Voters saying ‘Yes’ to OMOV

| 19/07/2012

(CNS): Although the count still has a long way to go, early results from the election command centre indicate that those who bothered to go to the polls are voting 'yes' to one man, one vote. In North Side 335 people have voted 'yes'  with only 56 people bothering to vote 'no', and even in the Sister Islands, where voter apathy was the most apparent, the final count there indicated 256 people voted 'yes' against 206 voting 'no'. Meanwhile, at the half way point of the count, in East End, so far the vote is heavily in favour of one man, one vote. Keep checking CNS for the latest live results.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Wow so inspite of all of the deputy premeir's efforts she was unable to get the majorty of voters to go along with her in Cayman Brac, what a defeat for her.

    Driving up and down all day in a government SUV with a body guard wasting government gas. Good to see most of the voters rejected the nonsence that was put out by the UDP and Ms Julie.

  2. SKEPTICAL says:

    Sadly, it was virtually inevitable that the ” YES ” vote numbers would never meet the requirement of the Constitution – that the Yes votes had to total at least 50% + 1 vote of the total number of Registered voters. If you look at the historical demographics of voter turnout not only in Cayman, but also the UK and almost any democratic society, it was extremely unlikely that there would ever be enough people prepared to get off their backsides, go out and vote, and possibly provide the required Yes votes. I suspect that this would apply to any Referendum vote, whatever the subject. In effect, the use of a referendum in Cayman to achieve any goal is a complete waste of time. To the extent that the PPM supported theOMOV referendum, and the YES vote fails to hit the target, they have only themselves to blame for agreeing the “majority” formula incorporated into the new Constitution,

  3. #thespecialist says:

    Your still not going to make the count. "Maybe next time…"