Substance abuse recovery in spotlight

| 31/08/2012

shutterstock_24511225 (300x234).jpg(CNS): Pointing to treatment as well as prevention the director of the local counselling services said that people do recover from substance abuse. As the department begins marking recovery month on Saturday Judith Seymour said it was important to celebrate the success people had with recovery. This year’s theme is It’s Worth It, and the Counselling Centre will be hosting a number of prevention sessions as well as special events through September to mark the importance of recovery.

"Recovery Month helps to spread the positive message that prevention works, treatment is effective and people can and do recover, and that the benefits of recovery are significant and valuable not just to those persons directly affected but to the broader community as well,” Seymour said. “So let us celebrate the success of people who are in recovery while acknowledging the efforts of those who work in the treatment and prevention field, this and every month."

Society at large benefits from the prevention of substance abuse and treatment of persons and families affected by it. Activities will not only focus on society’s negative perspective of, and stigma towards, affected people but also encourage community participation in an effort to reduce these issues.   

To kick off the month-long events on Friday, 7 September, a Talent Night held at the Harquail Theatre will feature local entertainment for people of all ages to enjoy.

There will also be interactive Anti-drug Lunch and Learn sessions on 11
and 18 September at the Government Administration Building. Parents will learn how to talk to kids about drugs, look at its effects and what they can do to safeguard their homes.  A separate session will also be offered to teenagers at the Family Resource Centre on Tuesday, 25 September which will help them find ways to fight the negative influences of drug use in order to make the right choices.
Continuing with the celebrations, families — especially thosewho have been affected by alcohol or drug addiction — are invited to attend a Picnic Day at Seven Mile Beach on Saturday, 15 September.

To wrap up the month’s activities, on Friday, 28 September, individuals will be honoured for their outstanding accomplishments in recovery from substance abuse. 
Encouraging public participation, Department of Counselling Services (DCS)

For more information on Recovery Month events and how to get involved, contact the Counselling Centre at 949-8789, the Family Resource Centre at 949-0006 or Caribbean Heaven Residential Centre at 947-9992.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    To thine own self be true !  – Drinking is the favorite past time in Cayman.  So is treating Diabetes, kidney dialysis, alcohol related car crashes, and police that look the other way when it comes to drunk drivers.