Mac heads for clash with UK

| 01/11/2012

union jack (300x268)_0.jpg(CNS): Despite clear direction from London that the UK wants to see the Cayman government implement the Framework for Fiscal Responsibility exactly as it was signed between the parties last November, the premier has altered the document in the bill coming to the Legislative Assembly this month. McKeeva Bush recently said that he wanted the Foreign and Commonwealth Office to take responsibility for any reputational or financial damage that adhering to the framework might cause Cayman and he has inserted a clause doing just that.

He has also pushed up the value of projects that require UK Approval from $10 million in the agreement itself to $25 million in the bill, without the consent of the FCO.

Although the various changes between the original agreement and the bill, which is going before parliament at the next LA meeting, passed through Cabinet, sources tell CNS they have not been given approval by the overseas territories minister in the UK. This means that the governor is unlikely to be able to assent to the law even if it passes through the Legislative Assembly.

CNS contacted the Governor’s Office for comment but the UK’s representative said he had no public comment to make regarding the bill at this point.

However, UK-based sources close to the Foreign Office told CNS that the FCO officials do not agree with support clause 8, which reads: “Should advice emanating from the Framework result in reputational damage to the Cayman Islands or additional the Public Management and Finance (Amendment) Bill, 2012 costs incurred by the Government, the United Kingdom Government will compensate the Government for the reputational damage or the additional costs.”

Bush admitted recently that when he was in London last year, signing the FFR under duress, he had wanted this clause to be inserted. However, the minister at the time, Henry Bellingham, would not agree to such a clause, and given the ambiguous nature of the liability that could arise, the new minister is unlikely to offer his support for the clause either.

The incorporation of the FFR into the Public Management and Finance Law is already late. Bush had been instructed by the FCO to pass the agreement into law by June of this year. When that did not happen, the passage of the FFR into the PMFL by the end of September was one of the conditions attached to the UK approval of the CIG’s budget for 2012/13.

When that also did not happen, the most recent comment from London on the matter was that the new minister, Mark Simmonds, expected the premier to honour his commitment to pass the agreement into law with no changes or additions at the forthcoming legislative meeting.

The decision by the premier to make the change to the project amount, which sources tell CNS was already increased by the UK from an original $5 million to $10 million after negotiations, is very unlikely to wash and combined with the unacceptable clause is bound to lead to yet another clash between the FCO and Bush.

The bill, which has been added to government’s list of bills to be dealt with in this forthcoming session, which starts on Monday, was circulated to members on Friday lunchtime but has not yet been posted on the government gazette website and has fallen short of the constitutional requirement of 21 days in the public domain before being placed on the business paper for a particular meeting.

See copy of PMFL amendment that incorporates the FFR and the original FFR below.

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  1. Kosher Nostra says:

    Good ! The UK is in a poorer position than we are!

  2. Anonymous says:

    It makes me wonder why the Premier is doing this.  Could it be that he is worried  that if the FCO insists on the FFR being passed into law as it stands now, then the project has to be publicly tendered in keeping with international standards as requested previously by the FCO, and CHEC may not win the project if that happens?  Maybe he is worried CHEC might sue CIG?  But why would they sue?  Didn't their MOU expire?  Or was it secretly extended? Can anyone see any other reason for his trying to get this clause inserted so that the UK will be the one liable for any impact to Cayman's reputation and local economy?  The blunders were all his and his alone, it defies logic to ask UK to stand liability for any fallout.   He was the one that terminated the deal with GLF and created reputational damage for Cayman’s international image -which upstanding investor would want to do business with a government that changes its mind on a whim despite a written agreement being in place?   If Bush hadn't trampled all over due process and terminated the previous developer, we would have had at least 1 dock by now.  The poor GT merchants are barely hanging on by their teeth and some closing their doors.   And what about the remaining ships that do still come here?  Are they going to wait forever for us to get our pier going and stop endangering their passengers who will finally be able to step off the ship onto concrete like other places?   It is a wonder they haven't already pulled ALL of their ships.   Cayman is lucky they still keep coming – otherwise GT merchants would be completely dead, along with the knock-on effect on the rest of usand our economy.   Who knows what will happen now, now that there is an impasse between the Premier and the FCO.   I see a takeover Turks and Caicos style coming.

  3. Anonymous says:

    But Mac told Governor Taylor, "You are in my territory…"


  4. Thunder Strom says:

    Even to a fool would know better!!

  5. Anonymous says:

    MacKeeva Mugabe!! Shame on you! It does not matter what he does to UK they can overule, but his own people???

  6. Anonymous says:

    Not only is Mac a legend but he is also a boss damnit!! We have a dictator who doesn't even have a high school diploma, earning almost as much as the President of the United States, and not following orders from the mighty United Kingdom. This stuff is too damn funny!

  7. Anonymous says:

    Whilst there's continuous calls to vote Mac out next election I believe there's a greater duty needing be to be undertaken in commisioning a removed inquiry questioning Macs actions and seeming ability to ramapage as he's done without consequence or accountability. Simply removing him from office is not addressing principle nor the greater fault. 

    • JJTA says:

      I agree with you completely. I think that one reason for this is to try to protect the guilty parties who have been his henchmen and are as guilty as he (alledgedly).

  8. Verticalpig says:

    From where I'm standing Bush is the one doing 'reputational damage'  to the Cayman Islands.


    Let him run with his unapproved budget with the proviso that he will be surchaged for any expenditure over the approved amount.


    When he doesn't pay the surcharge make him bankrupt.


    Undischarged bankrupts can't be MLA's so bye bye Bush – and those who voted for his budget.

  9. Anonymous says:

    Ok, seriously, who is voting for UDP again for 2013?

    thumbs up means "yes"  and  thumbs up means "no"


    • Anonymous says:

      The Electorate has been given more than sufficient cause to ask for the leader to step aside until investigations into his conduct are fully concluded.  All that's missing is the one voter willing to start the petition.  Strange that not even the opposition and independent member has put this forth in all these months and years of predictable political grand-standing.  What does that say for the incumbent prospects in May 2013?

  10. Anonymous says:

    What we really need is a clause in our Constitution that imposes liability on the holder of each and every Cabinet post for any action or ommission by them, singularly or collectively, which cause reputation all damage to the Country. And there should be a provision that requires each and every member of Cabinet to indemnify this country for any losses occasioned by their mismanagement of the public coffers. Let’s see how many of them jump at the oppurtunity to be Minister’s then.
    But, then again, that has as much chance of being promulgated as amending the elections legislation to require voters to be at least functionally literate…

  11. noname says:

    It is recorded in the bible that when leaders do not listen to God they go crasy!

    just like Nebucadnezzar.

    • Anonymous says:

      You mean it wasn't God that told Brother Mac to give his church 2 million of our money and call it nation building?

  12. Anonymous says:

    May cannot come to quick to get rid of the garbage!


    • Anonymous says:

      We don't just want to get rid of the garbage, this man (and his cohorts) must be held accountable for his actions and his total disregard for laws, people and country!!

  13. Anonymous says:

    Compensation for "reputational damage"?

    Damn, we the public should have that clause added to some sort of law governing MLA behaviour, then we could all be rich – we could  just sue Mac for the huge embarrassment and reputational damage he has brought to Cayman during his term as premier.

    Complete and utter embarrassment.

  14. Anonymous says:

    As much as you all hate Mac , and I certainly do not agree with his antics either, Caymanians got to wake up and read that document. It is bad for us all not just Bush. UK merely using our anti-bush sentiment to hang our future. Please read this document. Make a reasoned opinion on it. Discuss it on radio. Recognize the British plan here. No developing country would ever move forward with infrastructural development with it in place. It will be bad for UDP, bad for PPM, bad for you and I and bad for our children.

    Read it even though we all believe(and want it to) curtail this government for next 6 months. Not good. Typical UK style control of the colonies. Please read it and consider any future infrastructure potential in future- think. It’s a trap to ensure we remain forever with a hand out in London.

    • Anonymous says:

      Get real!

      How does this document inhibit Caymans infrastructural development?

      It simply requires that the contracts entered into, and the financing of them, is done in a responsible way, just for example, by following due process and documentation.

      If you dont require these simple processes, you leave your Island open to loss through either negligence, or corrupt practice, or a miriad of other reasons.

      Is that what you want?

      Query closely why your glorious leader may want it!

      • Anonymous says:

        Why don’t u read the dam ting?
        No country operates likes this starting with the uk, this is the last nail in the coffin, will bring the economy to a halt.

        No debt, sinking fund, mega structure for economic statistics… We are not compliant and won’t be for 20 years is absolutely unworkable. The issue is not doing a proper tender for new investment, nobody opposes that, read the other parts.

    • Anonymous says:

      Oh wake up and smell the coffee!!! Or get an intellect transplant. Obviously you are either Mac himself or one of his cronies…the FFR is about responsible budgeting only, nothing else.  Without responsible and balanced budgets, and with corruption you end up like Greece, Spain, Ireland, Zimbabwe, Mexico, Sudan, Belarussia, with the hard working people going through all the pain, not the people that caused the pain.

      UK has enough headaches without this place, and in case you missed the last 50 years, UK gave up being a colonial power and does not want to be one again. It has stated, and acted, that colonialism is wrong in principal.Cayman chose to remain part of UK, a wish the UK respects until the people of Cayman decide otherwise. The day that happens, then UK is gone and you will have to deal with people like Mac yourself. Look at what has gone on in Jamaica last 50 years? Go for it Trigger……stop blaming the UK for trying to reign in an irresponsible idiot who is trying to bankrupt this place

  15. Jumbles says:

    Give the reputation of the Cayman Islands in the modern world. it is hard to see what damage there could be to make things worse.

  16. Knot S Smart says:

    Can someone please put some invisible ink in Mac's pen?

    Or even hide his passport?

    That could save us a lot of embarrassment…

  17. Anonymous says:

    I am a born Caymanian and it should be noted that this man IS an embarrassment to the most respectable and honourable Caymanians.  I am so baffled that the rest of the educated UDP candidates will just put their political careers in danger, by standing by this man and his leadership.  He has had a political career, but he is destroying everyone of you young men careers, because of your association to him.  Please gentlemen, grow some backbones and stand up to your leader and say to him ENOUGH is ENOUGH Mac!  After 3 plus years, you ALL ought to see that he is killing his country's people and he is selling out everything Caymanian for the love of the Almightydollar.  I was taught long ago that money is the root to ALL evils. Look at what he has done to us fellow West Bayers in recent times, especially. He has taxed you all to the gills!!!  Just to feed his hungry appetite….and I ask you ALL, what are you going to do about HIM!  He needs to pay one way or another…. Please vote him out in May 2013!  He is an embarrasement to us born Caymanians. Why do we make him get away with it? Why is it that one man thinks he's an Island? In other words…who died and made him God of ALL?..Making weird decisions on our behalf without us knowing what the decisions are…..SMHP


    • Anonymous says:

      But as a Caymanian, you have to question the motives of your fellow Islander.Take a look at what FFR is and what it states. Nothing more than the requirement that the Government follow responsible financial policies. Why would any politician not espouse that principal. The only answer is that he has a wish to follow irresponsible policies, and the motive for that can only be stupidity, or something much worse. Frankly my guess would be the latter!

      Finally, just take a look at his latest delaying tactic, laughable wording inserted to make others responsible for his government adhering to responsible policies! So, while you are at it, question his motive for continual delay, and the answer is of course to postpone the day that his actions are governed by financial responsibility, he wants his gravy train to keep on rolling. Take the advice of another poster, get at least one of those police investigations to its conclusion and put him where he cant do you more damage!

    • Anonymous says:

      Would one or two of you respectable and hourable Caymanians please step up and show the rest of the world that Bush is not the best you can do come voting time? Please!   Anyone with a 6th grade education and up would be better.

    • Anonymous says:

      ….the LOVE of money is……..

    • Anonymous says:

      I am a lying, thieving, cheating, whoremongering, drug-dealing reprobate, and he is an embarrasment to ME!

    • Anonymous says:

      Wow – how sexist.  What about young ladies' careers – he's screwing them – and , indeed, the whole of your island.  Thank goodness I'm not from here…

  18. Anonymous says:


    Does anyone know if the FFR was the result of consultations between the UK and the Cayman Islands or if it was essentially created by the UK and presented to Mr. Bush for his signature?

  19. Anonymous says:


    Are we living in Rhodesia or the Cayman Islands?

  20. Anonymous says:

    Sounds to me like power has gone to his head and made  him completely insane.

  21. Anonymous says:


    • Anonymous says:

      Native Caymanians do not want or need indeendence from the UK,  plain and simple.  We have been British since 1503 and nothing else and we intend to stay that way with or without investors or expats.  As much as Native Caymanians do not want to see the UK take over like they did in TCI we rather that 100% more than the evil of going independence which will lead us to total chaos and anarcy.  Native Caymanians will forever envoke the name of Dr. Roy McTaggart and Ms. Annie Hulda Bodden "These Islands will remain British". 

      • Anonymous says:

        I agree with the overall sentiment but on a point of fact we have not been British since 1503. Christopher Columbus was commissioned by Spain not England. We have been British since Cromwell's conquest of Jamaica and officially since the Treaty of Madrid in 1670.

        Before McKeeva Bush became Premier I really thought that we were reaching the level of political maturity to contemplate Independence in say 10 years. He has proved that I was sorely mistaken.   


      • Anonymous says:

        Independence from McKeeva would be nice.

      • Anonymous says:

        Then why is an idiot like McKeeva the premier? Who voted him in?


        Native bord Caymanians, obviously.

        • Anonymous says:

          You and McKeeva were bord. The rest of us were born.

        • Anonymous says:

          I agree some native born Caymanians voted for him but "Caymanians" voters of the 2003 mass status grants put him and the UDP government in power in the last election.

    • Cayman Culture says:

      Big Mac would love the chance for Independence.  Do NOT be foled that it would be better, it would be MORE OF THE SAME =  "INSANE!"  What kind of fool would think that giving our inept politicians free reign would IMPROVE our disaster?

      The politicians have PROVEN they cannot be trusted to manage a budget or administer these islands. The past decade of two-party politics has been the ruin of Cayman, please do not ask for more of the same.

      Independence would be the death of us, plain and simple.  Please put your head back in the sand and don't say such silly things.

    • Cayman Culture says:

      Big Mac would love the chance for Independence.  Do NOT be foled that it would be better, it would be MORE OF THE SAME =  "INSANE!"  What kind of fool would think that giving our inept politicians free reign would IMPROVE our disaster?

      The politicians have PROVEN they cannot be trusted to manage a budget or administer these islands. The past decade of two-party politics has been the ruin of Cayman, please do not ask for more of the same.

      Independence would be the death of us, plain and simple.  Please put your head back in the sand and don't say such silly things.

  22. peter milburn says:

    This should prove just how much the UK will take of Mr Bushes rhetoric and I wonder if he will be back in time for the sitting of the house on the 5th.Maybe they will start with out him for a change.Time will tell on all aspects of this trip.

  23. giving up hope says:

    Bloody idiot!!


  24. Anonymous says:

    the usual nonsense from mac………

    its says alot about cayman when this man is voted into power………

  25. Anonymous says:

    Compensation for “reputational damage”? Who on earth is giving the premier legal advice on this? If someone is, then he/she is a cretin and should be sacked. Nobody in their right mind would agree to it.

    • Anonymous says:

      Isn't it the "Sacred Vessel" bloke?

    • SSM345 says:

      20:06, that would be Steve "The Sacred Vessell of Good ol'Caymanian Common Snese" McField that you are asking about. He is a legal genius (in Mac's mind that is).

    • Anonymous says:

      We need one signed by him.  Maybe we could then recoup the cost from the Cohen deal, the GLF deal, along for some compensation for reputational damage caused when the bill for the first ever direct taxation alarmed the world.

    • Devil's Advocate says:

      If I am correct, it was reported that they had retained the (dis)services of one 'Steve McField' to do so, to the tune of CI$8,000.00 per month.

      • Anonymous says:

        That money should be refunded and put in the Government's coffers for (dis)services, soon pay off any debts!

      • Anonymous says:

        That explain the legal gibberish then.  The real world is somewhere that local Chewbacca defence peddlers should stay away from.

    • Anonymous says:

      Same Attorney that is steering him on a collision course with the UK, EU and the US.

  26. Anonymous says:

    Mac's next move is to sign ten $25 million "contracts" with CHEC.

  27. Anonymous says:

    If this so call leader went to Elglang and sign this document. knowing that it would be put into law, how do he expect to change it now. If the PRIMER —- DID NOT KNOW WHAT HE WAS SIGNING. WHAT HAPPEN TO MR MCFIELD HIS LEGAL ADVISER, and the attorney general.  MACK should by now that he do not have the brai n to deal with the english men        i wonder why we are paying mr mcfield and mr bulgin from our purse and neither one worth the salt that goes in your pot

  28. Anonymous says:

    LOL That sounds just like what he'd do!! I REALLY hope this whole "PREMIER" thing is done away with for good. That's WAY too much leeway to do as one pleases!

    • Dangermouse says:

      There is nothing "Premier" about him, his behaviour or his abilities….he's just another Tin Pot Dictator, who if he's not careful, will spend the rest of his days in a cage. 

  29. Anonymous says:

    Looks like we will get a UK run Government before christmas.

  30. SKEPTICAL says:

    This is now a cornered rat, a very dangerous animal. When, hopefully, the FCO traps him, we will no doubt hear the squeals that ” I was doing everything I could for the people of the Cayman Islands, but the UK Government have blocked all of my efforts “. The Blame Game could be the core of bush’s election campaign in 2013. It is frightening, on the basis of the CITN news videos of his West Bay Town Hall meetings, how many people still think that he can do no wrong.

  31. Anonymous says:

    He'll soon be traveling!


    The Traveler in Chief will soon be traveling to London at the request of the FCO and boy would I love to be the bug on the wall observing that session.



    • Rorschach says:

      I would LOVE IT, if the first words he heard when he stepped into the room is, "You are in MY TERRITORY NOW!!"..

    • Annie get your gun says:

      or probably to Costa Rica or Honduras … AGAIN!

  32. Anonymous says:

    It's about time just one of the investigations against this embarrassing buffoon results in shutting him up for good.

  33. The X Factor says:

    This is yet another example of why the premier needs to step done. The uncertainty with this government will run away investors to this country.

  34. Anonymous says:

    What a complete egomaniacal moron. Here comes the end of that rope

  35. Anonymous says:

    This will be like the Dad dealing with the spoiled kid.  Better have the belt ready.  Your going to need it.  No point in hopeing Bush has grown up and will do the right thing.

  36. Anonymous says:

    And I quote " has fallen short of the constitutional requirement of 21 days in the public domain before being placed on the business paper for a particular meeting. "  And I quote again "after negotiations is very unlikely to wash and combined with the unacceptable clause is bound to lead to yet another clash with the FCO and Bush."

    My only comment is, everything this government seems to do lately, falls short of its constitutional requirements and is unlikely to wash, PERIOD.  Nothing more to be said, except, get ready for UK takeover which is being precipated by 1 man's stubborness and refusal to honour his word and committments to Mother country.  Honourable for life, my foot. 

    • Anonymous says:

      When something/someone starts off on the wrong foot, ie ignoring and defying the constitution and the law from the beginning and getting away with it, there was no hope of it getting better.  Don't discipline a child, don't punish criminals, they will continue down the same path.  People need to be held accountable for their actions, 'Premier' or no 'Premier'!

  37. Union Jack says:

    As a British citizen, I call upon national government to simply pass an Order In Council and put this puffed up local politician in his place.

  38. Will Ya Listen says:

    If the next hadline is "Bush Clashes Head with UK" then he's won.

    Solid bone beats brains every time.

    • Anonymous says:



      The man might not be a university graduate, but he has more balls and common sense than any of these stupid jealous, university graduates.

      What will they say then, when that news breaks, that he won? another slander of the Premier?

      God bless the Cayman Islands and our Premier!

      and to hell with you ass holes.

      • Anonymous says:

        Ahhh, the udp supporter speaks, nice lol

      • SSM345 says:

        "more balls and common sense than any of these stupid jealous, university graduates."

        You are deluded.

  39. Anonymous says:

    Two points, any clause in a law written in Cayman is not legally binding on the UK Government unless t hey sign up to it- Bush may as well write that President Obama will give everyone on Cayman a ten dollar bill if the same criteria are met – it simply won’t happen

    Secondly – when is the UDP going to wake up and oust this fool? Bush should be compensating Cayman for reputational damage, and it is a crime that he is allowed to continue at the helm. His party is presiding over a disaster in election terms, and none of them will be electable in the future unless they act now

  40. Anonymous says:

    I am very glad the premier does not control any soldiers or police, it would be so dangerous to disagree with him.

  41. Anonymous says:

    Oh Jeezus, is it even possible for this man to be able to embarrass the Cayman Islands more than he has done?  Oh yes, it is.  What could be more embarrassing than trying to hold the UK to account for the additional clauses he unilaterally inserted into ther FFR without their consent or agreement?  Would somebody please teach this man something about the law of contract?  I mean, we already knew he has no respect for proper or due process but man this is just stupendously embarrassing.  If we ever end up taken over like T&C only one man to blame and we all know who that is.  I'm ashamed for him.