Standards and resigned from office.   

      "When allegations are made against you and Police do nothing for two long years, yes, two long years of dragging on reputational damage against this financial centre, tell me, whose reputation is really being effected in the long run?  It is certainly not the Premier's!"

      If his reputation is not affected then it does not say much for the reputation he had at the start. But yes, I agree that Cayman would suffer greater reputational damage. That is one excellent reason why he should step down. It would be a terrible blow to our reputation if our first Premier was arrested and charged for a serious crime while in office. It would be music to the ears of those who oppose our existence as an offshore financial centre. Stepping down can avert this possibility. Other reasons include that:

      1. He may use his office to thwart the investigation.

      2. It may help to expedite the investigation. It is always easier to investigate someone who is not actually in power.

      3. Any transactions he is involved in may be tainted and may themselves have to be investigated.

      4. It may deter legitimate investors at a time when we desparately need them.

      5. He will be forced to focus on his personal troubles and therefore have little time to focus on the affairs of the country.  

      The Premier's recent explanations and disclosure of letters re the dynamite investigation, for which he has also not received any official notification, ONLY SERVE TO HIGHLIGHT THE FACT THAT HE HAS FAILED TO DO THAT FOR THE STAN THOMAS LETTER INVESTIGATION. Did his lawyers advise him to make such disclosures and explanations in one case but not in the other? If so, why? Did they feel he might incriminate himself if any disclosures were made concerning the latter, while in the former case it might mitigate the seriousness of the allegations?  Either you are standing on your legal rights in all cases or you are being proactively cooperative in all cases. It becomes very suspicious when you act inconsistently.

      Stepping down has nothing to do with the presumption of innocence. Many politicians resign even while maintaining their claims to innocence. The presumption of innocence simply means that you will not be convicted in a court of law and subjected to any legal punishments for a crime until you have been proved guilty according to law. I have already explained the reasons why stepping down is not about punishment. It is about behaving honourably and about putting your country before yourself.       


      • Libertarian says:

        Thank you. I will read his viewpoint. Note that I am not condoning that the Premier shouldn't step down for the best interest of his country. I would if I was in his shoes. Rather, I am oppose to the notion that the Premier MUST step down and the actions taken in order to cause him to yield. There is a difference, you see. I believe in liberty and individual freedom of choice. If you find yourself under an investigation, and you are a public official, reputation and integrity becomes a major issue – My hope is that you temporarily resign until the outcome of the case. It would be presumptious or judgemental for me to DEMAND you step down or relieve your post and duties unless I was yourboss. In the Premier's case, his "boss" is suppose to be the electorate; however, the way the Constitution is written, certain MLAs like himself are making the DEMAND, and are rallying the people it seems against the post of Premier. Now I am not against educating the people and making speeches, but when speeches are of a nature that politically DIVIDES the country, know for certain that it is not a good influence. Moreover, against those who are already assuming the Premier is guilty of certain crimes before there is the exposure of evidence. There has to be some degree of maturity by our politicians regarding the issue at hand, and it is disheartening to see that they are leading gullible people to think the way they think.  So the Question:-  Should the Premier step down?  Or, MUST THE PREMIER STEP DOWN WHILST CERTAIN ACTIONS AND POLITICKING WILL GO ON TO REMOVE HIM?  You see, there a huge difference that can instead create a further divided amongst our love ones, fellowmen, and country. Again, those behind the FCO can only watch whilst we make a fool of ourselves. The Premier's removal should be his personal decision or the decision of the electorate only!  We may petition him to step down, but no further; or, else we shall risk an implosion that could hurt the very structure of the good governance we maintain at present. 

        • Anonymous says:

          You appear to be missing the fact that in EVERY online opinion poll, including the one on the strongly pro-UDP caycompass, the majority says that the Premier should step down. Presumably you are suggesting a petition signed by a majority of registered voters – a far higher standard than a general election itself which requires only a plurality of those voting.   

          The suggestion that MLAs as the elected representatives of the people should have no say in whether he should step down is misguided. The Opposition in every other democratic country would be making the same demands. Indeed members of his own party should be quietly urging the Premier to step aside but I suspect that either they do not have the courage to do so or their own political fortunes are so entertwined with his that they feel they cannot. MLAs are duty-bound to protect the interests of this country. If Bush's continuance in office places this country in serious jeopardy they would be remiss if they remained silent, and the voting public would be right to also hold them to account in the general elections. No, I am afraid it is not merely about Mr. Bush being entitled to act selfishly as you seem to believe. If he is unwilling to do the right thing of his own accord then he ought to pressured to do it for all our sakes. Mr. Bush's self-interest should not override the clear, logical, compelling reasons (which do not include "politicking") to resign which I have given. Those who contend otherwise are placing McKeeva Bush above their country.    

          • Libertarian says:

            The elected "representatives" should have say, but NOT TO REMOVE the Premier. Rather the people who elected him as Premier should be the ones to DIRECTLY have that power, and that I am sadden is what is missing from our flimsy Constitution that gives too much power to politicians and not to the inhabitants of this country:-  The power of the people to RECALL elected representatives during their term should be one of the bedrock pillars of our Constituion – but it is not. They deliberately omitted this direct democratic principle from the document in order to be the ones to have final say in all matter of grave importance. Shame, Shame, Shame on all of them!  Other than the electorate that voted him in being the ones to remove him, the other elected representatives have the right to voice their concerns and demands – BUT USING THE MEDIA OUTLET TO START POLITICAL DIVISIONS AND SPECULATIONS TO REMOVE HIM LIKE WHAT THE GOVERNOR AND FCO MINISTER DID, IS ABSOLUTELY WRONG!  If the Premier wants to step down let him step down on his own accord. If not – then there is always next General Elections, which is just right round the corner. There is no need for all of the show, grandstanding, pompish rhetoric that certain individuals are engaged in. This will only hurt our reputation more in the long run and will splinter the country, and to forcefully remove him (another idiot thirsting for power) will do just that, because they have their own interest at heart and not the people of this country's interest. Regards

            • Anon says:

              "The elected "representatives" should have say, but NOT TO REMOVE the Premier. Rather the people who elected him as Premier should be the ones to DIRECTLY have that power".

              You are contradicting yourself. The elected representatives are the people who elected him as premier. The Cayman electorate did not elect him to that office. His constituency in West Bay only elected him as an MLA. A majority of MLAs then indicated their support for him to bepremier. That is why a motion of no confidence can be moved and passed by MLAs, but the majority should never have been two-thirds, but one-half of the elected members plus one. A recall provision in this context is a red herring because he was not elected to that office by the people at large. 

              "If the Premier wants to step down let him step down on his own accord. If not – then there is always next General Elections, which is just right round the corner".

              The elections are more than 12 months away. That is not "right around the corner" at this critical time when our reputation suffers daily, and it is entirely possible for charges to be brought within that time. You keep making excuses and erecting what you think are insurmountable hurdles to show that McKeeva Bush should remain in office at all costs. Clearly you care far more for McKeeva Bush than you do for this country. There is no politician that I esteem above my country.

              • Libertarian says:

                Note, to use the word, not all of the cabinet members "elected" McKeeva Bush to Premier. Those members that did nothing to get him there should not trump the electorate, because the electorate got them all there from the beginning. It is still through the electorate that McKeeva was appointed Premier. My take is when are we going to allow the people to play a more active role in the removal, recalling, and appointment of their representatives?  General elections is the only time we give the people that privelege.

                But like I said before, I am all for the Premier stepping down, but not that he "must" step down by being force or intimidated by his peers, because I believe that should be his decision in light of their being no presentation of factual evidence that we know of. How can we hang a man with no evidence?  We can only plea to him that he does the noble deed and step down, waiting the outcome of the investigation. But it is obvious that he is callous and immovable in his positions. So the best thing you do with a callous person who is in the Premier's chair, is that if you want to preserve and protect our reputation, don't give the journalist more news that your going to do this and that, because they are broadcasting overseas. I suggest we allow the Premier to remain in the chair. Also, what sense will it make if he steps down to be replaced by another party member?  They all have the same agenda.  And will it be more reputational damage to Cayman if he steps down, being our first premier? Remember, this would have never got so big and out of hand if two individuals of the FCO had not quack to the news media. See what we have to go through now because of it. If we add more fuel to the fire, he will not bunge. If we use drastic measures, the camaras will be rolling and filming everything. It will just make matters worse.

                You said, "You keep making excuses and erecting what you think are insurmountable hurdles to show that McKeeva Bush should remain in office at all costs. Clearly you care far more for McKeeva Bush than you do for this country."

                It may seem so, but here is a question for you to ponder on:-

                Just how will you then remove McKeeva Bush if he refuses to go???

                If there is no confidence vote to get him out then there is no reason for the dramatization of this issue like how the Governor and FCO Minister made it to be. They can remove the Premier.But it is so strange they haven't did anything, but escalate the matter.



                • Anon says:

                  It is plain nonsense to argue that it would cause "more reputational damage to Cayman if he steps down, being our first premier" than if he is arrested and charged with serious criminal offences while in office.   

                  I don't need to ponder it. Short of conviction for one of these offences, whether he is removed depends upon his party members. So far it appears that they lack the necessary courage or feel politically dependent on him.

                  FYI the Governor and the FCO have no power to remove him except by suspension of the Constitution. That would surely escalate the matter. I hope you are not asking for that.   

                  Since you are not listening there is clearly little point in continuing to argue with you so this will be my last post.   


                • Anonymous says:

                  "Note, to use the word, not all of the cabinet members "elected" McKeeva Bush to Premier. Those members that did nothing to get him there should not trump the electorate"

                  SOoo what you're saying is only the people who voted for McKeeva should be able to remove him? You are really far out there man.

      • Anonymous says:

        Dear anonymous, I agree wholeheartedly with you.  But trying to explain it to Libertian and Whodatis seems to be a useless task – they will never get it.  Hopefully the other readers on CNS will.

    • Whodatis says:

      Perfectly sensible post, however, I wish you good luck in convincing some folks.

      It appears as if we are surrounded by a bunch of little emotional schoolgirls that have consciously decided to put logic on the shelf as they are blinded by their dislike of an individual.

      We need to be wiser than that.

      There are MUCH greater issues at stake here.

      The legal process ought to be allowed to take its natural course.

      A pointed finger by way of the laughable but despicable FCO means "eff all" in my book – they'll know what that means.

      The only player that has shown any degree of professionalism and decorum in this entire debacle is CoP David Baines – and that is including the head of the FCO, the Governor and the Premier. For that I am grateful, because in reality he is the individual in control of the situation at the moment.

      • Anonymous says:

        Whodatis you have got it turned around. You are blinded by your dislike of the British and are not thinking through this logically. There is nothing extraordinary about asking the Premier to step down in these circumstances and so how you can attribute it to personal dislike of the individual is beyond me.      

    • Anonymous says:

      Thank you Libertarian,

      such an eloquent speach. not only exercising fairness, human dignity and justice, but also common sense

  10. Anonymous says:

     Clean Hands and Pure Heart and it'll be clean feet too if Ms Julie has to step up.

  11. I Care says:

    Unna leave Mac alone…. I need my roof fix and hurricane shutters up for the hurrican season a coming. if he steps down our lock up, I am XXX out of luck.  I want my road way paved too… so before you leave Mssa Bush lets me and u sign a MOU perty please LMAO

  12. Anonymous says:

    Bush not going no weh – he's our very own Fidel Castro.

  13. Mr Gullible says:

    Give him a break, you know he really wants that motion tabled but he just has to consult with his lawyers first to clarify what he can say because he is such a stickler for following the correct process.

    You know McKeeva only cares about the Caymanian people and is never motivated by profit or self interest.

    Also, did you hear that all government accounts will be finalised next week and it turns out we have a $10 billion surplus? What's more, the port will be finished by Christmas, the dump will be moved this weekend, Shetty will be opening the doors of his new hospital next month at the same time as the new schools open, and McKeeva will shortly announce that there have been arrests and confessions for all the unsolved murders, disapperances, robberies and burglaries.

  14. Anonymous says:

    I need to take a shower.

  15. Anonymous says:

    Mr. Bush, what is it you are hiding and is afraid off. Use your BIG MOUTH and tell the people the truth about the USD350,000 plus, which BTW transpired about 1 month after IVAN, when the country was almost destroyed.  That says a lot about your leadership sir, that tell me a young voter, that you were only thinking about your own pocket, when otherswere thinking about their survival. XXXX Mr. Bush Honesty is the best Policy, I am sure you were taught that by your mother.  So…Come clean, tell the people the truth, then we will be the judge to see if your hands are clean and your heart is pure. If you cannot come out to tell the people, then do the right thing and step aside and let Ms. Julie take the reign.

    • Anonymous says:

      That would be going from frying pan into the fire

    • Anonymous says:

      I liked all of that except the last sentence, which I find equally as frightening as the prospect of Bush staying in his seat.

    • Anonymous says:

      Julie? from sick to sick


      Her paying for supporters driveways to be paved should be investigated as another financial irregularity

      • Anonymous says:


        you are so jelous of Julie. No driveways were paved, you are a sick lier. some parking lots of your local businesses were paved. these that you attend to do business everyday, you should be damn proud of your Island getting a boost. nothing happens over there. the roads havent  been resurfaced for 30 plus years. so ungreatful. people like you deserve to still live in thatch huts with kerosine lamps and caboose. 

        • Anonymous says:

          Learn to spell and someone might pay attention to your post.

          • noname says:


            Im sure you paid attention to your parents, even though they couldnt spell.it was never my  intention  to get on this site and prove my spelling.  

            You bloody well understood what i said. people like you will always have an axe to grind with Julie, Just because of where she came from, you can't help that. have a good day.

        • Anonymous says:

          And people like you  need to go to school and learn how to spell so we can take you seriously.

          • noname says:

            Anon 00;12

            I never had the opportunity to go to school, but I have the ability  and common sense to reconise an ungreatful, hateful person.

            Me not knowing how to spell does not take away the fact, that you can't tell the truth. she did not pave any driveways. I toured the Brac and did observed  parking lots of various businesses paved. and i will say it again, it is an improvement to your Island…be thankful.

            I will stand  by my observations… you people that dislike Julie, does so because of the side of the fence she came from. it's called PREJUDICE.


    • Anonymous says:

      11.04  "Let Ms. Julie take the reign?" Freudian slip? Double entendre? Or did you really mean 'take the reins?' Nice one, anyway. If she does take the reins, I shall probably jump off the Bluff without a parachute.

  16. EYE ON THE ISLAND says:

    Bush is home? Wow I thought he was off Island hanging out with his wealthy buddies. I can see why he don't fight crime because he don't believe there is any. He don't see anything wrong with banks being robbed, Pizza delivery men being pistol whipped and treasure Island safe being taken in broad day light. No there is nothing wrong. My opinion of course but I also feel we need a new person at the head of government even if it is Juliana. She will pray that the criminals will get saved and go strait and that's better then whats happening now.

  17. Anonymous says:

    Alden, if you really do have more information on this you have a duty to put it in the public domain.

    Stop making idle threats about this, just do it!!!  

    • Anonymous says:

      If Alden makes a public statement, he could make it very difficult for a fair trial ever to be held in these islands. For this reason, I urge him to keep silent on the matter and let the police do their work.

      • Anonymous says:

        BullS*it, the police arenot doing a thing, we need to force them into telling us, or this will go on for ever!

      • Anon a mouse says:

        Fair Trial?
        If they have had the evidence for 2 years already & haven’t even questioned the Premier, what would possibly make you believe that this will ever go to Trial?
        Since we will get no Justice through the Courts, I say to Alden, “Reveal All you have” and let Natural Justice take its course by way of the people throwing his ass out of office, PERMANENTLY!

  18. Anonymous says:

    I wonder if "Luca Brazzi" akaDr. Frank will be speaking at this time too?

  19. Anonymous says:

    I am not a PPM supporter.  I watched this, and my blood was boiling every time Bush or Anglin opened their mouths… taking Caymanians for idiots.

  20. Anonymous says:

    As they say, you don't need a lawyer to tell the truth do you?

    • Anonymous says:

      Exactly.  Why would you need to consult with a lawyer in order to tell the people the truth? 

    • Anonymous says:

      You do if ” YOU CAN’T HANDEL THE TRUTH!!!!!”