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| 31/08/2012

102405_flores (292x274).jpg(CNS): The community is being asked to offer its thoughts on how to promote peace throughout the Cayman Islands for a video marking the country’s celebration of International Day of Peace. It will be the international day’s 31st anniversary this year but the very first time that Cayman has joined millions of people across the world to celebrate peace. The family resource centre (FRC) staff will be seeking public feedback on ways to promote peace throughout our islands over the next week and aim to make a video of the comments which will be shown at the Peace Day event at Dart Park on the day.

"Let us use this day to commit to making peace not just a priority, but a passion,” said Department of Counselling Services (DCS) Director Judith Seymour. “Let us pledge to do more wherever we are, in whatever way we can, to make this day and every day, a day of peace."

International peace day is when people resolve to put their differences aside and promote peace, particularly in countries that have recently known war, civil conflicts, social strife, and political upheavals. Organisers ask that there be no violence on this day. Various countries are also asked to be part of a global truce by celebrating peace through education, raising public awareness on active non-violence and strengthening ideals of peace among people of all ages.

To promote national cohesion and unity or to participate in Peace Day celebrations, schools and community organisations are encouraged to provide an artistic representation of peace, which could be through visual or performance arts. Such representations will also be displayed at the event.

“Education about non-violence should start at home, so it is important that we teach our children alternatives for dealing with violence,” said DCS Programme Coordinator Miriam Foster. “The effect of persons at peace with themselves can radiate to families, organisations, villages, and most of all, society. “Promoting the general welfare of this country is the way to go in order to encourage others to share the hopes and aspirations of Peace Day. So let us all think peace, act peace and be at peace as we work towards building a better community.”

FRC staff will be at Foster’s Food Fair at the Airport, Republix and Camana Bay locations on Friday, 31 August, from 7– 9 p.m looking for volunteers for the video. The following week, they will be visiting East End Foster’s Food Fair on Monday morning, as well as Over the Edge, offering a free cup of coffee for those who wish to be in the video. Later in the afternoon, they’ll visit Lorna’s Texaco in Bodden Town and Foster’s Food Fair in Countryside, Savannah.

To take part in the video, become a sponsor or perform for the event, contact the Family Resource Centre at 949-0006 or visit

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  1. Trim the fat says:

    I say tape a nice candle light gathering at Dart Park, put it on social media web sites, and $ave the money on the professional video!  

    We have schools with NO supplies, but govt departments still spend. spend, spend.  Trim the fat and stop the waste!  

  2. Anonymous says:

    We can start by living peaceful with the Premier Mr. McKeeva Bush, Mr. Miller, Mr. Aldine and Mr. Arden Mclean. Give some love to these gentlemen and learn to love each other.  Peace out.