OMOV final debate before Referendum Day

| 12/07/2012

vote yes_0.JPG(CNS): Members of the local social activist group Generation Now will be hosting the last public debate on the issue of one man, one vote and single member constituencies before the big day next week, on Thursday evening. Organisers said the debate starts at 7pm at the Harquail theatre and will see Rolston Anglin, Ellio Solomon, Ezzard Miller, Wayne Panton and David Kirkaldy discuss the critical issue in front of a live audience. The debate will also air on Radio Cayman and offer voters a last chance to listen to the two sides of the argument before going to the polls.

Organisers will be pitching questions about accountability, representation, the country’s history, division, politics, the coat tail effect, investor confidence in the political stability and the balance of power among many other issues at the centre of the debate.

Despite what appears to be widespread support for one man, one vote across Grand Cayman from those with a political interest the battle for the campaigners continues to be the high bar set by the UDP government.  With voter apathy and ignorance of the issues the biggest enemies of the massive grassroots movement towards a switch in the voting system the debate will offer an opportunity for the campaigners to make their case.

Even with support from the Chamber and the wider business community the introduction of a fairer, more equitable and democratic as well as a more accountable system of representationstill has an uphill battle to achieve the magic number of 7582 votes in favour for the referendum to carry.

See flyer below for full details on tonight’s debate

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Can we have a referendum on direct rule next for the next 4 years? Anything is better than taking a chance on what we currently have….think about it….  I would vote yes to that

  2. youth? says:

    Why are the young people being left out of this debate? As a young caymanian I feel like there has been essentially no inclusion of my thoughts on this matter, and i have a lot to say on it.

    Every single time i turn on the radio or tv to hear people talking about this I honestly do not think that any of them are interested in educating us- specially the government. 

    Why have we not been asked our views?  



  3. Anonymous says:

    Looking forward to it. Keep up the good work Generation NOW!