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| 01/01/2013

My pastor, Bishop Dolbert A. Clarke, in a sermon blessed by the Holy Spirit on December 23rd, 2012 said that 2013 would be a good year and a time of change for us all. I agree with my beloved pastor and I want my people to know that, although the publication of my letters in The Caymanian Compass have now been censored by the editor and the announcement of my candidacy for one of the 6 seats in George Town in 2013 censored as well, that I, like a tree standing by the water, refuses to be moved.

2013 is going to be a year filled with God’s blessings and I am asking my friends to assist me in communicating with those wanting and willing to see change which will create social justice and economic fairness for all. In 2013 our challenges will not become fewer just by changing government once again but our challenges will become fewer when we rediscover the tolerance, respect and collectivesocial responsibility for each other we once had in these islands.

Love will not come simply by ridding ourselves of those with faults only to replace us with individuals whose sole intention it is to destroy the government assistance to the poor and needy that people like me struggled to deliver over the years, and to punish civil servants without care our attention to their needs as Caymanians, simply because they are afraid that the present financial demands by the poor and needy on government will lead to direct taxation and a lifting of the negative impact indirect taxation has had on us the working and middle classes. 

In 2013 we have much more to do than to provide those who benefitted so much over the years from “Bush” rule with the golden opportunity to place our government solidly in the hands of a younger group of merchants and professionals whose values and desires were formed and moulded by our new and all powerful cooperate culture – a culture which intrudes and imposes its values and principles of self-first and self-last on all strata of society.

These young and restless individuals have now dreamt up other ways of disguising discrimination, intolerance and social injustice in our social and economic systems because it has never been their wish to educate our people politically and ethically since they see political enlightenment as too mammoth a task. Furthermore, education of the majority is not accomplishable within the timeframe they are accustomed to operating under while imparting professional advice at so high a price that none of us have affordedtheir services up until now.

These new political hopefuls are calling themselves Independents or persons putting country first, although they remained cooperation loyalists all these years while our country faulted.  For all of these years they found it not to their or their country’s benefit to sacrifice earnings from their professions in order to fight to prevent our country from being mismanaged by those they now despise. These new hopefuls blame previous politicians for that which is wrong in Cayman, as if human greed is a curse only of the politicians who were in office before those finally cursing them decided to run for office.

It is truly sad that politics in Cayman remains an art of deception, therefore for real change to come, it must come from those of us who are outsiders for one reason of the other.

We hear political hopefuls saying that they will only take the risk of running for office if they are sure to be elected because the punishment that one who fails must endure in our nation is too horrific to one and one’s family to try and fail. This is so true and one reason why they should understand why my fight for change and social justice from 1980, when I first sought a seat in George Town, until this date has made me a controversial “character”, as Wendy Ledger from the Cayman News Service insists on labelling me.

Of course, I prefer to call myself an outsider, and as outsiders we must consistently and convincingly hold before the eyes of the entire society our vision of social justice and the change needed to achieve these human values. Therefore, our platform for May 2013 is to continue the fight for the social, economic, political and ethical security for the real people of this country. This will be achieved through the education of our people rather than concealing from them the real facts of their condition. I have always put their interest first and this will entail a restructuring and realignment of their socio-economic and cultural positions in relationship to the dominant foreign owners and managers of our economy and socio-cultural systems.

As a representative I will again place the restructuring of labour and rehabilitation at the top of my agenda by creating a Ministry of Human Resources and Rehabilitation. I will fight to have the prisons placed under that minister and become her or his advisor.I will use the labour law approved of in 2004 and then ignored as the basis for a new labour law. I will fight to make immigration reforms that would change the work permit system by making it possible to grant employment certificates for categories of employment or professions and allow them to be used by the holder, who would now pay for the certificate to be employed in their approved profession by any employer, thereby creating productive and fair competition between employers and more ethical treatment of employees, regardless of nationality.

My restructuring efforts will impact the cost of labour and treatment of workers in the workplace, thereby leading to the creation of a more level playing field for Caymanian workers, who are very aware that our negative work permit system is a form of indentured servitude that has for decades kept their wages low  and their employment possibilities few. This will be implemented jointly with the restructuring of immigration to deal with border security issues only and moving their clerical support to the department of Human Resources and Rehabilitation, creating its departments into competent and genuine human resource management and development agencies. I will create different employment certificate costs for Caymanian small business, whether restaurants or small law and accounting firms.

I will assist with the fight against crime by amending the relevant laws to allow the court to sentence juveniles and some young adults to marine duty with the mandate of protecting our coastal waters and shores and re-employ former Caymanian uniform branches’members to head up these crime prevention and rehabilitation efforts.

This will be a one strike and you out programme that will utilize the neighbourhood and school gang leadership structure. They will be made to assist in manning part of our security apparatus and this will entail re-defining the values and objectives of the most deeply rooted forms of organizations existing in our grass root communities. If the sea is what made our forefathers then it will be the sea that will reform our youths.

The prison farm will be renamed The Fatherland Rehabilitation Farm and become a training and re-socialisation camp for our youths. And I will continued my struggle to have the political, cultural and economic contributions of all the diverse nationalities that now legitimately form our Fatherland given equal consideration in our community and make sure that the new members of our small nation can voice and live their values without fear of discrimination or exclusion.

These things I pray God will assist me in moving in the hearts and minds of other independent minded individuals so, if elected in May 2013, they will become achievable.

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  1. Anonymou says:

    Frank after looking at the responses written here in response to your article I would suggest that you reevaluate your desire for a  political future.

    Obviously you have an interest in the betterment of society but other ways may be more fruitful to you than the political life.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I hope Dr. Frank would listen to the views expressed by persons on this blog. One would hope that common sense would prevail (if it still exists) and he reconsiders his decision to run in the next election. Cayman has had enough of Dr. Frank, Mr. Bush, Juliana, Capt. Eugene etc. We need new people with fresh, modern ideas who will make decisions to take Cayman into the future. Enough of the politicians of the past, who have their brains damaged by `ego juice', and now can't see beyond themselves much less the way forward for the country.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Frank is obviously trying to put together a new voter base for his candidacy. First it was the druggies and now it is born-again Christians with his religious references in this piece . After all we believe in forgiveness.  We are not stupid, Frank.  

  4. Anonymous says:

    With the amount fo attention Dr. Franks ignorance is getting he could very well be a viable candidate in the next election.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Frank, could you please get a real job?

    • Anonymous says:

      He has never held down a real job and never will. Cayman’s self-styled intellectual with just a little drunkenness and violence thrown in. Great candidate.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Letsbe frank. This man is not fit to be elected. Period.

  7. Anonymous says:

    I gotta laugh. Frank says "Bush" rule. My first thought was the law of the jungle…yah, jess kiddin'.

    Then I became serious and realized that Bush rule was identical to Mr Jim rule, Mr Truman rule, Mr Vassal rule, Mr Kurt rule, etc, etc ad nauseam.

    Politicians operate in the God realm above us, guiding our lives and making decisions that are supposed to benefit us.

    How is it, that all of our politicians, entrusted with arguably one of the most prized pieces of real estate on the entire planet have manged (on their way to personal riches) to turn it into just another shithole.

    We are overrun with foreigners while politicians have giant houses, fantastic cars and a super way of life and the rest of us (who are too proud to kiss ass and go on welfare) are struggling to pay our electric bill.

    How on God's green earth did you all manage that? If I did not know better, I'd say you have been sleeping with the devil. Talking of the devil, I wonder how many of the above are members of the Cayman Lodge, a slave lodge to the powerful Jamaican Lodge?

    You may answer now.


    • Anonymous says:

      " one of the most prized pieces of real estate on the entire planet " and " We are overrun with foreigners" – I don't suppose it has occurred to you that there is a direct connection between your 2 statements. As the old song says " you can't have one without the other."



      • Koblas says:

        Dude, if Cayman was so beautiful that you left your home to live here, then you should at least have a little respect. Don't be singing your tired old songs in my ears.

        • Kool Britannia says:

          We are certainly not in Grand Cayman for the beauty.  We are here for the cash.

    • Anonymous says:

      McKeeva's govt has not been identical to any previous govt's. That is just plain nonsense.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Sad about Frank. The guy makes some good points but then shoots himself in the foot (no pun intended) repeatedly. He needs someone to manage what he says and writes. I’d offer my services but honestly I think the relationship wouldn’t last longer than it’d take me to write the names of those who voted for him in the last election. Frank needs to humble himself and admit that while he knows a lot he actually knows very little. It’s the mark of an educated person, wouldn’t you agree?

    • Anonymous says:

      What  ???? 

      Not sure what his points are, far less whetehr they are good.

      Just a stream of words in relatively random order!

  9. George Towner says:

    Frank, good luck… I mean good luck, because reading the comments here, I can clearly see you are in for a battle if you think on getting yourself re-elected. Sorry for the negativity but I would suggest you remain out of politics and stick with your talks over the radio. Good Luck and God bless

  10. Anon says:

    You know…..I will say one thing positive about mad Dr. Frank. Whilst his ideas are beyond revoluntionary bordering on the insane, at least he is starting to put together an actual manifesto trying to explain what he is standing for and against.

    We know beforehand what he supports and does not support. Now if only the other politicans could actually clarify their manifestos and tell us what they are standing for. How about it folks?

    • cow itch says:

      im in for that!  next time i go to a party im gonna find out what type of party.. almost got milk at a sesssion!!!!

  11. Anon says:

    The second sentance offended me right off the bat and I stopped reading. He did not just refer to to us as "my people". Seriously?

    Let me slap you straight on this one right away –  I am NOT your people. I do NOT belong to you any more than you belong to me.

  12. Anonymous says:

    Dr. Frank is awesome! Fatherland? Socialization camps? Holy Spirit? Drug dealers in govt boats?

    I’m in!

  13. Anonymous says:

    I know Dr. Frank has lived in Germany.  But is he really expecting us all to start calling Cayman "The Fatherland" now?  He must be the first politician to talk like that for decades!

  14. Anonymous says:

    This piece was pure nonsense! Never mind that though, when you are considering your next politicians, surely you dont want them anything like the last lot? The problem with them was that in my opinion, they were more interested in feathering their own nests than yours. So, the question must be, aside from the police issue, has this man any past history of doing the same? I dont know the answer, but maybe you do?

  15. Anonymous says:

    Socialism.  What an idea!!  See how well socialism has worked in Cuba (we call it communism, the Cuban government calls it socialism).

    The labour unions that were implemented by you know who many years ago did not work, as we found out. 

    To think that any government handout program will help the people is a farce.  It is just another crutch for people to fall back on who, if they would seriously attempt to work and put their lives together, would not need government interference in their lives.  Leave the social programs for the elderly and infirm, those that truly need government's help.

    And I just love the bit about the Fatherland!!  Serious inflated ego with a little bit of education thrown in and you find some people thinking that this type of gibberish actually makes sense.

    • Non-Party Member says:

      You should examine the economies of the Scandinavian countries which are “socialist”. But then knowledge can be a dangerous thing once you’ve made your mind up about something.

      • Anonymous says:

        You should examine the economy of the UK and see what 14 years of 'New Labour' did there.

        Citing any Scandavian country as a positive example of socialism is a cop out because whatever the local poiltics they enjoy standards of social responsibility and moral values that put most of the rest of the world to shame.

        If the UK isn't enough to put you off socialism look at how it worked in other European countries like Spain, Italy and Greece.


    • Anonymous says:

      Someone does not know the difference between socialism and communism. Too much American TV can do that to you.

    • Anonymous says:

      Did not read the article and really don't want to.  I must however address your first word socialism and your apparant lack of knowledge on the subject.  Socialism and Communism are difference so different that one is like chaulk and the other cheese.  Now let me give you examples of socialist countries they are France, German, Austria, Holland, Finland, Denmark and most of Europe including the UK that have excellent social programs such as excellent medical, child care, care for the elderly (you have to pay taxes) and excellent free education for their people.  Communist states are those like China, Russia and Cuba totally a different style of governance. 

    • Anonymous says:

      If Cuba calls it Socialism and it smells like Communism, then its Communism!  True socialism is not a bad thing.  Look at Canada.  I think this country needs more social programs, social assistance and a direct focus on community.  Imagine, places to go where troubled youth and non-troubled youth can go to play sports and read books and participate in community improvement activities.  Imagine they can be menotred by people who can help them dtrive to acheive more, get educated, and better their circumstances. Socialism has its drawback but also very tangible benefits that I think would help the youth if this country. 

  16. Anonymous says:

    and this is the man who is lauded by austin/gillbert for his 'contributions' to rooster every morning……… zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  17. Frank? says:

    Frank, if you stand, so will Percy and by all accounts, he'll beat you. Sir, you have ZERO credibility.

  18. Adult fiction says:

    If this is the example of people who believe they will run in the next election Cayman is truly doomed. McField:  before you sit down to write……..don't drink.

  19. Anonymous says:

    This is sad. Frank does have brains and a social perspective of value but it all goes out the window when he stops taking the medication.

  20. Anonymous says:

    There is one point Dr. Frank has right. He has correctly highlighted the rank hypocrisy of the "C4C don't call us a party". On the one hand they demand transparency from government but they are loathe to let the public know where they stand on any important issue – one just needs to look back at the For Cayman Alliance print ads and see that it shouldn't take them too long to form a view…..

    • Anonymous says:

      Probably not so much a correct assessment as a reaction to the fact that not even C4C would have him as a member.

  21. Anonymous says:

    I get sea sick so I don't want to be sentenced to the CI Coast Guard. But if Dr. Frank starts up his trucking company again and gives himself some government contracts then I would take a job driving his trucks and smoking weed.

  22. Anonymous says:

    CNS, this is a New Year spoof isn't it?

  23. Anonymous says:

    Incomprehensible gobbledygook from someone who has lost the plot completely, even worse than McKeeva.

  24. Anonymous says:

    You will definitely get the criminal vote which means you might win here in the Cayman islands.

  25. Anonymou says:

    If Dr Frank ever becomes really serious about being elected he must describe the events surrounding his wounding and delivery to the hospital.

    Speak up Dr Frank you seems quite vocal on everything but this.

    • Polly Tricks says:

      If he refuses, I am sure we can all have a good crack at guessing.

  26. International Smuggler says:

    As an international drug-lord I warmly approve of the waters of Cayman being patrolled by conscripted young criminals

  27. Anonymous says:

    is this jan 1st or april 1st??????

  28. Anonymous says:

    "Love will not come simply by ridding ourselves of those with faults only to replace us with individuals whose sole intention it is to destroy the government assistance to the poor and needy that people like me struggled to deliver over the years, and to punish civil servants without care our attention to their needs as Caymanians, simply because they are afraid that the present financial demands by the poor and needy on government will lead to direct taxation and a lifting of the negative impact indirect taxation has had on us the working and middle classes. "


    Sentence longer than rope.

  29. Anonymouse Man says:

    "I will assist with the fight against crime by amending the relevant laws to allow the court to sentence juveniles and some young adults to marine duty with the mandate of protecting our coastal waters and shores and re-employ former Caymanian uniform branches’ members to head up these crime prevention and rehabilitation efforts." Wow! this is real change! We couldactually have a whole police force consisting of criminals!

  30. ShutUpAlreadyDrFrank says:

    Oh dear! So you mean we’ll be seeing more of his nonsensical rants on CNS?!

  31. Asbo Zaprudder says:

    Some-one bought Dr Frank "1984" for Christmas and he did not quite understand it.  A prison farm for re-socialisation . . Big Doc is watching you.

  32. Anonymous says:

    My two cents:

    1) If you are like a tree, standing by the water – good luck, my friend. In Cayman, these are the first trees to be removed to make space for condos.

    2) Since you behavior at the police road block you are absolutely non-electable. Why would we vote somebody in that reacts like a child and kicks and spits at police when they clean up an accident scene? You showed your true colors there.

    3) I love the fact that our young, convicted drug dealers and drug users will be sentenced to patrol our coastal waters. And I'm sure that the drug runners from Jamaica will be happy, too. Because then they have it easier to meet their customers offshore and they can be sure that the merchandise makes it safely to Cayman.

    4) Fatherland Rehabilitation Farm. That is another great idea. Who came up with that idea? Adolf Hitler? George Orwell? Makes completely sense. If you are into government-financed brain-wash-programs. Maybe we can use the affordable houses for this facility, that you were responsible for. Where are they, anyhow? Oops.

    5) The only thing that I agree to is the employment certificate. That would put an end to the abuse of foreign low-skilled workers by Caymanian business owners. And that is the reason why the these certificates will never be introduced in Cayman.

  33. Lou Roll says:

    The Fatherland Rehab Farm for re-socialisation?  What next a demand for Lebensraum?