Mac insists CHEC to do port

| 29/06/2012

(CNS): Regardless of the issues and controversy surrounding the decision to keep negotiating with China Harbour Engineering Company (CHEC) for the development of cruise berthing facilities in George Town, the premier says it will be the company that partners with government to do the project. McKeeva Bush was adamant on Thursday that the development will go ahead with the Chinese partner and no one will stop it. Bush said he was determined to get value for money for the Cayman Islands with this project and not follow “some UN ideal” regarding procurement. He described Chinese money as the cheapest and CHEC as the best partner for the job.  “I am not going to back down,” he said. “They will not stop it.”

Bush has been informed by the UK overseas territories minister that the FCO will not support the port project until the premier gets the process back in line with what Henry Bellingham has described as best procurement practice. However, Bush is determined to stick with the Beijing based firm, which emerged as Bush’s preferred partner following his sudden termination of talks with GLF Construction weeks ahead of the possible start of the cruise port development last April.

The firm has caused controversy across the region because of its parent company’s World Bank ban and as a result of allegations of corruption in its business dealings, as well as a plethora of other issues relating to the infrastructure projects it is involved in throughout the Caribbean, where numerous problems have arisen.

Speaking in the Legislative Assembly on Thursday, Bush was adamant that no one would stop the partnership with CHEC and the business plan would be submitted to the CTC, the auditor general or any other regulator. The premier said he was determined to start the crucial facilities and had spoken about a November start date.

Announcing that DECCO, McAlpine and Hurlstone would be joining CHEC on the upland part of the project, Bush said there would be no “soup kitchens” and jobs would go to Caymanians. He said CHEC would also be obligated  to purchase materials on island where possible — all of which would ensure that the money stayed here.

“This is the type of investment that impacts our people the way they need it most, with jobs for those out of work, and business for companies that are struggling,” he told the Legislative Assembly.

He claimed to be the first administration to progress to a new port, though objections by the FCO might still prevent that from becoming a reality, despite Bush’s insistence.

“We are determined to get the best deal for Cayman, and to secure best value for money. We will not shirk from full examination of what we are doing, by the Central Tenders Committee, the auditor general, and any other duly empowered regulatory authority,” he said.

He said Chinese money was the cheapest and no one was going to stop the project as it would bring enormous benefits to the country.

“There will be a thousand people employed on that dock when it is in full swing and the vast majority of them will be Caymanian,” he promised as he pointed to the criticisms he was receiving for working with the Chinese firm when he said the whole world was dealing with China.

“What? So you gonna believe these donkey faced people who talk about corruption,” he asked. “They are some of the ugliest people in the world,” he added as he quoted from the bible and accused those opposing the port development of “dirty ways”.

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  1. In Perso Nator says:

    Mac, your port project is a tear in the eye of the global strategy of the Chinese…
    This story should terrify all who still support the Chinese port construction…
    Really interesting about the blatant corruption they actively support…

  2. SMB says:

    Albert Jackson built a cruise dock in Coxone Hole, Roatan for less than 1.5 million. A simple piece of concrete and the people walked off and went into the town. We should consider doing something like that and with the profits we make from the passengers that come off, we should then build another dock that rivals the more recently built Roatan pier that has ski lifts etc.
    We are in the top 5 in terms of cuise arrivals world wide. We need to stay smart.
    To keep cost of living low we need port and shipping costs to be low. We can”t afford executives and middle men to get too much cheese as their cut.
    Keep costs very low and make profits, reinvest wisely.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Money staying on Island is surely a spurious argument since, unless the required materials are manufactured here, the money to buy them has already left the island from the importing company….so the only cash staying here is the difference between purchase price paid overseas by importing company and price charged to CHEC?

  4. Anonymous says:

    A word of caution folks. Senseless remarks like "donkey faced" and "carrots and milk" are nothing more or less than very deliberate attempts to divert attention away from the real issues. The devil is indeed clever and we are surely dealing with a professional "devil worshipper" here.

  5. Anonymous also says:

    “What? So you gonna believe these donkey faced people who talk about corruption,”

    Yes Mr. Premier, I am going to believe them.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Just a little thought from one of the ugly donkey face ones:   When Jesus was tempted in the wilderness for 40 days the Devil tried to get Jesus to do stuff by quoting scripture to him. The KEY is that the Devil misquoted scripture by twisting the meaning.  I'll bet the Devil knows the Bible better than almost any person. Notice what Jesus did however – he quoted scripture back, IN PROPER CONTEXT.  The lesson here for us?   It's not enough to know the Bible, you should know what it means and what the spirit of God's Word says.  To misquote and misapply scripture to justify one's own position, is akin to BLASPHEMY.  The apostle Paul tells us that “Satan himself is transformed into an angel of light.” (II Cor. 11:14).  So beware of those who come to you with scripture and try to justify their positions.  AMEN! or HEE HAW, as I like to say. 

  7. Anonymous says:

    Hi, it's me, Ugly Dnkey Face.  Just want to put my 2 cents in.   I agree with the posters who are upset at this latest tirade.  While highly embarrassing to all right-thinking Caymanians, this tirade is not so shocking anymore as we have come to expect nothing better from a fifth-grade educated person who is in deep over his head and lashing out at everyone and blaming us all for his own mistakes.   HERE IS WHAT IS DOWNRIGHT SHOCKING.  That 3 local companies, Decco, McAlpine and Hurlston, are willing to work with this Chinese company mired in controversy / bribery scandals in other countries, resulting so far in 1 imprisonment and 1 execution of those found guilty of accepting bribes, and the questions surrounding this company in neighbouring countries regarding how their contracts were awarded.  How is it that, in the face of all this controversy, these 3 local companies seem willing to work with this company?   Do they have no consideration for their own corporate reputations and are quite willing to risk their good name, by being involved with a company whose parent company and subsidiaries have been BANNED by the World Bank and who have been implicated in bribery scandals as reported in the Press?  AND HERE IS ANOTHER THING THAT IS CONFUSING – as far as I can tell, there was no public invitation circulated by Government to invite ALL local contractors to bid on any of the upland works.  I thought the Great Elio Solomon said local companies would have the chance to get some of the upland works and in turn many locals would be hired – the impression given was that it would be a fair opportunity for local companies and locals alike to apply for some of the works.  So just how were these 3 contractors selected by Government, who decided they were the best choice – was it Government or CHEC, and based on what criteria?  How do we know they will offer value for money, over other local contractors?  We have a right to know how this selection came about.  Further, the Cayman Contractors Association recently issued a letter to the Government, expressing grave concern over the choice of developer given the controversial news about them in other jurisdictions, and possible consequences down the road for Cayman and its local construction industry if this significant project is not handled properly.  So could someone please clarify whether these 3 local companies are members of the CCA, or not?  If they are, are they deliberately going against the CCA's concerns and winging it on their own, with no thought to what is best for Cayman or even their own reputations by doing business with this company?   If they are not CCA members, is this the reason why they have been selected to share in the upland works?  Are the CCA members being penalized byGovernment for speaking out vocally and not supporting its choice of developer?  Could someone who has knowledge of the situation please clarify whether or not these 3 companies are CCA members – because it does not make sense why they would be willing to go against the CCA's concerns and even risk their reputations to work with this developer?  Or do they not care about any of that or the possible consequences down the road to either Cayman or themselves, from doing business with this controversial company?  Signed:  Ugly Donkey Face Genuinely Seeking Clarification.

    • Anonymous says:

      More good questions which will never be answered.

    • Madam Cleo says:

      I forsee the way this will play out is that Mac is desperately trying to link the local contractors into the port picture because he realises just how big a mistake he has made.  

      The three local companies will agree now and then closer to the time, they will, with Mac's assistance and full blessing, put a package together that shows they can do it without the Chinese.

      Mac will act all surprised, praise the knights in shining armour for a brilliant plan and go back and cancel the contract, cost us another lawsuit, but at least save the day in the eyes of the many of us out here that fear for far more social repurcussions of involving the Chinese in our community on sach a large project.

      This is just phase one folks, the plans have been drawn up, and the timing is going to take us right into the election run up…


    • Anonymous says:

      Another important question – didn't the FCO clearly tell this Government that the process needs to be brought back in line with international bidding standards and the largest contract in the history of these islands cannot be handled the way Government is presently handling it (selective negotiations with hand-picked companies based on unclear criteria), and therefore it should be put back out to public tender to ensure value for money?   It would seem Government and now the 3 local contractors involved, do not feel the directives of the FCO should be heeded (never mind CHEC because they do not seem to believe in fair-play so it makes no sense wasting any breath on them).  It simply beggars belief that the few local entities involved, along with Government, would continue to defy what those who are ultimately in charge of these islands have clearly directed to be done.  They all seem to be going along merrily on their way doing whatever they please.   They might all be in for a rude awakening when the hammer falls.  

    • Anonymous says:

      Decco, McAlpine and Hurlston are not members of the CCA which has come out strongly against bringing China Harbour Engineering Company to Cayman and, in fact, one of this group was actually ousted from the CCA in thepast. Lets hope they make lots of money on this project as the minute CHEC is established in Cayman they will be bidding against these very companies for future work – very shortsighted on their part.

      It is also sad to see that major companies such as these are obviously more interested in immediate financial gain than protecting the rights of their fellow Cayman Contractors in the years to come. Its bad enough that small contractors have to compete with large corporate companies with deep pockets but when these very companies assist a company owned and financed by The Peoples Republic of China to enter the small Cayman market, it is a true disgrace and a blight on their reputations!  

  8. Hear ye, hear ye says:

    UDP from hence forth shall be known as United Donkey Party. With an ass for a leader! Shame on you Mr. Bush, shame on you.

  9. Anonymous also says:

    Did I hear a rumor that it is 30 million?  That would explain a lot.

  10. Anonymous says:

    The elephant in the room is still corruption.


    It needs to be dealt with…….soon.

  11. Dred says:

    Could CHEC be investigation #2 for irregularities? Cause I have never seen someone so hardup on a company despite everything that should concern a government with doing business with one. Let's look at some of this:

    1) Son of own indicted in India I believe for bribing officials.

    2) World Bank ban of CHEC for corruption

    3) Other Governments fighting to get out of CHEC deals including our neighbour Jamaica



    I hear some people say about all the jobs we are going to get but at what cost? 50 years of CHEC!!!

    • Anonymous says:

      This deal is about selling your soul for the here and now. This government knows it is in trouble unless it gets someprojects in.

  12. Anonymous says:

    Lord help us. We have a donkey's brain running our country. 

  13. Arf the arfing arfers says:

    After CHEC bribes someone, I wonder what they do to you if you don’t stay bribed? Might get some clarity following that analysis…

    • Anonymous says:

      So true. One has got to wonder why the Premier is so doggedly persuing this….

    • Anonymous says:

      Batabing take the gun leave the cannolli.

    • SKEPTICAL says:

      One thing is for sure – if promises have been made which cannot be fulfilled, or up front commissions paid which cannot be “repaid”, then a certain person’s arse is grass, and CHEC is a lawn owner.

  14. SKEPTICAL says:

    I hope that whoever briefs Bush on media issues specifically brings to his attention the posting by ” From Ohio – Fri. 06/29/2012 16:54 “. For the moment, as the opinion of an overseas investor, it may be just one voice, but most importantly, it is still a “foreign” voice expressing shock and disgust at the language and behavior of the leader of our Government. It is reassuring to know that the frequently expressed opinions of residents are shared by people outside the island who have no axe to grind. Meanwhile, how many more overseas followers of Cayman’s affairs are reacting in a similar fashion and sharing the news, and their opinions, with others. I know that if I, as a potential purchaser of Real Estate in Cayman, was relying on such informed comments – I might think twice. One thing is certain – the FCO ‘s scrap book must by now be running to several volumes.

  15. Anonymous says:

    Oh for goodness sakes, just get the gosh darn thing built…and hurry up!!!!

  16. Anonymous says:

    I am Donkey Face

  17. Anonymous says:

    We cannot afford another year with this man in power. I find this extremely alarming that in the face of basic common sense our leader is saying by any means necessary we are doing business with the chinese. Which tells me that “he” personally cannot afford to do otherwise……. and this has nothing to do with what’s best for this country.

    I am utterly and completely disgusted with the members of his party!! Not one of them have a shred of national pride, decency or integrity.

    Would a people initiated referendum work or thanks to PPM he can only be removed by cooperation from his spineless party members??????

    We need to start putting pressure on those idiots Mckeeva has to step down now, he is simply not fit to hold this esteemed position. We need to ACT on this now.

  18. Fed up with McChavez says:

    This madman's statement about the British would be funny, if it was not so disrespectful. I am so ashamed of him and his rantings and ravings, I wonder if he has been tutored by Fidel Castro and Hugo Chavez, aided by Michael Misick.  If the people of his district re-elect him now, there should be a cansal the width of the Suez cut between West Bay and the rest of the island and fees to cross overshould be so high they will be unable to pay them.  I listened to the Education Minister on the radio on Friday and wonder how such a well-spoken man with an obvious college education can openly support this idiot.  My mother used to warn me of my company and one of her phrases stands out, "When you lie down with the dogs, you must get fleas".  Now I understand that and she is now 86 years old.

    Please, Please Mr. Taylor and Lord Bellingham, remove this man from power immediately.


  19. SKEPTICAL says:

    If you hadn’t been too lazy to “GOOGLE” CHEC for yourself, you wouldn’t now have egg on your face.

  20. Anonymous says:

    These comments are so full of knee-jerk reactions they are becoming tiresome and predictable. The Island desperately needs docks for the Genesis-class ships, unless Cayman wants to kiss the cruise industry goodbye and the 1,000-plus jobs that depend on it. Maybe Mac is the only man with the energy to get the job done; in any case, everyone else has failed so far.

    If the proposed syndicate can get the docks built at a proper cost and in a transparent way,  then well done, I say.  The alternative of further delays will have serious negative financial consequences for this vulnerable economy, and when all is said and done, at least Mac clearly understands this, hence his aggression on the issue.


    What would be more embarassing is if the docks fail to go ahead, yet again, at which point I can't imagine the Florida Cruise Association would be able to suppress their laughter at our serial and endless failures. With this particlular issue, I find myself on Mac's side 100%, as should anyone who has Cruise Ship related exposure.

    • Democracy Now says:

      Poster the issue isn't with whether a cruise ship dock is necessary for the economy. Everyone agrees that it is. The real issue is in the process and the way in which it is being manipulated. The Premier has circumvented this process and if you've noticed several others during his tenure. When this happens people are understandably wary what his motivation is. He is lately under investigation for financial irregularities due in part to what has been given the appearance of a kickback. Add to that he hasn't been as Minister of Finance to bring in a budget. 

      Would you put your money on a horse like that.

      • Anonymous says:

        Actually the financial irregularity has the appearance of extortion. 

    • Not Foo Fool says:

      You are obviously in the beneficial radius of this syndicate. And by using your scare tactics to make us believe that what Mckeeva is proposing is the only game in town is your way of trying to get others to really make a knee-jerk reaction. The only reason we find ourselves at this point with no berthing facility is because Mckeeva screwed up both Atlantic Star and GLF/Royal. As for DART//Decco, well they were just TOO GREEDY with their unreasonable demands for a 99 year lease. 

      • Anonymous says:

        12.17. "Obviously I am within the beneficial radius of this project.'  Well, the fact is I am not, and have nothing to do with it. I'm also sick and tired of the apparent Government corruption like all other decent-minded people, considering the pernicious damage it does to this island . However, to delay the docks any further after so many aborted attempts at their construction will have catastrophic consequences on the cruise-based industry and the 1,000-plus  jobs it sustains.

    • Anonymous says:

      What you fail to understand is that Mac has failed everyone else so far. The dock would have been built now if it weren't for your precious Mac. And we would still have two million dollars to put to good use.

    • Anonymous says:

      You seem to be suffering from McKeeva related exposure.

    • Chris Johnson says:

      Until the Government completes an environmental impact study on Seven Mile beach the new port should not be commenced. Presumably no one thought to put it in the budget either in 2009/10/11 or 2012. Who do we blame for that?

      • Anonymous says:

        Environmental study?


        No need for that. McKeeva used to be the environment minister so he already knows everything about the environment.


        Don't worry, just trust him.

        • Chris Johnson says:

          As I have repeatedly said he is the Minister of All Tings . I swear two more brain cells he would be a plant

      • MacFudgit says:

        Wha we need dat fa? Unadulterated bureaucratic harrassment by dem old donkey faced devil worshippers playing footsie and nyamming off carrots and milk. I hope unna slip and pop unna mout. Cha!

    • Anonymous says:

      Doing something is not always better than doing nothing unless you have never done anything good.  Then its still not good just something.  Which in Caymans case means just another Cayman airways, turtle farm, overpriced and little used waste of money thats just a sad excuse to pay a few Caymanians a lot to keep it going.  Sounds like your one of them.  Good for you.              For now.

    • Fed up with McChavez says:

      I have posted several times about the dock in Puerto Limon in Costa Rica.  We took a cruise on one of Carnival's largest ships and we went right in and tied up at a long concrete pier.  As we are such a small island with all our countrymen struggling to survive the downturn, we should be concentrating on a simple scheme to accommodate the cruise ships and still maintain our popularity with the cruise tourism.  Dealing with CHEC is putting the entire Caymanian life, as we know it, in jeopardy.  When we get 500 Communist Chinese in our little island, we will no longer be known as the British West Indies, we will be known as the new Chinese islands.

    • Anonymous says:

      anon 1047 I agree fully with you that we are dragging our feets on getting a cruise dock but lets get things straight we had a deal in place and the Premeir dropped it. The group he is planning to do the job insted has questions about it. In the end we should have already had the dock strated until the premeir decided to go (And cost the Cayman Islands money) with the Chinese.

    • Anonymous says:

      What you don't need is another Caymankind built, overpriced, underused, and government (you guys) funded turtle farm where just the ones working(or something) there benefit and everyone one else pays and pays and pays.  This is a prime example of a good idea that was done very, poorly with no thought of getting it done the best way for the best price.  do you really want more of that?  Or do you still work at the turtle farm?

    • Donkey Face brother says:

      I know we have some dense people here in Cayman but to say:

      Maybe Mac is the only man with the energy to get the job done; in any case, everyone else has failed so far.


      Yeah! The others failed because as soon as your favorite person got into office, he scrapped every plan to build any docking facilities which cost "us" you and I millions of dollars. What you should be doing is talking honestly to Mr. Bush explaining to him that no matter how much he rants and raves about continuing with the Chinese and pissing off the people who really call the shots where Cayman is concerned, he should shut his Donkey Face and try to gracefully extricate himself from the untenable position he has gotten himself into. Please tell him not to make the assumption that because the FCO has been mostly very quiet about his insulting remarks, and disrespectful ranting, that they are intimidated by him. If Mr. Bush has two grams of anything left in that void above his neck that he should shut his mouth and maybe people will be a little more sympathetic and could pull the same shit he did after the First Cayman Bank fiasco. Everybody felt sorry for "Keevie" The only difference is that this time it might not work because he has pissed off too many people who really cared about him.

    • Anonymous says:

      Your convenient lack of logic for probable self interest is exactly the problem. Let me guess you are one of the premiers party members.

    • jsftbhaedrg says:

      "These comments are so full of knee-jerk reactions they are becoming tiresome and predictable."

      You are referring to Bush I assume.

  21. Let's get this straight says:

    Call National Concrete, get quote for $4million in cement, build pier, pour cement…..let passengers walk off cruise ships instead of using tenders.

    Oh my gosh, did I really remind everyone of WHY we need a cruise ship dock?  A simple dock, not a mega retail shopping mall or casino or bars.

    Mac, stop trying to figure out XXXX and just  (FOR ONCE)  do what is right for the people.  A simple cement pier – no kickbacks, no greed, no favours for buddies.

    • Anonymous says:

      Thank you for raising a very important issue. I've been on cruises, and a simple concrete port works just fine. I don't understand the point of building some mega port which will cost $XXXX amount of dollars that we don't have with shops, & entertainment. Are we inviting tourists here to see the port or the country? They'll be broke by the time they set foot on land, and who prey tell is meant to benefit from the money spent on the port?

      All we really need is one long concrete port, no frills that one or two of these mega ships can pull up to… it's not rocket science.

    • Anonymous says:

      The math is so simple that even McKeeva can figure it out.


      10% of 40 million is more than 10% of 4 million.


      It takes a lot more "real estate consulting" to build a mega port over a simple concrete pier.

  22. Anonymous says:

    So we are all donkey faced ugly people. How insulting and disrespectful of our dictator to think of his people as donkey faced. We will certainly see who is the donkey next May when we all get to play pin the tail on the donkey. The port deal has been a charade from the beginning of the UDPs first day in power when it was given to Dart the next day after the election. There has never been a tender ever. The reason for this is that the Internationally accepted tendering protocols do not facilitate XXXXXX. This is the largest infrastructural development in the history of the country and we are to trust this incompetent and uneducated representative of us donkeys to do the right thing for the country in our best interests. His refusal to place this out for tender correctly and his continued circumvention of the tendering process is because XXXXX and future generations of donkeys will have to pay for as he will have sold us out to the Chinese. He cannot balance a budget, has no credentials in finance, so how would he know what is a good deal for the country in respect to the port. Donkeys unite, we must stand up and insist on transparency and fair and open Internationally accepted tendering process to be carried out to ensure we the donkeys are getting the best deal for our country with all corruption eliminated in the dealings with the chosen contractor. A very concerned ugly faced donkey.

    • Don Quixote says:

      I agree, and I must say that I am most upset and perturbed in regard to the premier's utterances. Perhaps he needs to come out of his quizotic stupor and enter the world of dignified discourse befitting of his position.

      • Sancho Panza says:

        Bless you master, and when you have vanquished him please return the malapropisms he cunningly removed from my care.

  23. V says:

    Well Bush… I rather have the “donkey-face” people behind me instead of the horse a$$ leader I have infront of me.

    At least the donkeys help carry the load while the horse’s a$$ just drops a big, stinking load.

  24. Anonymous says:

    The high comedy just keeps rolling out of Cayman’s governance. I feel so bad for the people stuck living under this cloud of psychosis, while also feeling profoundly grateful that I had the means to move on and set up afresh in a normal, stable jurisdiction.

  25. Knot S Smart says:

    Donkey faced people?

    They need to call him to England and arrest and charge him there. for 'insulting the modesty of the British'…

    • Anonymous says:

      Mac likes to sue people …

      Switch…Someone sue him for the donkey face comments…..


  26. Anonymous says:

    This reminds me of one of the many erudite, albeit not so politically correct, anecdotes told to me by my Grandfather:- "the higher up the tree the monkey climbs, the more he shows his ass!" This jackass should take a close look out his front door every morning at that welfare monster that he created and is feeding on a daily basis, all for the cause of vote buying, if he wants to see ugly. I wait for the day that he can't feed it any longer, because that same monster will consume him. XXXXXXX

  27. SKEPTICAL says:

    ” THESE DONKEY FACED PEOPLE ” – my word, what a wonderful Lexicon of colorful phrases our premier seems to have available, when called upon to display his displeasure with those who have expressed their concerns about his abilities, or behavior. His school teachers must have worked from a most unusual but effective curriculum, for him to have learned, and remembered, such eloquent phrases, bearing in mind how young he was when he withdrew from the educational system of the time. We can only await, with baited breath, his next utterance.

  28. Anonymous says:

    Hold on, I am coming from the UK with a straight jacket for Mac.  The man is totally insane!  The UK has said quite plainly in English that he will have to prepare the proper documents and invite companies to bid for the job of building the port.  Proper process Mac, proper process!  Shout and scream and call people any sort of names you want Mac, the UK is not afraid of bullys.  Remember they kicked Argentina's a_ _ out of the Falklands, and Missick out of TCI, so a little bully like you not going to scare them.  You can also threaten to sue them too, they aren't afraid of that either.  Maybe I am not getting through to you, so let me take you under the ginnep tree and "s-plain to ya in fiff grade language."  Mac, Mac, listen to me carefully.  The UK say ya need prepare proppa documents so companies know what ya want for a port.  Den, ya need ta wok out wha it likely a cost ya to build and how much ya likely make back from it.  No fool fool figgas like wha dey came up wid for Tutle Farm now.  No, it ga be realistic figgas.  Den ya need wok out wha it ga cost ya to run and how much ya likely have leff ova to pay the investa who finance and build it to see if ya can afford to build it and how much ya can afford to pay back.  Hold on, I na finish yet.  Wha ya say?  Ya attention span done run out?  But ya ga hear the rest.  Listen now.  Then ya go and prepare the documents to invite companies who are qualified to bid on de project through Central Tenda's Committee.  Ask ya Chief Offisas advise ya on how de process wok and folla their advice.  Ya ca'an go to far wrong den.  Den ya get de Attorney General look it ova for ya to make sure eweryt'ing ok.  Den ya can put it out to bid.  Mac, whey ya goin'?  Oh well! I wonder if he was really listening?  When mother England slap him with that Lion paw he ga wish he listened. 

    • An Onymous says:

      Although we keep asking, hoping and praying for Premieer Mac to begin to listen to and follow good sound advice from the many who genuinely have the best interests of Cayman at heart, sadly he refuses to accept that, by adamantly hanging on to his over-inflated "I", "me", "my" "mine" ego with a pitbull's tenacity, he is not only destroying the present and future of Cayman but also of himself, and not just politically but more importantly spiritually, mentally, emotionally and physically(and socially too) . 

      Now back to the advice from Anonymous (not verified) on Fri, 06/29/2012 – 21:22, just wondering if it was meant to read  "Auditor General" in the sentence "…Den ya get de Attorney General look it ova for ya to make sure eweryt'ing ok…." –

      • Anonymous says:

        No, he needs the Attorney General to vet it to make sure it is ok legally and he hasn't allowed the Chinese any loopholes to exploit to their benefit.  The Auditor General examines the value for money of the project, but the legal aspects need to be taken care of very carefully before the contract is signed.

        • Anonymous says:

          The same attorney general who approved the legality of his own status grant. That one?

  29. Anonymous says:

    There is only one reason this cannot go through the established procurement process…it benefits one caymanian not all…really slimy …remember all udp’rs are to blame..not just the lead lawn mower guy

    • Anonymous says:

      It benefits one, and it's going to cost the other 54,999 very dearly for the next fifty years.

  30. NeoSurvivor says:

    I am convinced that the Premier has put himself in direct contravention of  the FCO for one primary reason:

    Mr. Bush is SO far in over his head that the only way (in his view) he can leave and still save face is if he is able to say "I could've pulled it off, but the FCO blocked me.   Don't blame me."

    There is no other reason I can understand why he would persist in trying to contract with the WORST deal for the country and the future of the Cayman Islands, without the required tendering process, against the mandate of the FCO.    It's unfathomable.  

    Libertarian, I respect your views and your right to state them;   I wish you weren't so eager to have such a critically important project ramrodded through the government without due process.    I truly believe that no cruise port would be immensely more beneficial to the long-term goals of the Cayman Islands than to have CHEC involved in the process.    Your and my future is mostly written;   we cannot obligate the future of our children and grandchildren nor risk 'giving away the farm'  just for the chance to bail out a failed government.   

    • Anonymous says:

      Agreed – maybe he is apprehensive of possible repercussions from the Chinese if he doesn't deliver on giving them the job – and perhaps he is deliberately antagonizing the UK so that they will be forced to step in and call a halt to his negotiations, so that he can say to the Chinese "I tried hard but they tied my hands".   Maybe that is what this is, because it flies in the face of all logic that after all we have learned about this controversial company, he is still adamant on giving them the job.   Unreal.  If this weren't happening in real life, I would think I was reading a high-stakes political thriller fictitious novel.

    • Anonymous says:

      Considering CHECs reputation another reason my be the proceeds of corruption

  31. Thunder Storm says:

    simply idiotic!

  32. Anonymous says:

    some time ago an old lady from east end  told some young people that this country would be taken over by JACKASS AND JAMACIANS.  BOY WAS SHE TRUE.  we now have a jackass leading the political goverment, and he is being advised by jamacians,  and the bad part about this is that these are some of the same jamacians the ####up jamaica. caymanians if you do not rid the country of this tyrant in the next election.  dog eat your supper

  33. The lone haranguer rides again! says:

    Boy does McKeeva have shares in this company? Or what.

  34. Anonymous says:


  35. Anonymous says:

    I think someone has his cajones in a cajone cracker

    • Anonymous says:

      Yep, the Chinese cajones cracker – the worst nut cracker of them all.  And that nut cracker was not made cheap either like the other cheap goods they make, no siree – it is quality stuff.

  36. From Ohio says:

    People of the beautiful Cayman Islands, I have been coming here for over 35 years and have never thought it my place to comment on your politics however the behaviour and statements from your Premier are above and beyond belief at this point.

    I will not try to suggest how you should vote in your next elections, May next year I think, but what I can assure you is that if you keep this gentleman and government you are in for some very serious times, not only locally but eventually internationally.

    This is the first time in all these years that I have thought of selling our condominium and moving somewhere else. And yes, there are many other beuatiful Caribbean islands that do have beaches and water. While they may not be these islands we so dearly love they are nice and certainly a lot cheaper.

    Your current government seems to be on the edge of a cliff. Please think carefully before you vote.



    • Anonymous says:

      As an older Caymanian let me thank you for taking the time to share your concerns. There are many of us who recognise the basis of your concerns. Never before in the history of our islands have we had such a disasterous government. I hope and pray that things will correct themselves, and I will vote and will encourage others to vote to bring about change, so that all of us, visitor and resident alike, may once again enjoy my beautiful islands.  

    • concerned CAYMANIAN TO THE BONE says:

      Amen! Person from Ohio.

      A few decades back the Volkswagons were prevelant in Cayman and there was a certain RED VW Beatle in West Bay that the Premier could easily fit in the back seat. Little do people remember why he was in the back seat. A certain donkey was being chastised in the Beatle. Does the Premier remember those times and does it remind him now of what's happening with him why he is so vendictive? Lord Help the Cayman ISlands if the days of the little RED Beatle is back with us!!!!!!!!

  37. Anonymous says:



    Your tiny nation of 20,000 including children will disappear once Chinese put their foot on this island. They have their ways. They slowly but surely invade wherever they can. They are very resilient.  With all draconian measures to prevent Chinese population grow in the Russian Far East, their numbers are steadily increasing. They bribe VERY WELL whoever they can, for whatever reason they need. Soon, lots of Caymanian women will be married to Chinese men, they will pay them so much, no one will be able to refuse.So there  you go…

  38. Anonymous says:


    Does he suffer from a delusion of grandeur?

  39. Anonymous says:

    Hello everyone. This is Eeyore speaking. I am quite adorable and I really don't know what Whining Poo is saying.

  40. Anonymous says:

    I hope someone realises that the UK Government will have to approve the borrowing necessary to bring this dream to reality and they have been reluctant to do so for even $48 million.

  41. O'Really says:

    Bush – subject of 3 investigations for corruption

    O'Connor-Connoly – up to her neck in asphalt

    Anglin – charged with DUI

    Seymour – charged with ( among other things ) seeking to pervert the course of justice (acquitted)

    Solomon – stormed radio station

    Adam – son convicted of theft ( father not implicated )


    Entire UDP party guilty of failing to control or sanction Bush.


    “What? So you gonna believe these donkey faced people who talk about corruption,” Bush asked.


    And your alternative is?


    • Anonymous says:

      All sounds like good qualifications from the 'University of Life' for members of a third-world government. LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Anonymous says:

        ICCI have just introduced a 3-year "Granny Wits" masters programme for young, educated Caymanians seeking a road into politics.

  42. Peep Peep says:

    The devil quotes scripture.

  43. Anonymous says:

    Registered voters need to start the petition and circulate.  Clearly this shouldn't wait for election next year, or even the OMOV referendum in 3 weeks.  The big problem is this one man.    

  44. Anonymous says:

    Why is CHEC still being considered when it has been made abundantly clear that the process used to select them was not transparent, or fair?  Due process wasn’t even followed and a Board was fired, a contract terminated and a $2 million penalty paid just so CHEC could be “appointed.” There is no way in this world should the CTC, Auditor General, Governor,  FCO or The Cayman public at large let this deal be signed. It would therefore appear that there is much more to this than meets the eye. Perhaps the public should be made aware of the secret meetings/negotiations with CHEC.  Are there official minutes or notes from these meetings? – What has been discussed? Could it be that the Premier is being so persistent on signing a deal with CHEC because hands are being filled and to back away now and do things correctly would cause serious repercussions? The devil is perhaps in the details of CHEC’s initial proposal! I am afraid the George Town MLA has given us a slanted view of the outcome of his negotiations with CHEC.  Now a project manager with little experience in port matters and also Hurlstone construction is being touted again (remember them from Royal Walter Cruise Terminal cost over runs in the millions etc.) – we see where this heading and it’s not good. This seems to be a cephalopod mollusc – ability to camouflage, autotomize limbs and eject a thick blackish ink (in the form of BS). Government is just buying time!!!

  45. Anonymous says:

    "We will not shirk from full examination of what we are doing, by the Central Tenders Committee, the auditor general, and any other duly empowered regulatory authority,” he said.

    Perhaps someone should read the Central Tenders Committee brochure to Mac. This project should have been put out to bid. Announcing who is going to build it and who the sub-contractors are is an admission that the proper, legal, correct process has not been followed. 
    • Anonymous says:

      "And I will keep on changing the membership of the committee until I find a bunch that will do exactly what I say XXXXX"

  46. Anonymous says:

    Whatever he's smoking I want some of it! LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  47. Anonymous says:

    I'm not sure what a donkey face looks like, but for the last 3 years we sure have seen a lot of other end of the donkey.

  48. Anonymous9 says:

    This and the WB road project (aw heck, all of his projects for that matter) are straight out of a Disney or Lifetime Channel movie. 

    Big money deals here folks. Lot's of promises made 3 years ago to ensure the right numpty was in control of gvt spending, someone with the gonads to pull it off.

    I love this quote;

    “What? So you gonna believe these donkey faced people who talk about corruption,” he asked. “They are some of the ugliest people in the world,” he added as he quoted from the bible and accused those opposing the port development of “dirty ways”.



    Shame it's not just a movie script because at the end of ALL Disney movies, the good guys (underdogs) always win. In the real world, them's with the big spondoolies usually win. (Styrofoam spondoolies that is…)

    • Boston Tea Party says:

      Eee aw said Eeyore. I am donkey faced and I will be counted. Come on down, Christopher Robin said Pooh.

    • Anonymous says:

      Lets leave all the insulting comments to ya own yard.  Tell me folks in all of the backlash and talk talk about CHEC has anyone of them gone to jail, i.e. chinese people or CHEC company been fined for these alledged irregularities.  CNS come on stop twisting andturming and  focus on what I just wrote and show details if they are available.  Do something good for your country.


      CNS: The former Chairman of China’s Hebei Port Group, Huang Jianhua, was sentenced to death earlier this year for taking bribes from CHEC and CCCC. Chinese authorities say Huang was given a house worth more than US$628,000 after he arranged for them to win a bid in 2008 for the construction project at the Huanghua Port Wharf in China. Read here. Apparently, the Chinese authorities take these things a bit more seriously than you do.

      • Anonymous says:

        Yes but he was only passing through jail on the way to being executed for corruption so that really does not count.

      • Arf the arfing arfers says:

        Do something good for the country??? CNS is the best thing that’s happened to Cayman ever. As for you, you have the internet – Google something and take responsibility for your own education. Stop sitting around and waiting for someone to feed you the truth. Odds are someone will come around and feed you BS instead, claiming to be defending you from donkey-faced ugly people.

      • Anonymous says:

        Hard to "like"….disagree with the initial post and agree with CNS' comment.

      • Jah Dread says:

        Where is the newspaper article that supports your statement CNS. You could be right but I need to see the evidence for myself. Don't trust you CNS none at all.


        CNS: Chairman of Large SOE Sentenced to Death for Taking Bribes

      • Anonymous says:

        Hi 10:35, unless you live in the bush and do not have access to a computer, which is highy improbable since you have posted on CNS, there is a magical world called Google, you shoudl try it.

  49. Anonymous says:

    I can understand West Bay electing this guy. He has some down home appeal. What i can't understand is the UDP putting up with all this.  The only people who voted for him to be premier were the UDP reps. They could vote in another of their group at any time and try to pull out of this tailspin before they hit the ground. A lot of people would appreciate it

    • Libertarian says:
      And that is why I wish we had pursued changing the entire political system instead of just an aspect of it – "one person, 1 vote."  I like the idea of having "one person, 2 votes. One vote for the one candidate you want to see represent your district, and one vote for the one candidate from amongst all candidates, you want to see become Premier (in this case, he would be called President). Why I would like to see the one person, two votes instead of the one person, one vote? For the simple reason that it will give the people the power to also directly remove or recall the Minister of Finance if the people should lose confidence in him. Presently, because the Premier is selected from amongst the 15 MLAs that were elected by the people (and not DIRECTLY from the people), it is only them who can vote a no confidence and remove him. To me, that is a major disadvantage to the people's democracy. I feel that whenever the people have lost confidence in a leader before General Elections, they should at least have that welding democratic power to recall and remove the incompetent leader to be replaced by another one. What will make such a recall system better than the one we have now? The President will be directly accountable to the people and will at least take heed when they are at variance with him on major issues. Today, I feel the Premier pays us no mind, because he knows that his party will support him and no one can touch him until Election Day. So if one person, 1 vote don't pass, I appeal to those activists who truly love Cayman to please consider one person, 2 votes as a better option.
    • Dred says:

      One could only assume they are all of teh same accord and no one is smarter than he is. How else are we to comprehend this level of mental incompetance?

    • Anonymous says:

      One has to wonder if they put him or he put himself in since not one of them can open their mouth. What a mess.

  50. Sam Putt Putt says:

    "Donkey faced?" That's a new one on me and I thought my grandmother taught me all of the old time Caymanian expressions. 'Course she wasn't much for insults. Must be a West Bayer expression.

  51. Anonymous says:

    You clearly have no understanding of what the UN is, what it stands for, what it does; and the true weight it carries in the global political community. Making a statement like that is incredibly embarassing. You paint such a poor picture of our country. Perhaps you should consider reading the newspaper, buying a book on political systems, googling the UN, or asking for an opinion from an expert/consultant/advisor. Do something proactive instead of making such ridiculous comments in an attempt to deflect.

  52. Something Hit The Fan says:


    "We have a saying in China, 'Construct the eagle's nest, and the eagle will come'. We have constructed such a nest in your country to attract such Chinese eagles.

    "This is our contribution to you.""

    This article is actually from 2010, but if you look at what the Chinese have done since then, it's alarming. They own or are in the process of owning ports in Mexico, Canada, Florida, Bahamas, Pakistan, Greece and perhaps some astute readers can help me out with some more.

    Indeed, this is a very cleverly veiled statement but you can be assured that the eagle will not comein peace, especially when he shows up on our shores clutching a repayment note in his talons.

    It will transpire that Cayman can no longer pay the interest on its exorbitant excesses of cash wastage AND that the entity that actually carries the debt is none other than the Chinese.

    International, enforceable law states that they will have a LEGAL right to claim our property because we have defaulted and as the owners of legitimate sovereign debt, they will be allowed to take what is rightfully theirs – our country.

    I can assure you that if this is the case, the first Chinese container vessel that shows up in their new deepwater port in George Town won't be carrying cuddly toys.

    I am predicting that in the very near future, the ugly details of what has happened to Cayman will be made public. Of course the hidden hands will magically vanish, leaving the empty, treasonous puppets to face the angry crowd. 

  53. Anonymous says:

    Wasn't the last time thishappened and he wanted the best value for money the Cohen loan.

    Which then cost Cayman even more, but atleast there was the free ride on the Cohen Lear Jet

  54. Cheese Face says:

    “What? So you gonna believe these donkey faced people who talk about corruption,” he asked. “They are some of the ugliest people in the world,”


    • Bling man says:

      Wha donkey faced people ya talkin about?  Ya na talkin about me are ya?  I been talkin about coruption, but my woman say I na ugly.

  55. Libertarian says:

    Enough talk from the devil already, I look forward to seeing this project started, so people can have jobs and businesses stay afloat. The opposition can add flames to the fire, revert to the past to score political points. But this endeavor will not help us and put food on so many people's tables. The UK can as well mess things up and intervene, prolonging the process of our economic development. One word of advise for the electorate, coming General Elections 2013, next time, don't vote for McKeeva Bush. He has wasted so much time in getting the job done. I am sure there is someone else better that can take the place of Minister of Finance. And we don't anybody from PPM side either. Let's get this done and move on; or else, these cruiseline companies expecting a new facility, may not want to come here anymore when other places will be well ahead of us with their facilities. Let us more on, get off the politicking and think about the people here for a change. Regards  

    • The Parliamentarian says:

      I am not against a new dock,  but I'm not exactly for it, either……… especially if we have to assume unpayable debt or give the country away!  Dealing with CHEC is not a good idea.  They will drain the lifeblood from us!  They are expanding their influence and control in all the Caribbean.  Here are some news items:

      The tiny island nation of Dominica has received a grammar school, a renovated hospital and a sports stadium, also courtesy of the Chinese.

      Antigua and Barbuda got a power plant and a cricket stadium, and a new school is on its way.

      The prime minister of Trinidad and Tobago can thank Chinese contractors for the craftsmanship in her official residence.

      You may have read where they have been barred from doing business with a large bank because of some shady dealing.  I am amazed that our Premier would still consider doing business with them! 

      • Libertarian says:

        Understand their history, but if we don't start this project now, that would mean Cayman has wasted 5 years, and we would have to wait another 2 years or more from the next government or rely on them to do something. I don't think this is good for Cayman. We have been speaking about a cruise berthing facility for over 10 years now. When UDP wasn in and then PPM afterwards, nothing was done about it!  We have came this far with Bush as captain and now when the ship is sinking, it is like heading back out to sea. The risks are too high for theeconomy and people without jobs! CHEC is not the only company that is "shady." If we had look at companies on how "shady" they were, we would have never got Camana Bay. We would have still been looking for that perfect entity to develop Cayman. We can't go on like this and have politics slow down our economic growth. Even the UK contributes to its slowing with their "red tape" policies. Parliamentarian, we have to move forward and swallow the hard pill in seeing Bush as captain. We have wasted too much time on this issue.  If CHEC, GLF, DECCO, and all companies on the list are not allowed to construct the facility, how do we know the next government will find a better one?  Or, will they again get sidetrack on schools and roads. We can't afford this to continue as a political two sided game. It will ruin Cayman! 

      • Anonymous says:


        So you would rather these countries you mentioned,  to remain backward. Without proper schools, power plants, sport stadium, hospital.

        Do you all think that these poor, and  underprivialage  citezens of  these countries you mentioned, care about who build there infrastructures? whether it be the World bank or the Chinese Bank.

        Is it really the Chinese you guys are scared of, or there way of doing business, which surpasses the western world. 

        Let me tell you all something, the world banks are no different from the Chinese bank… they are all into it for the big bucks. Maybe all you smart ass, can come up with the fundings for these world wide projects, and hand it over freely to the various countries, including Cayman.

        Do me a favor and stop brain washing the people that live here. Google, "The Confession of an Economic Hitman" and get back to me, then we can rap.

  56. Anonymous says:

    "Announcing that DECCO, McAlpine and Hurlstone would be joining CHEC on the upland part of the project" — Was there a formal bidding process, or any bidding process at all?  Who and how was it decided these three companies would have the right to choose who and what goes on the upland part of the pier?  XXXXX Mckeeva is completely and utterly out of control.  He has done a beautiful job of selling this island out and ruining it. It is a disgrace.  The worst part is that some people actually support him – it completely baffles me.  The only way I am able to sleep at night, is knowing the fact that when my time comes to leave this world I know where I will be heading, and when Mckeeva's time comes – we all know where he will be heading, and he's going to need a very strong a/c, because it is going to be hot.


    The next big headline will be the announcement of the dismissal of the head of the National Roads Authoirty by Mckeeva.  Who is "coincidentally" the same gentleman who called Mckeeva out on the dynamite debacle.  He is a dictator, anyone that speaks out against him is kicked to the curb.  Please open your eyes and wake up Cayman.  This place is too beautiful to let go so easily.  He is an evil tyrant, we cannot let him continue to destroy people's lives.

    • Anonymous says:

      Hurlstone went bust last year.  He is making it up as he goes!

    • John says:

      It is indeed baffling when people get on this site and talk as they are on some serious illegal substance.  THe construction companies mentoined in the article are the largest on the Island, what do yo want a foreign company to come and bid against these on a construction contract.  Isnt this a saving grace for this community if they work on this project providing jobs for our on Caymanians.

      friend or foe get up of a dat thing or u looking for a straight jacket.

  57. Anonymous says:

    Donkey faced. Uhmmmmmmmmmmmm. Anyone see any similarities here???

  58. Anonymous says:

    More like "I will not give back the money".

  59. Anonymous says:

    "Donkey faced people"?  Way to defend your position.

  60. jsftbhaedrg says:

    Mac, the truth can be ugly, realise that.

  61. Anonymous says:

    “I am not going to back down,” he said. “They will not stop it.”

    Seriously, I hope the UK stop/block it and kick McKeeva out.  I've had enough of this.

    • Anonymous says:


      Haha, you can't take that man with the iron balls, can you?he is my hero. that is how i like to hear a man talk. he can also walk the walk.

      So all you hateful f@@@s can go fly a kite.

      The UK not stopping nothing. your wishes will just fade away my friend. save yourself the stress. 

  62. Whoop whoop says:

    I thought Jack-A$$ Mac was the only donkey face around here…

  63. Anonymous says:

    Not going to happen. The government can't afford to give the Chinese the passenger arrival fees. No one is going to build the dock for free and turn it over to the government now or in 50 years.

  64. Anonymous says:

    My sincere apologies to my fellow voters. I voted for Mac because I thought he would turn Cayman around. However, three years later I have become deeply concerned that he is psychotic, bordering on dangerous. He lives in denial. He is offensive. With the number of people he travels with and the life I now hear he leads, how is it none of the opposition has exposed some of this man's hobbies via photos? Perhpas if they did, the Churches would not be so quick to support Mac and people like me wouldn't be fooled so easily. 

    • jsftbhaedrg says:

      Thank you for your apology, its a shame that the rest of the UDOP supporters do not seee / or share the same sentiments.

      And I do have photos, i am just saving them for the elections in 2013. XXXXX

      • Anonymous says:

        Please don’t wait. You may start a trend that is incredibly beneficial trend.

      • Anonymous says:

        Please don't save the photos for 2013, we need to be rid of this man NOW.

    • Anonymous says:

      Probably because some of the Opposition's behaviour is akin to his! Photos could be floating around on both sides mi dear.

      • Anonymous says:

        This post probably says more than you meant it to. One, your admission of unacceptable UDP behavior. Two, your acceptance of it, which says something about you. As I'm more interested in my country than these individuals, either party, if you have any pictures publish them. Although, your use of the words "could be" may simply be typical UDP scare tactics. You did not say, "there are."



  65. Anonymous says:

    They already have mac, now sit down and shut the hell up, you embarrass us all

  66. philip says:

    Mac, its quite simple , how do we the people of Cayman know we are getting value for our money?, when you keep moving the goal posts on what is expected of this project. what started out as  two simple finger piers has now blossomed into piers in West Bay and Spotts,retail space that will double what is currently in town , added more worries to these tennents that are already having a hard time meeting there every increasing costs.

    Once you have decided what it is YOU want in terms of docks, upland develpoment then put the whole thing back out to tender, so we the people can judge which one is value for money, as i do not think you are the best person to be telling us what value for money is, as you seem to have no concept of money. You anounce one day that we can't balance our budget and more cuts are needed in civil service ( you were told this three years ago), and more increase in fees for the private sector are coming(cost of living going up again), but the very next day you are giving 10k to people and free solar panals??.

    People are not bashing this project ,most people are for it , the problem is how you are going about it, just look at your track record with all the deals you have personally been involved in over the last three years, Cohen, schools,etc that have cost us more money, checks and balances are needed , hence the CTC , auditor Genaral and FCO, you can not be trusted, once you get this in to your head(or hopefully step aside) things will move a lot more smoothly.

  67. Anonymous says:

    There is obviously more to Bush's insistence that CHEC must get this deal than meets the eye since it will obviously not bring the benefits to the country that he claims.  

    I never cease to be embarrassed by the words that come out of his mouth. He is unfit to be premier.

  68. Anonymous says:

    From First Cayman Bank to Stan Thomas to the Cohen deal to GLF Mac has shown himself to have a profound insight into finance and management. I don't know why anyone would question his judgement or motivation.

  69. Anonymous says:

    "Bush said he was determined to get value for money for the Cayman Islands with this project". Well, that was his determination regardless of whatever anyone else had to say about the Cohen deal too, wasn't it? But guess who got the value for NO money there folks?Get rid of McKeeva Bush, Cayman.    

  70. Anonymous says:

    "We will not shirk from full examination", said the Great Deflector, as he slammed the door on the topic and reverted to a well-rehearsed Biblical reference.  His words meaningless.

    • Anonymous says:

      I suspect that God will have a few choice words to say to this clown when he arrives at the pearly gates hoping to be let in. Blasphemy is a serious thing. 

  71. Anonymous says:

    Just when I thought Mac couldn't bring us any more shame…

    "donkey faced people?" "ugliest people in the world"?

    This is unbecoming of a statesman in the office of Premier. These ill thought out, shameful, disgusting tirades from this playground bully are being broadcast all over the world for all to read.

    I am ashamed of all who voted for and supported this nincompoop as the chief politician representing our islands.

    Someone please remove this man from office. UK, RCIPS, PPM, Concerned Caymanians, anyone…?

  72. Stunned says:

    WTF??!!!!! ok I am going back to bed because I did not just read this nope this is definitely a nightmare!!! Nope I am awake!!

    The PREMIER of this country simply can NOT behave and make such comments publicly. I find this is in the poorest of taste and completely unacceptable. Something must be done about this mindset and behaviour we simply cannot keep quiet anymore this is unbelievable to me!!!!



    • Anonymous says:

      And it wasn't said at a UDP rally, it was said in the country's Parliament for f**k sakes!