TV Dinosaur expert to present lecture in Cayman

| 04/10/2012

Dinosaurs%20Unearthed.jpg(CNS): Dr Phil Manning a noted palaeontologist, scientist and TV personality will be coming to the Cayman Islands next week where he will be giving a free lecture at St Matthews University. The event is part of the National Trust’s guest lecture series in partnership with the local medical school. Manning, recently hosted Jurassic CSI, a six-part series for Nat Geo TV on how dinosaurs really looked and lived. He is a leading expert on dinosaurs and heads the Palaeontology Research Group in the School of Earth, Atmospheric and Environmental Sciences at the University of Manchester, and is also a Research Fellow at the Manchester Museum.

Among his many other accolades, Manning is also a Research Associate at the American Museum of Natural History in New York City, and has collaborated on numerous international projects in Europe, South America, Australasia, and North America.

Manning loves to spread the word about issues surrounding natural history, dinosaurs, science, and environmental stewardship, officials from the Trust stated adding that his talk, entitled “Shedding Light on Lost Worlds: Dinosaurs to Birds”, will cover topics in science and the environment.

People who come along to the free talk will be invited to stay fora meet and greet with him after the lecture. It will be held at the St. Matthews University Campus located at Leeward 3, Lecture Hall 1, Regatta Office Park on 10 October at 6:00pm. Anyone interested in attending is requested to contact the National Trust in advance to reserve a spot. For more information, please contact Basia McGuire at 749-1129 or

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  1. Onestone says:

    This would be one amazing place to visit:


    • Anonymous says:

      Now that is amazing! They've used all the drawing cards real museums use – dinosaurs (albeit they're casts of skeletons)  teacher training for school groups etc. but no genuine artifacts or objects. According to a friend who visited, there are exhibit "interpreters" who are all high on something but will  answer any questions you might have and.. er….kick you out if you question their logic!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Cayman was a good choice for this lecture – we got lots of living and breathing dinosaurs in the LA, as we speak.  The LA is a place where the rest of us dare not tread, for fear of being eaten alive.  

  3. Brassed Off says:

    Wonder if he is aware of that strange creature that occasionally lives deep in the hinterland in West Bay. It is known locally as brontosaurusrexmeglomaniacusbushush. It is believed to be nocturnal as it is seldom seen in it’s local habitat during the day, particularly with it’s fellow creatures. Like the Yeti it is really seen choosing to hang out in various salubrious parts of the world. Photographers are in fear of their lives when talking photographs of this rather morbid and rotund creature that is known to utter huge amounts of crap when upset and incur it’s wrath on the people. Rumours abound that the creature feature is closer to it’s relatives in the fare east. Anyone coming in contact with this creature should seek physiological help and retain legal advice.
    I do hope Dr Manning can further advice us on just how such a creature could have evolved in the outback of the Cayman Islands. Moreover interested persons will be concerned if further creatures could evolve and just how they evolved. Perhaps he could catch a specimen have the Brian dissected, and preserved at St. Matthews University for local posterity. This would be another first for the Cayman Islands.

    In conclusion I do believe the accompanying photograph bears an uncanny resemblance to the local creature. Indeed terrifying.

    • Old hand says:

      I think I saw this creature in the vicinity of the LA building. Can anyone else confirm it?  Where is the press when you need them, Wendy?

  4. Anonymous says:

    What are they thinking?

    We already know from the Book of Genesis when dinosaurs were created. Two of each were put on Noah's Ark, which was quite a feat on a boat approx. 450' x 75'. Consequently they were all washed off the deck during the Flood, so none survive to this day (although there may be a few hiding in the mountains of Guatemala).

    So I hope Dr. Manning doesn't discuss radioactive dating, sediment analysis, or asteroid impact. That malarkey is just not part of the Cayman Christian Heritage.

    • luvu says:

      You are so right!  I want to get all our ministers together and protest this nonsense!  We only need one history book and it's the Bible!  We pay our preachers and politicians to do the thinking so we don't have to.  1 Peter 2:18



    • Chewbacca says:

      And all the blue iguanas managed to swim from Mt Ararat to the Cayman Islands without leaving any trace elsewhere.  And all the wombats went to Australia.  Oh the Lord works in mysterious ways.

  5. Neb U Kudnezer says:

    Dinosaurs, schminosaurs. Fossils were placed in the earth to test our devotion to God.