Agency steps in to help young parents

| 01/08/2012

(CNS): The Family Resource Centre (FRC) is providing local young parents with training to get them into work and help with their parenting skills.  The youngsters have been working towards gaining computer certifications, engaging in character development sessions, as well as receiving individual psychological and emotional support from the centre’s facilitators and counsellors. The programme works at addressing potential risk for child abuse and neglect, while boosting other facets of the parent’s life. HSA and other partners provide additional educational elements and once certain criterion is achieved, the young people become eligible for work experience.

“It has been wonderful to see our young mothers blossom and make positive steps at becoming more competent mothers,” FRC Programme Coordinator Miriam Foster said.

Realizing the importance of acquiring both theoretical and practical skills, minister responsible for community affairs, Mike Adam, said, “These fundamentals are crucial for any society and will help motivate our young people to become productive citizens.”

He expressed his appreciation to all companies who have opened their doors to train these young women.

Under the programme, the Ritz Carlton Grand Cayman, has paired up with FRC to allow participants an opportunity to gain work experience throughout various departments.

“Through monetary and food donations, the Ritz has always been there to assist in minimizing the costs of our events,” said Foster. “Private sector stepping in and providing clients with an opportunity to gain confidence and self-worth through work experience or providing families with a meal not often shared allows us to enhance the services FRC can provide.”

To become a sponsor of any of the programmes and services offered at FRC, companies are encouraged to contact Miriam Foster at 949-0006 or email

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