Mac backs down on port

| 06/11/2012

Mckeeva 1_0.jpg(CNS): The premier has finally capitulated to the UK’s insistence that he abandon talks with China Harbour Engineering Company on the cruise berthing facilities for George Town. Despite his defiance yesterday in the Legislative Assembly, on Tuesday evening McKeeva Bush also announced that he would be implementing the Framework for Fiscal Responsibility into local law without any changes to the agreement that he signed in London one year ago. Sources tell Cayman News Service that Bush was put under significant pressure by the Foreign and Commonwealth Office to back down on both CHEC and the FFR during a long distance call to London.

See the full statement from the premier below

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  1. Anonymous says:

    If Cayman were a business what qualifications would look for in a person, or persons, to run such business???

    I read in the newspaper job advertisements where a degree is essential to even make it into the interview room. Then of course, practical and relevant experience for a number of years, in a senior capacity.

    When electing the next Premier of the Cayman Islands might I suggest that we look to someone who has these credentials.

    The course ahead will be better navigated by an educated and experienced Captain.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Obviously he had his you-know-what squeezed very hard indeed to suddenly make this U turn. Congratulations and thank you very much indeed UK.

  3. Anonymous says:

    He should still step down or be removed.  He is a disgrace and has lost all confidence of the majority of the people.  He has ruined our reputation abroad and this is why it is impossible to find any honest investors.  He should be made to pay for any court settlements out of his own pocket.  Most of us are struggling while the hog stuffs its face, flies first class around the world with a herd of pigs. We cannot wait until May for him to be gone.  Look at the Ritz Carlton.  He was too busy living it up in the Far East to even try to get a very badly needed $6M.  He should pay that too.  I am sickened and disgusted that we allow this to go on.  We still need a mass demonstration to demand that he either resign or be removed along with all the UDP members who refuse to reign him in or stop him and no, I'm not a PPM member but I know they actually did something for this country, ie. roads, school, Admin Bldg.  What has this bunch done apart from incur law suits left right and centre.  

  4. Reality Czech says:

    Reality check for Premier


    “our process has not been fair, open, and carefully scrutinized”



    Scrutinized by whom??

    “It has been as robust as the standard form of tendering”

    Then it begs the question what was wrong with the “standard form of tendering”??  And why wasn’t it followed??

    “we are told by the UK that it is the specific type of process that matters”,

    The royal “we” again.  But it is exactly the specific type of process that matters.  Whether you consider yourself royalty, or not, you can not make up your own “processes” and then tell everyone they were exactly the same especially if no one knows what “process” you made up and followed.


    “The UK calls for us to implement the FFR into Law without debate or amendment.”


    Here we go again!  YOU signed the FFR agreement.  So you must have read it.  If you didn’t agree at the time, then why did you sign it?  Or was it only to get approval for more borrowing?  Then did you think once that took place you could easily change it later? It doesn’t work that way.


    “should we suffer financial or reputational loss as a result of following budget management advice handed down”


    Get real. Cayman has already suffered reputational loss.  It’s government can not balance the books.  The Auditor General, this one and the last have clearly stated there are numerous missing and outdated accounts.  That doesn’t look good from outside. The outcome of this failing by the Ministry of Finance (that’s you) has been a requirement by the UK to give your government budget advice. This advice also comes with stipulations and it requires following procedures. One is how to manage money in a responsible manner.  That is why it is called a Framework For Fiscal Responsibility.  Apt term wouldn’t you say?


    BUT:  If you had followed correct procedure (instead of making it up as you went along) the cruise facility would be well on it’s way instead of the government having to settle a suit for breaking it’s word to GLF.


    IF your Ministry (not the one in which you pray to God, the one you’re in charge of) had taken control and shown some leadership government departments may have had more of an inclination to provide accurate reporting.  


    And after that, IF you had followed through on the agreement you signed with the UK exactly as agreed upon (instead of making your own amendments to it) there wouldn’t be the dire confrontation with the same now facing the Cayman Islands.


    In conclusion: Be a man, stop whining,take some responsibility for your actions because the people of the Cayman Islands are now being forced to….in words similar to yours….accept the consequences.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Is it time to take another look at the community enhancement fee?

  6. Anonymous says:

    Hmmmmm…..who knew that the prospect of a huge public demonstration on Thurs night would have fixed Mac? People Power at work!

  7. Baldric says:

    Bang goes all that free rice for dem rice and beans ….

  8. Anonymous says:

    I think the Chinese figured out they weren’t just dealing with corrupt officials on a small island but had to worry about UK looking closely at the deal. “Dear off….no mole dear…give back blibe money BoBo”

    • Anonymous says:

      Hit the nail on the head…The Chinese are working in Bahamas Jamaica and Dom well…..all have in common what you refer to as 'small Island corrupt officials"….Only Cayman is a Crown Colony and has been saved by UK scrutiny…Thank you FCO.

  9. Kadafe says:

    I wonder how much this dropped deal will cost us this time?

  10. Anonymous says:

    Mr. Bush, it's over. Go home, take a really long nap, then send a note to the governor telling him that as you can't get your own way you don't want to be premier any more. Then a grown up can take over. Thank you. A former supporter.

  11. Anonymous says:

    Is it the end? Or like with taxing expats it will go back and forth- tax, not tax, less tax, more tax, no tax?

  12. Anonymous says:

    When asked last night on the Panel why he terminated GLF and handpicked CHEC who was not among the original bidders who responded to the Port Authority's original invitation in August 2009 for expressions of interest to develop the Port Facility,  the Premier gave vague reference to CHEC's writing a letter to the PA Board at some point (I believe he said they wrote it Nov. 2010, which is more than 1 year past the deadline for submitting responses), but were initially rejected for not meeting the criteria.  

    I remember when the results were publicly announced in Nov. 2009, the Project Leader, Mr. Cline Glidden, mentioned Decco, GLF/Royal, Miesner, and a few others as having made the short-list.  CHEC's name was not on that short-list. The Port Authority later confirms CHEC did not submit an expression of interest at the time and were not among the original bidders.   Decco was awarded the job as Govt. said they had the money locally which was seen to be an advantage despite not having the requisite "marine" construction experience . 

    When Decco stepped away 1 year later because it could not reach an agreement with Govt. on the terms of the development / lease period (it was said publicly by GOvt. that they wanted 99 years), the Govt. then awarded the project to GLF / Royal who were considered the 2nd place company on the short-list.   

    In January 2011, some 2 months after signing the FA with GLF, the Premier announced at a Business Outlook Forum of discussions he had with the Chinese who stood ready to do the dock if GLF fails – even though GLF had an exclusive FA agreement covering 4-6 months of negotiations to allow them time to get the Port on the road, and even though Govt. was not supposed to be talking to ANYONE else while this FA was in effect.  

    In Feb. 2011, the Jamaica Gleaner spoke about CHEC's activities in Jamaica and their expanding within the Caribbean and that the port in Cayman might also soon be signed.  From the various press releases to-date,  it became apparent that the Premier prematurely terminated GLF in April 2011, hence the $2.5Million settlement paid to GLF after they seemed ready to take the matter to court. 

    After all things considered, it strongly appears that CHEC tried to enter through some back-door process and thank god, the U.K. prevailed over the madness and stopped it before it was too late.  Any attempt by Govt. to legitimize how they entered the picture, failed dismally because it is clear to the public, that "due process" was not followed.

  13. Anonymous says:

    A most unconvincing performance by the leader of the opposition in the debate last night. Folks, let's face it, Alden just hasn't got it. To think otherwise is to be in serious denial. And I'm 100% for giving Bush the boot immediately, I should add. We need capable leaders, not serial grumblers for goodness sake.

  14. Old Sea Captain says:

    Mr Premier please check any world atlas that you can get your hands on and if you can locate the Cayman Islands you will see in brackets next to them two words, 'United Kingdom' or sometimes 'UK'. Any Governor arriving in the Cayman Islands already know whose turf they are on.

  15. Anonymous says:

    Looks like the Puppet Masters told him to back down because they dont want to give back all that free Crown Property that Mac gave to them.

  16. Anonymous says:

    So what has Mac accomplished in the last 4 years?

    • Anonymous says:

      He accomplished the $81 million dollar deficit that he so very wrongly accused the PPM of leaving us with so he could get a chance to leave us with an $81 million deficit.

    • Billy U.D.P Freemoneyforvotes says:

      Millions of airmiles

  17. Well Yess says:

    Hopefully Mac did not cut the cheque to Maples and KPMG as yet..

    • Old Sea Captain says:

      All the other checks to be distributed from the main check has already been cut as well!

  18. Anonymous says:

    This is step 1. We simply cannot deal with another 6 months of Mackeeva's recklessness and his absolute disregard for due process is sickening. I read the letter in absolute shock,  he really believes that there is no relevance to following protocols, for the PREMIER of a Country to have such a blatant disregard on policy and procedures is a real indictment on the future of thisCountry. People PLEEEEASEEEE consider the worth of your votes. It is of critical importance.

    However, I really hope the voters are not suckered in and make the horrible mistake of voting PPM back into office either. When I heard Alden smugly try to deflect the attention away from his governments complete and absolute failure in managing our finances I was furious.

    I blame PPM largely for this mess with the most glaring issue – $100 MILLION dollars for a high school with monthly maintenance costs of $180,000 during a RECESSION is criminal to me. Should anyone forget PPM breached 3 areas of the PMFL 1) Debt Service Ratio exceeded 2) Debt to Revenue exceeded and 3) Cash Reserves too low.  So basically PPM was paying too much each year to service its debt, their debt was way too high in comparison to revenues and we don't have enough reserves should there be a real emergency. THESE breaches are what triggered the UK to step in not the procurement process debacles as Alden cutely tried to deflect. We need our own "keeping them honest" show during the elections season.

    Then the other area is the Constitution which voters have to take blame for as well. We have a Constitution which gives waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too much power to the Premier and pretty much stifles any real chance of promoting good governance because of the obvious lack of checks and balances. In addition, decentralization of the Finance process was the final death nail.

    WE HAVE NO CLUE WHAT OUR TRUE FINANCIAL POSITION IS!!!!! and unfortunately not for any time soon.

  19. Rorschach says:

    Mere words cannot describe the schadenfreude i am feeling right now…


  20. More Lipstick Please says:

    The saddest part is that he's stil in power, Cayman is still falling apart, and he's incapable of taking care of anyone but himself, and barely that let alone the people of Cayman.  He ducked a bullet that would have done better to take him out.  We're still screwed, and now the FCO is going to demobilize.  Screwed.

  21. Anonymous says:

    Mac's appearance on the Panel….


    ….tells us everything we need to know about him. At least five times he explicitly stated that he was "Looking Money for Value".

  22. Knot S Smart says:

    Mac is my champion.

    Mouth champion that is.

  23. Anonymous says:

    On Cayman27 at 8:50pm on 6 November 2012, the premier gave the nation a new word:

    "Capachuyulate" – he meant "Capitulate".


    • Anonymous says:

      Actually he meant ” I’m hungry”.

    • Anonymous says:

      What a fickle leader we have…where I didn'tagree with what he was saying, he said it, made a big deal, blew his stack, then nothing…deflated, nadda…if you make a decision right or wrong and you feel that strongly about it and make it public, the you damn well better move forward with it for no confidence is what this Island has in this present government…please correct me if i am wrong….

  24. Anon says:


  25. Anonymous says:

    Nice one Mr Simmonds. You obviously recognise the old rule that when you've got them by the balls the hearts and minds will soon follow. 

  26. Anonymous says:

    If the deal with CHEC was so good and was just been secured by a different unapproved 'process' then just go back and start the deal over ticking all the boxes with the approved process! I guess the due diligence procedures under the approved process wouldn't stand up to Mac's idea of what due diligence is….XXXXX


    In regards to reputational risk with implementing the FFR as it is, I'm begining to wonder what kind of reputation Mac thinks this island needs? Because he is certainly not pushing for a good, honest dealing, economical one….

  27. The Rt. Hon. Anon says:

    Having read the Premier's statement, I can only say how amazed I am at its language. The author is clearly:

    – Immature

    – Delusional

    – Unfit for any public office

    – An enormous embarrassment to the Cayman Islands.

    ….. and still his UDP party MLAs do nothing about the situation. May I record my utter disgust at this man, his party and its politics. And may all those UDP sympathisers, Board members, lackies, stooges and other bottom feeders who benefit from his Premiership directly or indirectly consider themsleve tarred with the same brush, as they are a major part of the problem. It's not just one man (although he thinks it is), it's the whole stinking crew. And there seems little chance for Cayman as most of them will remain where they are in their positions of influence when he is removed. I'll not be looking to stay here much longer, the whole system is corrupt to the core and makes me sick.

    • Anonymous says:

      There are other reasons why he is an embarrassment, just read the next CNS article on how Bush blew the last opportunity to recover $6m he let his good buddy Ryan get away with. Dont waste time on why Ryan didnt pay up, that goes with his territory, but ask why Bush lethim get away with it. I dont know the answer, but I can hazard a guess!  Maybethats why Bush doesnt see the need for due process!

  28. noname says:

    I wahn tell yi da UK bad boy Simmonds, he ain nuttin ti play wit!

    Big Mac got his match dis time!

    Simmond  cracks the whip!

    Big Mac says "How High"

    bout time!

    Dah  Billinger was too soft fi Big Mac!

  29. JTB says:

    How can Bush not now resign? He has absolutely no credibility whatsoever.

  30. Anonymous says:

    When will the FCO realise that it's not just the CHEC deal?  The Dart deal and the BT dump also stink and shouldn't be being pushed ahead with either.  Someone, somewhere needs tocare about the abuses that are going on and the political and personal manipulation that is leading to the ruining of Cayman.

    • Anonymous says:

      Trust me the FCO are in 'catch up' mode. This isn't just about the current government it's about all the abuses of power going back over at least the last two decades. This is I believe thefirst time in recent history that the FCO have taken any kind of positive action to sort out the endemic corruption that has dumped the Cayman Islands into the mess they now enjoy, up until now they just sat back and tried to ignore it..

  31. Anonymous says:

    Mac you just got served……

  32. Ambulance Chaser says:

    Do we get our money back from Maples?

    I’m sure their TV ad clearly stated they are a “No win, no fee” outfit?

    Also assuming KPMG will do the honorable thing here and return any retainer since no real work has been done in this matter, unless of course it was them who taught this old dog a new trick – how to roll over and play dead.

    • Anonymous says:

      KPMG and Maples both did well out of this. They both got out of the ten percent expat tax and I the Caymanian must instead pay $1000 licence on my Boat.

      • Anonymous says:

        That's a voluntary tax – if you can't afford it, sell the boat. If my company paid ME the $8000 it pays the Government for my work permit, maybe I could afford to buy it off you. But I don't have any choice in that.

  33. Anonymous says:

    WHAT? Mac being eternally honerable? That's incredible. We must have an election coming up.

  34. DanDan says:

    Thank God! Even in the letter he's still trying to sound like some kind of hero that got quashed…but No McKeeva, you are an imbecile who got shut down and told exactly what you need to do!

    The UK, though at times have their faults, has finally put their foot down and right up KiKi's backside too!

    He must learn that what he thinks is best is usually the worst thing for this country.

    Hopefully we'll be safe from tyranny until next elections but I won't hold my breathe.


  35. Anonymous says:

    So its not his fault!

    Good to see the end result, and I suppose that it was inevitable that he would try and shift blame for anything past, and indeed anything future to others.

    Fact remains though, that what was being asked of him was to conduct business in a way that could be seento be correct, so the question remains, why did he delay until he was forced, did he want to do things that wouldnt stand up to proper process? And the fault for the delay is and always has been his, he could have, and should have seen the need for proper process when he first agreed to it, the delay is all his, blame past and future likewise!

  36. Anonymous says:

    I'm truly relieved that someone is finally able to stop this man.  I wonder what it took?  Do you think the UK threatened to do Cayman what was done to the TCI?

    • Anonymous says:

      I hope they didnt back off the three investigations, they still need to happen and be concluded. Apparently there is precedent, in the First Cayman affair, by all accounts he stood down to avoid process, and look where that got us!

  37. Anonymous says:

    Reined in finally!  There may be some hope for Cayman's survival now.

  38. Anonymous says:

    has anyone ever done more flip-flops and u-turns than mac???….

    he has the backbone of a jellyfish

  39. Anonymous says:

    The Premier was given an ultimatum by the UK.   At the end of the day he knew there would be no negotations or compromises.  The Premier knew that all his theatrical performaces would not impress the UK.  This should let each and everyone in the Cayman Islands know the power of the UK.  They are diplomats with years of experience, let this be a warning to all those who think that their monies can impress or influence the UK, HM will sit you down and shut you up.  Thank you UK please continue to clean house, Cayman need to return to law and order.  Caymanians know that there is an higher power in the UK that we can appeal to when our country and law are highjacked by those who think they are the ultimate power. No CHEC deal, no more land swaps and definately no closure of the West Bay Road.  God save our gracious Queen, Long live our noble Queen, God save the Queen: Send her victorious, Happy and glorious, Long to reign over us: God save the Queen


    • Anonymous says:

      God save the queen? From Mac? Are you kidding me? All together now Cayman, "God save McKeeva Bush from McKeeva Bush, God save Cayman from McKeeva Bush".

  40. Anonymous says:

    “he did not wish to expose his family to the “political turmoil being brought into play at the present time”.

    Sounds like someone was ready to speak of the “Leader’s” inappropriate activity many have witnessed in public places.

    Looking forward to fiscal responsibility on thepart of CI Govt.

  41. anonymous says:

    I can only imagine what Simmonds said on that call- it probably went like this…." Hi Premier…I heard from Duncan that you do not wantto do what you must….you are playing politics down there on your island, beating your chest…well I got a file from my good friend Bains and I havent had a chance to open it but if you dont I might have to see what you really have been up to …..what?…you will kill the CHEC deal? approve my FFR?…right oh chappy…let me get back to my tea then…bye"

  42. Anonymous says:



    What could have possibly been said to change his mind?  The possibilities are endless!


    Or in Mac's case, mindless!

  43. Anonymous says:

    Or has he … ?

    Muhahahahaha ha!

  44. Anonymous says:

    Noooooo what about my delicious Chinese take out!?

  45. Anonymous says:

    Thank you PPM for pushing this issue and bringing it to the forefront.  

  46. Anonymous says:

    Just as I predicted, TKO before the end of the first round and Bush taken out on a reinforced stretcher.

  47. The lone haranguer rides again! says:

    Bushwhacked ! Sorry Mac I could not resist.

  48. Anonymous says:

    Reality, as always, has prevailed. Mr.Bush, please give it up and go home. Your time is up and it's the end of the road. Don't try and fight it, it's futile, it's just the way thing are. Goodbye.

  49. Anonymous says:

    Love the use of the term "long distance" by CNS. Kind of fits in with the whole deal of Cayman being "a Colony" of the U.K. Marvellous stuff.

  50. Anonymous says:


    The Nation needs to drive round in the day with headlights on – it will quietly show how disatisfied we all are with McKeeva Bush – he needs to go!   Tell everyone you know to do so.  

    • Anonymous says:

      Agreed! AND if you are UDP you can show your disapproval by driving around in the dark with your headlights off. That's fair, is'nt it?  

  51. Effseeaugh says:

    Whose turf is it?

  52. Red Flag says:

    How I would like to know what the FCO whispered in his ear.

    • Anonymous says:

      Try something including '250 heavily armed British troops will be inbound if you don't back down'.

  53. Once again says:

    Once again the UDP have suffered a defeat because of pressure brought to bear by the people. The OMOV defeat was bitter sweet simpy because the UDP cheated and used a higher bar than was used to pass the constitution.

    Now we see that the threat of action by the PPM was enough to bring the Premier to a screeching halt. He may scream and rant about blame, but he knows full well that he could not afford to have the PPM organize and mobilize the people. He conceeded!

    For those of you who say the PPM does nothing please pay close attention to the following:

    1. East End Seaport was spear-headed by the PPM and former member Arden Mclean

    2. The Expat Tax was spear-headed by a group of Caymanians and Expats and the UDP pulled the tax off the table on the eve of a planned PPM public meeting

    3. The CHEC deal and agreement to sign the FFR into law both came on the heels of an announcement by the PPM that a public meeting was being held on Thursday night

    Ask yourself if this was not clear decisive action by the PPM and others and whether or not it is not a sign that the UDP is weak and they can all be removed in 2013

    The Premier appeard on the panel tonight along with Alden Mclaughlin and in his usual style Mac comitted a major blunder. When pressured by Alden to produce the CHEC bid as proof that they participated in the bidding process Mac screamed " They were rejected" that is a huge oooppppssss and Rolly could not hide his embarrasment. If they were rejected how the hell did they end up with the contract Premier?

    The end is near for the UDP. The Progressives are proving that they are prepared to take over running the country and securing our future. 

  54. Anonymous says:

    "Statement by Hon. Premier and Minister for Finance Tourism"  so is this new portflio for those potentially coming to the Cayman Islands or is it "the lavish vehicle" for those here appropriately placed to take advantage of world travel guises ? Just not very clear . . 

  55. Anonymous says:

    a BIG THANK YOU to the UK.   🙂

  56. Anonymous says:


  57. peter milburn says:

    Velly interesting.Will be curious to see how he sells this turn around to his west bay supporters.Can bet he will work this to his advantage somehow.Time will tell.

  58. The Crown says:

    Gooooooood for you Mac! Now stop implementing non-sense to get rid of poor people neatly. A Mac always needs a good set of brakes & bo believe, we gettin um jammed to the floor.

  59. SKEPTICAL says:

    Looks as though the long distance telephone conversation between bush and the FCO may have included a “Diplomatic” version of the wonderful dialogue in the Robin Williams film, ” Good Morning Vietnam “, when the Master Sergeant told him – ” Your ass is is grass, and I’m a lawnmower “.

    • JJTA says:

      Go and watch the movie with the same Robin Williams called "Club Paradise" if you wish to see something truly prophetic and hilarious at the same time.

  60. Anonymous says:

    Every bully need somebody to stand up to him.  It is so sad to hear the primier and  anglin  trying thier best to bLAME the financial secretary for what the premier sign.  Why is it that they do not try accept thier mistake and move on.  MUST BLAME SOMEBODY FOR THIER MISTAKE.  –sick people

  61. Anonymous says:

    People act like he really had a choice in the matter. Every man has to answer to someone, in this case the UK folks showed us all who actually runs things. Even without Direct UK rule theyare still in charge, they only allow Cayman to manage its own affairs until they step out of line.

  62. NeoSurvivor says:

    I look forward to reading the Premier's comments, and I'm glad that he's finally chosen to do the right thing, however, this isn't our first rodeo, and I'll believe it when it's passed into legislation, signed, sealed and a done deal.  


    CHEC is going to want their front money back.   Hopefully the next effort to properly tender a finger pier in Georgetown will result in a properly vetted bid that is what we need, can afford, and doesn't obligate our children's future.    If we can't afford it, it shouldn't be built, simple as that.  

  63. Anonymous says:

    "It is with a heavy heart….and lighter wallet..I regret…blah blah blah"

  64. Anonymous says:

    That’s what u GET!!! Dictator!! The UK also needs to now MAKE/FORCE Dart,Micheal Ryan,Ugland and Shetty every one of them that OWE my CIG to pay up, NO MORE FREENESS “Consessions” for those who want to develop here. Payup or Move on. THEY NEED US just as much as WE NEED them.

  65. Say Wha? says:

    Chicken Little Say Wha?

  66. SKEPTICAL says:

    What is the relevance of his family in the context of these current issues and his acquiecence to the demands of the FCO. They suffered a grievous loss, with which everyone should sympathize, but any recent pressures which he has had to address, are of his own making.

  67. Anonymous says:

    Finally.  He realized that everyone was against him and he might really get his walking papers this time.

  68. The next guv says:

    I don’t think the UK insisted that he stop talking to CHEC. They just said have a transparent and open procurement process. CHEC could and should be part of that. I am disappointed that on the panel tonight the Hon Premier decided to spin this as the UK don’t want us dealing with the Chinese.

  69. Anonymous says:

    Nice try Mac – make a big issue and try and back out "to save everyone from an embarrassing situation" – call it the same smoke and mirrors, shell game tactics you always play.  To walk away properly and with dignity, from the start, would have made you look weak/feel wek.  Instead, you pump your chest, play king of the jungle, then back down "in the best interest of everyone" while still casting little comments.

    My children do the same thing testing myself, my family and their siblings – you are no better than a testing 5 year old!!!

    Try manning up, stop the pontificating and king of the jungle bullying BS and just lead – or better yet, after many years of chance to do the same – GTF out of the way and let a real leader show you how it's done.

    Time to move on Mac – your pathetic tactics are old, boring, childish and on an international stage – downright f-ing embarrassing!

    Signs, A true, concerned, Caymanian!!

  70. SKEPTICAL says:

    YIPPEE – it will be interesting to see the “SPIN ” on this announcement, from bush and his yapping sycophant ” YELLIO “. Talk us through this one Solomon, if you have some time to spare whilst looking for some sort of day job, after May 2013.

  71. Anonymous says:

    Not to mention significant pressure from the Opposition!

  72. Anonymous says:

    Tonights debate was almost the same feeling of watching a heavyweight title fight, where your hopes for the underdog to finally become champ were completely obliterated because your guy had no comeback to fight off the smarter stronger experienced opponent. Im no big mac fan but if that was a US presidential debate it was the one Obama did not even show up for.

    I hope there are some new faces on the scene for the coming elections

  73. Loopy Lou says:

    This letter is basically a variation of the logic that was used to justify the rapid approval of the Cohen deal. How did that one work out again?

    • Charlie Hotel Echo Charlie says:

      We want our money back, Mac !

      "The time for honouring yourself will soon be at an end"….R. Crowe, Gladiator

  74. Anonymous says:

    It's what we refer to in Cayman as a 'slip for a better grip'. He can't afford to lose the elections in six months. Little does he know he already has. Will Cayman ever out live the disgrace this man is drowning us in?

  75. Son of Thunder says:

    HaHaHaHaHaHaHaHa! Who is the foo-foo now? You look so stupid!

  76. Anon says:


  77. Anonymous says:

    Why did CNS word this story like Mac was cowardly in the "backing down"? Why not say Mac has done the right thing? That he has seen his error and will stand by the agreed upon FFR with the UK.

    You are trying to inflame the situation even when Mac finally does the right thing.

  78. Anonymous says:

    Grandstanding fool suddenly realised he was punching above his (considerable) weight…and he didn't have the substance or intellect to follow through with his bullying tactics.

    Thank you FCO and Mr.Taylor for taking a dignified stand for integrity in Government.

  79. Anonymous says:

    Well…what  a relief…never thought that would happen……

    Can hardly wait to hear his comments as to why he backed down….

    Who will he blame now.?

  80. Anonymous says:

    Can’t wait for the bampots spin on this

  81. Harangued says:

    Jolly old England, three cheers !

  82. Anonymous says:

    I'm glad that he is going to dothe right thing, but sad that neither he nor anyone else in the UDP understandss what is the right thing.

  83. Anonymous says:

    Who set Cayman back now McKeeva? Who clipped the wings and tied the hands of our future leaders? You did! In a far bigger way than the PPM ever did. We hope it is now clear to you that the Cayman Islands Government is expected to be transparent, honest and efficient, by the world, by the UK, by the Opposition, by the business community and by the voters. Let no lesson go unlearned from this sad chapter of Cayman's history, and the first one is: make sure someone isn't COMPLETELY AND UTTERLY MAD before you give him four years of absolute power! There is nothing wrong with our Constitution when it is in the hands of someone who wants the same things all of us want: prosperity, safety and trust in our government. This man CANNOT give that to us! He cares only for himself!  Please Caymanians, know that we almost went off the cliff today as a country, and never, ever let someone drag us that close to it again, ESPECIALLY not in a misguided attempt to save his own political and personal hide! The only reason we aren't looking down the barrel of a bayonet right now is because McKeeva realised he did not want to be the man responsible for introducing direct rule. But that doesn't mean he is in fact sane, it just means he saw the downside in it for him. PLEASE remember this and elect people who are not going to drag us down with them!

  84. Anonymous says:

    Good boy Mac. Would somebody give him a biscuit please.

  85. Anonymous says:

    well there was never any other outcome. he just took it to the limit. he has to remember we are all governed by laws and regulations and need to abide by them and answer to them when they are ignored. laws are not just for everyone else they are for you too.

  86. Anonymous says:

    Is it a cold day in hell?


    WOW. Amazing, simply amazing.

  87. Anonymous says:

    What a moron of British government! Now are people in Cayman will lose jobs and money due high living costs and less tourists from cruise ships. Ships are getting bigger and we will lose even more tourists in the future.

  88. Knot S Smart says:


    The UK willmake Mac do the Macarena….

  89. Anonymous says:

    As a Caymanian I am so embarrassed to have this man represent me on any level.
    Obviously the alternatives were spelt out to the Hon. Premiere!
    People in vulnerable positions should not start such bold and defiant fights !

  90. Anonymous says:

    Mac – LOL

  91. Anonymous says:


    the latest humiliating climbdown for mac…….

    can please someone do alist from 2009….

    1. re-naming pirates week fiasco……etc…..

  92. Anonymous says:

    As a Caymanian I am so embarrassed to have this man represent me on any level.
    Obviously the alternatives were spelt out to the Hon. Premiere!

  93. Anonymous says:

    This is so embarrasing. Why didn't Mac stand by his word and pass the FFR as he agreed in the first place?! I wonder if he realises how stupid he is looking right now. I do not believe his story about signing FFR under duress at all!  I believe he did what he thought he had to do to get the budget he wanted and then had a think about it and felt he should "try a ting". Bad idea Mac! The FCO and Simmonds are far too smart for that and our darling Premier got slapped into place like a naughty little boy today. Thank God that we have the FCO to keep things straight in this Island, otherwise we would have the Chinese and every other nationatily these so called leaders feel they should sell us out to taking over. Lets make it clear, I no more trust PPM than I do the UDP and we all better pray for intelligent, honest and good leaders to come forward and be elected for the good of these beloved Cayman Islands.

  94. Anonymous says:

    All in favour say aye.

  95. Anonymous says:

    FLIP FLOP and Fly…….

  96. Anonymous says:

    Well, well, well, what a difference a day makes!  Thank God for England, long live the Queen!

  97. Anonymous says:

    Good. Boy gone to bed with no suppa!