Cayman goes to the polls

| 18/07/2012

ballot box45_0.jpg(CNS): Elections officials confirmed that all was in order as the polls opened on Wednesday morning for the historic referendum on Cayman's voting system. The ballot boxes were dispatched from the Election Command Centre into the district polling stations in the early hours and all the stations opened on time. Cayman voters will be voting either in favour or against one man, one vote in single member constituencies. For the vote to carry there needs to be 7,583 voters, one way or another. The polling stations where electors can vote are listed below and anyone who is not sure which station they should go to can check the register on the elections office website or visit a local post office, all of which areopen.

Voters can also go to their nearest polling station and check the register with election officials.  The polls will now be open until 6pm this evening and the count is expected to start at 7pm.

Polling Divisions attached.

Check back to CNS for regular updates on voter turnout throughout the day and for the live results this evening.

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  1. Honourable Absurdistani says:

    God bless the Cayman Islands.

    • Anonymous says:

      Oh believe me, he has, is doing now and will continue to do so……as long as we remain faithful. Do not worry about the godless imposters that claim to represent us. God will raise up righteous blood.