Bodden offers bitter-sweet taste of nostalgia

| 09/07/2012

IMG-20120709-00161 (226x300).jpg(CNS): The president of UCCI has made another significant contribution to local culture with the recent publication of his new book, 'A gathering of old men'. In his latest work Roy Bodden returns to his love of storytelling and takes readers on a bitter-sweet nostalgic journey to a forgotten time when things were much simpler but sometimes extremely hard. From the adventures and dangers of turtling to the fears of the future, Bodden tells a story of Cayman’s past as he heard it as a boy listening to the old men in Bodden Town talk under the tree outside his bedroom window. The book is endearing but tinged with sadness as it reflects tough times and lost times.

Although the book is a departure from his recent political trilogy, it still tackles one political issue that remains as poignant today as it did to the old men then: the balance between native Caymanians and the growing numbers of overseas migrants, who have changed the shape of Caymanian society is a recurrent theme. The book illustrates the incredible complexities of Caymanian society and culture but at the same time entertains the readers with sad and funny tales in equal measure.

Bodden is an excellent storyteller and he has invoked a picture of bygone days that depicts the rich tapestry of the Caymanian way of life, long forgotten in many quarters. The author’s storytelling ability allows him to take the readers through some complex issues that Cayman is still grappling with and connect them with what many would say were the legitimate fears of the changing community.

On the surface the book recalls conversations of old men but in reality it is a conversation that Cayman continues to have today about where it is has come from and where it is going.

The book is published by Ian Randle and is available at all local book stores and supermarkets.

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  1. noname says:

    Congratulations Mr. Bodden.

    There is also another book on amazon entitled "A Gathering Of Old Men" by Ernest J.Gaines

    Will you make you book available on Amazon & Kindle?

  2. Bodden Towner proud says:

    I was dismayed and ashame by the lack of attendance by Government officials and so called politicians especially ministers involved in our culture who claim they care, who never even bothered to show up after being invited. Other than the honourable speaker of the house and MLA Anthony Eden and some distinquished past politicians and guest who spoke. Well done Mr Bodden and congratulaions on another outstanding book about Cayman history.

    • Anonymous says:

      I too enjoy Mr. Bodden's writings and have purchased all of his books including this one.  However I am abit disappointed with seeing so many typos and I am just on the 3rd story.  Next time Mr. Bodden please re-read the test before the book goes to print.

      • Anonymous says:

        All Mr Bodden's books have typos and, much worse, serious grammatical errors. It does not say much for the publisher and staff although books like this are not commissioned by a publisher looking to make money, They are paid for by the author (in this case, Mr Bodden) to get them published. Nowadays, anyone can get a book published, providing you are prepared to put up the money to do so.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Good Job Mr. Bodden. You are a true academic, a  fountain of wisdom. I like your books, please continue writing more.