Bush proposes 9 districts

| 20/07/2012

8024057.jpg(CNS): Despite the majority result in Wednesday’s referendum in favour of one man, one vote and single member constituencies, the premier has proposed an entirely different voting system and has announced his intention to set up a committee to examine the idea of creating eight districts on Grand Cayman, each returning two members, and retaining the status quo on Cayman Brac. Speaking on Radio Cayman on Thursday evening, McKeeva Bush announced his intention to create a bipartisan committee to examine this or other options. Such a proposal would, however, require the boundaries on Grand Cayman to be entirely redrawn.

In his unpublicised broadcast on the government radio station Bush said this proposal for returning 18 members to the legislative Assembly at the next election would address local perceptions about inequality but would not have what he believed were the “dangerous elements” of single member constituencies.

Although the referendum result delivered a clear and irrefutable message to the government about what the people want, with only ten months before the next general election the premier is proposing to completely change the boundaries established by the constitutionally formed boundaries commission.

Bush described the creation of eight double-member constituencies on Grand Cayman with as equal a number as possible of registered electors, who would have one vote each, where the top two candidates would be returned to the country's parliament.

Echoing comments made by Rolston Anglin shortly beforethe referendum, Bush said that there needed to be more discussion on improving the electoral system, as he announced the creation of a new group to examine the way Cayman votes.

Despite considering the referendum result a binding 'No' Bush said he was a leader that looked at all the angles of how people feel.

While I don’t believe that single member constituencies are good for the country, I want to continue to work for equality and a system that is fair," he said.

"I would propose we continue the discussions as to whether our present system should be examined without being skewed by the prism of so much politicization and whether we should consider moving toward a new system of all multimember constituencies, with eight electoral districts for Grand Cayman of roughly the same number of voters each and each electoral district returning two MLAs."

He said that Cayman Brac and Little Cayman would be left as is but the change on Gradn cayman would be in line with the principles of “equality and fairness as advocated by the One Man One Vote Committee."

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Maybe BoobyQuay can become a district and put the WEST BAY 4 to run that.

  2. Anonymous says:

    This is impossible! Our beloved premier very unjustly rigged the system so OMOV couldn't possibly win. OMOV STILL won, and now he's begging the country to please keep him in gowerment by introducing OMOV but we have to do it HIS way???!!!

  3. SKEPTICAL says:

    GERRYMANDERING, which bush is probably going to attempt, is the old ploy of trying to arrange voting boundaries for the benefit of a specific political party. If he intends to set boundaries so that each constituency has about the same number of voters, which ballpark would come out at about 1500/2000 per section, West Bay would have two constituencies returning FOUR MLA’s – anything sound familiar. But look at the Eastern districts of GC – how far West would the boundary have to be drawn to provide 2000 registered voters, and consider the geographical infrastructure for which just two MLA’s would be responsible.
    What seems contradictory if the CNS report is correct, is that what bush appears to be suggesting is that within the 8 equinumerical constituencies each person would have ONE vote and the two candidates receiving the most votes would be elected to the LA – doesn’t that sound a bit like OMOV ? Or, does he mean 2 votes per person, one for each of their two favorites.

  4. Anonymous says:

    The best solution for the people is:

    NO districts.

    Everybody votes for anybody.

    3 or 4 political parties based on policy and opinion not district.

    Candidates can not have any link to local business.

    No need to be registered as a voter, just 18 or older.

    SO a person from westbay could vote for a person from eastend.

    THIS will unite the cayman islands.




  5. Anonymous says:

    Consider this……..Bush and all his bushmen launched a campaign against OMOV and said "nothing is wrong with this system….we have used it for 180 years".  Then right before the referendum day they agreed a bettter system was needed BUT they could not agree what that better system might be….each one of them has their very differing solutions……..clearly they are all confused, and clearly their confusion confused their faithful followers (as always).  The good news is thankfully we can all sleep a little easier now knowing that West Bayers are finally catching on as is evidenced by the results of the votes in that district.  It would not surprise me now though if someone has told Bush things don't look good for him in 2013 (he would never figure that out for himself) and soon launches a campaign to divide West Bay into 9 districts and everyone can vote for only him up to 9 times.  They may have also suggested that he joins Bodden Town, North Side and East End into one district to try to eliminate Ezzard and Arden……don't laugh….XXX.  Beware! 

  6. ReallyForCayman says:

    Mckeeva's only reason for suggesting such a system is because he now realizes that it will be very difficult for a UDP candidate to win in a Single Member Constituency. But they may have a chance for second place if they run some spoilers. Trust me, he is no fool when it comes to manipulating systems.

    We must not settle for another system that can be manipulated by politicians. Electoral systems must operate in the best interest of the voters.

  7. John Bull says:

    Mr.Bush. It's over. Go home and lie down. You'll feel a lot better and so will the rest of us who won't have to bear  listening to you yelling your head off come the next general election. But if you do decide to run, for pity's sake put down the (superfluous) bullhorn and attempt to address the public with some measure of decorum. Thank you.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Blogger at 14:58…Its not the opposition to focus on the Economy, they are not the majority Government. Its the UDP that has to focus on the Economy, Balancing the budget and other matters. For 3 years plus they have been waiting for the PPM and the Independent member for NS to give them ideas on how to manage the finances and how to do things.  Right now all money matters are being channel through the Premiers office, rather than through the Treasury and because of that, they cannot account for where the monies are goingto and it makes the budget very hard to balance.  Sure the UDP will say they have a surplus, but show me the money.  Are they paying their bills? Did they balance the books yet for 2005 – 2009? I don't think so, because they don't want you the people to see the true picture.  They can't be truthful and they cannot handle the truth.  They are a bunch of very angry politician, because they cannot control the UK.  They will never admit that they cannot achieve anything like the PPM did in such a short space of time.  They just cannot! All they have done for 3 years is to blame the PPM and Alden.  They gets up on platforms and tries to slaughter anybody that opposes them or do something that they did not instigate and just row row row.  I heard the doing character assasination on Wayne Panton, Mr. Moxam, Ezzard, Alden and others.  They are good at that.  They are just incompetent leaders.

    • Anonymous says:

      The UK is not sleeping, Cayman and Caymanians had better wake up.  Look around at what is happening the HSCB issue and what is going on in USA politics.  Do you belive the financial industry will be untouched for much longer?   We had better wake up and smell the coffee.

      • Anonymous says:

        Agreed. An estimated $280 billion in lost income tax revenues stashed in offshore banks represents a huge black hole in the world economy.  Ironic that the Premier of Cayman  would blame the "downturn of world economy" since Cayman banking is one of the causes.

      • Anonymous says:

        I hear that the UK guys in TCI know their date to leave the island – have been told to have a vacation prior to their next assignment – I wonder where that will be

  9. WestBayer says:

    Idiotic proposal!!  This is the man who said the day before that if its not broken, don't fix it.  Yet, he is making a proposal to change it.  Idiotic!!  Speaking out of both sides of his mouth and just so immature.

  10. SANDFLY says:

    Mac rigged the election by setting hurdles to high to over come but he still lost because his whole party is exposed to holding us down and back. But we know who they are the "Takers and Fakers" of the UDP and they will pay the price for what they have done to our little nation. They do not deserve power of any kind.

  11. Slowpoke says:

    OMTV.  Finally, a solution I can live with.  I get two votes and my wife and the other womenfolk, don't get a say.  The country is saved!

  12. Anonymous says:

    The Cayman Islands are over-governed; too many MLAs.


    Perhaps we should cut the LA down to 9 MLAs and scrap the geographic boundaries. Elections should be a country wide free for all where the top 9 vote getters are elected to the LA.


    This would lower the cost of government dramatically and perhaps get a better caliber of MLA into the LA.


    We do not need micro-managing MLAs. Rather, the country needs well educated, competent, and ethical men and women in the LA who will guide the country strategically and let the civil service put the strategy into practice without micro-managed political control.


    I guess I am a dreamer.

    • Anonymous says:

      This ship Cayman Islands is taking in water and sinking fast we had better start working together before it sinks soon.   The time is now for us to work together and stop playing politics.  Cayman needs sound leadership, we need to balance the budget, get control over unemployment, reduce crime and empower our young people.  This political party postering needs to stop and until it does we will only go deeper into chaos.  I know our politicians love this country and they should do the right thing in coming together to find solutions to our problems collectively.   Thank you all and may God continue to bless and keep us as a nation under God.


  13. Anonymous says:

    Cayman let's face reality. Anyone opposing  the current Goverment, be it PPM or independents find a way to come together. Put personal grievances aside and find a way to elimilate the UDP May 2013. The ball is in your court. Until this goal is where the focus is we will be beating our gums to no avail. Cayman it's time for the sensible ones of us to admit that this is our goal and reach this at any cost. Do not let McTheva divide and conquer. This is the reason he won in the last election. The independents were against him, PPM were against him but dividing the vote between PPM and the independents allowed UDP to have the majority. Whoever does not see that needs a pair of glasses. Focus on the ultimate goal and we will reach it.


  14. Cayman Pen Man says:



    The Premier has advanced too far to recede with saftey: he is deeply interested to execute his purpose, if possible….In common life, to retract an error even in the beginning is no easy task. Perseverance confirms us in it and rivets the difficulty….To this we may add that disappointment and opposition inflame the minds of men and attach them still more to their mistakes

  15. Anonymous says:

    At least 9 is better than 18. Don't know why Ezzard and Alden would oppose it. Nothing it seems cant please them if it is not coming from them. What solutions have they came up with to help UDP boost the economy?  None to this day 

    • Anonymous says:

      I think you missed something, the number would be the same. Mac is suggesting 9 districts with 2 members each which is also 18.

  16. Anonymous says:

    Mac!  You have no right to impose on us YOUR OMTV system!  You didn't put that question in the referendum and how dare you think that is what the majority of us want!  You are disgusting!  Now please leave things as they are so we can show you what we'll do in May 2013.  We are tired of the shinanigans. 

  17. GT Voter says:

    Bush said, "A committee to examine the idea of creating eight districts on Grand Cayman"

    I like the 2 man idea, but I want this board to be a selected with PPM, UDP and OMOV committee members as well, not just a hand picked by Mr. Bush. Now I'll say that's a fair 

  18. Dananoymouse says:

    If the Premier Bush establishes a committee to make recommendations on the voting system, I hope Steve McField is appointed to this committee! He needs something to do with all his expertise!

  19. Amazed! says:

    This is pure hypocrisy! The Premier … no scratch that , that ship has sailed.  The rest f the UDP MLA's should be ashamed of themselves.  The UDP has obviously used the referendum results to estimate the results of the next election and has seen the writing on the wall.  This move has nothing to do with whats best for the people, any principle of good Government or appropraite electoral structures.  It is puely about whats best for the party in the maority Government.  We currently have 6 'constituencies'.  Mr. Bush now proposes 9.  Here are the differences, single-member consituences preserve the natural boundaries between ddistricts.  In Mr. Bush's version East End and North Side will likely become one consituency!  Likely, this is his intention to cause problems for his 2 biggest opponents the MLA's of those districts and to punish the people in those district for overwhelmingly supporting the concept that they have enjoed representation under for decades.  Contrary to the statement in the article it doesnt allow Cayman Brac and Little Cayman to have what it wants, that would be double-member consituencies with 'one man 2 votes'.  He is proposing to support the concept of one man 1 vote.  So Brackers would still oppose it because they want to be able to have 2 votes each.  It does allow them to remain as one distrct, which is what they wanted.  The other districts will have their boundaries moved so that the natural district boundaries for GT, BT and WB may all be affected, but likely it would only affect BT and GT.  So basically rather than sacrifice one district's natural boundary by splitting it in 2 under SMC's, we are now ging to sacrifice all the others.  What this really highlights is that if we agree to Mr. Bush's proposals, we would be increasing the risk of gerrymandering in the country.  Under SMC's it is more difficult because the relatively smaller population in each consituency acts as a barrier to gerrymandering.  With double member-constituencies, and the removal of the natural district boundaries the risk of gerymandering significantly increases.  At some point the political process needs to be about the people not the politicians.  I will ignore only for the timebeing the fact that Mr. Bush told us the referendum had to be called early because we wouldnt have enough time if we delayed, and now he is proposing (at least I hope he is proposing) a new referendum on this topic, I assume within the same time-frame.  I will ignore for the timebeing the fact that Mr. Bush has not yet agreed a bdget with the UK, and has spent the people's money playing games with them on the referendum topic.  I will ignore for the timebeing that those monies spent on a lavish 'no-vote' campaign will likely come from the pockets of civil servants in the form of pay cuts.  I will ignore these things for the timebeing.  But mark my words UDP, I will not be ignoring them in May 2013.  What you have done is shameful and abhorent. And I pray that those who are ignorant to what you are doing and wh blindly follow will have the scales removed from their eyes.  You who have come as a wolf in sheeps clothing.

  20. NeoSurvivor says:

    When Dart comes after my property and convinces the Premier to proclaim 'imminent domain' so DartCo can build some unnecessary extravaganza, will you support me in keeping my own heritage?  

    See, I don't want to sell out.   I want something to leave to the children, as they have worked the land also, and respect it.    Land can produce food, but that doesn't matter to the big boys, the movers and shakers.  Nope.   They want big slices of the pie, and dribble the crumbs from their plates for us to fight over.  

    This is exactly what the Premier is proposing:   Yet another division — in the aftermath of their claims of dividing via OMOV — of all of us.   Divided, we are weaker.   

    Now is the time for all of us to Cayman UP.    Have some grit,  and stand strong for your country.   These people — the UDP — want to sell it all away, or cause you to sellit, and call that "nation-building".   

    Don't sell out.   Hold your ground.   The late, great Captain Keith Tibbitts told me once many, many  years ago……… " you walk on your ground, and you plant your foot down on your ground, and you defy anyone to move you off of it.   That is the basis of your heritage — to be Caymanian."  



  21. Anonymous says:

    Mac just called and asked me to be Chairman of the 9-Districts Committee. I am to consult as widely as possible, and assure everyone that their input is valuable and will form part of the final report. Early in January I am to report back to him with the following recommendations:


    District 1 – West Bay N

    District 2 – West Bay S

    District 3 – West Bay E

    District 4 – West Bay W

    District 5 – West Bay M (miggle?)

    District 6 – George Town

    District 7 – Bodden Town

    District 8 – North Side and East End

    District 9 – Cayman Brac and Little Cayman


    At the end of the month he is going to award me some shiny medals, and in May he will take the title of Honourable and Distinguished Premier for Life.

  22. Circus says:

    Puppet Mac is confused.

    He has been saying for months thatthe present system has worked well and does not need to be changed.    

    The man is XXXXXXXXX!

  23. N says:

    Was not the goal of the petition for the OMOV movement to force a Peoples Initiated Referendum ? Which would require 50% Plus one to become legally binding. And from what I remember Bush decided to give them what they wanted because of all the hoopla surrounding the petition. Even Miller said Bush caved in to the pressure and decided to give them what they wanted which was a peoples initiated referendum. So why are people complaining ? Am I missing something.


    This is what happens when you follow blind leaders. The people get all their hopes up high and then they get hurt. Like what Pitcarin said on News 27 the other night, "when the elephants play, the grass gets hurt."  At least Alden should have showed more support, but he wasn't all into the movement. He was reluctant to show that support, he said yes, but his heart wasn't in it, because he wasnt the author of it. And Ezzard, my Ezzard, he should have known better. He claim he understood the strategy of the current government, but the timing was wrong, and I must admit he had his political interest too. The people follow these leaders and now look at the people. Look at their faces of dissappointment.  All I have to say to Alden, Ezzard and those behind the grassroot, thank you guys for breaking the people's morale. Thank you very much. For sure, I will not be voting for any of you again. You have failed me. Next time, have a referendum that you are certain we will win!

    • Anonymous says:

      Anyone got a clip of Ellio vs. Moxam?? I heard it was very interesting "debate"

  25. Anonymous says:

    When will opposition focus their attention on the economy instead of trying to justify themselves after a huge lost?  Anyways, politrick as usual.

    • U C Me! says:

      No, please tell me this a joke (even though it is far from being funny). After Bush & his few remaining cronies (XXXXX), publicly shouted it from every media outlet possible that dividing the country up will bring garrison politics, gangs & bloodshed Bush is now going to tell us that he proposes to DIVIDE the country up into 9 districts? Has he gone mad? Does he not have any sense? (Don't answer that one). Does he not have any PRIDE? What a hypocrite. To divide the country up into9 districts is the same as dividing it up into 18 constituencies, it is only a matter of name, it is still "DIVIDE"! I mean, he has got to go. The poor showing of his supporters voting "no" in the referendum has really affected his head, he obviously is not thinking straight. The massive % of people voting "yes" at the polls must really have him worried, someone please help him, he obviously needs it. Things don't look good for his election prospects in May, if he lasts that long. XXXX

    • Anonymous says:

      Why are you going on about the opposition, this article is all about the UDP – is that you Foolio? Selling oranges when the discussion is about apples again?

    • Anonymous says:

      Oh my, and here we are thinking it's the f**king GOWERMENT who's supposed to focusing their attention on the economy.

    • Anonymous says:

      The representation under the UDP is so lop-sided it leaves a bad taste in our mouths.  When the government is so gregarious, self-centred, bias in their administration, and is willing to let greed (friendship generosity) cause the indigenous Caymanian to be deprived of what has been handed down from our ansestors to be given away to  their cronies/developers, What  more can we expect in the forseeable future, from such an irresponsible group of people. 

      Politics was at its best during the tirade of the UDP, over the  past few weeks which culminated on the 17th July.  Their hostile tone and castigation was an eye opener to those who had supported them and now has a keen sense and understanding of who they are.  I hope they have read the results of the land give-away in the TCI and understand the ramifications of it.  I patiently await the results in the CAYMAN ISLANDS.

    • Anonymous says:

      I'm wondering myself when the current government will focus on the economy too.  Jetting around the world and signing MOU's that never come to fruition and throwing away public money on failed loans and failed campaigns is hardly focussing on the economy either

    • Anonymous says:

      You are confused. It is the govt. that must focus its attention on the economy. It alone has the power to make the necessary changes.

  26. Just Commentin' says:

    Hmmm…? One man, two votes (OMTV)? Well! I am usually the first in line to cast really big stones at the moronic ideas and mindless actions of our beloved Big Mackahuna; however, the idea of making the electoral system at least a bit more fair is perhaps one of the more brilliant ideas I have heard from him of late. It might be the only good idea we will ever hear from him. So don't bash it too hard! Let's pause in our condemnation long enough to consider the benefits.


    OMTV puts all electors in all nine districs on equal footing. It makes representation in all nine districts more proportional. Well, almost all, anyway: Cayman Brac and Little Cayman will still have a disproportionally greater ratio of MLA's to population than Grand Cayman but since the Brac usually gets the short end of the stick in most everything else (but dey gots some nice parking lots doh) I can see giving 'em at least this one tiny advantage.


    OMTV is a fairly decent compromise between the two warring factions. The idea could perhaps mollify the more moderate OMOV'ers without alienating too many of the Status Quo'ers.  It moves toward more equal representation and greater accoutability. And it is a significant nudge closer toward OMOV!  I like it!


    Of course Most High Lord Wizzard Miller is probably gonna howl against OMTV for obvious reasons (or maybe not, let's wait and see).


    Congratulations Mac! You now have one good idea to your credit! Don't let it die of lonliness, OK?

    • Libertarian says:

      I think "one man, two votes" is to sidestep from the idea I was proposing. I recommended that everybody should have two votes:  one vote for their district MLA and the other vote (an all-island vote) for who becomes Premier. That way, the electorate will have the right and prevelege to RECALL or REMOVE the Premier from power before his term is up IF THE PEOPLE HAS LOST CONFIDENCE IN HIM.

      The fact that he is considering a bipartisan committee to investigate his option, maybe they can throw in the all-island vote option of who becomes Premier. I bet that would stir the pot of controversy a bit. But look, it is about time you give the people more of a participatory role in holding their Premier accountable. 

    • Anonymous says:

      Sorry – you didn't read it all the way through – Mac is proposing one man one vote with the first and second places getting into the LA. This means that, whoever you vote for someone you didn't vote for will get in!

    • Anonymous says:

      Where did you get OMTVs from?

      "Bush described the creation of eight double-member constituencies on Grand Cayman with as equal a number as possible of registered electors, who would have ONE VOTE EACH, where the top two candidates would be returned to the country's parliament".

  27. Kent McTaggart says:

    I am presently so full of emotions that it is hard to contain the ugliness that wants to show itself, so in an effort to be constructive I have put the pen to paper. With that being said I put the below for your consideration.

     So we couldn’t wait until November and had to bring the OMOV Referendum forward to July to give enough time to make preparations for the 2013 elections if it were to pass.  Because we had to have it in July, we cut off the ability of Caymanians that have the right to vote but are not registered  from registering, therefore refusing them the right to have a say in their countries future. We were told “We should not change what isn’t broken” as “it has served us well for 180 years”, “do not divide Cayman up any more than it is”. 


    Within 48 hours of winning an arguably bias referendum the same super hero can have the audacity to suggest his version of a better system 10 months before the election? 

    So are we to believe somehow we should be able to have national discussions and implement the new and wonderful idea that has been proposed by him, but we didn’t have enough time to have the OMOV referendum when our population wasn’t on summer break, when all eligible voters could have been registered if they wanted to…

    Anyone that sees this as a nice meld of the OMOV/SMC and MMC is in for a VERY rude awakening.  The EBC (Electoral Boundaries Commission) did an extensive research and development process that resulted in constituencies that are as diverse as possible in regards to many factors of our socioeconomic make up.  In my opinion the constituencies being divided into 8 or 9 will not allow the degree of diversity per constituency as was achieved by the EBC when it recommended the 18.   This seems like a farfetched thought process, but do the math, and then apply that to the geography with consideration to the population.  Given that the constituencies will be of fairly even population density.  I see a very possible situation where NS, EE and part of BT become one, Then on the other side of the island you will have the northern WB from the cemetery or fire station north (poorer) and the Southern WB from Silver Sands south to Camana Bay (rich) and then some kind of muddled mess in between.  I would go into the issues that this type of proportioning will cause, but I am sure you can see where this is going, and it isn’t good.

    People, I can only say to you that there is a reason the present Government decided to put on hold all the urgent issues to spend the better part of 3 weeks lambasting anyone who didn’t see it their way.  There is a reason they spend in excess of $100,000 (possibly far more) to cram their opinion down your throat through their “education campaign”.  Think back just a couple months and relive what has happened and been said, now compare that to what has just been suggested by your government.  I wish I felt comfortable enough to unite behind them, but unfortunately I feel nothing less than a strong sense of distrust.  I sincerely want my Government to show me some reasons to trust them, I want to feel that they are working towards a better Cayman, but unfortunately I see and feel otherwise.  And until I do feel that I have a Government that is truly workingfor the best interest of Cayman, even if that means they are having to do something that is uncomfortable for me, I will continue to get stronger in my endeavors to serve Cayman in any and all ways that I am able.

    Kent McTaggart

    • Anonymous says:

      Mr McTaggart, I do hope you are considering running in the next election. Its refreshing to read your posts. I was beginning to think common sense was a vanishing commodity – you have given me hope, I wish you well sir.

    • Anonymous says:

      Kent my dear, I applaud you and your team for your hard work on this issue. No matter how the ruling party tries to skew the results, it was a resounding "YES" for OMOV. Well done! Quite honestly I find this latest announcement/proposal by the Premier not only vexing but also alarming. The people of the eastern districts spoke very clearly as to what their desires are and I think he and his government would do well to heed their wishes or leave well enough alone. The Premier and his croonies were shouting from the rooftops that the system was not broken and that it should be left alone, so, pray do tell why would he now, immediately after the Referendum, put forward this new halfcocked propoal?  What I do know is that the people of East End and North Side in particular, are unlikely to passively allow such a drastic change to be made, period.  The suggestion that some committe put together by the Premier and his UDP government would be the body to examine the merits of such a change is laughable. It might be good for those concerned to remember that North Siders and East Enders are unique people who are not easily intimidated and are unafraid to take a stand! So, if you insist Mac, just bring it on and lets see how it pans out!

  28. Anonymous says:

    How about calling the WB Road from HSBC to WB Cemetery West Bay and the current area from the Cemetery to all the Western landmark as The Republic, with one leader McKeeva.

    Then just have  12 members, rather than 15 and 18.

    Leave the other districts alone……

  29. Anonymous says:

    It would be really exciting if he also proposed term limits for MLAs, Let them serve four or five terms in total and then step aside for some new blood.

    • jsftbhaedrg says:

      4 or 5 terms? Are you crazy?

      2 terms max should be the limit.

    • Anonymous says:

      The Constitution says two terms and a one-term break for premier right?

      Well, why not for MLA s too?

    • Anon says:

      Yeah we should roll em over too and not let them back into Cayman for at least a time equal to that they served! 😉

    • Anonymous says:

      Two terms is enough, and the second term should be served at Northward.

  30. cow itch says:

    dont worry everyone, ppm superman is here to the rescue! da da da da da…. da da da da da… da da da da da… watch him fly…. da da da da da…. oh sh%t… watchout for deh wall of expenses…. splat!

  31. Anonymous says:

    Thank MB. You fix and show your critics how its done!  :))

    • Anonymous says:

      Yep, you showed them how it’s really done-

      1. Disagree with OMOV- tell them it’s going to divide the country.
      2. Tell them it’s worked perfectly for 180 years- why change anything
      3. tell them people did not want change and those that did not come to vote really voted NO anyway.
      4. Spend $100-200,000 of their money to try to convince them

      Two days later

      1. Tell them your are listening to them and suggest CHANGING our 180 year old system.
      2. Tell them you want to make it more fair and give everyone 2 votes now.
      3. Tell them you want to DIVIDE the country up now even MORE!

      That’s how it’s done…..tell them what they want to hear to go to polls and do what you want after they voted. That’s really how it’s done.

  32. Anonymous says:

    I cannot believe that on such a small island that the entire electorate wasn't mobilised on referendum day. Whatever your point of view, there was no excuse that should have stopped you turning out.

    It just confirms what the rest of the world already knew, that you deserve everything you get because you're not capable of sorting it out when given repeated opportunities to do so.

    • Anonymous says:

      Actually, if you bothered to do any research at all before spitting venom at the Caymanian people you would see that regardless of the size of a country, county, town, district etc referendum turnouts are always low in comparison to election turnouts.  It is a statistic that holds true throughout the planet.  It is also true that referendums pushing major reforms ususally need several go-throughs before they are passed.  Sorry to awaken you from your blissful ignorance



    • Anonymous says:

      Some people are not concerned until something happens and then wish that they had partiscipated.  One oppurtunity lost, cannot be regained.  Today is the accepted time.  I hope the majority will speak loud enough in 2013.      

    • Where are YOU From? says:


      With very little notice we had 58% of the entire voting population come out in vote.  This is an ago fishing…..amazing feat.  This was planned for the middle of the summer when many families are away, a national holiday was given to entice people to travel or go fishing.

      Let’s compare: The 2010 national turnout for federal elections in the USA had 37.8% of the registered population vote. (The last time it reached over 58% was in 1968, but it does hover around 50% for heated elections like electing Obama)  May 6th, 2012 – England: In England and Wales the average level of voter turnout was around 32% May3rd, 2011- Canada: 61.4%



      This small country came out and voted.  Just wait until the next national election, I'll eat my hat ifwe do not get 75% of voters out there…..and will be proud!

  33. concerned says:
    I am so sick and tired of people who don't do anything but complain. Instead of putting their minds to solving problems they are only getting in the way of anything government wants to do. To members of the PPM, if you really want to get elected, bring solutions, ideas, plans, etc. to the table. But for heavens sake, stop the sour grapes, accusations and complaints! Please consider that your rants are always seen by outsiders who see your foolishness in the media. I live here too!
    • Kent McTaggart says:

      If this government was transparent maybe there would be less of those things that seem to make you so "sick and tired"

      We are talking about BIG figures here, and not just for short durations, but basically anyone that can vote today will either be in the twilight of their lives or dead.  We the people need to have full knowledge of the details ofall of these projects prior to them being obligated to, and the ability to stop them if the majority of us don't agree.  I did not intend on giving carte blanche for my vote. 

      If OMOV was a big enough deal to have an educational campaign, and it could be changed in the future, then these other HUGE projects need to have the same or greater attention given to them, because once the deal is signed, we can not afford to change our minds and our children will pay the price for our mistakes.

      Just my $0.02

    • Anonymous says:

      Fri, 07/20/2012 – 13:55 you said, "Please consider that your rants are always seen by outsiders who see your foolishness in the media". I am sure that you must be directing that comment to your Premier!  I do not believe that there is any politician in our history to date who would need such advice more!

  34. Anonymous says:

    Mac is claiming "victory" over the referendum but the fact still remains that the majority of those votes were "yes" so that speaks volumes about the way people really feel.  Clearly the "yes" votes in West Bay shows that even those living directly amongst him are tired of his immature, disgraceful behaviour.  There will be an election next year, so continue with that behaviour, we are watching and listening.  You might do what you want but it won't be for a long as you want. 


    • Anonymous says:

      Victory is no one's to claim, firstly the OMOV did not pass, secondly Yes to the OMOV had the most votes for people who turned up to vote.  So anyone with a grain of sense will clearly see that more people want OMOV that those who do not.  The votes that were cast on 18 July 2012 confirms this.  I don't care what the spin doctors or misers want to say the imperical facts are there for the world to see in black and white.

  35. anonymous says:

    Mac is going to punish EE and NS for overwhelmingly supporting OMOV & SMC by taking away our only true democratic districts.

  36. Anonymous says:

    The big problem with this is the potential for gerrymandering – manipulating electoral boundaries to suit the incumbent party support.

  37. N says:

    Nice to see that he realizes a lot of people want a change to the current system, which I agree is unfair. Two people in each district sounds a lot better to me than just one person having all the power. This actually sounds like a sensible option as the one thing I always felt is that each district should have the same amount of representation I just didn't like the idea of having one district bossHopefully people will be open to dialog on this and not just knock it because it was brought up by Bush. The PPM folks and Miller wanted equal representation for each district so they shouldn't have any issue with supporting this, if they do it will only be because of their hatred for Bush.

    • Anonymous says:

      Not to mention it will put there little singular rule in jeopardy….I am sure they both would hate to have to share the spotlight in their districts…..

      Two heads are better then one…Unless you're the one head in charge..

  38. St Peter says:

    It looks like Mac and the UDP have tricked their poor gullible followers.

    Those who voted 'no' or did not vote believed the UDP arguments:

    1. 'Why fix it if it is not broken?' they said. One poor misguided one from a single member district was on tv saying he voted 'No' because our system has worked for generations – it is not broken,  why change it.

    Now Mac is proposing to change the system. – That darn wind must have changed direction overnight.

    2. 'Several representatives are better than one – do you want to give up your 4 votes for one?'

    Now Mac is suggesting that less representatives are better – so instead of 4 you should get 2.

    3. 'This will break up the islands into 18 different sections'

    Now they are suggesting to break it up into 9.

    4. 'Breaking the island up will result in garrison politics'.

    For those who dont know what 'garrison' means – it means a group of troops in a particular location. So now they want 9 groups of troops, headed by two commanders each fighting the other one.

    5. Singapore and other countries still have the same system as ours. It works well so why should we change ours?

    Now 2 days later – lets forget the Singapore argument and not follow them anymore, we are proposing to change our system because it does not work well.

    So those who were misled into voting 'no' or not voting must face the fact that your 'masters'

    have reversed their position after you blindly followed them!

    If you feel like you were tricked or deceived just remember it was your own fault or the 'PPM's fault.

    And its the tax-payers fault because it was their funds that were used to trick you…



    • Anonymous says:

      You can expect nonsense from a playful kinderarden child but not from a grown-up. 

  39. Karen says:


    The small minority of 5000 is just but 1/3 of the electorate.


    • Anonymous says:

      Mackeeva is clearly not moving on…he just suggested a very expensive and long process to CHANGE THE SYSTEM. Did you miss the news???? Oh yes, you were at home blindly following the pied piper.

  40. anonymous says:

    What hapened to if we split the country up we will divide the pople.  Was that just "talk"  Mac do you have any idea what you really think?

    • Twyla Vargas says:

      I have read the proposal of Mr Bush The Premier,  and If I am not correct in expressing what I am thinking, then  I am open to be corrected.

      Ok,  am I correct in saying that, the proposal is to have TWO PARISHES in each district.   Meaning for instance "  Bodden Town would have two defined Parashes, say East & West Parish,  and then in each Parish TWO PERSONS WOULD BE ELECTED.

      Am I also correct in thinking this would apply to EAST END, NORTH SIDE BODDEN TOWN AND GEORGE TOWN.  Having altogether 8 Parishes, and .16 Members.

      If this is the correct proposal by the Premier, I think it is a good one leaning in the direction that is hoped for by the returning yes voters.  Thanks to be corrected.


      • Anonymous says:

        I would love to correct you, but I don't know how. If you read the proposal as you claim and then wrote what you did above, then it is a reading and comprehension problem that is beyond the scope of this site.

        • Twyla Vargas says:

          Thank you 15:23 for your assistance, but I was looking for a more detailed correction.  After reading your comments I was disapointed in expecting a better comment since you,  I assume are more learned on this, and thankfully you have no readfing or comprehension problems. What a tangled web we weave, when we ourselves we must deceive.

        • Anonymous says:

          15:23  I chose to remain anonymous like yourself and for the same reasons you choose.  However, I must comment to say, since you are such a bright shining star why don't you answer Ms. Twyla's question, instead of pretending to be a BRAIN CHILD and cut the crap, which seems beyond the scope of YOUR SIGHT; and of course I mean sight and not site. Smart Jack.

      • Twyla Vargas says:

        I made some comments on 13:18 time, and asked to be corrected.  I see there are many thumbs down, whick is Ok, but I would like someone to please explain to me in more detail and correct me if I am wrong in my thoughts on this proposal, and if I am, then  please explain to me where and how I am wrong. 

        This is what Cayman should be about.  Democratically,  we can, in a very civil way, request answers from  those  who are more versed in this, and to explain..

        After reading his proposals, it would seem that he is leaning to the side of Honoring the peoples request.

        • Anonymous says:

          Don’ be naive dear Twyla. McKeeva realizes that given the results of the referendum his stance has cost him politically. He is just trying to repair the damage and not permit OMOV to be a campaign issue come election. He is calculating that bringing up a completely novel approach and have it discussed by committees that there is no way it would be implemented before the next election.

          How does one go from saying that the results were a resounding statement of the electorate that they desired no change to our voting system to proposing a novel fundamental change to our voting system within 48 hours of the referendum? Are you beginning to see through this man yet?

  41. Anonymous says:

    He do this his way and what a BIGGER MESS we'll be in.  He must've watched a movie the night before and came up with this idea – Dristrict 9 maybe hmmm?  Dunno what else cause this man just makes no sense damn near to all the time when it comes to the benefit of the people/country and/or what we want.

  42. Anonymous says:

    I thought Bush said if it is not broke dont fix it. He said to all his supporters that the system was not broke, but now he wants to change it. things thak make you go hmmmmm.

  43. assa says:

    OMOV team lost, now its UDP-DART's turn for Cayman 's furture and Economy.

    Dat wat deh get!

  44. Anonymous says:

    Politicians lie through their teeth to get elected, break their promises and then they make it almost impossible for us to get rid of them.

    How can this be a democracy?

    A government must at all times be sensitive to the will of the MAJORITY of its people.

    I am trying to think of ONE thing that this current government has done that has had the regular, working Caymanian shouting for joy.

    Help me out here, anyone?

    • Jackson says:

      The majority stayed home and said NO. Get over it and let's move on with our economy. People are more interested in that.

      • Anonymous says:

        I stayed home….I didn't vote…..I didn't say NO…..my not voting does not equal to NO…..

      • Anonymous says:

        Bush's worthlessness is simply not going to be swept under the rug that easily any more my friend.

      • Anonymous says:

        UDP math goes like this

        Add person sick…plus 1
        Add person in hospital…plus 1
        Add dead person…plus 1
        Add person who got postal ballot too late to return it…plus 1
        Add undecided person…plus 1
        Add “I just don’t care person”…plus1
        Add “I dont understand issue” …plus 1
        Add those voting NO ….add 1
        Add those voting YES….subtract 1

        Total…8. So the results are 1 YES and 8 NOs…..let’s not change anything…(at least not until tomorrow- why?…well you know our maths might not work like that in May 2013-we got get elected again!)

  45. SKEPTICAL says:

    Looks like he is ” running scared “. Whatever his bluster about the referendum vote, I reckon the 2 to 1 Yes to No votes hit home very hard and he now knows he hasn’t a snowball’s chance in Hell of getting back into power next May.

    • Anonymous says:

      He and some of his cronies will probably get back in. The problem is getting anyone associated with the UDP, orther than JuJu Banton, back in to support him. 

  46. Cry Face says:

    How is it that Cayman is so quiet?  Not a mutter from Ezzard and those who were spearheading this movement. Oh I see, still in shock. Poor tings, theyll get out it and again start spewing AntiDart propaganda to the crowd. And I bet you Alden whose HEART was never for this referendum in the first place, will be running on a NEW PROMISE just to get in you watch and see

    • Kent McTaggart says:

      Here are the facts,

      We had members of our group that worked as a part of the election process from 6am until the final ballot was counted at minutes to 12 midnight.  That is an almost 18 hour shift.  We as a group need to discuss our thoughts and concur on the message.  We allowed our members to get some rest, and met yesterday evening.  Given the deadlines that the printed news media has we missed their deadlines for today’s printing.  So I think you will have your official statement in the very near future.  Please note that a few of our members have given interviews and view points in the last 48 hours in many different media formats and outlets.  The only thing missing is an “official press release” and you shall have that soon.

      I am sorry your expectation of a press release deadline didn’t meet ours, but given the fact that we are a group of grass roots  group made up of individuals with lives and jobs I think our priorities are in the right order and the release will have come as expeditiously as possible.


      Kind Regards

      Kent McTaggart

    • Anonymous says:

      HAHAHAHA, you know what's funny? Macisn't keeping quiet, wanna know why? Because he's using your money to blab to everybody about how math doesn't work.  The majority of VOTERS voted YES. I'm sorry someone who is incompetent that tells you any different makes that fact any less true.

  47. CD says:

    Opposition is so upset. They thought they could reach that magic number, but they were surprised on how they were the only ones caught up in their little world. Caymanians are smarter than that. We have an ailing economy and government needs our help not our criticisms. The UDP-DART deals must go on!  Opposition, please stop attacking development, this talk about dividing Cayman, and do something for your country for a change!

  48. Anonymous says:

    Just yesterday in the “Over 80% Reject Status Quo” article it was reported  that “The premier will in the coming months, however, have to decide how those new seats will be accommodated based on population and traditional district areas. He has rejected the Electoral Boundary Commission’s recommendation of a new seventh electoral district between George Town and Bodden Town, covering the communities of Spotts, Newlands and Savannah”. So why the change now? Guess he needed to sleep on it and the over 5,000 and growing to send him a clear message. I am not giving him any credit for suggestions of others and only now appearing to see the issue and pass it off as his idea. I am not fooled by his rhetoric. Pay attention.

  49. T1 says:

    Thank you Mr. Premier. And Independent committee that is what we need. Not some group hijacked by politicians that have no SOLUTIONS for the economy but to attack Dart and development.

  50. Anonymous says:

    woof.  I must admit that sounds better than 18.  And also I get to keep my other votes 😉

    • Anonymous says:

      Clearly you have reading comprehension problems:

      "Bush described the creation of eight double-member constituencies on Grand Cayman with as equal a number as possible of registered electors, who would have one vote each, where the top two candidates would be returned to the country's parliament".

    • Anonymous says:

      Read the article.  You get only one vote – the guy that comes second also gets elected – and there are going to be 18 MLAs – 16 on Grand and 2 from the Sister Islands.

    • Stiff-Necked Fool says:

      "One flew over the Cookoo's nest"!

      Save us,We need help fast!

  51. Anonymous says:

    The only problem with this is that now Ezzard and Ardon wont like it! What a mess!

  52. Looking for a glimmer of Hope says:

    Let me take a wild guess, Camana Bay will be one of those “new districts”. The Cayman Islands is now unquestionably, the poster Child for the new Banana Republic, watch for it on Wiki-pedia.

    • Anonymous says:

      While I understand your sense of resentment, on balance, Cayman is more successful, more affluent, more prosperous and offers more opportunity than it ever has before. The present state of prosperity which Cayman enjoys is, without question, due to the extensive foreign investment and the work of your currently reviled politicians.


      It has not always been fair to all and there is certainly opportunity for improvement, but it has generally improved the lives of the majority.

      • Anonymous says:

        We should be jumping for joy for what we have acheived in the Cayman Islands.  we cannot rest on our laurels and TOGETHER we must keep moving forward.

        I believe that the suggestion is one that has great merit.  We would create something unique and fit for OUR purpose, not just simply copying something from other FAILED jursidictions. 

        Come on Cayman. let us LEAD the way once again.

        • Bling man says:

          Again?  What yah mean "again". 

        • Anonymous says:

          But I thought our systemwas "tried and tested for 180 years" "isn't broke and doesn't need fixing" that the "resounding" majority (combining non votes with no votes) did not want any change to our electoral system. In light of that why is he defying the wishes of the "resounding" decision to appease the "minority"? Could it be that deep down he realises that is rubbish rhetoric and he is deep political trouble and is now trying to salvage the situation?       

      • Anonymous says:

        Prosperity, of course, but for who? Not native Caymanians & yes I said it.

    • Anonymous says:

      Well, Camana Bay was advertised as "a new town blossoms" – remember that? Guess Mac is going along wid DART-flow still.

  53. Anonymous says:

    It's Mac's way or the highway!  He said "No" to changing it from the present system.  Rolston said we need "More Discussion."  After the clear message that the people sent from the polls, Mac now says, "You know what, I ain't listening to them, but I will give them something that can still be manipulated half as much as the present system."  LOL  Oh my God.  You are certainly not a representative of the people.

  54. Dreadlock Holmes says:

    I will create a bipartisan committee to make recommendations. Then, when they have forwarded their recommendation- I will do whatever I want to!!  Satisfied?

  55. Anonymous says:

    I think this propsal is worthy of consideration. How can it be implemented BEFORE the next election?

    • Anon.... says:

      I think more worthy of consideration is how the YES VOTERS lost !   LOL

      • Anonymous says:

        We lost because Mac set the bar too high! We got 65% of the votes, but that still wasn't enough. We lost because McChavez threw everything he could to prevent this from going through.

      • Anonymous says:

        and this is exactly what he wants…to propose a whole new thing that he never supported to begin with so that when people agree with it, he can take the credit for overhauling the electoral system.

        GRRRR you people make my head want to explode!!! I say we cut the republic off and you all can keep your leader.  We won't miss you.

        • Anonymous says:

          AAAAMMMMEEEENNNN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! First post I have seen that makes the most sense.  We need to cut West Bay away from the rest of the Cayman Islands and they can keep the Premier they have.

          • Anonymous says:

            Don't forget that 50% of WBers voting disagreed with him. Perhaps we can offer them asylum after the split.   

  56. Anonymous says:

    Looks like the referendum worked after all. Even a jackass could see what had to be done.

    • Anonymous says:

      But only a jackass would come up with 9 double member constituences instead of 18 single member constituences.  The latter gives more parts of the island a voice, the former will still leave certain areas unrepresented for the most part.

  57. Anonymous1 says:

    Wasn't he saying we shouldn't go OMOV because the current system is working fine?  Now he does a complete 180 and is saying we do need a new system but it should be two people so that it is his idea?

    • Anonymous says:

      Now he understands that he is history if he doesn't cooperate. Makes all the difference in the world. That's the stupid way McKeeva does everything on the face of this earth. Everything for McKeeva and McKeeva only. Will this man ever understand He's supposed to be running a country?  You 3001 "No" losers must be embarrased out of your socks.

    • Anonymous says:

      He got mixed up between the "it has worked for 180 years" lie and he was turning somewhere so he turned around 180 degrees – seems about right for Mac-amatics to me!

  58. Anonymous says:

    I say all current districts stay the same and should return only one or two persons, reduce the number of MLAs to 10 or 11, you only need five for Ministerial positions anyway, and the ruling Govt would have a majority of at least six in the LA.


    Reasons to do so:

    The public cant afford it

    Some MLAs not doing anything for the pay they are getting anyway

    Candidates that didnt make it can still be gofers and doers on behalf of ruling govt

    Party support network would still be the same.

  59. Anonymous says:

    So what was said on Rooster the other day about East End and North Side being combined into one district is a real posibility??

  60. barefoot lizard says:

    To Ezzard, Alden, and all ya critics out there:  The Truth Hurts doesn't It.  WHO YA DADDY?!

  61. Anonymous says:

    Listen yah Ma-keewah Bush and all unni UDP's, STOP playing with our Country to suit your pockets!!!


    Face the facts, WE NO LONGER WANT YOU!!!!

  62. Anonymous says:

    Instead of 9 districts, I would like to see McKeeva propose 1 budget.


    Has he forgotten that we are paying someone for the UK to be here to "hep" him with the budget? I suppose when you are incapable of running the country the next best thing is to find something to distract the people.

  63. LOL says:

    Ignore them Mac. They may try to make you look fool, portray you as someone you are not, and say all manner of things against you, but none of them , not even on this site has made up 1% of the voters that said yea. A bunch of chickens without heads

    • Bling man says:

      Mac nah need no help to look like fool.  He doing good job by himself.

    • Anonymous says:

      I guess you are one of them who got their mortgages paid and solar panels put in

  64. Dananoymouse says:

    Bush is only trying to BUY into the OMOV organoizers, hoping they will be on his side during the next election. He Will Need the OMOV organizers on his side to win the election next time around.

  65. RiversD says:

    Voter equality is badly needed! Bush now sees the need to change the voting system? No he does not! This is not UNBELIEVEABLE that Bush who said less than 24 hours before, Cayman should retain what, according to him was in place 181 years. He just now realizes that the OMOV organizers have received a lot of support, much more than the 5,000+ that voted YES. He is only trying to buy into to their campaign and have them as the nucleous of his supporters, AND he is hoping they will be with him in the next election!  Will they fall for this ploy and be Posterior kissers? Or will they continue to be Posterior Kickers?

  66. Anonymous says:

    I think this is a good idea (one already in motion with most people wanting it from the OMOV ref).  HOWEVER,  be careful, he hasn't said how he wants to redraw the districts, those details are important!

  67. Libertarian says:

    CNS:  "McKeeva Bush announced his intention to create a bipartisan committee to examine this or other options"  A bipartisan group should have initially addressed the one person one vote single-member system. I am afraid Bush is right when he said that the process was "hijacked" by politicians. But he himself is a politician. So my question is, who will make up this bipartisan committee?  It has to be an independent committee, which should conduct scientific studies into our electoral system, and make decision based off the studies. I suggest members of the committee should be from another Overseas Territory.  I understand Jersey has the same multi-member electoral systems as ours. If I was Bush (since he has expressed a distaste of certain things in the Constitution), I would start a program in looking into revamping the Constitution into a more participatory-democracy Constitution that would be more in the people's favor instead of the politicians favor. I think he would really redeem himself if he pursued a national program for the cause of democracy. Right now, from the results in West Bay, it could very well be, that he is losing half of his constituency, and may lose to alotof votes in next years election. There is a time you need to do things for the people, and the time is now.    

  68. Anonymous says:

    Well waddaya know. With two thirds of the country obviously against him he'll now do ANYTHING to try to stay in the picture.

  69. anonymous says:

    Mac, didn't you say that this type of thig will divide us.  Make up your bulstering mind!!

  70. Caymanian objector says:

    The new districts will no doubt contain the new status grants now about to be put through oooops! Legalizing more economic refugees to burden down our infastructure and disenfranchise our children. Some people pushing this place to the brink, and like someone rightly said some foreign interest don't like the Premier personally but they love what he does for them to the detriment of Cayman and its people. Sad part they are following the constitution implement by the PPM.

  71. Anonymous says:

    Poor fifth grade Mac, Just gotta have it HIS way.

  72. Anonymous says:


    And the New District are:

    1.       West Bay Central

    2.       West Bay North

    3.       West Bay East

    4.       West Bay South

    5.       West Bay West

    6.       West Bay Outer

    7.       West Bay Other

    8.       Rest of Grand Cayman

    9.       Sister Islands

    Tru democracy at last…

    • The Truth is Out There says:

      Don't forget the district of Northward!  There may be several politicians eligible to represent that district by May of next year.

  73. Anonymous says:

    "While I don’t believe that single member constituencies are good for the country, I want to continue to work for equality and a system that is fair," he said".

    Finally, after the referendum is gone, an admission that the current system does not give equal rights and is unfair. This is far cry from the anti-OMOV campaign that our electoral system has served us well for 180 years and if it is not broke don't fix it.

    Voters should ask themselves what this says about our leader. 

  74. Pete says:

    Opposition dug their own hole. If the majority of all registered voters said NO, then it should be UDP's turn to come with their solution. End of story

    • An Electorate says:

      I thought you had better sense than your Leader


      I see now why you're on his team………..


      WHERE is the WRITTEN EVIDENCE that the majority voted NO.


      If you dont vote, you cant be counted!!!


      Lets stick to the written facts!

  75. Anonymous says:

    Correct me if I am wrong; is his pplan to have the basic equivalent of the U.S. Senate, but without a House of Representatives? If so, I think the idea isa good check, but it lacks balance. The people would be under-represnted, in my opinion.

  76. UDP says:

    Tell me something wha wrong wid una? Una cant see Mr Bush is doing a good job keeping us afloat in dese hard times ya.. Una need leave de man and let him keep us going, Una dont see de doggone PPM broke us. Heck i hear when UDP took over in 2005 we nime had money to pay Civil Servants but good Ol Dart took care of us ( Thanks Buddy) So una PPM worshipers go ahead with the thumbs down!!!

    • Anonymous says:

      Oh honeyyyyyyy… I mean all Caymanians have their lingo and unfortunately it comes through in a lot of text but you should never try and present your case on a forum debating a man in power with a very thick skull without at least TRYING to sound like you are someone that has anything to bring to the table, be it this discussion or this country!

      NIME = shortened version of NA EWEN = shortened version for did not even? I appalleddddd.


      Sincerely, embarassed young Caymanian.

  77. Kent McTaggart says:

    what happed to "if it aint brok don fix it"

  78. Thad says:

    Great, because the Referendum has made government address some of the issues. So in a way, it is good that they see how people are passionate about the electoral boundaries. There is really no one who lost out on this Referendum. : )

  79. Anonymous says:

    This is the combination of NS and EE as predicted! Hell NO!

    • Anonymous says:

      As predicted!!!!


      NS and EE dont want anybody messing with them, but they led the charge against the rest of us. TYPICAL.

      No wonder  Ezzerd and Ardon would not comment publicly about how they would feel if they could only represenet a part of their district.

  80. Anonymous says:

    you are done mac, just try to fix all the damage by you before the next election because you and your little set of sheep are out and that is a glorious fact

  81. Anonymous says:

    Well upfront without even thinking about it. Isn't this the same thing we were trying to get. One man one vote?

  82. Anonymous says:

    So instead of a much simpler, easier implemented OMOV he want to reinvent the wheel?  Can he have a referencdum to kick him out now with all his foolishness!?

    • George Towner says:

      It's better than having the island divided into 18 districts… that's way too many. And we still get to keep our votes because we are the largest district. Make sense to me to have only 9

  83. Anonymous says:

    Why the hell didn't he propose this BEFORE spending hundreds of thousands on a referendum?  Good God, even when the man does something sensible he drives me insane with the method he chooses to do it in!

  84. Anonymous says:

    This is a decent compromise proposal.  Its also an admission that the curent system is flawed, which no one in the UDP even came close to saying in the runup to the referendum.

  85. Anonymous says:

    Maybe I'm losing my mind but this actually sounds like a reasonable compromise.  I'm so used to Mac spouting insane pronouncements that I almost fell off my chair when I realized this one makes sense.  Its not perfect, but a true leader knows how to compromise.  

    Not at all saying that I now think Mac is a great leader, but I must give credit where its due.

    • Anonymous says:


    • Anonymous says:

      Wow, The only ones that will think this is a bad idea are Ezz and Ald…They are always joining forces against Mac, but could you imagine if they had to share control of one district..

  86. Anonymous says:

    We need a system of compulsory annual psychiatric tests for all elected officials. Some appear to be growing increasingly delusional.

    • Anonymous says:

      yes, the exstiing single member constituency representatives (NS & EE) are the first ones that should be tested and ousted!

      • NSider says:

        Hilarious.  The only politicians who are doing their jobs and earning their pay, and you want them ousted? 

        • Anonymous says:

          If you thinking "doing their jobs and earning their pay" means bullying, ranting & raving, anti ex-pat assertions, speaking like ignorant cave men with no proper grasp of the English language, embarrassing Cayman on the international stage and generally pounding their chests in the name of representing their people, then sure, I guess these egotistical morons are doing their jobs and earning their pay.

  87. Anonymous says:

    Let's do it

  88. Anonymous says:

    I am completely in favor or redrawing the boundaries. They were drawn around historical districts which I believe divides the country into clannish groups and this needs to be changed to shift the country into a national mentality which will better suit the solution of national issues.


    • Anonymus-mus says:

      I disagree. You will allways need localised national representation of some sort. (District Councils won't cut it, unless you create an entire new beurocracy to support them.) If 'nationalised national representation' is wanted (and I agree with you it should be) what is needed to create a second level of the legislature to represent national issues. Both should be elected (please, no silly senate suggestions). For example, we could keep ~12 MLAs elected at the district level and then vote directly for ~6 ExCo (including the Premier) on a national slate. How you ditribute the numbers, what you call them, even how they are voted on (OMOV vs …) all open to discussion. It maintains the beurocratic structure presently existing, even the perogatives and powers of the LA, i.e., the Cabinet can't pass a law or even a budget without the support of at least some of the MLAs, but redirects it in to a local and a national focus.