Fraser brothers miss out on Olympic freestyle final

| 31/07/2012

200m%20semis%20%20%20%2031%20%20jul%2012%20031 (250x300).jpg(CNS): Brett Fraser was seventh in his 100 metres freestyle semi-final at the London Olympics on Tuesday and did not advance to the finals. His brother Shaune was eighth in the same race. Brett's time was 48.92 seconds and Shaune's 49.07. The swims put the brothers in 15th and 16th place overall in the world, quite an achievement for swimmers from such a small country as the Cayman Islands. In the heats on Tuesday morning, Brett, 22, swam 48.53 seconds and Shaune 48.99. Brett also reached the 200m freestyle final on Sunday, finishing 14th overall. Shaune was 20th in the 200m free. Both 100m swims were just outside the Cayman Islands national record which left Brett a little disappointed.

“But I gave it my all and I’m pretty happy with my overall performances so far,” he said.
Australia’s James Magnussen, the world champion, was the fastest qualifier for the final in 47.63 seconds.

“I have the 50m freestyle on Thursday morning and I’m just going to put all I have into that.
“I’m happy to have made two semi-finals and hopefully next time I will do even better. “To have another Caymanian and especially being my brother in the semis with me, is quite a moment to share and as we train together and to have shared our successes and failures together has been great.”

Shaune, 24, said: “The semi-finals were okay but we would have liked to have made it on to the finals but we went out and gave it our best and that is all that we can ask for.
“I was a little faster in the Pan American Games last year but there were a couple of mistakes I made and you cannot afford to do that in the Olympics.

“I’ve decided not to do the 100m butterfly on Thursday because the 100m and 200m free were my best two events which I concentrated on.

“Overall, this has been my best Olympics because I’ve been to two before and never made it to a semi-final and when you make a stamp on the sport that you do it definitely makes the experience more enjoyable.”



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  1. Anonymous says:

    Congrats Brett & Shaun; Jim & Laurice. Well done!

  2. SMH says:

    My 6 year son, who loves to swim, eyes lit up as Brett and Shaune were introduced at the Men’s 100m Freestyle Semi- Finals.  He smiled as he saw the Cayman Flag and was even more excited that Cayman’s name was being called.  This has ignited his passion for the sport even more and said to me that he would love be to at the Olympics one day.  I am proud of you Brett and Shaune, you are an inspiration to us  and especially our young people.  We love you!

  3. Anonymous says:

    gosh! this is amazing – fantasic and a "brett" of fresh air good news when so much else seems to be going wrong for Cayman!

    Thank you gentlemen

    Semi finals 2012 — we going FINALS for Rio 2016 baby!

    Congrats! Congrats! Congrats!

  4. Mark Spits says:

    Truly woeful coverage by the Nauseating Broadcast Corp. Here you have two brothers from a micro state making it into the semis and swimming credibly with the best in the world and it doesn't warrant a even single comment during the pre-race chat? Could have at least mentioned the universities they swim for. I mean we all KNOW that the super duper USA is the ONLY country participating at the games but come on. Sheesh!!

    • carrots and milk says:

      Is this your first Olympics with a television set?  If you're not American, don't watch NBC which is Bob Costas' smug "Team USA" highlight reel!  Other channels with coverage to tune in to. 

  5. Anonymous says:

    My sons are both swimmers and are now at level/stage 3 at ages 5 and 6. The love it and look forward to continuing the sport. They can free dive up to 8ft. I just think it that it is totally awesome that they have two great young Caymanian swimmers to look up to and aspire to reach their where they are and better. Excellent example for two young upcoming Caymanian swimmers to follow. Keep up the great work and know that we are proud of you. It brings great pride to me because I can see them in both of you one day.

  6. Anonymous says:

    You both have four years to work towards bringing home a medal the next time. We are so proud of you and your parents. You both did well.

  7. Cari says:

    This title brought tears to my eyes…

    HUGE congrats to Brett and Shaune Fraser for achieving their dreams and making it to the the 2012 Olympics – what an amazing accomplishment!  This alone should be celebrated. Cheering you on from Canada!

  8. Anonymous says:

    Disappointing is definitely not the right word… in such a quick race, with quick competition and an intense environment I am so PROUD! I love you guys and am so happy you made it so far.  We know what it's taken to accomplish so much.  We had hundreds if not thousands rooting for you guys and not one was disappointed!  Amazing! Congrats!!

  9. Anonymous says:

    Fantastic performance Brett & Shaun! Your progress and perseverence will pay off, you guys have another Olympics. This was the taste, go for the gold next one!


  10. Anonymous says:

    I'm very proud of these two. There is no doubt that based on their efforts and discipline they are winners. Taking nothing away from them, and who could, it shows what a tough world it is out there. Hold your heads high. 



  11. Anonymous says:

    I would have preferred if you had entitled the article "Fraser brothers both make Olympic semi-final". It was a HUGE acheivement for them and a thrilling moment for the whole of the Cayman Islands to see two flags from a tiny country on the screen. 


    CNS Note: You must've missed this morning's earlier story:

  12. BT Fan says:

    Shaune and Brett – Continue to do your best, that's all we can ask.  Considering the competition that you're both up against, you're both doing an excellent job.

    Proud of you guys! 

    Looking forward to seeing what our other Athletes will do.  




  13. Anonymous says:

    Absolutely fantastic. Cayman made it to the semi finals with two swimmers. How can you say their positions were disappointing. Many other countries with bigger populations didn't even qualify for the heats !!!

    Brett and Shaune should be very proud of themselves


  14. Anonymous says:

    CONGRATULATIONS – they made it to the semis. This is such a great accomplishment. We are so proud of you.

  15. Anonymous says:

    I was not expecting either of them to medal but making it to the olympics alone is a WIN! Proud of them all the same.

  16. Anonymous says:

    GREAT EFFORT BOYS!! We are still very proud of you both! Good luck in the 50M's!!

  17. Josh says:

    Great show guys!  Way to rep the 345!