Activists confident over cops

| 01/08/2012

police sign_0.jpg(CNS): Local activist groups campaigning against various government policies, in particular relating to the Dart deal, are calling on everyone, including the newly formed Facebook group Caymanians and Expats United Against Taxation, to attend the premier’s public meeting tonight and not to be intimidated. The veterans of protest said that they were confident that the RCIPS would protect their right to assemble as they had done in the past and the premier could not intimidate everyone. McKeeva Bush will be hosting the first public meeting on his proposed 10% expat tax on Wednesday in his own constituency of West Bay, where he is expected to give more details on the controversial plan to balance the budget.

The founder of the social network group Nick Pitman announced yesterday that the planned protest by the group against the proposed tax would be held next Monday evening on the more neutral ground in George Town. However he too encouraged everyone to still go to West Bay to hear what the premier and to say and ask questions before joining the rally next week.

“Although we made a decision to postpone the protest itself because of the intimidation members were facing and the concerns raised by some of our members we are still keen to see as many people in our group as possible attend this critically important meeting this evening where hopefully we can be more accurately informed about the precise nature of this discriminatory tax the premier intends to impose,” Pitman told CNS.

“We are aiming for a full scale peaceful protest next Monday in front of the Legislative Assembly in which we have also asked other concerned groups to join as well as members of the LA when all of us will hopefully be better informed about the Mr Bush’s plans.”

The Truly4Cayman group which includes the Concerned Citizens Group, West Bay Action Committee, Keep Bodden Town Dump Free and the Save Cayman Group called on the Facebook group to join them tonight as well before the meeting starts at 6:30pm outside John A Cumber primary school.

“Mr Premier, you may be able to scare some of the people, some of the time, but not all of the people all of the time,” truly4cayman said in a statement released on Wednesday morning. “We are confident that as the RCIPS protected our right to assemble before, they will do so again in West Bay.

Referring to the intimidation suffered by the coalition of groups over its objections to the ForCayman Alliance Truly4Cayman said it too had been disparagingly labelled disruptive and even destructive despite being quite the opposite and dedicated to preservation – not least the preservation of the West Bay Road and other areas of Grand Cayman for the long-term benefit all people. The group called on Bush to fulfil his pledge to protect and defend the best interests of all of Cayman, which could not be achieved while his government focused special interests groups.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Watching the Premier’s Show.

    He said “we have to get from under the UK,” and then when he was called on it, he lied!

    He belittled the woman who had the microphone and then allowed the next question asker to berate expats.

    The Premier then went onto warn the audience about the type of questions they ask because the reaction might not be what one would expect.. So it seems that the questions asked need to be in support of this new tax or keep them to yourself.

    I completely get why this “meeting” was moved to West Bay.

    • Anonymous says:

      Expats and locals unite again the 10%  community enhancement fee? If you are a local I would suggest you go read histroy and I beg that you  read the Bio of Nelson Mandela to see great unity.  You will have a very good understand of what you are asking for and I hope the rewards will be as great as they are for many nations.

    • Anonymous says:

      anon 2158 Mac, the UDP and the PPM are very good reasons why we should not go independent. At least now we do have the UK as a watch dog over us.

    • Anonymous says:

      I think Mckeeva owes an apology to that young lady. She had the right to voice her opinion and her concerns, Mckeeva should never refer to her as a little girl or woman. He also condoned the next speaker attitude by saying be careful about what you ask or you might just get that. She too should have been advised to keep their attitude in check. Mckeeva let me down tonight and I was totally surprised of his behavior and attitude. Mckeeva is allowing the opposition to get under his skin. You must realize that you must always maintain a ministerial position where ever you go and where ever you speak.

      • Anonkymous says:

        THIS  let you down…? You're NOW surprised at his behaviour and attitude!?!?!? Where have you BEEN!?!? Hiding under a rock?

        THIS is just more of the same. His attitude and behaviour have been the most consistent thing about the UDP. Nothing changed my dear.

        I agree with you that there are certain expectations from a 'ministerial position', however, this position begs a certain type of class as well. You wouldn't send an alligator to guard the flock and then get upset when all of your animals go missing. So don't expect class and decorum from someone who doesn't possess it.


  2. noname says:

    I’m listening to Mckeeva Bush speaking.

    Blame, blame, blame.

    This guy is unbelievable. He must be stopped.

    Why hasn’t he been removed from office like Kirk was a few years back?

    The Leader of Government, the Cayman Islands first self-named Premier, a man currently under investigation for illegal activities, is destroying all that Cayman has stood for since King George III promised to never introduce taxation, right in front of our very own eyes.

    So very sad to watch.

    • Anonymous says:


      Removed from office like "Kirk" was? Let me tell you that it was a power grab orchestrated by none other than McKeeva Bush and Rolston Anglin who convinced other MLAs to take over. The Caymanian voting public was outraged at what had happened and had demonstrations. Kurt Tibbetts has consistently been the highest "vote getter" during our elections.

      Furthermore, Kurt Tibbetts is a man of integrity – he's never been under any criminal investigations nor has he been accused of corruption unlike the tyrant now in power.

      So, please, I beg you…DON'T compare Kurt Tibbetts to that one they now call premier.

    • Anonymous says:

      The Premier is still the ruler of this country and will continue whether you like it or not so get use to it and move on!

    • Anonymous says:

      anon 2122 why hasnt he been removed

      because the politicians are acting in a party system. They either support wht he is doing or believe in it themselves.

      Either way inaction on their part is support.

  3. NeoSurvivor says:

    I applaud all of those who are speaking out and expressing their unity.  


    It occurs to me that the manner in which these various activist groups are forming, discussing and reaching a consensus is actually the model of how governments are supposed to function.  


    Good on all of you who have the sand to speak your mind, regardless of your stance or nationality, particularly in this age where there is a palpable risk in doing so.   I stand with you. 


    Many steps make a stair to another level. 



  4. Anonymous says:

    "…disruptive and even destructive…"


    Hmmm, this sounds like an accurate description of the Premier.

  5. Knot S Smart says:

    What is stopping us from requesting a wide ranging Commission of Inquiry into the use of Govt funds in such areas as the private Brac paving, the distribution of funds through the nation building program, the usage of money that Dart paid to government which was handed out in $10,000 increments to a chosen few, and the mortgage payments etc.. As well as the planned election year giveaway of solar panels?

  6. Naively Optimistic?!... says:

    Mr Bush, this is a great opportunity for you to work with the concerned people of Cayman, to help these wonderful islands & their peoples, to find a solution to various troubles & I hope you seize this & do the right thing.

  7. Anonymous says:

    This is great new!  I am so glad not all groups fall for Mac's intimidation tactics.

  8. Anonymous says:

    We will be there.

    And we hope the Truly4Cayman group which includes the Concerned Citizens Group, West Bay Action Committee, Keep Bodden Town Dump Free and the Save Cayman Group all reciprocate by being there to support us in GT on Monday.

  9. Anonymous says:

    Everybody united against taxation should stay the heck away from the other groups who are only trying to ride the current wave. Don't get your message diluted, it's much more important than the other issues (not sayin' they aren't important too.)