Government road boss fired

| 09/07/2012

rr21 (252x300).jpg(CNS): Government admitted Monday that Brian Tomlinson, the director of the National Roads Authority, is no longer employed by the government company. Officials have not said that he was dismissed but sources have told CNS that Tomlinson was informed that he was being let go as the authority was “downsizing”. It is understood that the former head of the roads authority was, however, paid to the end of his contract. The NRA boss recently ordered the seizure of a controversial shipment of 32 tonnes of dynamite that came into Cayman earlier this year without the correct paperwork, which has triggered a police investigation involving the premier and the private sector firm, Midland Acres.

According to a release from the NRA on Monday, the Board of Directors said Tomlinson's employment with the NRA had ended 29 June and Deputy Managing Director Edward Howard had been appointed acting managing director, with Paul Parchment acting as deputy.

No reason was given in the release as to why Tomlinson, who had been NRA managing director for almost five years, had been let go. Board chair Colford Scott thanked him for representing the NRA at all levels and wished him the best in any future endeavours undertaken.

Sources tell CNS that Scott was the person who wrote to Tomlinson to inform him that he was being let go as a result, allegedly, of downsizing at the government-owned entity and had nothing to do with his performance as the NRA director. However, it is understood that the former director was paid his full contract salary until the end of this year.

Tomlinson’s district MLA, Ezzard Miller, the independent member for North Side, said he was very concerned about how his constituent had been treated and said he hoped that this had nothing to do with the recent issues regarding the shipment of dynamite.

“If this is not about performance, as I understand was stated in the correspondence my constituent received, and as a result of cuts, it is highly unusual to sack the chief officer when his performance is not in question,” Miller said.

“If government is doing this to save money, one has to question why they would seek to let a senior official go but pay his salary until the end of his contract and not ask him to work it out. I seriously hope this has nothing to do with the fact that Mr Tomlinson enforced the law in relation to the recent illegal shipment of dynamite, which is now the subject of one of three police investigations into the premier,” the MLA added.

CNS has tried to contact Tomlinson and questions have also been sent to the ministry, the board chair and the deputy governor’s office regarding the removal of Tomlinson from his post but so far none of the parties have responded.

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  1. The lone haranguer rides again! says:

    I wonder how much money it is going to cost us when Brian wins his wrongful dismissal law suite?

    • Anonymous says:

      Hopefully it will be more that the two million Brian will be offered to keep his mouth shut.

  2. Quicksand says:

    This is political suicide at its best.

    I would have thought that the parties responsible for firing this man, would have conceded on the wrong doing that occurred, accepted that they were were wrong and focus on the country instead of plotting these diabolical moves in their dark rooms.

    This is intended to send a message to any others who dare oppose.  It is intended to intimidate and control.  It is a wreckless move without any care or concern of the voting population and therefore the outcome of next year's election.

    I will say this – To all senior officials in Government, please do the right thing.  Do not cower.  Let this ignite a revolution.  Stand up and fight and don't be afraid because guess what?  We got your back.  Someway somehow, you will find a way to get back on your feet.  This is the only way,  the iron fist will be defeated.  What you think the iron fist will do?  Fire all the people?

    Think about this for a minute – What if all senior officials go on strike in support of a just cause like this one and literally shut down government while grabbing the headlines of the international media?

    To all those in similar situations – Stand up for your integrity and honesty.  Money cannot buy these.  There will be a time you will have to look back at your life and ask yourself who was I?  What type of legacy did I leave behind?

    Break these shackles around you.  Unite and fight.  You will win.  Do it for your country and for those who love you dearly.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Can someone tell me now, Where is the dynomite? Has it been illegally released into the hands of McKeeva's friends? Must be, as I am seeing the convoy of trucks on West Bay Road heading towards DART Road.  Mr. Auditor General, please check to see if the paper works are in order.  Thank you Brian for doing your job, at lease you were protecting Cayman's interest.  Sorry to know that you lost your job doing the right thing. At lease your soul should still be intact.

    • The Devil's Advocate says:

       More explosive (quarries stopped using Dynamite years ago) was imported by the same a couple of weeks ago.

       However, there are rumblings that your Leaders may have ammended the Laws that Govern and regulate the Importation of Explosives so as to remove the NRA from the responsibility of the regulation of said materials.

       Personally, I think that ANY such regulation and enforcement should be the responsibility of the Police / Commisioner, seeing the capacity for harm that Explosives present if unchecked.

       A Bullet can kill a person, but even a small amount of explosives can kill several people at a time.

  4. Anonymous says:

    I am glad to see Brian getting all of this attention but it won't pay his bills or keep his family fed. Too many times, this and other governments interfere and damage people's lives just because they get in their way. 

    I used to work for a government statutory entity and I loved what I did and was very passionate in my work. In fact I got accolades in doing so and furthered my education at my own expense and time so as to better my employer (the government) and obviously to better myself personally from and education standpoint.  I manage to work my way to a top position in the organization only to find that when I got there, I was now a political pawn.  Needless to say, after interjecting my opinion at a board meeting which apparently was not liked by the then current minister at the board level, I was subsequently terminated with no explanation. My boss called me in and sat me down and just flat out told me that despite his objections he was told by the minister and the board to terminate me. I asked why and he said he asked the same of the board and was told simply that the directive was taken at board level and he should do his job. Needles to say, he did not last long after me.

    I tried to bring a court case against the government for unfair dismissal and I was amazed how back then no lawyer wanted to take my case. Some of them saying flat out that they wouldn't handle it because they didn't know how the minister would respond to them. I finally settled out of court with them as they could provide no reason to the labor board as to why I was dismissed which then would have forced the labor board to take action. I never really recovered from this because my name was smeared over every media with speculation of wrongdoing on my part and with a new government in power no one wanted to come near me, much less hire me. They in essence ruined my career and my personal life.

    I wish now that instead of settling with them, I had stuck it out and made an example so that it wouldn't happen again but when you are down and out without any help sometimes it is better to take the food that hope for some.

    I hope and pray that Brian has enough money to fight, set example and win and bring these bullies down!


  5. Anonymous says:

    Why is Austin and Ezzard so quiet on this issue? Inquiry minds want to know?

    I know that OMOV is high on the agenda but too many times these things get lost and looked over or is it merely because Brian's family may not be supportive of Ezzard? Maybe it's time to see what true single member MLA's can do when one of its own is down.

    Come on Ezzard. You are loud with everything else. Look out for your people and do it now!

  6. Peter Milburn says:

    I would like to just add my two cents worth re the "apparent"firing of Brian Tomlinson from the head job at the NRA.I had the privilege of working with Brian as a member of the NRA board of directors and found him to be a genuine hard working and VERY honest person to work with.There is too much of this kind or "removal"of certain Civil servants in this country and it is all being done through VINDICTIVENESS pure and simple.When something that is apparently illegally being brought into the country without the properly signed paperwork and that "someone"then takes it upon themselves to fire the one person who is doing their job to the letter then there is something seriously wrong with our so called Leaders of this country when this is allowed to be done.Why do not more people stand up and say what is on everyones mind?This continued CORRUPTION must be stopped and that can only be done by right minded people who see what harm this is doing to us all just for the want of the Almighty dollar bill.There is so much more that is going on that people are not aware of but it would take all day to lay these out for the general public to see and comment on.Its up to you(The people of Cayman that have these Islands well being at heart)to do something about it.I hope that everyone will step up to the plate and make the needed changes so that people Like Brian Tomlinson and many others before him will be fully vindicated for doing what they KNOW was/is right for these islands.


  7. Anonymous says:

    Macanomics 101:

    you fire someone who opposes you trying to influence a civil servant to break the law. There is no "downsizing" or money saving when you pay someone to the end of their contract without them working for it. In fact, you lose money as you are paying the salary without the person working!!!!!!!!  SMH……..

  8. Anonymous says:

    Not sure on the Immigration Law (with it's many ammendments) on the following;

    Brian should be able to run for Office! The law should provide for persons/citizens married to caymanian who has been resident for say 5 years be eligible for Political Office.

    I have no doubt he would make a much better Represntative (in any Constituency) than most that we currently have in the LA.

    And yes i'm a caymanian from many generations of born caymanians!…for those who think only "born and bred caymanians" shold have any say…many of us also believe the pool of intelligent and ethical caymanians "willing" to run is too small.

  9. Anonymous says:

    This is quite a change don't you think considering what Mr. Tomlinson did for Cayman.  Just read the previous government release.,2488323&_dad=portal&_schema=PORTAL

  10. Anonymous says:

    Ezzard,  I am a North Sider and one of your constituents and Brian is a part of my family .. I want to know what you are going to do as my MLA to defend and support Brian is this situation.

  11. Anonymous says:

    Loved the picture. Very apt.

  12. Freakin' 'ell says:

    Same old elephant and turd. I’m watching from afar, having bolted when Mac said he was going to tax money leaving Cayman (my money left the next day, and I followed shortly after). It’s remarkable exactly how xxxxed Cayman has become, and it’s amazing how it keeps getting worse and the UK does exactly nothing. I for one never would have come Cayman to work if what’s in the news now were in the news then. I’m surprised the financial sector can staff an office with normal employees these days. The TCIs are looking more stable these days.

  13. Stunned says:

    What a spinless bunch the other members of the UDP party are. I cannot believe that not  one of them has the integrity to call Mckeeva out and put a stop to this absolute lack of good governance!! This is the fastest way to ruin a country and at this point unfortunately we are free falling fast. That nightmare of "taxation" is ringing so loud in my hears now I can barely sleep.

    Is there anything that we the electorate can do before May 2013??? I have been calling the other UDP representatives and trying to put pressure on them to man up or get put out!!!!

    ENOUGH of this nonsense already!!!


  14. Anonymous says:

    Well Cayman, I hope you are so proud of your disgusting public leaders. Brian was a decent and honourable man who did his job within appauling government restrictions, his departure only goes to reinforce the view that these islands have lost their way in the world and need urgent intervention by the UK at the soonest opportunity.

    Good luck Brian, I hope your future brings happiness without these idiots looking over your shoulder. I hope you take them for every penny and open the the largest can of worms possible, now is the time to declare war on these over inflated morons and give as much evidence to the RCIP and FCO as possible. 

  15. Knot S Smart says:

    The two top people who were involved in stopping the shipment of dynamite are replaced within months.

    The pattern for similar situations is that the next step will be to totally smear and discredit them from the protected halls of our Parliament.

    And while the police are dragging their feet on the investigations we will just go ahead and release the shipment that was stopped, and re-start the free flow of explosives into the country…

  16. Anonymous says:

    Is this the same Colford Scott who who headed up the Brac pavement fiasco? Is this not a conflict of interest with his position as Chair of theNRA?

    Is this the same Colford Scott who is a Deputy Supervisor of Elections? Is this not also a conflict?

    Poor Brian never stood a chance when the deck was stacked agqainst him ike this. How many others are slotted for exclusion before this UDP Government is brought to its end?

  17. Thunder Storm says:

    Lets make this situation the absolute last incident to occur ever again in Cayman's history!!


    Lets take a positve stance by voting OMOV and remove such "grim reapers" from our LA and restore the value and pride it and we deserve.


    If you dont vote 'YES" for OMOV, its just as good as saying you accept being placed back into slavery, by being denied you rights to democracy.


    After-all, wasnt slavery abolished on the premises of liberty and equality (The French Revolution) !


    Further, isnt a democratic society built on the premises of equal rights for ALL!


    In addition, have you considered the impact of voting "NO" in relation to your Human Rights liberties?   Consequences are:- You certainly wont have the opportunity to write a blog without the fear of being imprisoned!  You can certainly forget about having a fair trial in court if you ever needed one.  You can certainly forget about freedom of speech in fear of being sued. You can certainly forget about marching down George Town or anywhere else as a matter of fact. You can certainly forget about Ezzard ever letting us know what's going on behind closed doors!!


    Please take a few minutes to refresh your memory or learn for the first time!,1&_dad=portal&_schema=PORTAL


    Women, not so long ago, you were NOT allowed to vote for many years.  Do you want this Right taken back from you?


    ALL the signs (no wonders) are right in front of your face that the "grim reaper" dont give two sh*ts about anyone else besides him, first & foremost, and then a few others that sanction his wrongs.


    He's the civil servant and WE, the Electorate, is HIS master!!


    Lets make him do what we say AND what we want!!!!



  18. Anonymous says:

    Well well, things have become so exciting we haven't heard a word about the port fiasco in a whole week. Or the three police investigations in several months. Our honerable Mac sure knows how to keep things under control.

  19. Anonymous says:

    Someone needs to place a call quick to Sasha Cohen Baron, this could be good material for his next sequel "Dictator 2".  

  20. Anonymous says:

    Remember how the Port Board was also dismantled and certain members fired or dismissed or felt compelled to resign?  This was after they voted against the illustrious Premier's choice of CHEC and wanted to go back to the GLF deal?   So this is just the normal modus operandi we see happening here – nothing new under the sun, when it comes to the esteemed UDP partywagon.   It is shocking to hear of Brian's dismissal, but it is not the first time it has happened to anyone strong enough to stand up for what is right.  And everyone wonders about the fear of intimidation and silence and number of anonymous postings.   But if UDP think they are fooling anyone, they can think again.  Their clocks will be fixed next week and also on May 2013.  Because while the peoplemay talk behind closed doors and anonymously, they WILL vote with all certainty.    Let this be a lesson and a warning to PPM also, try the same BS stunts, and the same will happen to you.   Time to go back to Independents, anyway.  Party politics is the ruination of all that is good.

  21. Anonymous says:

    Curious. Its not an issue of performance, and he was paid up to the end of his contract — so why the rush to get him out of the office?

    could it be to slow down the investigation, perhaps shred files, to send a message and/or to make sure the next shipment of explosives doesn't get stopped?

    "theres something rotten in the Cayman Islands"

  22. Thunder Storm says:

    The strangest thing is…..that most of us Caymanians, including MadManMac, is known to publicly confirm that we believe in the teachings of the Holy Bible.


    This belief confirms that we accept that ALL scriptures within the Holy Bible is true therefore it can be said that Jesus Christ, the Almighty, does not lie.


    Having said that, then Holy Bible is not lying when it states that you shall reap what you sow.


    Well then its only common sense to expect that the injustices that are sown shall be reaped by the one who has sown the injustice.


    The same can be said about the good deeds but I'm finding it hard to find that which has been done unto Brian is considered as a good deed but God knows all.


    Now the same Holy Bible tells us that vengence will be handed down by Jesus Christ, the Almighty,


    When this day arrives, MadManMac, there will be no escape or excuse or finger to point or fault to blame or no airplane to take or no money to bargain with.


    As sure as there is a God above, your day is drawing near!….and nearer each passing day…………please hurry Lord Jesus!



  23. Shocked says:

    The last person anyone wants to approach for help in cases of this nature is a senior civil servant who has made it through the ranks to the top. Most of them  get  there by being yes men and women never questioning the leadership,even when they see injustice perpetrated on their fellow workers, all because they know that if they toe the line they are sure to move up, competent or not. They should take a page from  Mr. Tomlinson's character and stand up for what is good and what is right!  Mr. Tomlinson is a brave and "COMPETENT" man, who "unlike many of those  who should have cried foul" said nothing. These are those incompetent ones who have reached their level of "INCOMPETENCY"  This is a huge problem within our Civil Service!  Too many "UNMERITED PROMOTIONS"!

    • Well, Well? says:

      So Shocked, does that mean we need to scruntinize those Top Civil Servants,  those who are runnig for a seat next year.?  You bet I will.

  24. Anonymous says:

    Dear Brian,

    Thank you for doing your job. Thank you for having the good of the Cayman public at heart. 

    Have you thought of:

    1)  Seeking legal advice on the matter?

    2) If you were to win a case in this matter,  it would do some more good in various ways.

    a) If you do not have a need for the money, give it to charity, as I'm tired of  seeing Dart giving to get more in return.

    b) Or sponsor a business ethics course for the public, as our leaders and our children need a few lessons in this area.

    c) It would teach some people the bully does not always win!

    Best of luck with your next move.

  25. Lock shop says:

    Brian was a solid professional and ran a good ship at the NRA from my many interactions….

    Anyways, it is time for the UK to lock this shop and attempt to right some of the wrongs

  26. Anonymous says:

    Did anyone think that maybe the same thing happened to Colin Powery??  These 2 men deserve the title HONORABLE.


    When is this going to stop?  We have to make to stop the dictatorship NOW before it is to late.

    • Anonymous says:

      I think you mean Carlon.

      • Anonymous says:

        It certainly is very coincidental. For the sake of everyone in this country Carlon really should speak up if this is what happened to him. McKeeva can't fire you any more than or if he already has, sir.

    • Anonymous says:

      The best way at this moment in time to show how much you dislike this dictatorship is to vote YES next Wednesday. I will. 

  27. Anonymous says:

    It appears to me that in their attempt to save themselves the UDP keeping adding additional nails to their coffin.

    Do they really think they can pawn this off as downsizing..Why just the NRA and not the entire civil service?…Why only Brian and not more of his team.?.Come on Colford, Mckeeva and Julie, sell that BS to someone else.

    Stop playing with people's livelihoods, careers and family situation. You are so deep in BS now that you react and try to hurt anyone that stands up to you or gets in your way. You have lost your principles…Like the PPM you will washed out with the tide come 2013 and hopefully like them, never to return as our Government.

  28. Anonymous says:

    What justifiable reason/s can they give to say why they fired Brian? Maybe they will say, he was on contract, so we will downsize by letting him go, but he is married to a Caymanian. I believe she is a Miller….famous name. They may say he should follow instructions and do not question anything? But Brian is an honourable man. They might say he was blocking the upwards mobility of one of the UDP Supporters, so he has to go! or maybe they might say that he was close, much too close to Ezzard in Northside, so he has to go.  What justifiable reason could they have had for doing what they did?  Brian, sue them and sue them big time, for unjustly firing you, just for being honourable. Unfair dismissal!

    • Anonymous says:

      Cayman Gone to the Dogs, there just getting rid of all the Caymanians ( We have to eat also) 

    • Anonymous says:

      Close to Ezzard? I find that hard to believe! lol

  29. Anonymous says:

    God help us. We now live in a country where it is mandatory to honor people who excel at screwing up their jobs for all eternity, while people who excel at carrying out their jobs get treated like dogs. What on earth are we COMING to Cayman? This is the knid of example our beloved premier is setting for our young people in this country???

    • Anonymous says:

      The below is from todays Jamaica Gleaner, and it seems relevant.

      Perhaps English pamphleteer and author Sir Roger L'Estrange (1616 -1704) had certain parliamentarians in mind when he opined: "There are braying men in the world as well as braying asses; for what's loud and senseless talking and swearing, any other than braying." And speaking of braying, the time has come to revamp the current Standing Orders of Parliament and to cleanse the chamber of the perennial soot that falls from the lips of some legislators.

      Undoubtedly, something must be done to disqualify political jackassess from messing up the legislative chambers. Sadly, their obnoxious behaviour and unproductiveness remind us exactly why there should be no need to contemplate importing donkeys. The ones that currently occupy the prime real estate in our parliamentary chambers are enough and they are already making one grand mess of things. So comfortable and competent are they at emitting crap in the House – named after National Hero George William Gordon – that citizens must demand term limits as a way of weeding them out and rescuing our country.

      Their terrible behaviour and presence confirm that it is a waste of time and a monumental mistake to dress up swines in three-piece suits, ties and all, and expect them to behave like Aunt Bertha's pussycats walking between the

      raindrops. Similarly, their spiteful and reckless utterances also confirm that it is insane to put lipstick on pigs with expectations that the cosmetic application will automatically or miraculously make them into polite little princesses. Simply put, pigs are always pigs; they squeal incessantly; even if they pretend otherwise.

      For those who may find the preceding analogy offensive they can always substitute pigs with donkeys, so long as they do not allow the substitution to get in the way of their highly sophisticated culinary habits. But then again, the fisherman may feel so abandoned that he may cautiously suggest cropping the entire pork-and-ass idea just to promote his fish. However, the big catch here is that in Jamaica there are fish and there are fish. Not all fish are edible and some fish are more equal than others, so one hasto be very careful about shouting "Fish" in a crowded market.

      Read more:

  30. Anonymous says:

    Agree with a previous poster that Colford Scott had an opportunity here to stand up and be countedas an "Honourable Man/Chairman" but instead decided to do as told.

    Not really a surprise after learning of his role in the Brac Paving Scheme.

    Be interesting to know/see what his bonus might be this year!

    • Anonymous says:

      The poor guy's on Mac's turf remember? What a disgraceful situation we have in this country. One man with his balls where his brains should be and a bunch more with their brains where their balls should be.

  31. Anonymous says:

    It seems more clear each day that the only solution is for the UK to step in and suspend the constitution!

    As much as i dislike this solution, it seems much better than continuing as we are.

    Too much questionable and apparently corrupt and intimidating tings going on here now…for too long.

  32. Anonymous says:

    9:30, admittedly the Civil Service Association is useless but in this case it has no jurisdiction as Brian is not and was not a civil servant. He was an employee of a Statutory Authority.

  33. sum bodi hep mi says:

    Everyone is asking why has the Governor and/or Mr. Bellingham been so quiet on these many controversial issues, including this one. And many persons "including myself", have asked the question with no obvious answer. However as I take a closer look at the situation      I realize that there must be a valid reason, why this is happening!


    Both the Governor and Mr. Bellingham are educated, intelligent gentlemen and as the queens representatives must and will use much discretion in whatever action they may take. And knowing that they are not dealing with the man who discovered the existence of the "HGGS  BOSON" particle, they have let him think that they are intimidated, by his ranting and raving. Whereas what they are really doing is to let him think that, the "colorful thing" around his neck is a "tie" but in truth it's a short piece of rope  with a noose that is  gradually tightening every time he opens his big mouth. 




  34. Anonymous says:

    The silence of the 'Civil Service Assn' on such matters is remarkable…

    • Anonymus-mus says:

      You're assuming they heard about it before you did.

      • Anonymous says:

        WHEN they heard is not the issue, but that they can still comment if they so choose.

        Plus – Im told that Statutory authority members can also join the assn.


        • Anonymous says:

          Why would statutory authority members want to join the Civil Service Association, 12:34? It is a totally hopeless "organisation" that couldn't organize a shag in a whorehouse.

    • Anonymous says:

      I think the entire civil service should stay home next Monday, I hear there is a nasty flu going around.

      • Anonymous says:

        Lets state the obvious.  An organised sick-out is long overdue by the public service to remind those in the private sector and the elected representatives how important the public service is to the Cayman Islands.

        When everyone can't get any service for one day even, they will see what it takes to run a country.

        Who will step up to lead and also support Brian, by such action?

  35. Anonymous says:

    There is not a day that goes by without some scandalous story about the Premier – why has he not yet been removed from power, even as a temporary measure, so investigations can be properly conducted?  It baffles me. 

    • Anonymous says:

      The UDP yes men (and woman) don't have the balls to vote him out. Remember them when election time comes around. THEY are the ones who voted him into power and keep him in power.

      Show your displeasure next Wednesday, vote YES to show you disagree with the way the country is being run and that you don't agree with the UDP wasting our money campaigning against their own referendum. 

  36. Anonymous says:

    If you have integrity, honesty, are NOT corrupt and do your job you get fired.

    If you are none of the above you stay as XXXX.

  37. Anonymous says:

    it is time for Caymanians to stand up againt this type of behavier, Mr. Bush is like a spoiled child, the only thing left for him to do is to throw a temper tantrum in public!

  38. Anonymous also says:

    How much will this law suit cost us.  Your getting good at this Mac.  Please step down.

  39. Anonymous says:

    Unfortunately only the readers of CNS know what is really going on.

    The majority of voters, no doubt, are ignorant of the XXXX disgusting games that are played by the premier.


  40. Vote YES to the Referendum says:

    A sound and reasonable circumstance, that the Cayman Islands requires Single Member Constituencies ('SMC') featuring One Man, One Vote. With SMC each of us as frustrated and vexed citizens can demand of our Representative anunambiguous answer as to why, they, were Party to allowing a Senior Official to be “let go” not because of performance, but downsizing, especially after said individual was involved in Whistle-blowing?! Yet said position cannot be made redundant and this fact is made abundantly clear because two individuals have been “promoted” into said vacant slots created by Mr. Tomlinson’s departure.  


    Prima facie evidence points to Official Corruption, thus this matter must cause great concern, not only to the Civil Servants but the entire Territory. Failure to put an immediate end to this blatant assault on all aspects of this jurisdiction by the UDP Government, will reap grave socioeconomic consequences in the future. Then all in this boat “Cayman” will be left without any life preservers when she capsizes and sinks.


    For accountability, voter empowerment, you along with two other Patriots must encourage the same amount to vote YES on Referendum Day, 18 July 2012.

    • Uhmmm! says:

      Vote yes?  I know this is one vote yes you will not see.  Why should I.  It will not benefit me in anyway i fhte candidates who are running gets in.  They do nothing for the people and the Island now.  Why should I trust them to vote Yes so they can gain a spot in 2013.  No I wont.

  41. Anonymous says:

    Fired for doing the right thing. That is so typical in Cayman.  What a disgrace.  YOu can do any dirt you want to and get away with it but try doing the right thing and there's the thanks you get.  I pray for real honourable leadership with integrity, honesty, intelligence – the exact opposite of what we have now.  

  42. Michel says:

    Thank you Brian for for good work. You are a good man and we all know that. You know what ? God works in mysterious ways and I am certain that other doors will open. I am very disapointed in Mr. Scott and Company but not surprised. It can't keep going like this ! God Bless you and your family and again thank you for a job well done. Michel Lemay

  43. Anonymous says:

    Brian, you have always done a great job and are a qualified and competent man, The country supports you for what you have done as you are a man of ethics and good principles, unlike the UDP who do not have the balls between them all to stand up for what is right, honest or ethical. XXXXX

    Referendum Day this month and Election Day next May is when ALL Caymanians MUST show who is really in charge and in control of this country when we take back our democratic rights and end the darkest period in our political history by removing ALL of the UDP from office for ever.

  44. Honourable Absurdistani says:

    Put a stop to this nonsense. Vote Yes for One Man One Vote

  45. Anonymous says:

    Coleford Scott had the opportunity to stand up and be counted but, as usual, took the easy path.

    Could this be because Brian showed him and the other civil servant sleepers how to make a Statutory Authority get it’s job done within budget.

    You’ve been measured Coleford, again, and found wanting.

    Well done Brian. You showed them all what is possible from a strong, fair and conscientious leader, and it has scared them down to the depth of their spineless souls.

  46. Anonymous says:

    And there also goes the on time reporting of the only authority that was able to consistently report their results

  47. Anonymous says:

    Quite funny how Mckeevas cousin has been appointed the position of acting MD. You don’t fire someone for cut backs then replace the position with your cousin.

    • Will Ya Listen! says:

      Of course you do. Where do you think you'r living? In a democracy?

  48. Crystal T says:

    You can destroy those who speak the truth, but you cannot destroy the truth itself.Your day will come Mr Bush. I can’t wait to rejoice in it.

    • Anonymous says:



  49. Anonymous says:

    Fired for XXXXX, it would appear. Shame on all the UDP's MLA. You are all accomplices to his acts. Doubt you will get back in, anyway, so we only have 12 months or so to wait until the next election. 

    Goodbye UDP; you will not be missed.

  50. Anonymous says:

    When a company is "downsizing" it means that person's position is no longer there. Obviously the company needs a managing director so the government needed to come up with a better excuse then "downsizing". We all know whatthis is about, Brian challenged "someone's decision. He did his job and he was let go for doing his job. Don't worry Brian, what goes around, comes around. The best is yet to come for you and the "explosion" hasn't happened yet to those who let you go. 

    Everyone who works for the government who is not supportive of UDP is now in fear for their jobs. They want to do the right thing but in this economic climate they can't afford to lose their job. Even those who try to remain neutral are in fear for their jobs because we all know XXXX is a very spiteful man and he will sue you or try to destroy you if you challenge him in any way. It is sad that this is what Cayman politics has come to. They are like the mafia…."cooperate, do as you are told or be put out"

  51. Anonymous says:

    Nowadays, because my vocabulary has been used up so much already this past year on happenings that just can't seem to get worse but astonishingly do get worse each time –  I can only find 3 words to say to express my feeling  "OH MY GOD." 

  52. sum bodi hep mi says:

    NOW! If you want someone to address as HONORABLE.


    How about  starting with  "THE  HONORABLE  BRIAN  TOMLINSON"

    • Anonymous says:

      honourable UShonorable [ˈɒnərəbəl ˈɒnrəbəl]


      1. possessing or characterized by high principles honourable intentions
      2. worthy of or entitled to honour or esteem
      3. consistent with or bestowing honour
      Seems to describe Brian Tomlinson, never MacKeeva Bush!


  53. Cayman Roots says:

    Just another day in Paradise! BUT all is not well as the best is yet to come as God is not  sleeping. Mr Tomlinson, thanks for doing a stellar job as you proved your integrity, maturity, and honesty so hold your head up high, relax as you're not being investigated.

    Vindictiveness at its best and we all know those old cliches!!

    • Angel of truth says:

      Thank you Mr Tomlinson for doing a good job,please sue, you have gained our respect, you are the kind of person that we need working with us. 

  54. Anonymous says:

    If his sacking had nothing to do with performance, then why pay him up for the rest of his term and send him home? Where is the value for money in that?  Let him work it out, so we don't pay for services not rendered to the end of his term?   But all this is, is smoke and mirrors, everyone knows why he was sacked.   It sucks that people who do the right thing, get penalized every time !

  55. Anonymous says:

    I'm astonished that the Governor and Mr. Bellingham remain on the sidelines. They must be able to see that there is large scale abuse of Cayman's assets and its people by the incumbent Government. 

  56. Anonymous says:

    What does our Governor do here anyway?  Someone please advise me does he have any power to do anything about any of the crap that is being done within and by our useless legislative members and our dictator?  If so why isn't he doing anything or saying anything XXXX  Brian, we know the truth and I for one am thankful you stood up and did the right thing when I am sure you were being bullied by the madman and his team.  You have maintained your integrity and I commend you for being a real man with real balls and not a puppet for the UDP. 

    • Support says:

      Dear 21:18,

      I have seen the Governor work very hard for this country and would rather go back to having a "Custos" instead of our elected fools.  Do not be so hard on the H.E., he faces more challenges than you think and Big Mac makes his job very difficult.  I have met His Execellency and he is an honorable man.

  57. Anonymous says:

    Typically we have things backward. We should be firing the people who do not do thier jobs, not the ones who do.


  58. NeoSurvivor says:

    This whole state of affairs is so transparent  — which, paradoxically, is the only transparency this administration has given.  


  59. Anonymous says:

    just another day in wonderland….does anything make sense around here?????

  60. Anonymous says:

    as usual …this leave more questions than answers…..

  61. Anonymous says:

    This one is guaranteed to explode in your face, Mr. Honorable.

  62. Anonymous says:

    There are so many wonderful, educated, principaled Caymanians. So why do the pathetic, vindictive, unethical, disgraceful ones have control?



    • Anonymous says:

      Because the "… pathetic, vindictive, unethical, disgraceful ones …" play dirty. Very dirty, indeed.

      • Anonymous says:

        The nicest way I can think of to respond to your point is: "All that is needed for evil beings to succeed, is that decent human beings do nothing." Edmund Burke. I hope you forgive my anger yet understand this not only not an impossible fight, but a necessary one.

  63. Anonymous says:

    Fired for doing his job this is what happens around here if you do the right thing especially under UDP government

  64. Thunder Storm says:

    A "dynamite" decision by the govt but wait awhile, the "explosion" is yet to come.

  65. SKEPTICAL says:

    Well, in the current climate I suppose the only surprise is that his removal has taken so long, but why didn’t they have the sense to simply wait until his contract expired. Now it can only look like the vindictive knee jerk reaction of someone whose personal agenda has been thwarted.

    • Anonymous says:

      I think it sending a messagem to those who thwart his selfish plans and also to caymanians….nothing you can do

    • Anonymous says:

      They really aren’t that smart

  66. Knot S Smart says:

    Does this job fall under the Governor's responsibility?

    • Anonymous says:

      The Guv is in a tough spot (between a rock and a hard place).


      If he acts, he will be accused of interfering with an elected official who democratically represents the will, the culture, the aspirations of the Caymanian people.


      If he does not act, he will be accused of letting a corrupt and incompetant leader run amok, ruining the country in the process.


      The key question the Guv faces, and it is a tough one, is: "Does McKeeva truly represent the will, the culture, and the aspirations of the Caymanian people?"


      The next election will say a lot.

      • Anonymous says:

        The Guv is probably waiting to see how Caymanians feel at the next vote i.e. next week's referendum.   So, let's give him all the encouragement he needs, to know we are behind good governance and against victimization and political interference.  Make your response resounding, so the Guv is not in doubt as to his support.

  67. Anonymous says:

    Intimidation of others is the objective. So much for the new Constitution and any kind of fairness for individuals.  I guess because you know who did not vote for the Constitution it is not operative – just like the anti-corruption commission.

  68. Anonymous says:

    Judicial Review – it will cost the country a lot of money but may be the only way of securing justice for people who refuse to be intimidated in our country these days.

  69. Anonymous says:

    It's unfortunate Brian, but you have my respect for standing up to the Bully, you have to stand for something, or you'll fall for anything. I enjoyed working with you and know that you will find success wherever you go.

  70. The Beaver says:

    Ummh, yeah, nothing to do with the dynamite deal.  Smells a bit stinky, n'est pas? 

    The Beaver

  71. Anonymous says:

    This is a national disgrace. There is no way that this man should lose his job in this manner. We all know why he has been removed. 

    • Anonymous says:

      This is horrible.!  The UDP Government consistently treat those they cannot control  like dirt, but you know what- HONESTY IS STILL THE BEST POLICY!!  They expect us all to act as cowardly and un-ethical as they are. Brian you have shown us all that we still have a few good men among us.  Let us all show them that we the people are in charge by going out on Referendum Day and vote YES., them follow it up Next year by sweeping them all out of office.  They will then know how it feels again to not have a job. We need to stop looking to them for change and CHANGE IT OURSELVES!!  REMEMBER THE POWER OF THE PEN!!

  72. Anonymous also says:


    Looks like you upset the "Big Guy".

    The rest of us appreciate you doing the right thing in that situation.


  73. Anonymous says:

    Guess Mac teaching him a lesson.  Better follow Mac orders or else….


    • Anonymous says:

      'Mac' will surely reap what he sows. The sooner the better for the Cayman Islands and everyone in it. Unbelievable that this man claims to be a devout Christian to the extent of giving his church two million of someone else's money. God is not mocked, McKeeva Bush, and he is surely getting enough of you. God bless you Brian.

  74. Anonymous says:

    PAY BACK for doing the right thing but making the emperor look bad

  75. Anonymous says:

    Sorry to hear about this. I worked with Brian when he was involved with the CIAA and found him to be a consumate professional. Unfortunately, I, like him was sacked by the incoming PPM Tourism minister for no reason other than he felt I was with the UDP just becasue I was appointed to the board by the the former minister Gilbert Mclean.

    It is a shame that these parties both UDP and PPM don't understand how they destroy people's lives who do no more than go to work every day to enforce the rules that were set for them by the very people that seek to destroy them.

    Brian is a skilled and well like professional and any engineering company should be looking to snap him up ,except that is, if the fear Julie and crew.

    Hang in there Brian, there is such a thing as Karma and Julie will get hers..

    Don't look for much help from Ezzard either…you and i and most of North Side know why!!




    • Anonymous says:

      What do you mean by Julie and the Crew? If she has anything to do with it nothing surprises me. As far as I can see she is acting as if she is the Premier. Power in the wrong hands I say. I am counting the months and the days to May. CRYING TIME AGAIN to get second elected unless Lorna or Maxine run then she will six love.

    • Anonymous says:

      U mean fired by incoming UDP minister (not PPM)  dont you?

      • Anonymous says:

        Nope I mean PPM, Charles Clifford to be exact..PPM or UDP. No difference in my opinion!


        • Anonymous says:

          If you are referring to being on the board of the CIAA you were hardly "sacked". The boards always change after an election. You were probably recommended for appointment by Gilbert and should have expected (as I did after the last election) that you would be replaced. There is a HUGE difference between being removed from a board and being removed from your job and therefore, livelihood. 

          • Anonymous says:

            You are trying to change the subject..If I had said UDP would that have evoked the same response from you?.the point is niether PPM or UDP gives a rats behind about who they take down when they are ready. You could be the best qualified person for the job and you would still be let go based on stupid reasons like party even if you don't belong or aspire to either one.

            Unlike your attachment to the PPM, I had none with the UDP. I was asked to serve based on my qualifications and knowledge of the industry and I did. I can say very confidentently as well that I was never asked by the minister, the chairman or board members to do anything that was not in the confines of the ambit given to us as members. The board was professionally run.

            Brian, as far as I know, never aspired or tried to form friendship or was he a member of any party. He was and is a qualified professional engineer and the best manager the NRA ever had. The only thing wrong with him was that he refused to go outside of the parameters of his job and the directives given to him by the government.

            People are not puppets and should never be treated as such.

            Brian is a man of principle, like him or hate him. He did his job and to the best of his ability. At the end of the day he can hold his head high and and feel good that his conscience is clear. I am very proud of him for standing his ground. I wish more of us would follow his example!

  76. Anonymous700 says:

    Is this the same man who discovered that explosives were about to be imported duty free into Cayman – and stopped them?

    Oh, you didn't know that? Yup same man,

  77. Right ya so says:

    Really!?! Can it get any more blatant than this?!?

  78. anonymous says:


  79. Anonymous says:


  80. CashHasEveryCorputSmiling says:

    Pressure from on High. Dersperate men do……………… His Job was blown up. Boy this is going to be an explosive situation. How fool is the UDP? Incompetent bunch of………. sorry I am still laughing. If I do not laugh I would be crying. They have destroyed Cayman, they make Michael Manley the man who destroyed Jamaica look like an amateur in destruction.

  81. Anonymous says:

    Basic Human Resource Management stuff. You can't use downsizing as a reason when you then appoint someone in the place of the post you have downsized.

    • Mon E Ting says:

      When you down size an organization, and lay off any individual, that position has to be made redundant! Someone already replaced Brian in that same position he occupied, even though he is acting! This is not really down sizing, this is seriously, unlawful termination of employment. It is best that the NRA settle this out of court!

      • Anonymous says:

        Here we go again. Another lawsuit and he should win hands-down.

        Hope the powers that be have the sense to settle.

  82. Stiffed-Necked Fool says:

    "Downsizing" mi neck back! Its very obvious that after the NRA refused the importation of dynamite the Boss is fired – this is sick man! The Dictator has to go one way or another!

  83. Anonymous says:

    Cayman is effed unless the voters do what they did many years ago when they threw out Jim Bodden and his increasingly autocratic XXXX Unity Team. Colford Scott was fired by Arden Mclean instructing the then chairman of the Roads Authority, poor Lem Hurlston, to fire him. Then when the UDP comes in after the Election, they put Colford in as Chairman and now he is firing the independently minded Tomlinson (and an Ezzard constituent) so that Edward Howard (Bodden Town/Mark Scotland/Joke Joke)) can move up as can Paul Parchment, who is brother to the guy (Charles Parchment?) McKeeva keeps putting over in London to give him a job (and who Charles Clifford got rid of as he was doing nothing in London)……and are they not both brothers of Richard Parchment, Bush's something or other?

  84. Raffaelle says:

    A new word to describe victimization now called Downsizing boy i just love how our gowerment wuks!

  85. Anonymous says:

    Guess he owed the Piper, sad state of affairs smh

  86. Anonymous says:

    Of course it has everything to do with what he did.  If it was 'downsizing' meaning less expense and/or people lets see who else was let go.  He was probably made to sign a non disclosure agreement in return for the pay off and really what choices did he have?  XXXX

    Anyhow the Brits are coming, and his time of autocrat is limited.