Inmate escapee meets woman

| 14/06/2012

Prison gate (232x300)_0.jpg(CNS): Officials from HMP Northward have reported that a Category D prisoner who was working on outside detail close to the prison absconded for around one hour on Thursday morning at around 10am. The 28-year-old prisoner, who has been on the outside working team for several years, escaped from the area where he was working on the perimeter, close to the prison. He was intercepted by prison officers as he was returning to Northward by car with a woman. The prison director said that the “young lady who was in his company, driving the vehicle” was handed over to officers from the RCIPS.

The police confirmed that a female was arrested in the Northward area this morning in connection with the incident but have not stated on suspicion of which charges the woman has been detained. The prison has said that an enquiry into the temporary absconding by the low risk prisoner is now underway.

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  1. The Beaver says:

    So sad to hear that the authorities would go out of their way to punish two people who are in love.  Instead of demonizing this young man for his little escapade, one ought to award him with some sort of little title that many others (read, Premier and the filthy trash) so regularly bestow upon themselves.  It blows my mind that so many good things that this young man did have been overlooked:

    1.  he exposed the flaws in the prison's security system

    2.  he "lightened the load" on the prison guards – instead of having 251 to supervise, they were minus 1 on the responsibility scale

    3.  he entertained a young lady who clearly needed some entertaining

    4.  he responsibly returned on time, prior to lockdown, alleviating the potential/need of a "code red" situation

    5.  he must have been a model student in his primary days, given that he understood the concept of time – given how many people show up late to work these days, this man clearly stands out for being responsible and for having paid attention in math class

    I could go on and on, but have better things to do at this time.  Please do not "hate on" this young man…  If only others had as much love in themselves as he must clearly have – hopefully he shares more of it with many other young lasses on this Island.  The Beaver

  2. Lost & Found says:

    How do we know he did not get lost while out in the field.  I have heard of prisoners who walk away from the group to take a crap, got lost and went on the run.  But I doubt this happened, I think it is just like the writer said, HE whaan Poompoom, he get it and she bring him back.  Good woman.

  3. SKEPTICAL says:

    Bet the allied Prisoners of War in WW II would have loved to have been in a place like Northward. No hassles with creating false ID papers from scaps of toilet paper and ink from soot, making dummy uniforms from old blankets, and digging holes in the ground as escape routes. Just walk out of the gate and if challenged, tell Gerhard or Fritz, or whoever – ” just popping down to the village for a packet of fags and a bit of rumpy pumpy – be back by teatime – perhaps. Can I get you anything ?”.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Why get up set, this occurs all of the time.


  5. Anonymous says:

    Exactly explain to me how a prisoner who is in jail and charged for an Unlicensed firearm and charged for shooting up a man house where he and his family including grandchildren were sleeping be roaming off the prison compounds and called a LOW RISK prisoner!? this is why and how Sabrina met her demise. Because of the slackness that goes on in our prisons by the prison official's.

    Every one deserves a second chance but i am sorry, how can you, allow aprisoner off the compound and UNSUPERVISED?????? this is why you find ganja in your prison AND White HOUSE! ganja, cell phones, cocain and alcohol. i get to understand they even came back to the prison with drugs and alcohol! Our society will never change because the prison system will never punish a criminal enough to make them WANT to not return. No wonder they return to Northward. they get sex, alcohol, drugs, cell phones and can still commit crimes whilst IN the prison and nothing happens. SO SAD!! i wonder now! What ARE they going to DO about this??? what punisment and change is going to come out of this? i even hear that the prisoner isnt even locked down or charged for escaping or the young lady.

    Maybe we need to flush out the officers and bring in REAL Prison officials to run this country like we did the RCIP and get something done. obviously the prison offcials we have now, if they arent bought out must just not care what happens. I say, Change the whole prison officials and bring in REAL men and women that can do a proper job before we have another MURDER on our hands!!

  6. Anonymous says:

    If a prisoner escapes, i think the guard that was supposed to be guarding him should be arrested too, or at the very least fired. This happens too often at Northward these days.


    Fire the whole lot from the questionable director down the line, and replace with better stock – can it really get worse?

  7. Anonymous says:

    You people don't know what go on up Northward. Untill Mr Scott is remove it's not going get better.Is the guys who kill Estella Cat D.Can you tell us when them is please.Me a want to know so I can lock up me girl child…may be the boy to.

  8. Anonymous says:

    There issssss a tiny chance that he didn't any. and she brought him back to the prison out of good conscious.

    Haha. Maybes.


  9. Anonymous says:

    Lets see what Eric Bush has to say about this!

    • EB-robot-response says:

      This frequently happens in other prisons around the world. This is not unique to Cayman. Blah blah blah.

    • Lewis says:

      Why Eric? Does he know the lady in question?

  10. datisme says:

    So basically nothing has chnaged at the prison, the CIG gas pumps, actually anything to do with CIG, schools aren't finished, sewer system not sold, etc., etc., etc..  Full speed ahead right of the cliff.  Caymanian rule will go down in history as the most childlike the world has ever seen.  Come on UK!  You got an easy act to follow here.

    • Anonymous says:

      You forgot to  mention The Dump!! In my 4 years here, nothing has changed.

  11. Anonymous says:

    I am wondering if any robberies occurred around this time.  This could be the reason why some of these robberies can't be solved.  The Police may be eliminating some of these same people as suspects because they assume that they are locked up in Northward.  Just a thought.

  12. Anonymous says:

    If a certain amount of inmates at the Northward Prison are not allowed to roam unsupervised outside the Prison perimeter, how do you expect the supply of illegal drugs to be maintained.

    It do not take a rocket scientist to understand why these Prisoners are allowed to roam free.

    Prisoners can sometimes be seen a half a mile away from the Prison walking to any destination they like unsupervised.

  13. Anonymous says:

    had he simply gone home to feed the cat? lol

  14. Anonymous says:

    who the hell is watching these prisoners, the same people who were watching the cubans????

  15. Anonymous says:

    What I would like to know is what crime did he committ? 28 years old and on the work detail for several years…isn’t that the samething sabrina’s killer was???? Are they waiting for another accident…who is watching these prisoners when they are outside?? Again we have to take this crap and like it….

  16. Anonymous says:

    Excuse me, but am I correct in understanding that the inmate disappeared from the prison for over an hour and the Prison did not even know of his disappearance until he was returnnig at which time they appprehended him and arrested the female who was returning him???????  First of all Mr. Scott, why would an inmate who is in jail for having an unlicensed firearm be considered low-risk and secondly why would he be permitted to work outside the prison at all much less unsupervised???????  Are you crazy AND incompetent????????????  It seems like it to me.  I guess you have forgotten so quickly how Sabrina Schern met her untimely death………..that too was through your establishments gross incompetence and gross negligence.  Its time for you to be replaced……with someone who has at the very least some common sense if not proper training in management of a prison and its prisoners…You seem to have neither.

  17. Daffy Duck says:

    Nipped out for a "quickie" back home for lunch, can't fault the lad! Also it gets really warm out around midday so getting back into the ac is kinda nice! Maybe now she can hang with him in the joint so he won't have to travel so far to get a little action! Hotel Northward is up and running… a little different to Hotel California or was it Californication.. where you can never leave?

    • Uhmmmm says:

      He never really wanted to go anywhere, he only wanted a little bit of Meow !!

  18. Anonymous says:

    Clearly this was set up using one of the illegal cell phones that no longer exists inside the prison.

  19. Anonymous says:

    I am surprised that he did not have her jump over the fence/ get thrown over the fence – the way everyone else does.

  20. jsftbhaedrg says:

    Banga langa langaaaaa, you jus lost your privileges!

    I hope it was worth it.

    The Power of the Poomps.

  21. Concerned Citizen says:

    Prisoner whaan pumpoom.  Se he come back afta.

    • Been here says:

      Yes I agree, he would escape fe poompum.   Most prisoners if gotten the chance would. Dont charge him fe dat.

  22. Power of the People says:

    OK, so Cat D = low risk. Clearly no one thought that society would be in danger of him doing anything harmful, otherwise he would not have been allowed to be outside prison walls, unsupervised.

    Unless…the intention is that he SHOULD have been supervised and somehow was not. In which case, the true culprit is the guard who fell asleep on the job.

    Either way, he was never a flight risk as he was permitted to work outside the gates for years.

    I say let the boy have some nookie for an hour. It obviously kept him calm enough to be labelled a Cat D prisoner. Let the woman go. He was ALREADY outside…AND she brought him back. Finally, don't penalise the prisoner. He came back after all.

    He didn't "escape" – he went further afield. He came back. There are bigger issues to fight than a responsible prisoner seeking a little alone time with his lady.

    It might prove healthy to let "trustee" prisoners re-enter society a little bit at a time. We gotta do something – the current system just isn't working.



    • Anonymous says:

      Are you out of your mind???? Wasn't Sabrina's killer a so called low risk???? People like you is the reason cayman is where it is at today!!!

  23. Anonymous says:

    Puts a new twist on the  word "In-mate."

  24. Anonymous says:

    CNS shouldn't the headline read "Intimate Escapee Meets Woman"?

  25. Anonymous says:

    All I can say is that it must be better than sunshine! 

  26. Anonymous says:

    Don't hate the playa hate the game. SMH

  27. Anonymous says:

    Does he get points for returning to jail after getting himself some lovin?

  28. Anonymous says:

    Hey…bad boys need love too??

  29. Anonymous says:

    After what happened to Sabrina Schern, were no lessons learned at all?  This has got to be a joke.

  30. Anonymous says:

    it's all fun and games until someone ends up dead in the shrubs again!

    Mr. Bush (Eric and the other), what say you? 

    and to the young lady… have you no respect for yourself?

  31. Anonymous says:

    What is going on a Northward?  A friggin' dating service?


  32. Knot S Smart says:

    Oh well..

    Prisoners need some too…

  33. Anonymous says:

    Conjugal visit!

    • Anonymous says:

      Why did the chicken cross the road? – to get to the other side.

      Why did the prisoner escape?  – to get pumpum on the other side.