Gun suspect sent to jail after judge revokes bail

| 24/07/2012

(CNS): A suspect charged with possession of an unlicensed firearm who was then arrested and charged with a burglary while on bail was sent back to jail on Friday by a Grand Court judge. Marcus Manderson, is already facing a long jail sentence if found guilty of possessing the weapon but while bailed for that offence he is alleged to have broken into a George Town grocery store and stolen cash and goods worth around $700. Manderson appeared in court on Friday in connection with his firearm charges, still on bail as he had been released by the summary court following the burglary charge but the crown applied for that bail to be revoked.

Objecting to the crown’s failure to inform her and her client of its intention to ask for bail to be revoked, Anderson’s attorney asked for an adjournment to argue for her client to remain on bail. LucyOrgan of Samson McGrath said her client complied with all the conditions of his bail including a curfew, that he had been released by the summary court and most importantly he had not yet been found guilty of anything.

The crown stated however, that he had been charged with burglary which occurred at McArthur’s Grocery store on North Church Street in May; an offence which was sufficient grounds for his bail to be revoked. Kenneth Fergusson the prosecuting counsel said the crown had significant evidence against the defendant including his finger prints on the shop’s cash register.

Despite the defence attorney’s argument justice Paulette Williams agreed that on the face of it the burglary charges constituted a breach of his bail conditions according to the law and remanded Manderson in custody. She ordered a bail hearing on Wednesday morning to give his lawyer an opportunity to make a case for her client to return to the community until his cases are tried.


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