Referendum voters urged to apply for postal ballot

| 24/05/2012

vote here 2_0.jpg(CNS): Campaigners for one man, one vote and single member constituencies are urging all voters to apply for a postal vote if they won’t be able to go to the polls on referendum day. With the bar set by government to an almost impossible height, the campaigners are encouraging everyone to voteeven those that will be away on 18 July when the critical vote takes place. The supervisor of elections confirmed Thursday that application forms for voting by post are now available and that they must be submitted by 6 July with a copy of a travel ticket. Returning Officers in the electoral districts will issue postal ballots once they have the requisite lists of approved applicants.

“Postal ballots will be mailed by registered post to approved applicants and may be returned either by post, courier or by hand up until the close of the polls on 18 July, Kearney Gomez, the elections supervisor said.

He said all registered electors who are planning to be off island on Referendum Day can collect forms from the Elections Office, 150 Smith Road, 2nd Floor or download them online from

“Once completed, forms must be submitted to the Elections Office along with evidence showing that the applicants will be off islands on that date.  This evidence could be in the form of a copy of an e-ticket, travel itinerary or a regular airline ticket,” Gomez added.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I am a Caymanian living overseas. What sort of proof do I need to provide to be eligible to vote via postal ballot?

    • Peanuts says:

      OMOV Can you get some advice on this, clear 1-2-3 steps to follow.

    • Anonymous says:

      Download Form B "Application to be treated as an absent elector voting by post"

      Complete form, ask someone to witness, supply copy of airline ticket.  Submit to elections office.

      Elections office will then deliver a ballot by post on or before July 6th.  You must complete and return as expediciously as possible prior to July 18th to count.