Mac accused of abusing office

| 17/07/2012

_DEW2501_0_0.jpg(CNS): The opposition leader has accused the premier of abusing his office and misusing public funds in relation to the UDP campaign against the government referendum. Alden McLaughlin says he has set out his concerns in a formal letter to the governor, auditor general, the Commission for Standards in Public Life and the Anti-corruption Commission. The PPM leader believes that McKeeva Bush has used his position and government resources to deliberately undermine what was originally a people’s issue and not to educate the public about voting systems. “The premier has not carried out an education campaign about voting but has launched a UDP political campaign to tell people to vote ‘no’,” McLaughlin told CNS as he pointed to numerous abuses.

He said the food and hospitality provided at the political meetings hosted by Bush in relation to the anti-referendum campaign compounded the issue at rallies where the UDP speakers have used public cash to begin their 2013 election campaign.

The opposition leader pointed out that not only is it odd that the government would embark on a campaign against its own referendum question, having hi-jacked the people’s campaign for one man, one vote, but it was wrong for the government to use public money to push specifically the ‘no’ vote without actually educating the people on the pros and cons of both sides of the debate.

The premier has both abused his office and misused public cash, McLaughlin says, because the campaign is a one-sided political push for a ‘no' vote and cannot in any way be described as an education campaign.

The UDP has admitted to using the public purse to buy full page advertisements in the local print media, the radio and the television (although not on CNS) telling registered electors to vote ‘no’. Bush said at the UDP anti-referendum rally in West Bay that it was spending around $100,000 campaigning against the referendum.

The opposition leader said that as well as mounting a full scale assault against one man, one vote, the premier has spent a lot of the time at the public meetings berating and criticising the supporters of OMOV and the opposition, as well as talking about his government’s general policies rather than the pros and cons and voting systems.

McLaughlin said the blatant misuse of government funds for political campaigning may also amount to offences against the election law.

“This is not about government using public funds to educate the electorate to help them better decide on Referendum Day but a flagrant abuse of office and public money to pursue the UDP’s own agenda, which is vehemently opposed to OMOV,” the opposition leader told CNS.

McLaughlin said that Bush and other members of the UDP were desperate to preserve the status quo because they believe they are more likely to be re-elected under the current system.

“They are not interested in what is the best electoral system for the Cayman Islands; they are interested in keeping their own seats,” McLaughlin added.  The opposition leader said that he is writing to the governor’s and auditor general’s office as well as the two commissions because he believes the issue needs to be properly investigated.

So far, government has held three public district meetings on the issue of one man, one vote and each has been heavily dominated by UDP political rhetoric. There has been very little about the actual mechanics of voting systems and comparisons between single member versus multi-member constituencies and the issue of one man, one vote against multiple notes.

The platforms have been dominated entirely by UDP members and no other speakers have appeared that support multi-member, multi voting systems. The MLAs and ministers have heavily criticised the individual members of the PPM and the OMOV committee rather than the actual system, accusing them all of wanting to change the system so it would be easier for them to be elected.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    HEADLINE: Mac accused of abusing office

    And in other news: Sun rises in the east  

    If it happens everyday is it really still news?

  2. Anonymous says:

    We are currently experiencing the darkest and most corrupt period in the political history of the Cayman Islands where all ethics and good principal and law has been ignored, circumvented or just thrown out the window. Our culture and founding principals which this country has grown and matured under has been destroyed and disassembled by the tyranny and dictatorial rule of shameful greedy people following the Premier and the UDP. Not one has the balls to stand on their own independently for what is right and what is democratic for their people and our country. This is a sad time watching such a great country and such wonderful people being lead blindly to the slaughter by their leader. You can kiss Cayman goodbye as we once knew it UNLESS we make a powerful showing at the polls tomorrow and VOTE YES for one man one vote and show our worst politicians ever in our history who really has the power in our country. Those who do not EMBRACE democracym are afraid of democracy and the management and decisions by consensus because they may not get what they want and they may not be able to maniplulate and control the politics of this country anymore. VOTE YES for OMOV.

    • Anonymous says:

      ..and its going to get darker and even more corrupt over the next 10 months as their need to complete all these giveaways and back-door deals before the next election becomes more and more frantic. Remember, a commissioned salesperson does not collect full commission until the sale closes, so time is now of the essence!

      If the governor and the UK don't stop this madness, we Caymanians may as well burn our beach camping gear and enroll in UCCI to learn Mandarin….unless he will allow us to camp in front of his house!

    • Anonymous says:

      We really need to stop blaming government and politicians for the corruption that is happening in this country.  Instead we have to collectively blame ourselves for corruption to get so entrenched in our society we the people had to sit back turn a blind eye and act as if it was a normal way of life when it happened.

      When the corruption started back in the late 70's instead of us making examples out of the perpeturators we turned a blind eye and allowed it to  continue now it's out of control.  The status grants were another moral issues that we should have stood out against but no we did not because if would effect someone we knew or cared about.  So we choose to remain silent and turn a blind eye.  This is just the begining there are lots more to come.  Political parties and the mass status grants are the two elements that has destroyed these beloved isles Cayman and OMOV cannnot save us now.  What we need are good men and women to come to the aid of their country.  Abandon the political parties right the good ship Cayman and return to form.  We need to get rid of the social service mentality and dependence on work permits, status grants and mass give aways in the form of incentives to investors who are not asking for handouts.  Most investors to this country know what it is to pay taxes and they would much rather pay their way than have direct taxes to pay.  I wish we were able to clone "Sir" FS because he was the only FS to make fiscal responsibility an integral part of his responsibility for this country. 


      • thetruth says:

        Exactly, you are part of the corruption if you accept the fridges, stoves, parking lots, home repairs, Nation Building Funds.  I have refused and will continue to refuse any and all of those things.  My vote is not for sale not now not later but never.

  3. In Perso Nator says:

    My hands are clean and my heart is pure…
    Don’t you faceless mass of donkey faces get it???!!

  4. Anonymous says:

    unfortunatly…as usual, the governor will do nothing……

  5. Anonymous says:

    Caymanians let's stand up firm,this is our chance to stop this selling out the island crap.

    We need to fight for what is ours,how much can we say still belongs to caymanians ,mac has sold out almost all of the island soon or later you will hear that mac has included us in the package.


  6. Anonymous says:


    What about the sign in Spot Bay saying, "Don't split up Cayman Brac"  and the banner in front of the Watering Place affordable housing?  I thought signs were suposed to be taken down the night before and not put up the night before.

  7. Sir wastes a lot says:

    Again, just more wast of our duty dollars for the benefit of the agendas of a few. Sick, shameful waste of public funds. I am shocked that such is legal.

  8. Anonymous says:

    I vote for the Premier to be the first Prime Minister of the Cayman Islands.  Yes I vote for one man the Hon Premier William McKeeva Bush, that is my one one one vote.  Yes to OMOV, say yes only for the Hon. McKeeva Bush and no one else.  Long live the best from the
    West Hon. McKeeva Bush.    You go big Mac, you the man with the plan.  West Bay vote for you, we only want one man with the vote and that is McKeeva Bush.  We vote yes for McKeeva and NO for anything else. 

    Let me tell you all  something there will be NO ONE MAN VOTE for anyone else but McKeeva Bush.  This OMOV will not stop the Mac he will run  over all you that want OMOV like a steam roller.   What a let down the people who want OMOV will get on the 18 July 2012.

    When the Premier shut up the OMOV group there will be full speed ahead with development, jobs and the good For Cayman Alliance group.

    • Knot S Smart says:

      I hope that the Police take note of this poster, because it appears that a canoe load of that stuff has just arrived and been distributed in time for this vote…

    • Anonymous says:

      OK Mac, keep taking the meds hun…

    • Anonymous says:

      What is wrong with you? Are you finished? You seem a little obsessed with this man “bush”.. Are you lacking a father figure? Be a light unto yourself for a bit.

    • Anonymous700 says:

      A more disjointed, ramblining, imbecilic tirade is hard to imagine. This is one man who should never have one vote.  He actually will have a say in the Political future of the Cayman Islands.  No wonder people are selling up.


    • Anonymous says:

      Do you have a backup for when those three criminal investigations go to court?

    • Anonymous says:

      Your supposed to use the dynamite to blow up rocks, not smoke it and blow up your head

    • Anonymous says:

      'Let me tell you all  something…'

      Now who says that…….? 

      'This OMOV will not stop the Mac he will run  over all you that want OMOV like a steam roller. '

      He already has run all over the country and steam rollered it…..nothing to be proud of there then!

      'When the Premier shut up the OMOV group….'

      That's the problem…..trying to 'shut up' the people too often!

  9. Dred says:

    I am also curious if the mix up in West Bay is deliberate to create confussion as to where people should go to vote to lead to frustrations and people simply not voting.

    Put nothing UNDESPICABLE past the UDP team.

    I hope the elections office is taking into account the people who are not longer with us who are on the elections list.

    • Anonymous says:

      I guess I just assumed it was deliberate. Did any of the churches that couldn’t find the time to allow voting recieve the ‘nation building’ pork?

  10. Anonymous says:

    Caymanian Strongman Mackeeva Bush!

  11. Anonymous says:

    What happens to those on the list that have passed away? How does the list get updated? If we have allot of deceased people making up that number then we won’t be able to get the 51% we need to pass this referendum. Does anyone know the answer to this?

    • Raffaelle says:

      Easy ask the dead if they voted if they do not answer you that is definite NO in UDP Election book of rules.

    • St Peter says:

      Dead people vote at every election in Cayman. If only we could get them to vote yes rather than abstaining…

    • Praying4Changes says:

      When some one dies, the death is registered with ROC. ROC sends a list to the Elections Office, and from there the Registering Officer for that persons district will then remove the deceased from the Electors List.

      • Anonymous says:

        When my father in law died, he was not removed from the voters list until after we took his death certificate to the Elections Office and asked for him to be removed. My aunt died recently and she is still on the list. It is very unfair (but typical of the UDP) that these people will count as NO votes. 

    • Anonymous says:

      Actually yes, people who are deceased get taken off the list before the referendum. Those working at the polling stations on referendum day had to assist with this process beforehand. So yes, the list does get updated.

    • Anonymous says:

      Peoplewho have passed away and remain on the electoral role are essentially "no" votes becuase the "yes" votes have to get 51% of the total electorate not those that actually vote so the dead ones (and those who don't come out to vote) are counted as "no" votes.  Another sly touch by the UDP.

      • SKEPTICAL says:

        What about Registered Voters who have left the island – there should have been a new registration process for those entitled to vote in the referendum.

    • Anonymous says:

      It has been arrangedthat all of the deceased persons on the voter lists will be voting no by postal ballot – some of them 2 or 3 times.

  12. Da Bracster says:

    This is appalling . Same with the mobile voting, ten people with armed police escorts descended on my elderly grandmother. Talk about intimidating, and then tell her vote No if you don’t want to vote for many people and vote yes if you only want to vote for one person. Talk about confusing. Needless to say she picked the one that they made sound better.
    Vote YES people, don’t be intimidated.

    • SKEPTICAL says:

      Surely this is an incident to be reported to the Elections Office, the Commissioner of Police and the Governor.

      • Old Colonial Mule says:

        Yes and what exactly are they going to do about it????? you obviously not from here if it doesn't threatened British interest here its a local matter for the Premier to deal with? Dats how tings run ya so.

      • Will Ya Listen! says:

        …..and this would achieve exactly what? We can't even get ACTUAL cases of corruption and abuse of power investigated by the Toothless Ones.

        When the UK takes over the Governor will smile, nod and give us all the finger. We can then complain to the FCO and they will smile, nod and give us all the finger. Then we'll go to the Government (if the Revolution hasn't taken place) and they will smile………..etc.



      • Prop Wash says:

        Who???????? Exactly how many times do you have to be hit in the head  in order for you to understand this is not their concern as it does not involve or doesn't effect the way the UK governs this little place or their citizens. Let me repeat it for you  They simply dont care what the natives do to themselves, so long as it does not impede or hinder their financial interest here. Kapeeech Move on please!

  13. The Thinker says:

    Quote, “They are not interested in what is the best electoral system for the Cayman Islands; they are interested in keeping their own seats”    Truer words were never spoken.


    Here's another quote:  "A democracy is always temporary in nature; it simply cannot exist as a permanent form of government.  A democracy will continue to exist up until the time that voters discover that they can vote themselves generous gifts from the public treasury.  From that moment on, the majority always votes for the candidates who promise the most benefits from the public treasury, with the result that every democracy will finally collapse over loose fiscal policy."

    Unfortunately, we have a government that spends millions of dollars winning favor of voters.  Have you noticed the deficits lately?  How much time is left?

  14. Anonymous says:

    i was against the new Constitution and the PPM spent millions on it to get people to vote YES. They even had the YES box ticked on the ballot flyers.  Whats the difference?

    Also i am against government picking up the garbage, widening roads, building clinics, building footrball fields, helping the elderly  etc. and I am appalled at their audacity to continue to pay for this crap!!!! what an idiota

    • Anonymous says:

      Millions spent, what a load of crap! The referendum on the constitution was very educational, not biased as you seem to think. It certainly was not advertised in party colours and by meetings which are political rallies and should be paid for by the UDP. 

    • Anonymous says:

      The PPM brought down eminent experts in constitutional law to answer people's questions related to the new Constitution. It went from district to district having meeting answering people's questions about the constitution. It had an explanatory memorandum about the new constitution. That was an educational exercise. It was not a campaign of mudslinging, character assassination, inducing irrational fears and politicking.

      Obviously because it was a govt. initiated referendum they supported a yes vote. What is bizarre in this case is that govt. says it is a govt. initiated referendum but is opposing it.   

    • Anonymous says:

      The new constitution was not a PPM thing – it was a UK originated thing.   It was not a partisan thing, but of course, UDP was not in favor of it at the time.   The PPM had to do it anyway because it was a UK thing that had to be done, just like with the other overseas territories.   The current referendum was started by the people, then hijacked by the UDP, who have been campaigning against it from day 1 and using our taxpaying dollars to fund it, and now they are making it out as a partisan thing, than what it really was supposed to be i.e. a people thing.  And they have also started to use it as a politcal campaigning platform for the 2013 elections, but using our money to do so. Get the difference?

  15. Knot S Smart says:

    Ok Al Mclaughlin – I am going to have a stern talk with you:

    First of all I have always supported you and being the type of person that I am, I probably always will – no matter what!

    Secondly this is a step in the right direction – just make sure to keep pushing this issue until you have gotten results, long after the votes have been counted!

    Thirdly you have been too quiet for too long on this issue. You needed to get out and have public meetings about this OMOV motion months ago! You will get no place in history if you are as quiet as a church mouse on the issues!

    Fourthly those schools that you built will make many generations of our youth proud for a long time to come. Of course I am not saying that you did not cause a lot of funds to be spent, and I will never agree that you should have looked outside of the major constructing companies in Cayman, to have them built. But when a good hurricane comes I bet I know where Mac and the boys will ride it out. Either there or the new Administration Building.

    So please will you just come forward loud and clear and explain to the public what you intended with those schools, any mistakes that you feel you made in the process, and explain the benefits that will be received. Say it loud and clear and be proud of it!

    Finally. I believe that if the changes are made with this referendum then when people call their representative on their cell phone – that representative will answer his phone or return the call soon thereafter. Al – you get my drift?

    Having said all of this – I am happy that you support the OMOV Referendum!

    Your Supporter Always…


  16. Anonymous says:

    If you read the next article in this publication, you will see that there are people who havnt the slightest understanding of OMOV, or for that matter, democracy!

    What about the man who posted that a voter in Cayman Brac would be voting in someone to represent North side, he clearly doesnt realise that there is a second part of the referundum question, Single Member Constituencies. Folks, it reallyis simple, divide your Islands into equal size constituencies (in terms of voter numbers) and have one member from each. That way, an evil operator like Bush will no doubt get elected but the useless hangers on only get in on their own merits, thus he only gets the reporesentation he deserves and thats why its democratic!

    Unfortunately its also why he has manipulated this to his own ends, making the question a leading one, and timing it to ensure maximum absentee voters, and demanding a crazy "pass mark" to ensure he wins. Add to that a lack of education on the subject at hand, and in my opinion misuse of public funds to ensure a lack of real understanding, and you have no chance of freeing yourself of this monstrous man any time soon!

  17. Name and Shame says:

    How about the NRA head who did his job and was fired for it?  What kind of message does this send to the civil service?  Follow me or I'll crush you?

    Mac has to go and I pray the replacements are not the same.  After 22 years in Cayman and community service, I welcome the UK to take over.  I do not want another day of PPM or UDP.

    Sorry folks, our politicians stopped serving the people a decade ago when they thought up party politics and contracts for cronies.  It does not matter who is in the office, the elected bend to the wishes of the wealthy and it only beneifts a few.

    Do we really want politicians or simply honest administrators that will mind the books and hire better teacher, pave the roads and let the community leaders be unpaid. 


    • Anonymous says:

      The plan is to gain independence, give status to every one who wants it, import about 250,000 people, change the house lot size to 0.15.  Reduce the taxes for investors and give even more incentives for development.   Swap most of the crown lands and lease all of what is left for $1.00 per acrea for 100 years to developers so that they can bring in jobs so that Caymanian can go to work to pay a mortgage and buy some food, pay cuc and visit disney world on a vacation.  How is that for the party with the plan ? XXXX

  18. Anonymous says:

    This may be a rather stupid question, but where does one go to vote tomorrow?  I live in George Town, and have never voted before due to not being eligible – but am now a "paper Caymanian" and therefore can do so.  Can't find anything by searching the web and non of my friends seem to know….


    CNS: I've now attached the polling division list to this article.

    • Anonymous says:

      If you didn't register to vote before 1st April 2012 then you will not be able to vote in the referendum.


      Register to vot and you will be eligible to vote in future elections/referendums.

      • Anonymous says:

        Thank you for your response, but my question was where do I go to vote – I am able to vote tomorrow (as I registered before the April cut-off), but do not know where to go!


        CNS: I changed the name of the polling divisions to "Where to go to vote on polling day" and attached it to the article, and then left a note on your comment to bring it to your attention. 

        • Anonymous says:

          Call the PPM Office at 945-8292. They have been helping people to find out where to go to vote.

    • Anonymous says:

      See for everything you need to know about voting in The Cayman Islands. You can look up your name to find your voting area and there is an article to tell you the physical voting location for that area. Welcome & thanks for joining us.

  19. Anonymous says:

    The UDP support a No vote to OMOV.  Fine.  Then let them spend their hard-earned money on their campaign and not ours.  The money from the public purse belongs as much to those who want to vote Yes as those who want to vote No.  NO WAY do I condone them spending my money on their politicial campaign which from what I have witnessed bears no resemblence to educational, its more akiin to political and misleading rantings from totally undiplomatic undemocratic politicians.  This is an abuse of both public office and the public purse. 

    Arden should be writing to Mr Bellingham too.

  20. NeoSurvivor says:

    "…….hi-jacked the people's campaign……"   Well, no kidding.    Good luck finding ANY valid, vetted election process or elections where not voting equals a 'no' vote.  

    Absolutely absurd.   I can't believe it is even legal.  

  21. Knot S Smart says:

    Call the Police and request that they be prosecuted for littering.

    Every flyer that becomes litter is a different offence…

  22. anonymous says:

    I believe tht is littering.

  23. Anonymous says:

    Accused ? what a joke

  24. Libertarian says:

    "The opposition leader pointed out that… it was wrong for the government to use public money to push specifically the ‘no’ vote without actually educating the people on the pros and cons of both sides of the debate."  What I find hard to comprehend is the magnification of one electoral system versus the current electoral system. Speaking about education, why hasn't both Opposition leaders and UDP leaders, educate the public on the varieties of electoral systems out there – not just a few to their liking?!  Why is it that there is still no talk and provisions for the people to DIRECTLY vote for their Premier. In both systems given to us on a plater, we still can't directly vote in our Premier, and hence when we find no confidence in him, vote him out!  It appears to be all smokes. Whether the people for yea or nay, it wouldn't make a huge difference.

    • Ed says:

      Over the past few months I have come to the conclusion that you find most things difficult to comprehend.  

    • Anonymous says:

      Agrre with the poster that ideally we would like to be able to vote to elect the Premier.

      However, given the current scenario, we need to vote now to save our Islands!

      OMOV is a step in the right direction. Come May we will vote for a new Premier!

  25. anonymous says:

    Please vote YES tomorrow to OMOV.  We have to put a stop to Mac's Madness.

    • Anonymous says:

      I need someone to urgently explain to me how this will "put a stop to Mac's Madness'? I am serious!  I truly need to know this!

      • Sir wastes a lot says:

        What OMOV will do is redistribute the power from a group, ie West Bay, or George Town, where there is a large populous, to smaller areas, each with their own representative (s). That way people, where ever they might reside, have equal and fair representation on the Island. The number of representatives for the Islands will remain the same, but the voting blocks will be broken up such that each are equal island-wide. That way, you are not shafted if you don’t happen to live in a highly populated district.

      • Anonymous says:

        He'll still be mad for sure. It just won't have the same effect on the entire country.

    • one point of view says:

      A Yes to OMOV is the same as a NO to Mackeeva ?  

    • Anonymous says:



      So its not about the people having accountability and equality? its all about removing Makeeva…thats exactly what i thought….. I will vote no

      • Anonymous says:

        If Mac can't have Eunuchs he will have to be more accountable. Do yo comprehend?

      • Dred says:

        If voting YES to OMOV also put an end to Big Mac it would be a beautiful thing BUT unfortunately that maggot will be leaching off the people for many years to come.

      • Anonymous says:

        It boils down to the one and same thing – not just for Mac, but for everyone in politics –  you will get more accountability and stop them from hiding behind each other – in other words – force them to start working for their pay.   If they don't represent the people who elected them, then the people boot them out – and with only 1 representative and not 4 or 6, you know who exactly to hold accountable for performance – they can't hide behind the other representative and tell you to go call the other person instead of calling them.   Like when Elio tells someone that it is Mike who is handling something and he therefore shirks the fact that he is responsible to go talk to Mike himself on behalf of his constituent.

  26. jsftbhaedrg says:

    I have just witnessed Mac's cronies going around every car in our offices car park as well as those surrounding my office buidling placing flyers to vote "no" on everyones windshields.

    If it rains and these things stick to your windscreens will Macdipshit also  be paying to have them removed?

    • Anonymous says:


      I also hope they got the relevant permissions for their horrendous signs all over the place.

  27. Anonymous says:

    Good luck with that Alden. Wouldn't it be amazing if, after years of zero accountability, there would be a similar turnaround in politics as there has been in policing recently? Can you imagine if we started arresting the political crooks? Then there would be no need for the U.K. to take over in November when they move out of Turks. Am I naive to have any faith / hope left in my fellow Caymanians?



    • Anonymous says:

      As  a supporter of OMOV, I am appalled at the audacity of the present government to take my money to campaign against something that I want!

      As Caymanian, seeing the level of need amongst some of our peeople at this time, I am appalled that the government could waste 100K on their media blitz and televsion broadcast!

      As a concerned citizen I am encouraging everyone that has the privelege and honour of voting to go out and vote tomorrow!


    • The Thinker says:

      Yes.  You are naive.  As for political crooks, where would you find any politicians who aren't crooks?

      • Anonymous says:

        Do you realize what you are saying is that if one is a politician one is a crook? For your information I have come accross many politcians who aren't crooks. They left their offices as poor as they entered. They did it for country, not self. Its just that I cannot for the life of me think of anyone in the UDP that fits that bill. This is coming from a very disappointed ex-UDP supporter.