El Nino could curb Atlantic peak season storms

| 05/07/2012

305631520-23135453.jpg(CNS): Experts at the U.S. Climate Prediction Centre revealed Thursday that the emergence of an El Niño in the equatorial Pacific Ocean, may limit the development of hurricanes in the Atlantic as the storm season reaches its peak in September. The weather boffins said that the number of warm spots across the central Pacific has grown indicating an El Niño may form before the storm season reaches is busiest time. “Overall, the forecaster consensus reflects increased chances for El Niño,” the centre said. This phenomenon in the Pacific increases wind shear inthe Atlantic that can keep tropical systems from forming.

The experts said observations reflect a likely progression towards El Niño and favour the development anytime from now until September the busiest period when storms form in waters off the African coast and intensify as they travel across the Atlantic.
This hurricane season started with four named storms in its first month — the most since the National Hurricane Center began keeping records but the season is still expected to be relatively quiet, with a total of nine to 15 named storms four to eight of which are expected to become hurricanes.

The phenomenon of El Niño usually forms every three to five years as warm surface waters in the Pacific Ocean shift from west to east. Those warmer waters form upper atmospheric storms that can thwart hurricanes forming in the Atlantic Ocean, Caribbean Sea and Gulf of Mexico. While El Niño can dramatically reduce hurricane formation, it does not eliminate it.
As the climatologists made their predictions Thursday there was no sign of any tropical storm formation across the Atlantic.


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  1. Anonymous says:

    Trust me, there is no curbing going on. Just look at the ocean temperatures for this time of year.

    There is only grace standing between us and a full-blown hurricane. No one knows exactly what is going to happen, but the last thing that anyone wants is a repeat of Ivan. Very few of us were really ready for the intensity of that monster, but we can be ready for the next one.

    Use your experience to prepare. You need water first and foremost. Food, first aid, tools, gasoline, dry clothes, documents etc.

    Thanks for listening. FYI, the next storm will begin with E for "Ernesto" which means "serious".

    Hoping not……

  2. Anonymous says:

    Experts? Well, you can put your destiny in their hands or use a little common sense. For my brothers and sisters who went through Ivan, we all know that there were no experts around when we were crapping in plastic bags.

    Folks, please. Get prepared. Make sure you have LOADS (I mean LOADS) of water, plenty of canned food, tools, radio and flashlight. Don't go with all this 3-day foolishness.

    Just get ready to survive in the event of a catastrophe and when hurricane season is over, start eating your food and replace it with fresh for next year.

    Peace to you all.