Sharks feed and Subway stings

| 04/07/2012

(GCFFA): Week five of the Dart Women’s League within the Grand Cayman Flag Football Association saw first-time losses and first-time wins for some teams. Zulu Warriors continue their success after beating Maples Bliss 6-0 last Friday night at the Camana Bay Field. Quarterback duties for the Warriors were shared between Jessica Pawlik and Dionne Whittaker. Pawlik completed 12 of 26 passes with one interception thrown, and Whittaker completed three of six pass attempts, also with one interception thrown. EmilyVakauta caught the lone touchdown pass for the Warriors, and was also dominant in the middle, receiving four more balls.

When Whittaker wasn’t filling in as quarterback, she showed her versatility, receiving the ball five times, helping to bring her team down the field.  The Warriors’ defense was led by Wendy Torres, who had four tackles, followed by Whittaker with three tackles. The momentum for Warriors was high, as Maggie Ebanks, Nadisha Walters and Agueda Broderick each had an interception, but it was Broderick’s pick that nearly led to a defensive touchdown. The team could have advanced their score, but Maples Bliss was able to stop the Warriors from scoring in the second half.

Frustration and butter fingers on the Maples Bliss team contributed to their inability to move the ball past the 40-yard marker. Quarterback, Ellenor Berry, completed 10 of 20 pass attempts, with three interceptions thrown.

Camille Solomon caught five of Berry’s passes by cutting through the middle and the quick-footed Marleena Smith caught two balls. Berry tried to spread the ball amongst other players, and when an option wasn’t available, she utilized her speed and ran the ball to help her team advance down the field.

Dianerra Whittaker had a great defensive game with five tackles, but fumbled and collided with her teammates on key interceptions.  Maliqui Awe had four tackles, followed by Isatou Sey with three tackles and an interception. Sey’s interception was a big moment for Maples, as she picked the ball right in front of the end-zone, preventing the Warriors from another touchdown. Krishan Welcome also had two tackles and an interception, and Smith added to the defense by sacking the quarterback twice.

Subway Stingers started off Saturday’s games with their first win and shut-out against Lone Star JagerMonsters, with a final score of 13-0.

Subway’s quarterback, Christina Pineda is steadily improving her game, completing 13 of 24 passes with one interception thrown. Long passes to Latoya Cover and Joanne Remillard, who both sprinted the ball in around 30 yards resulted in touchdowns for Subway. Keisha Anglin was another favorite for Pineda, as she also added five catches on offense. Sasha Tatum also contributed to the score by catching a ball in the end-zone for conversion points.

Subway Stingers played a solid game on defense as the petite Remillard locked down Renee Thompson from JagerMonsters in the corner, with four tackles. Anglin also added four tackles to the defense. Sasha Tatum and Latoya Cover each came up with an interception, stopping the JagerMonsters from advancing past the 40-yard line.

Offense was the biggest problem for Lone Star JagerMonsters, as they were unable to move the ball down the field. Quarterback Tricia Miller completed 10 of 21 pass attempts with two interceptions thrown.

Center player, Erin Marshall was open in the middle often, receiving four of Miller’s passes. Renee Thompson caught three balls, mostly down the sideline, but was stopped short of advancing for JagerMonsters.

The defense of Lone Star kept knocking throughout the game as Laura Watler led the team with three sacks to the quarterback. Christina Ravdas had three tackles, followed by Renee Thompson and Nickey Martinich with two tackles each. Thompson also came through with a pick in midfield.

Hot 104.1 Cheetahs had a close game with Burger King Wolverines, but came up short with a final score of 6-14. Cheetahs’ quarterback, Kimberley Rivers completed six of 17 passes with one interception thrown. Jamesette Anglin is proving to be a favorite receiver for Rivers, catching three passes. Shalisa Barnett was right behind Anglin with two catches.

The Cheetahs defense saw much more action, as Jennifer Cotarelo intercepted a ball in the middle, maneuvered past four Wolverines players and sprinted up the sideline for a 30 yard defensive touchdown. Amanda Nelson caught a second interception, but slight hesitation stopped her running in a second defensive touchdown as Jahzenia Thomas was able to tackle Nelson just yards from the end-zone.

Adding to the Cheetahs defense was Sophia Dilbert with five tackles, Cotarelo with four, and Tonia Ebanks-McLaughlin with three tackles. Brittni Ebanks and Nelson each had a sack on the quarterback.

Although Burger King Wolverines struggled in the first half of the game, they were able to pull through with two touchdowns in the second half.  Antoinette Lewis, quarterback for the Wolverines, completed 18 of 28 passes with two picks thrown.

Carrie Barnett shone on offense for the Wolverines, catching five passes including two in the end-zone for touchdowns. Beneica Thompson also had five receptions, followed by Joni Wood with four. Alex Terry added conversion points with her catch in the end-zone.

Missed flags were the biggest problem for the Wolverines’ defense. Alexandria Saintvil led her team on defense with three tackles, followed by Shinette Rhoden and Natalee Dyke with two tackles each. Jessica Ebanks came through on the defensive end with one interception.

The biggest upset of the day saw the undefeated Androgroup Killa-Panthers defeated by Hammerheads Lady Sharks, 6-0.

One of the most consistent quarterbacks this season is Christina Hefner of Killa-Panthers, who completed 19 of 30 passes with one interception thrown.  Hefner’s favorite receiver continues to be the elusive Cassandra Bodden, who had five receptions. Caron Murphy followed with four catches and Alicia Dixon helped her team chip down the field with three receptions.

On defense, Janique Samson led her team with four tackles, followed by Suyen Coe and Gillian Roffey with two tackles each. Delicia Ebanks and Stephanie Watler snaked past the offensive blockers and came up with a sack each.  The Killa-Panthers had some chances to turn the score around with interceptions, as Gillian Roffey snagged two, followed by Ebanks with one pick.

Hammerheads Lady Sharks didn’t have much to say on offense, but their strong defense kept the team in the lead. Quarterback Hong Nguyen completed nine of 18 passes, with three interceptions thrown.

Lilia Conolly had four receptions and the lone touchdown was from Judy Rivers, who span past the defense to run the ball about 30-yards into the end-zone.

Rivers showed her dominance on defense with an incredible nine tackles, followed by Conolly with five tackles and Zoenief Walker with three. Nguyen sacked the quarterback twice, and Walker and Serena Yates managed to pull off one sack each. Conolly also had an important interception on Alicia Dixon, that saved what could-have been a much-needed touchdown for the Killa-Panthers.

Week six of the Dart Women’s League within the GCFFA begins Friday evening at 8pm at the Camana Bay Field with Lone Star JagerMonsters versus Hot 104.1 Cheetahs at 8pm. Neither team has won a game yet this season. Saturday morning’s games begin at 10am with the Burger King Wolverines against the Androgroup Killa-Panthers. Both teams have lost only game yet this season. 11am sees Hammerheads Lady Sharks against Zulu Warriors, tied in team standings, on field 1, and Subway Stingers versus Maples Bliss on field 2.


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