Inmate releases two new novels from prison cell

| 01/11/2012

w100-23581558.jpg(CNS): HMP Northward’s best known resident has published two more novels, which are now available in paperback. Following on from his first thriller, Caribbean Cartels, author Sheldon M Brown has now released his latest two books from the desk of his cell — Unholy Accord and Mayflower. Although Brown may be better known for his self-confessed criminal behavior, anyone who has read Caribbean Cartels will know that the former gangster has a flare for storytelling. According to his promoters, the latest two novels are both fast paced thrillers designed to keep the reader on the edge of his seat. The Cayman Islands provides the backdrop for both books in stories about international terrorism and the world of espionage.

The two new novels, along with Brown’s debut work, are all available locally at Books and Books and online at as well as the Amazon Kindle Store.

With a talent for writing and a knowledge of how the criminal world works, Brown has proved to be an impressive author whose stories can stand-up with the best of their genre. Since his imprisonment in 2006, after he was convicted of trying to kill Fernando Martin, the 42-year-old author has turned from real life crime and immersed himself in the crime of the imagination to share with his growing fan base.

Having studied the history of the Italian and American Mafia, dating back to the 1800s, the Japanese Yakuza, Chinese Triads, the Mexican and Colombian Cartels, and the more recent Afro and Latin American and Caribbean gangs, Brown learned that only around one percent of those who live a life of crime die a natural death or are able to retire with any great wealth. Most are dead by the age of 35 or given lengthy, often indefinite, prison sentences by age 40.

Learning from history and his own personal experiences, with betrayal, assassination attempts and several trips to prison, Brown has taken another route. Regretting the decisions which kept him trapped in a life of crime for two decades, his experiences have undoubtedly added to the quality of his storytelling.

In Caribbean Cartels, Brown has tried to reach out to the wayward civil society and the government. He shows the pros and the cons of the gangster lifestyle and where it ultimately ends. Caribbean Cartels attempts to get mainstream society to understand the social ills and how they could change the disease of recidivism by assisting, forgiving, and helping to direct ex-convicts to be reintegrated into the community or saving delinquents before they end up in prison.

All of his books are intended to not only entertain but to make society take note. In his second book, Unholy Accord, he looks at the dangers of radical Islam and how easily unsuspecting countries could become targets for extremist terrorists, believing that the Cayman Islands are a potential target for such an attack. In his third book, Mayflower, he examines the unorthodox nature of the Overseas Territories governments and how greedy, power-hungry and corrupt administrators, if left to govern unchecked, could result in unintended consequences that will ultimately affect the citizens of those countries.

Despite being inside Northward, Brown is said to keep an eye on local and international politics and says citizens should take their heads out of the sand and demand greater accountability of their leaders, because what happens in Mayflower is a very real possibility.

Although Brown has served only six years of his 22 year sentence, he intends to make a career as an author and has promised his readers that his fourth book, which will be released in 2013, will be just as exciting, enlightening and entertaining as his three previous novels. He also plans an autobiography in the near future, which Brown hopes will discourage anyone who is contemplating a life of crime or may be trapped in it.

See book descriptions below:

Unholy AccordUnholy Accord Cover.jpg.jpg
This is a fast-paced, suspense-filled thriller about a five-man terrorist sleeper cell sent to the United States and Grand Cayman to live and blend in amongst the locals until they are instructed to carry out simultaneous attacks against both countries. The deadly biological weapon, which was constructed by Shaheed Hariri, a Hezbollah-linked Lebanese scientist who lives in the US, was designed to kill millions of people and cause fear and panic. The US government, the CIA and FBI actively seek out a world-renowned microbiologist, who they hope will be able to explain the contents of the weapon. If they don’t find an antidote soon enough, hundreds of millions of people will die and cause a humanitarian catastrophe.

The US and Cayman Islands economy are brought to a grinding halt, as the aftermath of the attacks threatens to destabilize both countries and indeed the world at large. Great Britain, the United States and other Caribbean countries come to the aid of the Caymanian people, who have never been the victims of a terrorist attack. Thousands are killed by the attack on Grand Cayman, forcing the Premier Karl Limmitts to take extraordinary measures to protect the lives of the island’s surviving residents. The crime thriller is set on Grand Cayman but the story also takes you to the mean streets of hardline Islamic states, as FBI and CIA agents risk their lives to track down an international terrorist network.

Mayflower Cover.jpg (1) (191x300).jpgIn his third book, Brown presents readers with a suspense-filled spy thriller that will keep them on the edge of their seats as the riveting story about greed, distrust, lust, power, corruption, betrayaland revenge unfolds. Veteran MI6 agent Natalya Pushkina is sent to Grand Cayman on a mission for Mayflower, a powerful and often deadly organization of hard-liners, composed of some elements of the British government and its intelligence services. 

The group believes the islands are a liability to Great Britain, and that there may be a lot to gain by removing them from their list of Overseas Territories. Gerry Noonan, the Chancellor of the Exchequer, is also the leader of the clandestine group. Noonan devises a plan that he believes will give the UK the perfect reason to sever ties with the Cayman Islands and enable him to ruin their financial industry, while shoring up Britain’s dwindling economy.

The group formulates a plan and sends a highly-trained female agent to the West Indian three-island chain with millions of dollars to set up an accounting firm called Baxter Incorporated, which is housed at  Gardenia Court in Camana Bay, a few hundred meters from her own waterfront condominium.

However, Natalya, who should be spying on certain prominent people, is betraying not only her handlers but her country as well. Unknown to anyone in Britain, she is involved in a forbidden relationship with a Russian Intelligence agent, who is sending hundreds of millions of dollars through her shell company, Bristol Business Consultants. Natalya then uses the money to invest in development projects.

To facilitate her investment plans for the island, Natalya seduces a local corrupt politician, who does what is necessary to assist the MI6 agent, while lining his own pockets and his cronies as well.

But a shrewd local banker discovers serious irregularities and unexplained wealth in the bank accounts of some very prominent people, which sets off a chain of high-profile crimes that threatens the very peace and stability of this tropical paradise, forcing Governor Harry Dinspel to step in and use his executive power. He takes a drastic, but very unpopular decision to save the reputation of the islands and reinstate confidence in its administrators.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Two words – Capital Punishment!

    Damn you Gore

  2. Anonymous says:

    It is so sad to see so many of our Caymanian children going to destruction just because they have a hard life. Being black, poor and no parents, or single parent causes alot of this. I too was raised by grand parents, never knew what it was to get a hug or a kiss and had to work my butt off as a child, but instead I wanted to better my life. But you see not every kid thinks like this.

    Sheldon had two lovely parents and very upright and intelligent grand parents. What sent him off the track no one knows, but loosing a parent is hell on a child, and I am speaking from experience. You are even jealous of other kids around you with parents. Kids like this has many days of hiding and crying their hearts out. We as a small community should hover around these kids and help them in any way they can, but instead we wait until they get in trouble and then we want to hang them, when the onus is mostly on us.

    How many of us has seen Sheldons troubled brother who is so quiet and full of manners around the gas stations and even offered him a soda? Instead we laugh at him. I am not encouraging any wrong that Sheldon might be guilty of I am just saying that that with some assistance given to him Sheldon could have been a great man in our Community today just like some of his familys was. Lets hope that if he has kids that the sale of his books go towards their education, so that they will in turn not end up in Northward.

    I am certain that he has regretted his past, and I must say that he is a very intelligent guy. I recently attended church in George Town where an American spoke and told his life story where he was a drug addict. When everyone walked out of church they shook his hands. Also some years ago I attended a service at the Lions Center where a Pastor confessed that he too was much involved with drugs in Cayman. He has a big congregation of people. While Sheldons life might be wasted we should like to see his children grow up to be good citizens of this Country.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Is it illiteracy, oversight, or just plain envy? It is plain for all to see that none of Mr. Brown’s books have anything to do with anything he has done in his past. It is clear from the writings and the readings of the books that all of the stories are based on his imagination, I have read Caribbean Cartels and it is obvious that the story is based on fiction but in reality to what is happening in the Caribbean and the Cayman Islands. I was fortunate enough to pick up both of the new books last week. I have browsed through Mayflower and it is about a British spy who is in Cayman to tackle alleged corruption and the chancellor of the exchequer in Britain trying to take over the finances in the Cayman Islands. I am half way through Unholy Accord and the gist of the story is about terrorists from the middle east sent to Cayman in the wake of the 911 attacks to commit a biological attack on the Cayman Islands and the United States. I must say it is a very compelling, plausible and exciting plot. However, I fail to see how any of these things relate to crimes that Mr. Brown has committed in his past. And why should he not benefit from his own work? Does it matter whether he is free or incarcerated when his work is published? Are we saying that he should not earn a decent living. I am neither for him or against him but I honestly wonder if it is wise for a society to make someone like him become convinced that his efforts to rehabilitate are being stymied? The knowledge and intellect that I have seen displayed in his books I shiver to think what would happen to this country if a man like him was not allowed to rehabilitate.

  4. JJTA says:

    If Sheldon Brown would like to do something positive for Cayman I suggest that he do what he can to remove the veil of secrecy from the so called pillars of our society who benefitted from criminal activities in Cayman at the time of Sheldon's active criminal career. As dangerous as it is and as much courage as it would require, that would be worthwhile. Many of the people responsible for the shambles which the Cayman Islands are in today still walk free while the footsoldiersand the on-the-ground mafia bosses risk and risked incarceration for their activities. With the higher the responsibility from privelleged position attained, the correlation that punishment for abuse of that power should be exponentially greater as a direct result has to be demanded without fail. Cayman has failed miserabley to do that. To those whom much is given, then much is expected. It is quite doubtful that this will happen, but it is the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. The ball is in your court Mr. Brown, and I know for a fact that what you know could turn this country on it's collective ear for the purposes of exposing the charlatan bastards who have to be exposed and held accountable if this country is to survive. The critical mass of national consequence for the institutionalized corruption in Cayman has reached boiling point and the valve on the pressure cooker has been screwed shut only to protect the most guilty and venomously vile among us.


  5. Anonymous says:

    I do not know Sheldon Brown, was raised to stay away from people like him; but the older I get and  wiser I became I realised that the persons I was compelled to associate with are actually worst than Sheldon Brown.

    I cannot understand my people, a few years ago a convicted fraudster was brought here as the keynote speaker at some finanical conference at the Ritz Carlton; all the movers and shakers in Cayman was present, never once did I hear anyone protest about his presence and not to mentioned he was getting paid to brag about his crimes.  Year after year we bring in convicted felon from the U.S.A. as motivational speakers, we allow these individuals into our children's schools, at their youth meeting at churches and any other places their messages could be heard – they are profiting from their crimes; we encourgae our children to attend these functions and listen to their messages.  Now because Sheldon in a Caymanian we want to keep him down, we want him to remain in prison – it is because his freedom and the fact that he is now reformed may expose some of us Mr./Mrs. Perfect; why are we so hell bent on keeping him a criminal.

    I am convinced that some people have a lot to loose if Sheldon Brown is rehabilitated.

    Sheldon I applaud you; dont let the detractors keep you down, keeping writing, I will be picking up a copy of your latest book.

    He who is without sin…cast the first stone!

  6. Anonymous says:

    Congratulations Sheldon!  I have read your new book Mayflower, and when I see all the negative comments, as an older Caymanian it makes me wonder whether some people are afraid of the issues that have been brought to light in, what I must say, is a very intellectually written-book, because I can't make any sense of some of the stupid comments that have been made on this site.  People should sign their names to such comments because we may very well be suprised to see who they are.  Maybe they have reasons for trying to belittle his work which I think is insightful and prophetic.  I don't know him personally, but I hope he continues to stay focused and society should encourage him or anyone else who has enough sense and the guts to make a positive change in their lives.  A concerned Caymanian.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Whatever in this world anyone cares to say about Sheldon and no matter how much the majority of us seem to be wrongly hell bent on hating him does not change the fact one little bit that he is an angel of Almighty God faithfully doing his part to bring the darkness of this world to the light to be wiped off this planet and from our lives forever. That is all folks. Have a wonderful day. God bless you Sheldon.

  8. Whodatis says:

    Ignoring the argument of what should or shouldn't be done with the profits for the moment – the bigger issue here is the impact this story will have on many of our youths.

    As is the case in every society, there are certain individuals that have achieved "Godfather-like" status and respect – "Sheldon" is that individual in our society.

    Many disenfranchised, disruptive and vulnerable Caymanian young men have grown up only hearing of the tales of Sheldon, yet they serve as inspiration for their ill-conceived and criminally-minded aspirations.

    This change in his life will surely come as a 180 to many young people and it will definitely serve as food for thought. Furthermore, with Sheldon as the source, the impact will be far greater when compared to some politician, well-educated young professional, or social worker. Sometimes the only way to get through to our young men is via relatable entities.

    Forthese reasons I completely support Mr. Brown in his efforts – and I intend to pick up a copy of both novels.

    • Anonymous says:

      One of the great autobiography of the last century was written by an ex con.  People if Malcom X can reform…. in time so can Sheldon Brown.  

    • Anonymous says:

      ok that argument has some merit. His stories could very well help stop kids from going down a similar path. On the flipside some wannabe gangstas won't be swayed one bit. Look at Scarface and how that movie is glorified by thugs. Some of these hopeless kids WANT to go out in a hail of bullets. On a similar note you see kids laughing when they hear about someone dying in a car crash. Theircomments often ridicule the victim as someone who didn't know how to drive… in the same thing would never happen to them because they're smarter.

      I think the problem people have is NOT that Sheldon may have been rehabilitated. The issue is whether he's going to earn money off his books and whether those funds should be directed towards maintaining him in prison or somehow compensating his victims and their families. I'm of the opinion that he shouldn't profit off this.

    • Knot S Smart says:

      I agree with Whodatis – times are a changing…

    • Bunny Rabbit says:

      Yeah right.  The only 180s that count are the ones that happen out of jail, not in it.  The world's prisons are full of "miracles of reformation" while still in their cells.

  9. Anonymous says:

    Christian Country?

    Can you imagine someone has lived their life of crime and is trying to better himself is being criticize? We do live in democracy, but it is obvious to anyone that every bit of criticism about Sheldon was very illogical laced with hatred and filled with envy. The man should be complemented. Do you even know how many criminals may consider changing their life because of his new direction? I personally watched him grow up and I honestly believe that God is working through him. Kudos to you Sheldon and God bless you. Don't be discouraged by small minded people.

    A true child of God

    • SSM345 says:

      Clearly happy to have paid all his legal fees (countless QC's involved) and now paying for him to live at Northward while he makes bank selling books about crimes he's committed. Awesome logic.

      I never in my wildest dreams thought I would hear such support for a known murderer.

    • Anonymous says:

      Democracy and christianity is only words, and only for some not all.

  10. Anonymous says:

    Let he who is without sin, cast the first stone. I have read Sheldon Brown’s books and all I could think ‘was what a waste of human intellect’. An extremely intelligent human being who lost his way and ended up on the wrong side of the tracks. I for one, will not be so foolish as to judge Sheldon Brown, knowing as I do, that God will judge me by the same yardstick by which I judge others. If you have ever been overpaid by as little as a dollar and decided not to return it, because the company that overpaid you wouldn’t miss it, or told a white lie to keep yourself out of trouble, or called in sick, when nothing was wrong with you just because you didn’t feel like going to work, God sees no difference between that and what Sheldon Browne has done. Sin is sin. Wouldn’t it be ironic if on the Day of Judgment, Sheldon having confessed his sins and asked God to forgive him, is standing with Jesus and you, because you refused to forgive him are condemned to hellfire and damnation with the Enemy? Enough said.

    • SSM345 says:

      Comparing murder to a sick day, wow.

    • village idiot of Absurdistan says:

      With me, the debate with you and the other Christians ends around "God will judge"… I don't believe in the God you speak of.

      In my world, the crimes Mr. Brown has committed have earned him his time in jail, and I will contemplate how reformed he is based on his actions in society once he has served his entire sentence and is released from jail. I owe him nothing more prior to that time.

      The media coverage is simply feeding his narcisstic personality. 

  11. Anonymous says:

    Its the same as Lord Archer in the Uk, why criminals should benefit financially while in prison is riduculous.  Any royalites from these crap books should be kept by the prison to assist its operational costs.

  12. Anonymous says:

    please please haters. that is what is wrong with cayman now, unforgiving community. do you guys rather him in there thinking positive that he can now come out live a better life and can provide for his family legally. or that no one will give him another chance , like when he went as far as applying at a gas station , not even that they would give him. and big up to you sheldon for letting some of the dirt, instead of being a typical caymanian with their hush hush attitude. cayman is full of corruption and crime , and sheldon surely has nothing to do with police corrupption. stay postive sheldon ,great books. and about the victims they all made that choice to be in their crimminal ways.

    • Anonymous says:

      No the world is too soft on criminals that's why its in the mess its in.  Hang these people or give them a good kick in, they'll learn their ways then.

      • Anonymous says:

        If he was your son or brother (he is) would you still want to see him hung, idiot?

        • Anonymous says:

          Sorry to say, but actually you're the "idiot". If we applied your line of reasoning nobody would face any form of retribution from society. Your comment is irrational, clearly you're just too simple-minded to realise it. Yes, if you are a murderer you should be executed. You'll find a lot of people here in Cayman would agree with that. Or maybe you think otherwise?

          • Anonymous says:

            You didn't answer the question honey. And my reasoning is perfectly rational. And yes I do think otherwise. And you have absolutely no right whatsoever to wish death by hanging on anyone in this world for any reason whatsoever. That is why it has been banned by the more intelligent members of the human race. 

  13. Anonymous says:

    Doesn't everyone deserve a chance to reform themselves?  So, what is a prisoner supposed to do?  Sit for 22 years and do nothing?  Sure, time should be taken to reflect on past actions, but wouldn't it also be a good idea to something productive with that time and try to better himself? 

  14. UNKA BUSHA! says:

    His first book"CARIBBEAN CARTEL"was written with the help of someone who had some professional background in writing and publishing.  UNHOLY ACCORD and MAYFLOWER are both amateurish to the extent that there are no divisions in dialog. Thus those books are like one giant continuous sentence.    Definitely no professional help on those two books.

    I hope that C I Government will make sure that every penny made  from these books will be used to pay for his extended stay at HOTEL NORTHWARD and help feed poor families on the Island.  

    • Anonymous says:

      Caribbean Cartel was edited by Diana Sheldon, a  professional editor. I can't seem to find the publisher though. Who is paying for these publications?  It says "according to his promoters the latest two novels are fast-paced thrillers designed to keep the reader on the edge of his seat". Who are these promotors releasing  this cliche-ridden drivel? 

      How does a prison inmate go about registering copywrite? Is it possible?

      I doubt there is much need to worry about any  profits…

      • Anonymous says:

        Just to shut you people up who believe you have all the answers, his wife is his publisher! And to speak to paying for his stay in prison,if you feel his family should foot the bill, then by your logic you all should be footing the bill for your family members also serving time. Cayman being so small, we all have persons in Northward. If you think our prison offers a luxury stay, then you are sadly mistaken. There are long term affects for anyone who has to go through such confinements. Let me not start on the fact that he is innocent, his accuser has admitted that he was not sure who shot him and was persuaded to say it was Sheldon. Why try to kill Fernando after proving in open court just two weeks earlier that he was a liar and being put forward to get Sheldon off the streets. Who ever heard of an assasin shooting someone in the legs and hands when trying to kill them. You people are just proving what Sheldon has been saying about the problems with our society, and this is why the problem of crime in Cayman will only get worst.

    • Anonymous says:

      UNKA BUSHA he wrote three book, what have you written?

    • N. Brown (his wife) says:

      I've read all the negative comments and it is clear what is behind them. First of all Sheldon wrote his own books without any help and I have all his original hand written manuscripts. Yes, indeed his books are copyrighted and were all  publications were paid for out of my own pocket with my hard earned cash. Any research he needed about foreign countries he would call me or other family members. Profits? What about the profits? Doesn't he have a family to support? Are you upset about his intellect? Are you saying that he should continue down the same path that he did for most of his life? I personally have tried my best to get him to change over the years and he finally did. I am proud of my husband and I will not be responding to anymore negativity. That's all I have to say.

      • Anonymous says:

        Mrs. Brown, are you going to give the profits (or any part) to the families directly hurt by Sheldon Brown?

      • Anonymous says:

        So here we have it, a direct admission that there are profits being made by a prisoner.  This income stream should be immediately cut off by the CIG, unless they are, of course, scared of a crime family.

  15. Anonymous says:

    This is an outrage, Sheldon Brown terrorized our community for years, cost the community significantly in legal fees and now we are housing him in Northward. I'm all for rehabilitation but I do not think it's fair for him to gain financially while we are footing the bill for his crimes!  Its time to give back Sheldon, fork over the profits of these books to cover your legal fees and give back to the victims of your crimes whose lives will never be the same.

  16. Anonymous says:

    Tell him to write a novel about his sins and the terror and trama he has put people through of  his rouge no class activities on this island and the drugs he has put in our childrens hands. This person is nothing more than a thug, the publisher should be ashamed of themselves for this crap of books. NOT MY MONEY PURCHASING THIS CRAP.



    • Anonymous says:

      Obviously you would prefer if he were still a criminal at large than an ambitious author? Is that because you don't have as much ambition yourself? 

      • Anonymous says:

        Typical Caymanian vitriol against one of their own.

        the man has done his crimes and is doing his time…how much more than the pound of flesh his sentence has imposed on him do you want ?

        If people knew who Sheldon Brown's maternal garnd-father and aunt is, they would not find his literary abilities so surprising.

        Does the name Melvin (Mellie) Goring ring a bell with anyone.

        Maybe if Sheldon had had a chance to be the writer that he is now becoming when he was attending school in the Cayman Islands, he would not be who he notoriously turned out to be.

        This demonic, unforgiving spirit that many Caymanians have is what has helped create Sheldon Brown…and many more like him.

        He who is wiithout sin…let him cast the first stone.

  17. Anonymous says:

    Congratulate him yes but any funds he makes off these books he should send to the family of his victims…That would be the sign of a real man and not a criminal benefitting from his past life.

  18. Anonymous says:

    It's a pity this was not his first choice for a career instead of being a wanna be gangster as his books sound interesting. Maybe he could call the next book "writing behind bars" and talk about his real life mistakes/experiences.

  19. yea yea says:

    Tell that to his victims

    • Anonymous says:

      To forgive is Divine. It is hatred and ignorance that is destroying this world.

      • 4Cayman says:

        Not at all – it's all the forgiveness that is ruining this island. We keep forgiving the politicans for their incompetences by re-electing them. If these islands wasn't so damn forgiving (ignorant is really the proper description), we may be able to hold politicians more accountable and turn these islands around!

      • UNKA BUSHA! says:

        Guess we should have forgiven HITLER, and STALIN and GADAFI and EDI  AMIN and DUDAS and BIN LADEN and all the other well known criminals of the world!!  Then they'll all feel free to commit all the heinous crimes they wished. Sorry not a good Idea.












        • Anonymous says:

          Tell that to Almighty God. He forgave them. He also forgave humanity for crucifying his beloved son. Otherwise you folks wouldn't be displaying your supreme intelligence on CNS today.

    • Knot S Smart says:

      Dont be so mean-spirited, shallow-minded, and black-hearted, dear…

  20. Knot S Smart says:


    He certainly seems to have made a positive change!

    Which reminds me of a saying that no matter how bad off our life is, we can think positive.

    "Two men looked out from prison bars. One saw the mud and the other saw the stars"…

    Good for you Sheldon Brown…

    • SSM345 says:

      I could write 3 bookstoo….. about crime……if I had a 22yr sentence in prison.

      We are paying CI$60K+ a year for him for the next 22yrs to sit there while he makes money from writing about the very things that put him there.

      Only in Cayman.

      Perhaps he can fund his incarceration from his royalties?

    • SSM345 says:

      Being paid to write about crime  that you have experience in / are serving time for is not a positive change, its glorifying the very reason you are behind bars.

  21. Anonymous says:

    In the UK it has been confirmed that the state can bar such activities by prisoners.  I would have suggest that the right to publsih should have at least been on condition that any income would go to CIG to pay for this man's incarceration.

    • Anonymous says:

      Why would you want to bar this activity?  You want to prevent him from ever being productive and self-supporting without a life of crime?  You prefer to have him serve his time staring at the walls learning nothing so he comes out the same as he went in?  One of the points of incarcerationis to allow the prisoner to reflect on his or her life and hopefully turn it around.  It appears this man has done that and will no longer be a threat to you or your property.  And you believe this is a bad thing?

    • Anonymous says:

      Wrong as a matter of British law.

      • Anonymous says:

        In the UK prisoners can write articles and letters but not for payment or profit.

  22. Anonymous says:

    Congratulations. It is really good to see the success of someone who has turned their life around and who is using his past experiences in a positive way to encourage and teach others to not follow a life of crime. May God continue to richly bless Sheldon and may he continue on the right path.

    • Anonymous says:

      Turned his life around?

      He is making money off the very XXXX that put him there in the first place.

      More like a mockery of the system if you ask me.