Offshore premiers go to battle

| 06/08/2012

EP-704089903.jpg(CNS): The Cayman premier has not confined his attacks to local critics but has also hit out at a fellow overseas territories premier. The Royal Gazette reports that McKeeva Bush has written to Bermuda Premier Paula Cox describing her recent comments about him as “antagonistic”. Cox said Bush had been making disparaging remarks about rival jurisdictions to cover up problems in his own country. In response the Cayman premier told Cox to concentrate on what she can do to help Bermudians survive in these critical days as he said he was doing for Cayman. “As Cayman’s Premier I have never attacked, any other country, including Bermuda not even when its Premier consistently attacks me,” Bush wrote.

Earlier this year when Bush boasted that Cayman could end Bermuda’s lead in the insurance market, he went further with his criticisms of Bermuda and its immigration policies.

“In the mid-Atlantic they say they ‘may’ reduce some fees," he had said, referring to the rival financial jurisdiction. “We have reduced fees. They are still talking about their immigration policy and make long statements, but I say this boldly — while Bermuda has been the champion, be assured that we can grow. We here can do it without the malice, without the inhibitions of race, without the inhibitions of transport.”

In this letter toCox, Bush said he had every right to promote the Cayman Islands, “even if you read into it, that it is something competitive to Bermuda.”

Bush said Cayman had other competitors and he didn’t attack their leaders as he told Cox that he was busy working and asked what she was doing for Bermuda. “My advice is you should stop attacking me and use your energy to move the good islands of Bermuda forward,” he wrote.

The Royal Gazette reports that Cox has declined to comment on the latest salvo and the paper has not been able to reach Bush, who CNS understands was on a trip to Jamaica.

A local opposition politician in Bermuda, Kim Swan, told the Royal Gazette that he found the spat “disturbing” and called on the respective governors to broker talks between the two territories. However, the problem now is that, at present, Cayman’s own governor and Bushhardly appear to be on speaking terms.

“It is unfortunate that the Cayman Premier would choose an open (public) letter to the Premier of Bermuda, which makes a futile attempt to ‘mend fences’ with Bermuda,” Swan said. “I recall that it was the Cayman Premier who made derogatory comments about Bermuda in February 2012 which didn’t sit well me and others at the time.”

Swan said the world was watching as he queried the message the letter and disparaging comments achieved for either island.

Recently the Cayman premier has been hitting out at all of his critics as he faces a massive crisis in his role as minister of finance and his inability to produce a budget that will satisfy the UK without introducing a controversial form of payroll tax.

See full letter here

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  1. Anonymous says:

    A real thoroughbred Jackass we have eh? Doesn't even know when he has belittled someone else, but like a Jackass, can't handle when someone tells him he is a Jackass!  I guess I would be upset too, cause there is a difference between a Jackass and a thoroughbred Jackass.

    What all this is telling me is that those people with intellect who once supported the UDP became disillusioned and left.  The thoroughbred found himself alone in the pasture with a few ordinary Jackasses and with their support, they began a railing and kicking campaign. 

    Now of course we all know Jackasses are hard to lead.  And they are stubborn.  And vicious.  It was a stroke of bad luck that so many of them got corraled in the last election but the good thing is that now they can all be tagged so that the same mistake isn't made at the next election.

  2. NeoSurvivor says:

    This resonates to me as "she started it!!"  

    When children behave in this manner, we give them a time-out in the corner.    Most country leaders have discovered a style and vocabulary that allows them to express dissent without stooping to insults and derision.   


  3. Anonymous says:

    Once more our peculiar premier has embarassed us. How long do we have to suffer this odious individual?

  4. N Somniac says:

    Maybe there should be a poll “Which of these two thinks most of themself.”

  5. Anonymous says:

    I am a Bodden Town voter and I am asking that my Minister Mark Scotland move a no-confidence motion to vote McKeeva out and I am asking all the UDP to say "I" as I know the opposition will.  This man has no tact, grace, common sense, manners, diplomacy, respect, nothing really going for him – he is an embarrassment to the word and position of Premier….and to our country and our people. He is uneducated and has no respect for Her Majesty's representative,  His Excellency The governor, who is undoubtedly a gentleman and 'the most patient person in his Official capacity here on this island, so therefore, mackeeva has no respect for Her Majesty  Queen Elizabeth The II, our Sovereign Leader, either. But 'time is longer than rope' and he will have to go in 2013 if the UDP govt. does nothing about him!  He is talking himself and them out of a job! 

    • Anonymous says:

      I'm from BT too, and feel the same as you, but I have no faith or confidence in Mark doing the 'honourable' thing.

    • Anonymous says:

      Like Roy and Gilbert, Mark and John John John can't sever ties with that man from West Bay.  I am sure they see, like we all do, that he has and continues to make some serious blunders.  I am sure that the recent Referendum vote has given them a good idea that they are no longer in tune with the wishes of the people, but they shrug it off with a certain indifference.  Bodden Town has noted that they have turned their backs on the people of their district to maintain ties with the man from West Bay and by jingas Bodden Towners will relieve them of their burden come May 2013.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Diplomacy at its best!

  7. Anonymous says:

    Will someone give Mackeeva some mangoes so that he can occupy his mouth with something else for awhile. Maybe a little juice running down his chin can distract him from his tantrums for a little while.

  8. Anonymous says:

    I am now convinced that our Premier has suffered a psychotic break!  Nothing else makes sense.  I get that he has always been a narcissist but this is now beyond.

    At this point I really no longer blame him but I do blame the rest of his government who continue to enable his craziness to the detriment of our islands.  Mac can no longer be held responsible.  The only help for him now is a padded room but come on UDP, can you really continue to support this man's behaviour??????

    • Anonymous says:

      "OUR" premier???? oh please I would never admit that.. anyone ask, I dont know who this fool is.. and it must be some other island they talking about….. what a disgrace…smh

  9. Anonymous says:

    It's not just Paula Cox who is out to get him. Yesterday I was listening to a rooster crow (Not Austin, a real one) and sure enough I could detect a pattern. Rooster spanish is not that far off pidgeon english, and I could clearly understand this rooster crowing "McKeeva is a fool, McKeeva is a foool, McKeeva is a foooooooool".


    It would have been bad enough if it was just one rooster's opinion, but he was encouraging all of the other roosters to say the same thing.

  10. Anonymous says:

    It is encouraging to note that even his major supporters are begining to realize what a loose cannon the "premier' really is.  What took so long?  The kool aid must have had a long lasting effect.  Hoe the folks in West Bay wake up and smell the Folgers before May 2013.

    • Anonymous says:

      13: 43


      No my friend, i dont know which traitor you speaking of, but we sticking with him, no matter what. We will get over our hurdles, and then what?

      You all hypocrites will still bitch…you cant help that.

  11. Anonymous says:

    The ‘ol busher’ is really coming out in him now!

  12. Anonymous says:

    I'm Going to Take My Ball & Going Home !! So There!!

  13. Anonymous says:

    As bad as the opposition is talked about, I for one know that Alden would never, never act the way McKeeva is doing, and he would not lead Cayman down this path. So for the good of the Cayman Islands lets elect educated people next election. I am a supporter of the PPM and not ashamed to say so. Anyone is better than what we have now, I would even give the captain, and the secret vessel  a vote over McKeeva. This man has gone plum crazy.

  14. Knot S Smart says:

    Oh Dear!

    Send our Navy to defeat them Mac!

    Before they send their own warships to attack us…

  15. St Peter says:

    Two small-island people having a cat-fight!

    My people. As the monkey said…

    I tell you…

    My people…

    • Anonymous says:

      As the old saying goes"the higher a monkey climbs the more he shows his ass".

  16. Anonkymous says:

    Oh for the love of common sense – please Cayman…remove this man from office. He is in a VERY high position here and is clearly losing his mind. His actions suggest that he's drowning in his inability to get things on track…of course, his promises to do so were not matched by his ability to do so. It is very easy to say you can do something but all is revealed in good time.

    Mac rode the wave of voter discontent for the PPM's failures. That time tune is old and long gone. We are holding the UDP accountable and all they've done in 3 yrs is sling mud to cover up their own inadequacies. Not one project has been completed, not one promise fulfilled! Not one good idea produced.

    Now, he is spreading his venom to other jurisdictions! Is he mad!?!?! We have enjoyed neutral relationships with many of our neighbours, both allies and competitiors. This man will cause us to lose all that we've worked so hard to gain with his bad manners and ghetto attitude.

    Gag him now before he sinks us entirely! Blaspheming the governor! Disrespecting his fellow Caymanians! Slandering our neighbours! When will it stop?! How long do we allow him to 'represent' us!?

    This is a call to the UDP MLAs – GET OFF YOUR BUTTS AND DO WHAT YOU MUST TO SILENCE THIS MAN!  Surely you do not agree with his behaviour!? Silence is consent. YOU have the power to have him committed for psychiatric evaluation! Or at the least, toend this tyranny and insanity!

    Mike! Rollie! JuJu! Do something maaaan!!!

    Seriously! Doesn't he realise that there are scores of people protesting HIM! Not just the tax! Not just the Dart deals. Him! Has he no shame!? Have the UDP collectively, no shame?!




  17. Anonymous says:

    to 09:02….he had lost it long before OMOV…trust me…long before.  He lost it when he dropped out of 9th grade and had to rely on lip flapping which his followers thinks is what makes a great leader….because they are all the same as him.  Lip flappers.

    • Anonymous says:

      Stop spreading vicious rumours about our Premier having made it to 9th grade.

  18. Anonymous says:

    Do you people ever read the ROYAL GAZETTE? Premier Cox is in hot water and the majority of people in Bermuda want to see her go,Cox and Bush is in the same boat,fighting for their political survival!

    • Anonymous says:

      The readers/commentors of the "Royal Gazette" do not represent the "Majority"of Bermuda by a looong  stretch my friend.

    • Andy G says:

      The difference seems to be that Premier Cox does not act like a buffoon.

  19. Mrs. B says:

    If it weren't all so serious and embarrassing to our reputations, it would be more hilarious and entertaining than The Days of Our Lives or Coronation Street! How preposterous! Foolish man. Please don't let the door hit you on the back side on your way out.

  20. Future Politician says:

    This is becoming embarrasing! Mackeeva Bush is no longer representing anyone in these islands save a few die hards in West Bay who I am growing tired of seeing "whooping n holering" at his so called public meetings. I dare say May 2013 is too far away his UDP henchmen better grow a pair and remove him because they will all be judged by the company they keep.



  21. Anonymous says:

    I guess England is not another country then LOL.

  22. Anonymous says:

    I have never been so embarrass in my life to refer to myself as a Caymanian and resident of the Cayman Islands. Unfortunately this man is a representation of all of us not only the dumb baboons that elected him into power…….. very very low day of the Cayman Islands we have just dropped to the bottom of the barrel. Next time some ask me I telling them I am from Cuba……… cause right now Raul Castro has more sense than… and quite frankly I am tired of apologizing for our current leader and making a disclaimer that his level of  intelligence and common sense  is not  reflective of all of us.  My suggestion is to take WB out of the general elections all together. JDesperate times cause for desperate measures.


    • An Onymous says:

      Now just a cotton picking minute, please, Mr. or Mrs. or Miss… Anonymous … Mon, 08/06/2012 – 11:15…"I have never been so – surely you can admit that even though it was some West Bayers who voted Mr. Bush (and his three other WB UDP colleagues) into the Legislative Assembly in May 2009, had it not been for the voters from George Town, Bodden Town and Cayman Brac/Little Cayman voting in five more UDP candidates (that is, 2 from GT, 2 from BT and 1 from CB/LC), Mr. Bush would not have been "elected" as Premier because he would have only had 4 votes (including his own) when crunch time came in the Legislative Assembly!  If any district must be blamed, just stop and think for one minute and you'll realize that the blame lies squarely at the feet of GT, BT and CB/LC – even blind Bartimaeus can see that!  It's also way past time to stop lumping all West Bayers into one group – just check the 2009 elections website results and you'll see that not all West Bayers voted for the present 4 UDP representatives!



  23. Anonymous says:

    Ridiculous pot-banging to distract some element of his supporters from the disaster that he has created on these islands. The same tactic has been used by despots and dictators for thousands of years.

  24. Anonymous says:

    at least he didn't tell her to go 'sun her buns' ….. or did he?  Noooooooooooooooooo

  25. Anonymous says:

    Oh wow !!!!!! , so bullying at home is become boring and brings no more satisfaction…. we have now resolved to bulling our Caribbean alias’ leaders. Or could it be, it is because she is a woman in power that Big Mac cannot refer to as "darling" and "little girl".   


  26. JTB says:

    Stay classy, Mac.


    I think people are wise to your ways now. Picking another fight with another "outsider" is not going to rally anyone to your cause, other than the useful idiots of West Bay who don't understand how theyare being used.

  27. peter milburn says:

    Mr Bush please follow your own advice and leave other countries alone as you have far more pressing problems here to deal with And on that point PLEASE listen to what other advice your local residents give you and stop disgarding ideas just because they are not YOURS.You want to work together then get on and listen to others NOT just the UDP members.Its time to put OUR country first.

  28. Anonymous says:

    Will somebody remove this man before he shames us any further?  Governor, please can you get your finger out and use whatever powers lie at your disposal… and I am sure there must be something you can do.  I for one intend to write to Mr Bellingham letting him know that we don't share the Premier's sentiments and apologising for the complete and utter madness and instability that he is currently creating here in Cayman.

  29. Anonymous9 says:

    Most immature low class Buffoon running what used to be a top financial peach. He alone will take us to the depths of being a tacky, classless sandbox. The only sandbox in the entire Caribbean.

    Can't someone in his camp reason with him??? He needs to seek unbiased professional help to understand why he is getting the backlash that he does.

    Yes, I know this will NEVER happen. Just GET HIM OUT!!


  30. Anonymous says:

    Sue her Mac! Stevie is ready for prime time. Pin another couple of "medals" on his chest to make him look even more beautiful when he opens his case in The Hague.

  31. Anonymous says:

    It is rather unseemly to criticise competitors.  

    frankly, It shows a lack of class.  

  32. Anonymous says:

    “As Cayman’s Premier I have never attacked, any other country, including Bermuda…"

    WTF?  Never attacked any other country?  You got to be trippin Mac!  All you do is personally attack other countries, other politicians and even your own people if they disagree with you.  Why don't you do the 'honourable' thing and step down we don't want you no more, you are an emarrassment to the country.

  33. Anonymous says:

    Sure this is somewhat disturbing, but what I find particularly disturbing is that our elected idiot finds this, as well as a jaunt to Jamaica over the weekend amongst his priorities considering  the current debacle he's created at home. The Honourable Business Group must be infuriatingly perplexed. 

  34. Truth Hurts says:

    Every day, Mac gets further and further away from representing the views of the people he claims to represent.

  35. cow itch says:

    "its premier consistently attacks me"  bush must be thinking, is a woman thing, don't know why she is so infatuated… "leave me alone!"

  36. Anonymous says:

    Like Chavez of Venezuela Mackeeva Bush will soon be known for who he really is. Once he is despised and ignored by other world leaders his world will come crumbling down around him and that will be his waterloo. After that we can try to pick up the pieces and move on.

  37. Anonymous says:

    How terribly embarassing. Can we all go on record and make a public letter stating that Mr. Bush does NOT speak for the people of this island and beg that no other leader of any government hold his words against us? If he keeps this up, trust we will need visa's to go everywhere and when it comes time to apply, they will all be denied.

  38. Anonymous says:

    Our fellow overseas territories are not our enemies! We are all in this boat together! We should be uniting at this time to assist each other.  I trust and pray that our fellow OTs will realise that the immature comments/behaviour of our premier are not a true reflection of the way Caymanians feel and behave towards other OTs. 

    Bermuda, don't feel special he is suing almost every media house in Cayman that makes one negative remark about him. So much for freedom of press ,speech and expression. 

  39. Anonymous says:


  40. Anonymous says:

    Bush is so immature and unprofessional.  He behaves worse than a spoiled brat when anyone disagress with him or he doesn't get his way.  I hope the other territiories do not think they can ever engage in meaningful and productive dialogue with him.  He has no clue what that even is. 

    • Anonymous says:

      shame we can't put him in time out, or give him the belt or the cane.  He really needs it. 

  41. Anonymous says:

    I think Mckeeva has officially gone mad…he seems to have lost it after the OMOV referendum…i guess i'd be worried too if my own district pretty much voted 50/50 on a topic I campaigned extremly hard against….he knows he only has a few months leftin office

    • 09:02 says:

      I saw it coming, Drinking all the Expatriate mixup soup I knew would cause him to loose it.  But Mr Bush I am still on your side, because I know there is no one here who has a solution to these problems.

      Even those who sup with you are undermining you.  Remember what christ said at the last supper. 

      Dont ry to please the world.  They did not vote you in, West Bay did.  Concentrate on your district and watch the rest of the Island make fools of themselves by trading their right hand for their left.

      A few months left in office, do not be so surprised.   McKeeva will get back in, in West Bay.  Premier or Premier not, he will still run things.


  42. Anonymous says:

    "…even when it’s Premier consistently attacks me,”


    The Premier of the Cayman Islands obviously lacks the skills of national leadership, diplomacy and statesmanship.


    The phase "attacks me" is used frequently in Mr. Bush's speeches which indicates, possibly, a serious problem with paranoia. A paranoid Premier is a very serious issue for the Cayman Islands.


    The country would be better served by a Premier who knows how to debate the issues without sinking into the morass of personal vindictiveness.


    May 2013……soon come.