Nine people hurt in bus-car smash

| 23/10/2012

bus smash.jpg(CNS): The driver and eight passengers from a local bus are being treated in the George Town hospital following a two vehicle road crash in Bodden Town this afternoon. Police said that shortly after 3:10pm on Tuesday, 23 October, a Toyota Hiace bus and a BMW car collided at the junction of Shamrock Road and Northward Road in Bodden Town. Emergency services were called to the location and the injured were transported to the Cayman Islands Hospital. Despite the number of people hurt, police said it is not thought that any had sustained serious injuries but this has yet to be confirmed by medical staff.  The driver of the BMW was not injured and police enquiries into how the crash occurred are on-going.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    How many of you car drivers are guilty of treating people in a rental car the same way? It’s not always a tourist in a rental car you know. How pathetic is that? Treating a tourist with disdain because they’re not used to the roads. Check yourselves first then we can talk about how dangerous the bus drivers are.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Why is it that when something not good happens somebody says you "need more laws" You want more laws and be completely controlled by the Government? Just move to the U.S.

  3. Anonymous says:

    To 07:08
    It looks like the helicopter crew was out on the road in Bodden Town, meanwhile with THE HELICOPTER IS AT THE AIRPORT IN GEORGETOWN!!!! What a waste of time and money!

  4. Anonymous says:

    Sure jump all over the bus drivers they are responsible for all the accidents. no one else.that should solve all the traffic problems.

    • Anonymous says:

      I think we all witness their terrible driving manner's, it safe to assume. If they're not at fault, then they're  not. Regardless generally speaking it's horrible.

  5. Anonymous says:

    1). People that operate buses and taxis should be subject to driving tests every 9 months

    2). Bus Stops need to be regulated by law – buses stop anywhere and everywhere 

  6. Anonymous says:

    I know you will see someone blaming the taxi driver. Some people drive too close behind them and at times the taxi has to make sudden stops because of passengers indecisiveness. Other people are too impatient and overtake taxi. So there are many factors to look at instead of resorting to blaming the taxi driver all the time. 

  7. Anonymous says:

    A friend of mine who once in awhile takes a bus in the Bodden town area, told me that she is terrified every time. The speed, the careless maneuvers, distractions- talking on a phone, talking with passengers…unbelievable that those drivers allowed to transport people.

    • Anonymous says:

      If you were talking of the WB drivers I'd be inclined to agree, but I've been using the BT buses daily for the past 7 years to get to work and back and in all honesty I would say that generally the drivers are courteous, kind, considerate and do not drive over the speed limit or make careless manouvers.  Admittedly they used to be on their phones all the time which I didn't like, and admittedly on a few occasions I would say they have made the odd careless manouver, often caused by other inconsiderate drivers not letting them back out or cutting them off without warning.  By far the most frightening and most frequent bad experiences I have on the buses are the many times we have almost been run off the road or cut off at roundabouts by careless drivers of cars, who then proceed to cuss and gesticulate at the bus drivers even though they (the bus drivers) were not the ones in the wrong.

      There is only one female driver who has been on the road for years that I would say is a pretty bad driver.  I simply avoid getting on her bus and wait for the next one.

      I don't say this to defend the bus drivers, I'm just trying to offer my own measured opinion.  They do seem to be easy targets for the rest of you, and I can honestly say that the majority of comments made by non-passengers here completely conflict with the experience of those like me who actially do rely on the buses to get to our place of work each day.

  8. Anonymous says:

    When are seatbelts going to become mandatory in buses and taxis?

  9. Anonymous says:

    These bus drivers are very careless when driving! They pull off the road without so much as indicating and pull in with a wave of their hand. Craziness when driving along side on the road. The police need to crack down on these drivers.

    • Anonymous says:

      Those mini-bus drivers are worse than careless, they are a constant menace to themselves and anyone else with them, those driving another vehicle and pedestrians. They are probably the worst group of drivers on the road. Consider yourself lucky that you actually got a hand wave because most people don't. As for the police cracking down on them, flying pigs and hell freezing over comes to mind. These people cause accidents all the time and then drive off like nothing happened. One day someone is going to go ape shit on one of these mini-bus drivers and only then the police will show up, after the fact. I do not  know the info on this particular accident but I have been dealing with those thoughtless and rude goddam idiots all of my driving life.

      • Anonymous says:

        With taxi drivers a very, very close second as bad drivers!

      • Anonymous says:

        Before blaining the Bus Drive for this accident maybe you should check out the facts of what caused the accident.  Please dont jump on the driver of the bus so quickly.

        • Anonymous says:

          Read the end of what I said, I am talking about what I have experienced day in and day out since I have been driving (20 years in Cayman) and it has gotten much worse. I stand by what I said.

    • Anonymous says:

      They should be forced to have proper annual training in driving properly and safely, and an annual strict test which if failed means they lose their licences. There should also be a means to communicate unsafe driving to the police in confidence. Three complaints and out…will be more jobs for Caymanians..

    • Crunch says:

      We see a post like yours all the time.  Everyone (except the bus drivers) agrees, everyone knows it is true, but nothing is ever done. 

      And on a side note in general since i'm here (not directed at the author of the above post as they are quite right), it is far easier to not get wound up about such things and simply drive defensively then sigh in contentment when you avoid yet another crash.  You can see quite a few accidents coming if you are paying attention (obviously quite a few exceptions where you are going to have a crunch no matter what, but the point stands).  So many stubbornly plough straight on thinking they know best (or are paying no attention at all) and whinge when the other party crashes into them.  OK, it is the other party's fault, but you had the choice to pay attention, react appropriately, and avoid the pain and hassle of having your nice shiny car smacked (and lose your no claims, an arm, your life…) just because you were stubborn.  Nothing is ever going to rid the roads of bad driving.  Come to think of it, anywhere in the world (not just here), the roads would be nearly empty if we could.  And even good drivers have bad days as well. 

      Think about it. 

  10. Anonymous says:

    I believe the helicopter attended the scene in it's Helicopter Emergency Medical Services role and the newly trained medical response crews assisted the paramedics at the scene.  This looks as though it will be a very useful addition to the medical response of the Cayman Islands.