Chinese not port problem

| 25/05/2012

cruise ship at port.JPG(CNS): The nationality of the Beijing based developer that is currently in negotiations with the UDP government to develop the George Town cruise berthing facilities is not the problem, the Cayman Islands governor has said. Governor Duncan Taylor told CNS that the UK cannot offer its support to the project as it stands because of the failure of government to follow the correct process and establish a proper business plan with parameters for the development. The governor told CNS that the UK understands the need for cruise facilities and does not object to China Harbour Engineering Company itself but it will not sanction the project under the current circumstances.

Following up on comments made by the UK’s overseas territories minister, Henry Bellingham, during his recent visit to the Cayman Islands about the need for the project to follow international procurement practices, the governor said that the project could not be shaped, designed, financed and built by the developer without a proper tendering process. The Cayman government had to set out a clear case for what was needed and then find a developer to fulfil the government’s requirements.

The premier has repeatedly stated, however, that he wishes to go ahead with the CHEC proposal as he says the firm is offering the best deal Cayman could hope to get. The premier picked CHEC after the company allegedly approached the government, since the firm did not respond to the original expressions of interest assessed by the Port Authority in the early days of the UDP administration.

McKeeva Bush has favoured CHEC, he says, because the deal includes a pier for West Bay, an upgrade of the jetty at Spotts and possibly a pier in Cayman Brac, all of which will be financed by the Chinese firm.

However, the governor has pointed to the fact that the firm would be recouping its investment from port passenger tax, which is still public revenue. Taylor said that without a clear plan or justified business case for the cruise berthing project and allowing the developer to specify what it would do, costs were in danger of spiralling out of control.

In the face of comments made by the premier and others that it was the involvement of a Chinese company which was behind the UK’s objections to the George Town port project, the governor told CNS that this was simply not true.

“Neither the FCO nor I have said anything about dealing with the Chinese," he said. “It’s about process and procurement.”

The governor made it clear that the UK would not sanction the port project until a proper business case is put together that sets limits on the development and prevents add-ons, especially as public money is at stake. He said that if the project was tendered in accordance with international procurement procedures, it would be perfectly possible for the Chinese to win or even be defined as the preferred bidder but hepointed out that it must be government and not the developer that sets out the plan for the project. Taylor noted that already during the negotiating process the plans had changed and it was not usual for the supplier to decide what would be built.

“It has already escalated to a $300 million project from a starting point of around $175 million, which is what happens when there is no business plan in place,” he added.

The governor said that the UK minister has already set out what he means by international procurement standards to the premier and how to get the project back on track. Taylor added that there were still several hurdles to overcome before the project would get UK backing.

Despite the challenges he now faced with the deterioration in the relationship between the premier and himself, Taylor said that such tensions were not unusual between the office of the governor and the elected officials. The governor said that his focus over the next two years would be on improving the public sector and helping to develop a better civil service for the Cayman Islands and ensuring good governance.

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  1. Kung Fu Iguana says:

    Mac, whose territory is it now?

    • Anonymous says:

      Ok then, who made the deal with the Chinese???? Do I need to say anymore?  Three investigations going on, how much longer do we have to wait till the outcome????? XXXX

      • Anonymous says:

        Outcome??? What difference does will it make?? Nothing!! Who will replace him?? Another fool XXXX…. Another political party full of people who have no idea how to run the country, or understand the economic position of this country in the world, no sense of foreign policy, no understanding of the rule of law and will ultimately sell out people of the island to the ultimate advantage of the UK. Locals will complain and complain and complain, but will they vote ?? No!!   The overall complacencent mentality is appalling on every level that matters.  The only winners are the investors which are biding their time and waiting for Government to admit or declare it's bankruptcy before they swoop in… It's happening already! Why can't you people see that? There is nothing wrong with investment, development or change – but at the expense of no investment in local education, environment, culture , employment, housing for your people??? This place is so small and the locals should have first class education and educational establishments, at the very least the children should be able to read by the time they leave school, at the very least. Crime and the security of the island should be contained. Government, governmental agencies and the country's inhabitants have to be accountable for their actions.   Cayman is still considered an important Financial centre with reputable banks, retail and otherwise on island and we still have bank robberies, I thought we only saw these things in the movies…come on.  Where is the CCTV?? Voters think long term for your children. What is the solution for this country??

    • Anonymous says:

      It's purgatory now, my frend. Thanks to Mac.

  2. Anonymous says:

    This is what happens when we pay elected leaders too much.

    We have career politicians nowadays who have not made it to the top of a career on their own,or through their own successful businesses.

    Cayman's success was built on the likes of people like the late Capt. Charles, Mr. Benson and so forth who already were successful on their own. It is time we evaluate what people are bringing to the table, and their track record in 2013.

    It is time we become more discriminating in selecting who is gonna lead us. Not just because they can make promises. People are aware that a promise is a comfort only to a fool, so we need more substance than that.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Ting tang Walla Walla bing bang. Nuff nuff. Not too still!

  4. Bethinking says:

    Good salient points Whodatis.  Even though you got slammed by your peers.  The point here is; there are rules in place and play by the rules.  Which begs the question, why not play by the rules and the long overdue berthing facility could easily get built.

    It is beyond simple why not.  What may be good for the country may not be good for the politician(s).  Think of yourself as Jamaica and you got a pretty good gig going on with your new port.  Oh, but if GC gets a real cruising port, where are the ships going to want to go.  No brainer…..GC.

    Lot at stake for Jamaica.  So how can we make it worth your while not to make the GC berthing port come to fruition?????  That's just one of many islands with something to lose.

    As I always say, Follow the Money.  That's how the real decisions are made, good, bad or indifferent.  All they care about, is what's in it for me.  Just my 69 cents worth.

    • Knot S Smart says:

      Thank You!

      That is a good link and should be read by those idiots who still think the Chinese building of our port is a good idea…

    • GoodGuysWin says:

      The US military is still second to none. Knowing this, along with the increasing opposition by the American people with regards to trade with Communist China, the US needs a leader who is not afraid to do the following: 

      1) Refuse to trade with China unless China begins to change its human rights practices.

      2) Refuse to trade with China until China stops keeping its currency artificially devalued.

      3) Increase tariffs on all imported goods from China.


      • Tired of complaints. says:

        The American people don’t have an issue trading with Communist China, if they did, their imports from China would not have increased by 300% between 2004 and 2008 alone. It is also oversimplification at best to suggest that all you need is a President who is not ‘afraid’ and is willing to increase tariffs, the issue is much more complicated than that, such a decision also has both serious financial aswell as political implications. The fact of the matter is that we can most likely expect in the not so distant future a serious devaluation of the US dollar, which will have serious financial ramifications for the US and other countries such as the Cayman Islands who are pegged to the US dollar. Another reality is that China will most likely become the next superpower, the writing is on the wall, the question is where will the Cayman Islands and it’s people be when the dust finally settles.

        Furthermore the UK is in no position to layout financial advice for the Cayman Islands, have they forgotten the headlines in the UK of how they grew their debt to 2trillion pounds and nationalized 4 banks, is that Leadership? Was it not the same United Kingdom whoallowed the reckless spending during the previous administration, of course it was, so what was their plan, their plan was and is, ‘…to destroy the Cayman Islands as a offshore financial centre’ and just like how the US are afraid to say NO to China so is the UK, so what do you do, attack the process. The UK wants the UDP to fail in their efforts because it will mean they have no other alternative but to do what they were instructed to do by Chris Bryant in 2009, and that was to implement taxes, and why is that impiortant, that means that Cayman will no longer be a tax neutral jurisdiction, which makes us no different than Ireland at best, and if hurricane Ivan and other onerous pieces of regulation sent business to Ireland with a 12% tax, what will losing our tax neutral status do? Pack it boys, we’re going home. Wake up Cayman don’t let your political bias cause you to lose your country.

        • Anonymous says:

          An over simplification of a complex world event. The UK fared or behaved no differently than that of almost every other major economy, with the exception of Canada and perhaps Australia. This nonsensical argument that the UK wants to destroy Cayman is pure propaganda and holds no credible evidence to support it. Yes, the last UK administration did tax and spend, as Labour governments historically do, however it was the reliance on credit and unregulated banks that really did the damage. The reality is that if Cayman cannot balance its books through current revenues, then it will have no choice other than income/personal taxes, thats basic stuff, not a conspiracy theory put out by scare mongering isolationists. 

          • Tired of complaints says:

            The evidence is right on the Internet for you to find and prove what the UK’s intentions are. Do a search for Gordon Brown who was once Exchequer and then the Prime Minister of the UK and see if you don’t find, in his words not mine, that he is going to destroy the cayman islands as a financial centre. If thats not plain English I don’t know what is. Add those comments to a bit of your night time reading and tell me if he could say that in his capacity then tell me why and how this is a mere conspiracy theory.

    • Anonymous says:

      Thank you,  we should all be wary of the world domination scenario in which small nations such as ours, (as well as currently African countries,) are being gobbled up by the Chinese.

      Let Cayman be in charge of Cayman's future.

    • Anonymous says:

      Thank you. It is a sad, unfortunate fact that our precious UDP gowerment could not possibly care less about who or what the chinese or their intentions are or what happens to Cayman and it's people so long as they have their own way in this country in their own ignorant, deplorable self interests.

  5. Mr Bean says:

    You Tube – "Cruis Ship breaks mooring"

  6. Anonymous says:

    Thank you Governor Taylor for looking after our interests and preventing the Premier and the UDP Govt from circumventing the system and tendering process. By law all Govt contracts over $100,000 must go through the Central Tenders Committee. The UDP Govt needs to explain how a $150m increases to $200m and then jumps to over $300m and why none of their projects ever seem to go to tender. Little that the UDP Govt has done is for the best interests of the country. Sadly it is all about self interests at heart, while they sell out their people and their country in collectively following their leader like sheep to the slaughter.

    There are laws against the abuse of public office and public positions to promote, engage or benefit from self interest, however I ask why are the corruption laws never applied over the many years of corruption abuse by certain public elected officials and their appointees and supporters.

  7. Bethinking says:

    Read it and weap, taken from this past Sunday's Observer.

    Aside from Cayman, only a handful of Caribbean destinations do not have any berthing facilities for cruise ships. That includes St Barts, St John (US Virgin Islands) and Virgin Gorda (British Virgin Islands).

    The list of destinations that do have cruise berthing include Antigua, Aruba, Bahamas, Barbados, Belize, Bermuda, Curacao, Dominica, Dominican Republic, Grand Turk, Grenada, Haiti (Labadee), Honduras, Jamaica, Martinique, Mexico, Panama, Puerto Rico, St Croix (USVI), St Kitts and Nevis, St Lucia, St Maarten, St Thomas (USVI), Tortola (BVI), and Turks and Caicos.


  8. Whodatis says:


    I'm reading a lot of UK this, and FCO that.

    Have any of you spoken with a mainland Brit recently?

    Britain only talks the talk, but they do not walk the walk.

    BOT's like the Cayman Islands are the last hope for them to exercise some global "power" in this year of 2012.

    The current double-dip recession and unemployment figures is proof that their economy has failed – and let us not get into the crime and societal challenges that they are facing.

    E.g. European companies are now out-sourcing car manufacturing jobs from Germany and to the UK and Poland – yes, UK and Poland. (German worker demands 43 Euros per hour – whereas a British worker makes only 25 Euros.)

    "Third world" Britain, anyone? Talk about a failed economic policy coming back to bite you in the ass!

    This is due to the fact that they can pay British and Polish workers lower wages than they are able to in a functioning and successful economy such as Germany's.

    Alas, the UK is today on the same playing field as the 'lowly' Eastern Europeans. Now the British economy is competing with Poland for jobs … are we paying attention?!

    Let us educate ourselves to the reality of the world today rather than spew out irrelevant and outdated rhetorical as it pops into our heads.

    There is not a single good reason why we ought to wholeheartedly depend on the UK for pointers of how to govern a nation or run a successful economy.

    In any event, they have enough on their plates as they try to chase down that £38 BILLION of wasted and fraudulently acquired public funds of the past year alone.

    I simply could not allow this orgy of misinformation to go unchallenged.

    As you were …

    • Anonymous says:

      “Let us educate ourselves to the reality of the world today rather than spew out irrelevant and outdated rhetorical as it pops into our heads.”

      You said it buddy. Your hatred of the UK blinds you to your own hypocrisy .

    • Anonymous says:

      The snobbery. These people you talk of, if you wouldso kindly remember, may speak considering they each have centuries of experience with having to etch out a life, of war, of plague, of starvation. An exaggeration? Not at all, because history shapes what a country and people become-consider that. While it may not be the prettiest of sights in these times, we must acknowledge that the 'western powers' are still in a position where they can crush us any way they want. They know what it is like to prosper and to lose better than any of us do in Cayman. We who were able to lead such simple, carefree lives and are now able to look back on our ancestors hardwork and relative peace, the only real threat the seas around them. A very different experience than those who now have supreme economic and political power in this world. Now you are going to sit there and bitch about their warning to us to invest wisely simply because of their past mistakes? Have they advised government to do commit those same mistakes? Any person with a lick of sense knows what the govenor has said is logical. I would rather take the experienced words of someone who suffered rather than that of a person who has lived our comfortableCaymanian way of life and claims to clarify the reality without any context as to why they are where they are.

      As a person who has travelled to many countries and lived there fro a young age, I have experienced the harsh realities of these places. It breaks my heart every time I see a crowd of beggars huddling on a street corner waiting for a bit of food here in England when I see where the money that could be spent on their welfare actually goes. However, you speak as though we are some how better than these people. We have not even had half a century to enjoy the wealth we have earned, yet have and ARE watching it being squandered daily. Which is what the govenor was simply trying to address.

      Also, trust me, the Chinese have not been able to become so wealthy, nor have they been able to pick up after every fall, for nothing. We are all fair game and we have no one to blame if they take advantage of our stupidity.


      • Whodatis says:

        I strongly object to the first sentence of your post.

        Unfortunately, it is clear evidence that everything thereafter was doomed to be based on a gross misunderstanding.

        The essence of my post was clearly lost on some people.

        Actually, if you are as intelligent as your post suggests, and if you possess the world view that you claim, then you do actually grasp the overall gist of my post but have decided to play games.

        In any event, I'm leaving this one alone.

        (Hints: Irony. Sarcasm. Tongue-in-cheek. Karma.)

    • Anonymous says:

      OK so you don't like the UKand they are all messed up.  Whatdoes this have to do with the original topic?  Are you really saying that the Caymans are so messed up because of the UK being messed up?  Really?  You sound a lot like Bush.

      • Anonymous says:

        Anon 08;20

        I think what Whodatis is trying to tell you that the UK has no rights to stiffle it's colonys ( the Cayman Islands) when they themselves  can not walk the walk…. their economy has failed.

        He went on to say, there is no single reason we ought to depend on the UK pointers of how to Govern a nation or run a successful economy.

        He mentioned the UK is now chasing down the 38 Billion pounds of wasted and fraudulent acquired public funds, of the past year alone…That's  alot of money to waste  in one year!

        Let me tell you all people one thing.. That first comment with Woody Jenkins-Central City News – Baton Rouge. That will give you all an idea of what the world has come to.

        America, the great super power  is now inviting China to invest in their infrastructures, you know why? they are broke. 14 trillion dollars in debt.

        Whodatis is trying to tell you the same about the UK, they are broke and in debt up to their ears.

        Cayman, if we do not invite private intities, like the Chinese with cash flow, to boost our economy,  we are going to be left behind. The UK is smarter than that, they have now invited the Chinese to invest. They did it without  following the International procurement procedures.

      • Anonymous says:

        The thing about the comments constantly being made against the UK is that in my opinon,  this Whodatis is trying to incite negativity…..  

        I guess some people may simply seek attention but do they consider these consistent words may be used to incite sedition (his constant irrelevance and long drawn out historical, negative info etc could be used as start of an argument for that point). These negative comments may also make others believe Caymanians (the few remaining without all that anti-colonial hatred/poison) think the way he/she does? 

        Since we're in the Caribbean, why doesn't he/she provide us with, hmmm current history around 60-70 years perhaps, of neighbouring countries (Honduras, Belize, Jamaica, TCI etc) and their great leaders, policies, relationship with the UK and any influences on Cayman's current state of affairs???


        Geesh, in my opinion these points seem to be just pre-typed and posted to get a 'certain' reaction….commentators should exercise their right to simply ignore such posts, period! SMH


    • Anonymous says:

      Grow up, wage restraint is an example of responsible fiscal planning not the sign of a third world nation, idiot!

      The Euro is obviously in dire trouble, a fact lost on you is that the UK played a wise hand and stayed out, hence the UK are better suited to manufacturing than Germany at the moment. You also need to take into account the strength of the Euro/Sterling/US Dollar and future performance and possiblities The last country in the world that any one would take manufacturing or responsible economic advise from is this shabby example of a whinging dependance culture.

      Perhaps Cayman should learn that high wage demands result in companies re-locating their business and manufacturing, Germany's loss is definately the UK's gain. Or are you really that dumb that you can't work out basic economics?

      You have absolutley no clue how the rest of the world functions and to think that competition between countries is wrong is just plain stupid. Thats why your economy and country, as a whole, is in the mess its in, you can't compete because you don't produce anything except retoric that makes no sense to the wider world. Open up your businesses to outside competition and employ more local people so reducing costs, instead of having small family monopoly's that price fix, keeping the cost of living high.

      In regard to global power, believe me, no one in the UK cares one jot about the Cayman Islands, they see them as a hub of ill gotten gain and a Hollywood stooge for crime dramas. To think that you are that important in the lives of UK citizens is plain self important arrogance. We have our young men and women dying in god foresaken hell holes, we don't need to weald colonial power on a rock the size of Disney World. We're a little pre-occupied killing terrorists that once took advantage of your financial system and brought chaos to the world. 


      • Whodatis says:

        Lol … oh my goodness!

        Typical 'shifting of the goalpost' reply here.

        Re: " … wage restraint is an example of responsible fiscal planning not the sign of a third world nation, idiot!"

        " … the UK are better suited to manufacturing than Germany at the moment."

        "Germany's loss is definately the UK's gain."

        Yes poster, it was the UK's long-term strategy to out-source and kill the vibrant economy of British-owned manufacturing and industries in order to be able to bring back mere low-wage jobs in the end.

        Alrighty then.

        Who do you think you're talking to, buddy?

        You know what you are saying is absolute hogwash as does the rest of the British population.

        You are walking in that very spirit of a two-mode approach that I strive to highlight to my fellow Caymanians.

        On one side is the reality – and on the other is the bull$hit such as your post that is often forwarded to outsiders and the less-informed.

        Try again.

        Anyway – shouldn't you be preparing for another round of nation-wide riots, arson, ABH's, GBH's, murders and attacks on police this summer? After all, how else will the idle, disenfranchised and just plain old lazy "on-the-dole", 12 – 29 year olds get that latest Iphone?

        Seriously, your government is in no position to lecture any one else about economic or societal management.

        *Btw, I am perplexed as to how you consider yourself to be well-versed in "how the rest of the world functions" but still refer to the British government and its people as a unified and cooperative entity.

        Wake up, my friend.

        Re: "We're a little pre-occupied killing terrorists that once took advantage of your financial system and brought chaos to the world."

        Yes, Tony Blair's now infamous "Dodgy Dossier" really proved all of that to be true, didn't it?

        Hmmm … where is ol' Tony now anyway? Yeah, that's right … raking in mega-bucks while sitting on the board of a S. Korean oil company based in Iraq.

        I'll see you in the morning.

        • Anonymous says:

          Whodatis, you are without doubt the most ludicrously stupid commentator the CNS has seen for some time. Your negativity is completely counter productive and your rantings benial, as every one can see, (take a look at your thumbs up or down numbers) you are living in a world completely detached from reality.

          Who do I think I'm talking to? Well, who knows and who really cares. You are a sad example of of a loud mouth with nothing constructive to say.

          Not once have you come back with a cohesive plan or idea that will repair your broken economy or society, instead you throw sound bites and insults like confetti, blaming everyone else for your poor judgement and self serving ways. Outsourcing in the UK wasn't the problem, the unions destroyed our manufacturing base through high wage claims and industrial action, again, something that Caymanian workers should note. However, the Japanese make a better family car anyway, so whats the problem? Read your history dummy, the Industrial Revolution was founded on innovation and cutting edge technology, if someone else can manufacture stuff cheaper, let them. You concentrate on research and development and keep ahead of the game. You see, the Chinese maybe able to make things cheaper, but they don't have the technological know how to invent their own versions to the high standards expected by the market. Oh dear, has that gone over your pea sized head, never mind just blame the British, someone will listen.

          Anyway, if you are so well informed, where's your fiscal plan and how do you propose to implement it? At least the UK has a plan, albiet unpopular and tough. But hard times call for difficult decisions and despite the pain of recession and deficit recovery, the IMF still approve of the UK governments actions. So, oh wise one from Whoknowswhere, what makes you better qualified to judge world economies than the head of the International Monetary Fund. Oops, you do know Whatdatis, don't you?

          Yes, the UK does have some morons who want the latest iPhone and are willing to act like feral animals to obtain them. Name a country that doesn't have such a problem, who do you think has been shooting and robbing their way around Cayman, who is being found with illegal firearms or suspected of illegal property deals and explosives shipments, the tooth fairys? At least we have a culturally diverse country with a population of 60 million to contend with, our problem per capita is minute, whats your excuse?

          By the way, I can speak with a little authority about the rest of the world having worked and travelled in over 65 different country's around the planet and speak four different languages. Unfortuantely, not the planet that you come from or the drivel you speak, obviously.

          In regard to Tony Blair, yes he should be tried for war crimes, alongside Bush, however its not going to happen, so what's your point? I note that you didn't deny Cayman's suspected involvement in Bin Ladens money laundering.

          To finish, I no more speak for the people of the UK than you do for the people of the Cayman Islands, however I do come from a country rich in history and culture obtained over two thousand years. We have nothing to prove but we do have experience and knowledge. What do you have except your bitter musings?

          'I'll see you in the morning', I doubt it, you can't see to the end of your nose.

          • Whodatis says:

            You've said quite a mouthful there haven't you?

            Do me a favour, buddy.

            Scroll back up to my initial post, click on the provided links, and then read the articles and subsequent comments to either news item.

            Those are the perspectives of actual Brits, my friend – not mine.

            1. First
            2. Second

            Their verdict of the standing of Britain today is a very damning one.

            Go – see it for yourself – as obviously you are hell-bent on disregarding any and every thing that Whodatis has to say on the issue.

            (Thereafter, feel free to post your thoughts … bet you won't.)

            Anyway, if you were paying attention over the past few days and months you would have realized that I do assess the situation concerning the economy and future of the Cayman Islands. (Do you honestly believe that my existence is based upon the crumbling infrastructure of a crumbling nation?)


            As for thumb ratios, lol! Come on, buddy.

            Everyone here on CNS is aware of what is what on this forum.

            (Btw, the thumb ratio of my comments in the link were quite favourable – just thought I would highlight the fact since you are clearly caught-up on online democracy, lol!)

            In any event, my primary concern is not that of the British economy – instead, it is of the welfare of my economy and my fellow Caymanians.

            Once again, I say that for us to consider the UK as a 'north star' in this regard would clearly be a foolish thing to do.

            There is nothing you could ever say to negate that fact – the statistics (and opinions of its people) speak for themselves.

            By the way, yours were not the last passport or language textbook to be issued, my friend … get over yourself.

            (*Lastly, are you a Brit? Do you live in the Cayman Islands? What is the percentage of Brits currently living in the Cayman Islands that are in a rush to return home? You may find it interesting that a recent poll carried out in the UK found that 50% of Brits, ok let me be fair – 48%, had a desire to leave their country – permanently.)

            Anyway, enjoy the links from my first post. I wish you luck in finding a majority percentage of 'real-world' Brits that share your viewpoint … you're gonna need it.

            Regardless, I am certain you will find a way to spin all of the above.

            I'm done.

            • Anonymous says:

              I bet I will.

              The Huffington Post, of which you refer to as a UK newspaper, is infact a US website/blog founded in 2005 and purchased by AOL recently. It is noted as a LEFT WING/LIBERAL commentator and does have branches around the US and a very small following in the UK.

              Like most websites that rely on reader input and socialist priciples, it is most definately biased against conservative policies, of which the UK currently enacts through the coalition government. Whilst its basic headline maybe a reflection of the total waste in the public sector, it is very careful not to define the percentages of budgetry overspend and other means by which finances are wasted by bureacratic inefficientcy. Being what it is, a mouth piece for the left, it prefers to give the wholly inaccurate total figure to reinforce a spurious argument. Tell me, as its the basis of your argument, exactly what is the figure attibuted to known theft or fraud? I doubt whether you can, because it doesn't suit the position adopted by those who have 'exposed' the supposed fraudulent activity. You and I both know that large governments are inefficient, that's not new news, its a fact all over the world. But the point remains, for such a small country, how did Cayman get itself into this position and why are there so many known examples of fraudulent behaviour that have yet to be confronted?

              No one would support the view that the UK figure is in any way acceptable, regardless of how the total is arrived at, however one should not be so niave as to believe that its content is an accurate assessment of the current position. It is easy to fit such claims into an argument if it supports your viewpoint or political leaning. It doesn't prove an issue one way or the other, in fact it was a LEFT of CENTRE government, (New Labour) that manufactured this problem during their tenure, giving rise to the argument that the tax and spend policies of the left are fiscally irresponsible and extremely damaging to the economy over time.

              I have read your countless musings over the past weeks and came to the conclusion that your arguments are based firmly in the left wing of politics, hence your reliance on the Huffington Post and other socialist postings on the internet. Whilst you are obviously free to impart your thoughts, you must not fall into the trap of being lured by those who are intent on exposing your weaknesses. Unfortunately, you have done so and your argument is tarnished through inaccurate and politically biased comment.

              It is one thing to make ones point in a passionate and forceful manner, however to challenge others, your argument must be based in actual fact and offer an alternative to their equally passionate counter. Quoting others when you are completely convinced of your own case is acceptable when those who are being quoted are authorities in their field, but unacceptable when they are made by casual observers or political commentators. This style of argument exposes your weakness and demonstrates a failure to fully understand the case in question. If you want to illustrate a point, use your own constructive thoughts and put a positive fiscal case forward as an alternative to your detractors. As yet, you have failed to do so and consequently attract a degree of suspicion and derision. So to clarify, the legitimacy of your position is basically undermined by your own failings and lack of a clear alternative.

              In regard to Brits, well this is where your argument desends into chaos. Firstly, a huge number of UK expats were forced and are being forced to leave Cayman due to the ineffective and counter productive policy of roll over. They had invested time, emotion and treasure into this island for little thanks or acknowledgement, however your loss is another countries gain and Cayman is now suffering the consequences withintheir economy. The Brits don't send money home and they paid ALL of the taxes expected of them, from house purchasing to import duty. Forging a lifestyle and expenditure that has now left the island to the detriment of local business.

              You should also not be fooled by commentators who wish to diminish the UK's standing in the world or it's economic forecasts. We all know that ALL major players are suffering as a result of the down turn and banking crisis. It is true that the UK, like most other country's around the world, made serious mistakes in the regulation of credit and banking. However, there is no alternative to austerity, as the Euro zone are now finding to their cost. Cayman doesn't have a competant fiscal plan of its own and it doesn't have any examples on which to call for alternative advice. You can't go to the US because they are so deeply indepted to China, the Euro Zone is virtually bankrupt and because of archaic self interest and possibly a lick of racism, you don't want Chinise assistance anyway, (basically the only country that has got money). So like it or not, you are going to have to follow the UK's advice unless by some miracle you can come up with a plan that no one else has thought of. And yes, I do think your 'existence is based upon the crumbling infrastructure of a crumbling nation', otherwise why do you think are you necessary?

              In regard to the Brit commentators that you authoritatively refer to in your counter. Well, don't be so presumptuous to assume that they speak for either the UK or any of its people. Opinion polls are a very inaccurate way of deciding an argument from either side. Normally a small number, perhaps 1000 or 1500 people are questioned and that my friend is definately not representitive of a population of 60 million. With reference to other commentators, they obviously post comments on those forums for the same reason you and I do, to stimulate debate and offer their views to the wider public. Of course, that doesn't make them right or accurate, please don't diminish your argument further by quotingother peoples politically motivated and biased musings that are unrepresentative and possibly inaccurate.

              Out of interest, the real world Brits, who are they in your mind and how many have you ever met, have you ever been to the UK or studied economics, how long did you stay?

              Immigration or emmigration is not something that the Cayman Islands has managed to get a handle on at any level. When times are difficult in any country, people make decisons to seek a better life and perhaps emigrate to another country for the good of their future or family. Caymanians have sought employment overseas for decades, both on land and at sea. Did this mean that Caymanians hated their country or would never return, NO, of course it doesn't and to think so diminishes the argument further. Yes, being a Brit, I have left my home for work and to settle new roots, however I remain loyal to my country of birth through bad times and good. There are many reasons why Brits feel disenfranchised at the present time, immigration, employment, law and order, the economy. Ring any bells? The UK isn't perfect, that place doesn't exist, however it is one of the greatest country's in the world and can call upon a long and diverse history to guide its future. 

              So, Cayman waits in awe for your next bout of anti UK sentiment and self indulgent musings based upon other peoples political bias. What's it going to be next, the UK wants to paint all the Cayman parrots red, white and blue to celebrate the Queens jubillee?

               Now consider yourself DONE.

            • Anonymous says:

              Your argument would hold water if it were not based on a left wing blog and a cheap daily rag. Get real facts before attempting to be the font of all knowledge, whodumbis. And don't try to assume that all Caymanians hold your narrow and isolationist views, they don't and you embarrass them with such unsubstantiated garbage.

          • Anonymous says:

            There is no evidence that Cayman had anything to do with any moneylaundering by Bin Laden.


            • Anonymous says:

              NO, the US, UK and other G8 countries just tightened off shore banking regulations for a laugh after 9/11. I'm sure Cayman wasn't the only off shore banking centre that was utilised by terrorists, drug dealers and criminals, but they sure played their part and probably still do, to a lesser exstent. I don't suppose Cayman, like many such centres want the real truth to come out, but the worlds public aren't fooled by their constent habit of cover up and denial, there's just too much history and fact in the public domain to think otherwise. Why do you think you're in the mess you are, less dodgy money coming down here, corrupt leaders and civil service and a culture ordeceit and cover up? Of course and to deny it just makes the situation worse.

    • Whodatis says:

      Dear respondents,

      Please excuse me.

      I forgot to remember that only Cayman is susceptible to criticism here on CNS.

      Interestingly, we are subject to all types of outlandish attacks and conclusions on a daily basis – however, the minute one highlights the factual reality of another country, even within the context of a topic at hand – some people get their panties all in a bunch.

      Give me a break.

      In any event, my words were not even intended for the most vocal of my opposition. (I know better than to expect certain groups of people to accept certain realities.)

      Instead, they were directed to the minds of my fellow Caymanian people in order to help them see things as they really are.

      I cringe everytime I hear or read of my people regarding one of the most shambolic economies in the western world as sound examples for us follow.

      It is nothing but mental slavery by way of rhetoric and 'brainwashery' as the reality in no way supports such a stance.

      To ignore or dismiss such gross errors of judgement would be a great disservice onto my country.

      Am I wrong?


      • Anonymous says:

        And therein lies the rub. You are not only arrogant enough to believe that you are addressing 'YOUR' people, as if you are some kind of messiah to the Caymanian people. But then you follow it up by making pronouncements that are complete rubbish and financially incompetant.

        Your attempt to invoke 'mental slavery' and 'brainwashing' thoughts in the minds of your peers is nothing short of desperation now that you realise your argument is garbage and doesn't stand up to scrutiny. 

        Okay genius, what's your solution for getting yourself out of this position of your own design? The truth is you don't have one, so you resort to the age old, chip on your shoulder technique of colonial bashing. You are not preaching facts, just nonsense from your own small mind, get off the island and see how the real world works instead of making sermons that amount to nothing. 'REALITIES', you wouldn't know them if they hit you across the butt with a banjo. 

      • Anonymous says:

        YES, YES, YES how many more times do you need to hear it?

      • Anonymous says:

        Facts from the SUN and the Huffington Post, are you serious?

    • Anonymous says:

      Don't you know Whodatis has only but one argument for every topic posted on CNS – the British are no better than us, they can't preach to us as they are woeful examples to follow, and therefore we shouldn't listen to anything they have to say, according to him.  Same tired old arguments, he can't come up with some new material yet.  Sounds like a broken or scratched record.

    • Whodatis says:

      As is.

      • Anonymous says:

        Unlike Cayman, the UK is the worlds largest financial institution, so really can call upon all of its history and experience when needed. To naively state that the UK is in a mess is to forget that so is the rest of the world,including China at the moment. It is your own fault that Cayman is in a mess, not the UK, you have repeatedly ignored the voice of experience and good governance and allowed your own politicians to sell you down the river. There you are, context and balance.

      • Anonymous says:

        Who is causing the potential of causing irreparable economic harm to our beloved island-nation?  The individual(s) whose actions got us into this mess in the first place, or the people trying to warn us to turn away from the path of folly that our leaders have us on?   HHMMM?  Blame the source, not the messenger trying to warn us.  No wonder we in such a mess !!!  People like you busy trying to pick fault instead of applying everyday commonsense !!!

    • Anonymous says:

      Really, you refer to the trashiest newspaper on the planet to reinforce your point? Must try harder than a gossip monger for real news.

      How much was positively identified as fraud against other waste?

      No answer? Didn't think so, try a real source of news for your political bull, not a leftwing American blog.

  9. ExposeReality says:

    All of the reasons given by His Excellency and the FCO are spot on and make complete business sense. I also agree that just because someone is Chinese is no reason to judge against them.

    However, if they represent the Communist Chinese Government, which oppresses the general Chinese population via the Red Army, forcing their own people to work like slaves while they themselves are living like kings off of the profits generated on the backs of their oppressed brethren, then there is a problem!


  10. Libertarian says:

    I recall there was never a cruise berthing issue until certain of the cruise line companies became very concerned about public liability and claims of slipping and tripping by passengers, or falling off an escorting boat during the time of transporting them from cruise ship to the George Town dock. There was the fear (and still is today) of legal packages detailing serious injuries and huge financial compensations against the cruise lines. All like the Florida Caribbean Cruise Association (FCCA) cautioned the C.I. government that if a proper cruise berthing facility wasn’t built in accordance to safety standards, they would discontinue bringing the cruise vessels here. Now this being the case, one would have thought that way before PPM’s tenure, a cruise berthing facility would have been in the process ofconstruction. But not so… our government leaders (as well as UK) decide to prolong this process whilst many businesses on the island suffer!  The FCCA and other cruise liners may just run out of patience and set sail elsewhere. Cayman, we need to get at our leaders!

    • Anonymous says:

      Remember, the PPM had a dock plan ready to go and the UDP killed it as soon as they got power.

      • Anonymous says:

        If PPM had a dock plan, why didn't they see to its building during their tenure? They did so much for schools and roads, and you mean to tell me that the berthing facility wasn't of any national importance!

        • Anonymous says:

          At least they built schools and roads, (and a beautiful new administration building) that we can all be proud of. That's better than signing MOU's in their own interests and to destroy this country, and sending invoices to Stan Thomas, and giving someone else's money to their own church to buy votes and getting their backsides sued off, and going way, way out of their league to sign loan deals that cost the nation half a million dollars, and using the nations purse to settle out of court to hide their own stupidity, and, whew, touring the world first class at the nation's expense rather than staying at home doing their job, and paving all the private driveways in the country at the country's expense to buy votes for ourselves and…now isnt it?

          • Anonymous says:

            yeah right…. poor judgement of an incoming recession on Alden and Kurts part for thinking that they could balance the budget with school projects. but when the following year came, lo and behold the recession and expenditures which we couldn't pay off because the cruise ships were not coming…  i suggest you need to stick your head out of your partisan arse and know your history.  ;o)

            • Anonymous says:

              Very much more importantly,I suggest you get your head out of the UDP's sorry arse and leave history where it should be, in the past, and start learning something about the deplorable mess this country is in in the present, which is what is important. And it has absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with anything Alden and Kurt may have blessed this country with years ago. People like you need to start understanding that that sorry argument is very simply not going to hold water forever.

            • Anonymous says:


            • Anonymous says:

              Completely unbelievable that there are STILL people out there trying to cover up all the UDP's worthlessness with this crap.

        • Anonymous says:

          What an idiot. The people are criticising PPM for too much capital expenditure during its term and here you are suggesting that it should have taken on even more. And no, the port is not free. It would always have involved giving up some govt. revenue. Why didn't the UDP build it during their 2001-2005 term instead of building Boatswain's Beach? Was Boatswain's Beach of greater national importance? 

        • WhoIsForCayman? says:

          The reason that the PPM had not gone ahead and started the berthing facility is because they were still in negotiations with Atlantic Star. If i remember correctly the PPM were okay with the cargo component of the Atlantic Star proposal, but was concerned about the amount/control of retail shops that Atlantic Star was proposing for the berthing facility. They were concerned that too much retail on the port would negatively affect the already existing local businesses.  

    • Anonymous says:

      You really don't get it do you? You didn't go through the lawful tendering channels, that's why the UK are objecting, nothing to do with holding you back, just good practice. Something that you need to learn in the wider world.

      • Libertarian says:

        If they claim to have power and have this financial centre at heart, shouldn't they use their power?  Now 2012 and the clock is ticking…

        • Anonymous says:

          Why? As you keep telling us, 'THIS IS YOUR ISLAND', its also your mess, you find a way out.

  11. Anonymous says:

    Puppet Mac says:

    "Conspiracy and Insinuendos!  Blame it all on the FCO and the PPM."

    Confucius say:

    "The UDP can only Undermine Dumb People."

    • Dred says:

      I was going with Uncommonly Dumb People….cause they seem to be part of the package also.

  12. Knot S Smart says:

    I understand that the Governor just wants to see that we have a system of checks and balances.

    What I dont understand is who gets the 'checks' and 'balance' and how do you keep track of it all if there are withdrawls from an ATM machine?

    And I am still trying to understand how to turn on my new Blackberry…

  13. Pit Bull says:

    We laugh so much . .

  14. The Thinker says:

    I am with the Governor 100%.  Show them some muscle, Governor Taylor!

  15. Anon says:

    Clearly the FCO have spotted the fatal flaw in this plan – no long-term commitment at all from any of the cruise lines to use this facility.

    Considering that some of the largest cruise operators are actually based in the UK doesn't that tell you something?

    The FCO realise that if (or more likely when) the whole thing goes belly up the UK may well end up footing the bill.

    Right now there is no valid business case or cost/benefit analysis to back up this project and until there is it needs to be put on indefinite hold.

    In the meantime DoT need to start earning their salaries and get working on the UK and European all-inclusive operators because that may well be the only fall-back option left when the cruise ships depart for ever. 

  16. Don Corlione says:

    I guess the Condo in Beijing is now off the table!

  17. Anonymous says:

    It was made blatantly clear by the UK from the outset that the reason for revisiting the entire port deal was procedural rather than an attack on the Chinese nationality.  Unlike our Premier, the UK are tactful, ethical and diplomatic enough not to make such obviously antagonistic and racist remarks as suggested by our Premier, who has, as usual, merely twisted their words to try and further his own political agenda and influence over his pool of very naive voters – nobody else is fool enough to believe his twisted rhetoric these days, and most of us do clearly understand what the UK told us in plain English, even if Bush and his supporters don't.

    • Anonymous says:

      Sheesh. When I hear the phrase ‘our premier’ I am happy I don’t have PR or the exalted status

      • Anonymous says:

        Unfortunately, as long as you are a resident of Cayman, as the premier of the Cayman Islands he is your premier.  

  18. Anonymous says:

    Well no bussiness plan with a 6 grade education.

  19. Anonymous says:

    Mckeeva IMPLEMENT a transparent tender process NOW! The Brits have repeatedly told you they won't back this CURRENT project.Delaying these piers any longer is destroying businesses and hurting your own people. Time to move on.      

    • Don Quixote says:

      Before the last election I was given a booklet entitled: "ALL ABOUT MACKEVA."  To me that said it all. FINDA COPY AND READ IT. It says more about the man than anything I could say here!

       There is nothing wrong with the "TITLE" of the booklet, except for the fact that  nothing that he says was achieved and/ or  implemented [during the twenty odd years he has been in office], has been attributed to, or any credit given, to any of the other Politicians that served with him during that period.  

      It is such a shame that the rest of the "incumbent" UDP politicians and others do not see the impending danger ahead of us, if the rest of our political and our cooperate leadership do not take a stand now and insist that Mr. Bush [ for the common good of our Island] step down and let the people choose new leadership  via a "New Election" using the "ONE MAN ONE VOTE" principle. 

      Then "MAYBE JUST MAYBE", we may come to some "reasonable facsimile" of a true and lasting Democratic Government.

    • Anonymous says:

      He is as stubborn as a….. you fill in the blanks. 

  20. Anonymous says:

    Thankfully now the superior Red Bay Port Facility will get a chance of providing the all weather, 24/7/365 single berth location we need and do so at at a lesser cost.

    • Anonymous says:

      Here we go again – this other self-serving group just can't give it a rest – bringing up this idiotic location again.   Give it a rest, will you? 

  21. Bethinking says:

    I am starting to think differently about this thing.  Everything happens for a reason.  And there are reasons I did not understand why the Government does not want to make this happen.

    They seem to go out of there way to keep wrangling this into an impossible situation.

    So when you try to look at it in a different light, the dark side if you will, then things start to get interesting.

    Now with RCL Oasis class ships going to Jaimaca and not here, I smell something rotten, very rotten.

    Lots of money in it for Jamaica with 5400 passengers per ship.

    As I always say follow the money.

    And there is a reason for everything. This is not gross incompetence.  This could make for a good Hollywood tale.

  22. EYE ON THE ISLAND says:

    My brothers and sisters please don't exploit the Minister's problem it only shows the inhumanity in us. We are a civilized people and there is plenty to point a finger at with the leader of the party not even finding out if his Minister was ok. I have never seen such a cold blooded act.

    The UDP is a heavy handed one man rule type of Party if you can call it that. We have to keep our eye on the ball such as "TRUST" in our political leaders and getting the job done on ONE MAN ONE VOTE and that is it. NO DISTRACTIONS please. EYE ON THE PRIZE.

  23. Anonymous says:

    Thank God for the UK and HE Governor. This had all the hallmarks of another incompetant, corrupt and disasterous deal for the Caymanian people. Common sense and good governance will eventually prevail when the Caymanian public wake up and see what is happening in their name.

    • Anonymous says:

      Anon 10:12

      Why is it that everything that this Government does to help it's people, is being displayed as incompetent,corrupt and disastrous?

      Do you really think that by expressing yourself this way,  make you a superior person? well my friend, you are a sad case.

      The whole world has changed how it does business, and Cayman is no different. Yes, thank God for the UK and HE Governor. We can hope that this hallmark of incompetence is not practiced  the UK.

      We also hope that when George Osborne  the UK Chancellor, which are now urging the Chinese to come into the UK to invest ( not tendering) in their transportation, utilities and energy.

      We would hope that they will be following the same  International Procurement Procedures. It would be hypocrital of them, to do otherwise.





      • Anonymous says:

        Oh dear, the Caymanian way, resorting to sticks and stones. Trust me, its not just this government that are incompetant or corrupt, its a cultural thing. Outside investment IS the only way the world can survive, Cayman needs to learn that lesson fast and rid itself of the cartels that fix prices and stop competition.

        Unlike Cayman, the UK has laws and procedures that must be observed or public servants are held to account. Just because a country is asked to invest, it does not preclude the tendering process, if they offer the best deal for the tax payer then they will be shortlisted. Again, unlike Cayman. So what's your point, oh wise one?

      • Dred says:

        Actually kind of simple if you ask me.

        1) They start by breaking every rule in the book.
        2) Everything then becomes a federal secret.
        3) Then as numbers start to leak we find OUTRAGEOUS offerings being made on our behalf which does no benefit to us and usually lines the pocket of the other party TREMENDOUSLY.

        Want examples? 2,500 feet that became 3,700 feet that ended up at 4,200 feet.

        The 35$ port fee was another but changed when the outrage was present.

        We could go on if you wish.

      • Anonymous says:

        Regardless of what the United Kingdom is doing in their immediate kingdom, we are ythree little specks on any world map and should be acting accordingly.  Beijing China is the heart of the Communist Chinese ruling party.  We do not need 500 of them coming into Grand Cayman to live among our Christian community, to mix and mingle with our Christian heritage and procreate.  That happens everywhere they go.  The country of Costa Rica has been trying to encourage cruise tourism in their Western Caribbean ports.  The Costa Rican government negotiated with Carnival Cruise Lines and the outcome was that Carnivaal wnet into a financial agreementto build a pier which extended out into the ocean to accommodate cruise ships.  But negotiating with reputable cruise companies is not an argument because they will not be offering everything the Chinese are. Remind the Premier and existing government that everywhere the Chinese go, they ultimately lower the standards for the natives and lower moral and material standards for the people of the country,  My mother used to caution me, "Be careful what you wish for, you  just might get it". We need to remember that caution in needed in everything, especially when we are dealing with the Communist.


        • Anonymous says:

          Call yourself a Christian, you're nothing more than a racist, pure and simple. Good job you don't live in a more civilised country, you would be arrested for such disgusting bigotry. What ever happened to loving your fellow man, or do you conveniently pass on the bits that don't suit your 17th Century ideology? Where do think you came from, you are undoubtadly mixed race, probably several times over? You are a disgrace to your religion and your community.

    • Anonymous says:

      Well said..even tho' it's raining the sun just came out. It's not rocket science to figure out what was going on, and who was going to benefit… It certainly wasn't going to be Cayman.

      Thank you Mr Taylor for putting the GRAND back in Cayman.

  24. Anonymous says:

    The elephant in the room is corruption.


    If the Premier's heart is pure and his hands are clean then he will welcome a forensic financial audit of all his businesses. This would clear his name.


    If the Premier's heart is impure and his hands are dirty then he will lie, cheat, plant false evidence, and do whatever it takes to protect his very privileged position.


    The sooner we deal with the elephant, the sooner we can get back to concentrating on building a sustainable and prosperous economy.


  25. HMS says:

    What an embarrassment!!  With Dart we’d already have construction under-way, the project would be self-financed, the job done right and a lease arrangement that made sense for any large investor using their funds and seeking a safe ROI. However, the brain trust in Gov’t, needing to show those Dart MBA’s that “  theys gots schooling too “ showed how little they really knew about finance. For those out there that say, “ we don’t need a dock “ to compete, you are sadly mistaken. This isn’t solely about attracting the large Oasis class ships. This is about THE CRUISE CUSTOMER!! The cruise-lines listen to their customers. They don’t like standing in the sun for 2 hours waiting to board a tender ( or getting drenched in rain yesterday ). The wait to get off the ship can also be very time consuming. Imagine your own 75yr old mother on a three ship day standing in 93 degree temperatures in a line that stretches 200 yards to catch a tender with no shade and no water. If the cruise industry wants to stay in business it will listen to its customers – and cruise customers ( aging baby boomers ) prefer piers and proper dockage. The arrogance, ignorance and incompetence of Cayman’s leadership will cost this Island market share and millions. Multiply the Turtle farms woes times 100,000. Truly sad and embarrassing.

    • LocalsNeedToBenefit says:

      Why would you go with Dart? They wanted a 99 year lease. GLF only needed 25 years as GLF's main focus was what Cayman actually needs, the two piers. Like the Chinese, Dart also wanted to develop excessive and unnecessary upland retail. 

      As a matter of fact, maybe we should take the Courtyard Marriott property from Dart and give it to GLF as they would probably only need to move the few hundred feet of West Bay Road immediately in front of the hotel, and not the several thousand feet that stretches past the Yacht Club entrance as proposed by Dart! 

    • The Thinker says:

      HMS,  I can see where you're coming from, but for myself I don't want to see Dart get a larger strangle-hold on our island.  I also do not want to have larger ships bring in more passengers!  We are buried in tourists with the ships we have now.  How many more people do you want clogging the streets!!  Is there anyone else who does NOT like the congestion caused by too many tourists?

    • Anonymous says:

      Why aren't we spending our money on the airport instead? Cayman isnt really cut out to be a cruise destination in the first place. Let's tailor the Cayman experience to those who want to bring their family on vacation for a week, rent a car, drive around, enjoy our beaches, dive sites as well the friendly nature of the locals and the safety of our island nation… Oh wait… I'm sorry. That was the Cayman of 15 years ago. My mistake.

      • Anonymous says:

        Build more hotels instead of condos, bring in all inclusive package companies and open up competition in the tourism market. 

    • Anonymous says:

      Dart's proposal was even worse – 99 years, are you kidding me?  They wanted to have a stranglehold for almost a century.  Greed, no other word for it.  GLF was by far, the best option – only 25 years, and only 2 badly needed piers and minimal retail.  Not the monstrosity of the project Dart was planning which was no better than CHEC's. 

  26. Anonymous says:

    Thank you, Governor Taylor and Mr. Bellingham, from the bottom of every Caymanian heart. Except one.

    • lol!! says:

      09:58  Please speak for your self.  Not for the other 54 thousand Caymanians. 

      Not surprised at what the Governor said.  Not one bit.

  27. Anonymous says:

    Responsibility for these further delays to the dock  rests entirely at the feet of Mr Bush. Had he conducted negotiations in the open and according to established proceedures, the first pilings for the finger piers would already be in place in the seabed.  In addition, we'd be looking at a project costing closer to  $150 million dollars.


    By appearing always to twist deals to his own personal advantage and riding roughshod  over his advisors, Mr Bush has caused irreparable harm to the Cruise-based businesses in Cayman. He knows how important this project is, and he has the drive and ability to get it done. The Florida Cruise Association must be in daze at our charades, watching while we squabble over who gets the spoils, like vultures at a kill,  while other smaller islands successfully get their docks built and watch as their businesses prosper.


    The Governor is 100% right. Build it, but do it the right way, and in the process, save the taxpayers 100 million dollars over time.

  28. Truth says:

    So the real problem is the same problem for everything else.  Leaderships inability to follow procedures already put into place to insure good governance and the publics acceptance of incompetance as a way of life in Grand Cayman.

    How to sovle the problem?  Hold them responsible for each and every bad decision and breach of public trust.

    Why won't that happen here?  Being held responsible is a cultural taboo to the Caymanian people.  They are intitled to get away with anything they can.  As the culture itself is corrupt everything that stems from it will also follow that course.  Without the UKs intervention it would have already failed.  Even with it it is still an on the hard road to failure.

    • Anonymous says:

      Absolutely right, tackle the systemic and cultural corruption that infects every part of life on these islands, then good governance may follow. Caymanians need to learn that corruption isn't only about taking money, it is also about loose talk, sycophancy and nepotism all rolled up in a 'this is our island' mentality.

  29. The Real Problem says:

    The Chinese are not the problem, the real problem is the power drunk UDP.


    • Knot S Smart says:

      Sorry but I cant agree with you on this one because we all know the UDP do not get drunk…

    • Anonna Mowse says:

      No, the real problem is "How much is in it for me".

    • Anonymous says:

      And dont forget the power money grabbers 1% that been sucking this Island long before Makeeva came about.

      Now what i have to say, most of you on this forum is just that. you dont want to lose your grip on the money sucking you been doing all these years. Mr. Bush is trying to push you all aside to give the poor more opportunities.

  30. Anonymous says:


    Pure unadulterated bureaucratic harassment!

  31. Anonymous says:

    From The Globe & Mail Rob Magazine, May 24, 2012

    Call it what you want—payola, baksheesh or bribe—it’s how business is done in much of the world. To win government contracts certain favours are offered. The buyoff could be a lavish party or political donation for the prime minister of a republic you couldn’t find on the map, or maybe a small fortune wired to anumbered bank account.

     Why go through a clean and open competition to win over the honourable dictator when, say, $20 million deposited in the Cayman Islands branch of Laundromat Bank would eliminate the political risk.

    • Anonymous says:

      'Hoping the Premier doesn't have to sue Globemedia Corp. now. With a value somewhere around $4 billion, they wouldn't have to raise a defense fund….

    • Anonymous says:

      You forgot to mention  one of the outer Greek Islands.

      • Anonymous says:

        Huh? You do realize you are addressing a quote from a publication  and/or to what are you referring?

    • Lord of the Jungle says:

      I will sue you.

  32. Annonnymous says:

    Good going Mr. Taylor!!! Your Excellency got the Red White & Blue behind you and the majority of Caymanians want to be ruled by them….if it works don't fix it.  We existed for all these years and we can continue to do so.."Any project will fail if one fails to plan"….the contractor does not set requirements for a project owner, he fulfills the project owner's goals!! Your Excellency is not here in Cayman for good looks only – and to tell  the truth Your Excellency is the most handsome Governor ever to set foot on this soil I must say – and a fine gentleman….Your excellency speaks when  spoken to and Your Excellency speaks when  authorzed to speak….and don't speak just to hear yourself speak…Your Excellency does answer to Her Majesty…after all The cayman Islands is one of Her Majesty's Crown Jewels!

    We are behind Britain's stance in all matters that concern the longterm wellfare of these Islands we call home! God Save The Queen!!