CINICO claims 80% satisfaction rate

| 24/10/2012

customer-satisfaction (287x300).jpg(CNS): Although the results of a recent survey have not yet been made public, the CEO of the government’s health insurance company has said the research shows the organisation is on the right path. Following the completion of the multi-phased market research project aimed at gauging customer satisfaction which included a series of focus group discussions and an online survey among CINICO’s public sector customers, Lonny Tibbetts said while there was work to be done things were improving. The result show that more than 80% of customers were satisfied with their policy the government company boss stated adding that the full results will soon be posted on CINICO’s website.

“There is a real sense from the results that the service we are providing at CINICO is improving and that it will continue to improve,” he said. “I am heartened in particular by the statistic that 83% of CINICO members are ‘very/somewhat satisfied’ with their CINICO insurance policy, so we are definitely on the right track.

“The results have highlighted three areas in particular on which we will focus our energies – processes, the organisational culture and communications. In this respect, we will be gearing up to improve aspects of our service such as the speed of the claims submission process, our responsiveness to requests and communications between CINICO and its members,” Tibbetts added.

Local public relations and marketing firm, Tower Marketing, conducted the various stages of the research.  “We were happy to work with CINICO as this important research will provide valuable information which can be used to make informed, strategic decisions for the future direction of the organisation,” Lynne Byles, Managing Director of Tower Marketing, said.

The survey result will be available on shortly officials said.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Are you kidding me? More PR spinning……

    • Anonymous says:

      I wonder how reliable and valid this survey is. I would like to see the numbers.

      It is quite true that communication with members need to be improved. There are still a large corps of members whose new cards are stuck in CINNICO’s card files and one seems to care.

      What is the problem with writing these members, if they can’t mail the cards out, and asking members to come and pick them up? I was one of those people whose card had a problem and for over a year I was without a new card much to the hospital’s dismay. I kept checking — card not available — printer not working. Finally when printer got going, no one calls you, no letter comes, and having gotten tired of checking in person, you call and no one answers. So finally you try your luck in person about 12 months later, and finally you get your card.

      It just seems a lax way to do business. But then CINNICO has a captive group of customers– they don’t need to bother, do they?