McTaggart enters political fray in capital

| 16/01/2013

DSC_8385b (252x300).jpg(CNS): As expected, the former chair of KPMG, Roy McTaggart, has announced his intention to run as an independent candidate in what is likely to be the main election battleground of George Town. Hoping to win one of six seats as an independent, McTaggart is expected to be endorsed by the Coalition for Cayman, though in his announcement statement there was no indication that he had yet secured that group's backing. He is the second independent candidate to declare for the capital as his announcement follows former cabinet minister Frank McField’s own declaration. Unlike McField, however, McTaggart has not yet fully set out his campaign stall.

Pointing to the failure of the previous two governments, he said both lacked the ability to lead the country effectively. In more recently cases, he said, overspending, allegations of corruption and a “lack of competent leadership" have "led to increasing debt, fiscal deficits and dysfunction in government,” as he pointed to the need for qualified Caymanians to step up.

“It is time for us Caymanians to elect people who have this country at heart and who will work to restore the quality of living we once enjoyed by bringing honour and pride in a government that is truly for the betterment of these islands. I believe that my country comes before self-interest and that I can work toward its restoration,” McTaggart said.

With what he said was thirty years of successful business experience, he would, if elected, work to ensure the people of George Town and the Cayman Islands are “afforded every opportunity they need to earn their place in our community. And, I’ll put my financial experience to work for the people of the Cayman Islands, developing policies to grow our economy in a positive and sustainable way, put an end to excessive and wasteful spending – and ensure that we reinstate the high quality of life that our people once enjoyed, expect and deserve.”

In the wake of widespread allegations of corruption in government, McTaggart said he was committed to raising the ethical bar and making the Cayman government more transparent and accountable.

He said, “Our leaders are here to serve our people, not themselves. As a CPA, I’ve followed a strict code of ethics my entire career. As your representative, I’ll work to ensure we maintain a high ethical standard within our government, including policies that bring more transparency and accountability to government projects and in our spending, because we can never be too honest.”

McTaggart pointed to the growing unemployment rate among Caymanians, the need to build on successful educational programmes within the local schools and re-establish credibility and stability within government.

However, the likely C4C candidate did not offer a specific political position on the key issues of the day , such as his position on the passage of the national conservation law, the relocation of the George Town landfill, the closure of the West Bay Road, the voting system and single member constituencies, cutting the civil service, the future of taxation in relation to fees and duties, how Cayman can tackle rising crime, the future of the rollover policy or Cayman’s relationship with the UK.

McTaggart is widely known in the business community, having temporarily held the chair of Cayman finance in the past and sat on numerous boards. He is a former Chairman of the Board of Cayman Airways, a member of the Commission for Standards in Public Life and Chairman of the Young Caymanian Leadership Foundation.

See campaign announcement release below.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Foolio better apply for his old job at rooster!


  2. Wellyscoolspot says:

    Can Mr. McTaggart connect with the wide cross section of GT voters who don’t have same opportunities and background?

    • Anonymous says:

      Why announce your candidacy if not prepared to state your positions on the important issues? Who are you waiting for?

    • Anonymous says:

      Yes.  Don't forget this is a big district and includes Brittannia, King's Court, Snug Harbour, Canal Point, the Ritz and most of the prime Seven Mile Condos, South Sound, Breezy Castle, Halfway Pond, Windsor Park, South Sound, Grand Harbour, Tropical Gardens, Red Bay, Prospect and Old Prospect – this in addition to the crack dens of Rock Hole and Dog City where one has to imagine voter turnout is low. 

      • Excuse me says:

        Rock Hole and Dog City may simply be crack dens to you rich elite C4C people but they are home to a lot of decent people. This is why I cannot support the C4C party, poor people are not their priority!

  3. Kato says:

    Congratulations Mr. Mctaggart you have an exemplary record for yourself. You have done well and I am proud of you. However, I would like to hear what you bring to this election? Why should I vote for you? Are you going to be one of those politician who looks after the big corporate companies and forget about the grass root caymanians that are hurting now because of mismanagement of previous politicians? Are you going to have board of directors that encourages expatriates over caymanians? Your thoughts on the west bay road? Your thoughts on relocating the dump? Your thoughts on dart manopoly? Your thoughts on work permits and the 7 year roll over?

    It would be very interesting to know your stance on these various issues?

  4. Anonymous says:

    Eagerly awaiting “your” manifesto Sir.

  5. This is great says:

    With Roy and the likes of Marco (Lawyer), Joey (Business man), Wayne (Lawyer), Alva (IT Expert), Woody (Lawyer) the future looks much brighter. I am voting for the best people not the best party. The PPM has some solid new candidates and C4C appears to be following with some of their own. I will vote for the ones who are educated, honest, committed to Cayman and not simply seeking power and riches. Sorry though, I cant support any of the UDP past and present – I do have certain standards to live by.



    • Anonymous says:

      Fully agree we need some new blood, with actual private sector experience and successful business record: however, I am waiting anxiously for all candidates positions on various issues

      But if our intelligent, successful Caymanians cannot get us back on track, how could we really expect the likes of Foolio, Joke Joke, McKeeva, Dr Frank, CG, Juju, Rolly, Mike, Capt Eugene, Kenny Bryan to negotiate a complex business deal and contracts, give a policy speech to students, develop a policy?

    • Anonymous says:

      Woody is not a lawyer, and Alva also has an MBA. 

  6. Anonymous says:

    why so many thumbs down ? give the man a chance ! maybe he can help get us back on track , one thing for certain getting any worse than we have will be hard to find. can anyone point at one major government project that has happened in the last four years ? not the ones from ppm days , four years might not be long but not even a start to one major project is ridiculous.

  7. Anonymous says:

    I am a young Caymanian away at university and regularly check Cayman News Service to keep up with the happenings at home. Usually, I am disheartened by the headlines. Today, I am not. Thank you, Mr. McTaggart. I commend you for stepping up to the plate and hope there are many more like you who will follow and work to reshape our country and correct past mistakes. Best of luck. 

  8. Anonymous says:

    Thank you Roy for stepping up to the plate!  Having known you all my life I have found you to be a gentleman of humble beginnings, who has overcome all sorts of obstacles to educate yourself and make a name of integrity for yourself in Cayman's Financial Sector.  You have achieved much success and you worked hard for it.  It was not gained by underhanded means, nor handed to you or inherited.  You will most certainly get my vote in May and I can only hope every district will secure men and women of your same caliber to get this rock back on track.  I Vote For Roy!!!!!!!      

  9. Anonymous says:

    I am not registerd to vote in GT; please Lord send 4 like him to Bodden Town

  10. Anonymous says:

    Head to head with the highly electble Kenny Bryan Georgetown!

    • Anonymous says:

      Actually it is head to head with the disappointing Mike Adams.

      • Anonymous says:

        Mike is a good man and will win again even if it is in West Bay.

        • Anonymous says:

          It will have to be in West Bay where he lives…it certainly will not be in George Town where he can hardly present his face…Mike is a nice man nice, but too weak for politics, he just does not have the stomach for it!

        • Anonymous says:

          He may be a good man (and we will check that out once all is revealed) but he has a spine of jelly and does not make for a good leader.

          • Anonymous says:

            I am inclined to agree with you regarding Mike.  I have known Mike for years and worked with him in the airline for a long time.  I was shocked at his behaviour and can only hope he will see his error and make a speedy change.  Mike has always been an honest man and he is also sharp enough to know that, had he run on his own, he would also have been elected, because of who he is and his character, not because of who he aligned himself with.  The former premier psyched up everyone telling them that the PPM caused the financial woes of the Government. The real reason was a Global Financial Meltdown.  I can bet you that if the amount of money spent sending Foolio and McField to China so often were added up, that could, at least, help buy incontinence supplies for several indigent Caymanians, who need them so badly.  That is why Mike's former portfolio is so broke.  Too broke to give two poor people 200.00 per 2 month to purchase incontinence supplies. That works out to 50.00 per person per month. This is hurtful and I would never support him again.

    • Anonymous says:

      How can you compare a credible man like Roy to known felon such as Kenneth Bryan! You need a reality check and with great urgency too!

  11. Extra Terrestrial says:

    Congratulations Roy!! There is something to be said for someone who is willing to step up to the plate and be counted when their country is in need. This is someone who has left a VERY successful and lucrative career in the private sector to offer his expertise to the people of these islands.

    I am not sure if it was intentional or not, but I am disappointed that the author would write However, the likely C4C candidate did not offer a specific political position on the key issues of the day”. Having followed the press over the last 3 to 4 months (both print and radio), it has been made quite clear to me that the C4C is NOT a political party or entity. It is an advocacy group that is demanding accountability within government. That they would endorse any independent candidate whose track record would speak for itself in regards to integrity/ honesty.  To refer to Mr. McTaggart as a C4C candidate is misleading at best.  In closing, I really hope there are many more like minded individuals willing to join him in this time of need. Wishing you all the best Roy!  You Go Bo Bo.

    • RRP says:

      They said it was a coalition, like the truly for cayman alliance that will support any candidate that will oppose the movement of the dump and the closure of the road. Same thing, right? I mean, why isn’t there any conspiracy theories against the “truly” party? I think they are a party!

      Let’s move on, the nature of the group is not important. Let’s focus on individual candidates this time around (and not because he/she is my cousin or gave me a fridge)

  12. hmm says:

    "However, the likely C4C candidate did not offer a specific political position on the key issues of the day , such as his position on the passage of the national conservation law, the relocation of the George Town landfill, the closure of the West Bay Road, the voting system and single member constituencies, cutting the civil service, the future of taxation in relation to fees and duties, how Cayman can tackle rising crime, the future of the rollover policy or Cayman’s relationship with the UK."

    Sounds like he is waiting for C4C to tell him what he should give priority and or believe in!

    • Anonymous says:

      It was an announcement that he was entering the polical scene. Not a guide on "How to tackle every problem in Cayman"… you're quick to jump the trigger, we all are awaiting patiently.

      I'm just happy there is someone qualified and honest jumping in.

    • Anonymous says:

      Mmm. Or was C4C his brainchild?

  13. Anonymous says:

    Finally someone with integrity and success in the private sector, whom I can vote for without wondering if I made a mistake where I put my X.

  14. peter milburn says:

    This is the kind of person we need to be in the House.Someone with vision and foresight that will be good for the whole country not just the chosen few which is the way things are at this point in time.Depending on the outcome of the election maybe Roy will head up the financial side of Gov for this is indeed a much needed aspect that needs to be cleaned up and put back on the right track after so many years of abuse by former members.Hats off to Roy and he has my full support regardless of the fact that I have to vote in West Bay.I encourage those of you in GT to vote and to elect Roy.

  15. Anonymous says:

    I'm so happy to see competent people such as Mr. McTaggart stepping up to the plate. This is a new era in Cayman politics and I look forward to voting for Mr. McTaggart and other professional independent candidates who understand the damage that the party system has done to Cayman.

  16. CayStudent says:

    Despite not having much political experience (which doesn't exactly matter when you look at the MLA's we already have), Roy's qualifications and expertise in the financial industry definitely makes him an attractive candidate for at least being the Finance Minister. Best of luck! 🙂

    • Anonymous says:

      That is exactly where he belong. We need someone competent to handle our monies. Just imagine spending so much money monday night in Cayman Brac on food to feed hundreds and for what? Oh I just remember its close to Election time. The Vendor must be laughing, still hope she knows where to put her X.

  17. Aunt Jemimah says:

    Thank you Sweet Jesus!!!!!!!!!!!!!  You had my attention at "independent" and secured my vote at CPA. The only other thing I have to give is my love and affection which I will proudly give when I hear "balanced budget"! Good luck Mr. McTaggart. I am very proud of you for venturing out into the foolfest. You are a man among jesters and this will not be an easy fight, but if fought strategically, sensibly and underpinned by integrity it is a winn-able fight. And the prize is invaluable – God bless you sir.


  18. Anon says:

    All I can say is …………there is a God! Been praying that people would step forward. Thank you Mr. Roy……let's get 17 more like you and make this election mean something.

    • Anonymous says:

      I agree………let’s get rid of ALL of te current members and when I say all I mean every single one. Time for fresh faces and brighter ideas!

  19. Anonymous says:

    Can you please provide information on how to register to vote using an absentee ballot?

  20. Anonymous says:

    About time for someone who is very much qualified to step in. Enough of ineptness.

    • Dick Shaughneary says:

      As you are almost certainly referring to the conduct of people you believe to be inept, such conduct evidencing that they are inept, the correct word would be "ineptitude".  "Ineptness" should be restricted to occasions when one is referring to the quality possessedof a person rather then their deeds.

  21. Anonymous says:

    Congrats Mr. McTaggart! But more importantly CONGRATS Cayman!!  This is they type of leadership we need to move forward.


  22. Anonymous says:

    Roy, congrats on your decision. There is hope after all for our country. It is great to see a person of your character and caliber step forward to help lead our country and provide oppurtunities for our children and future generations to follow. You are someone that Caymanians will be proud to have represent us.      

  23. Anonymous says:

    Excellent: its a relief to see some educated professional people with meaningful private sector experience coming forward for election.

    The C4C connection is still confusing but he is atleast a quality jurisdiction:

    So far we have seen Marce Archer, Joey Hew and Roy McTaggart – professional with actual real-world (private sector) experience:


  24. Anonymous says:

    I hope he do a little better than his Cayman Airways
    Counterpart (Mike Adams= Coward Adams)


  25. refreshing says:

    Hell yeah! Now here's a candidate who I can TRUST to put our country first! Thank you Roy for stepping up to the plate!

  26. anonymousm says:

    Won’t be getting my vote. Walks across people like he don’t know who they are. Been doing that for years. Imagine what it would be like once elected.

    • Anonymous says:

      May be this is just your perception, not a fact? Was he wearing glasses when he did not notice you?

    • Anonymous9 says:

      Thank you  anonymousm on Wed, 01/16/2013 – 09:06

      That's one less person knocking at his door looking for a hand out.

      • anonymousm says:

        Not about getting handouts. It's about common decency that Caymanians were raised with. 

        • Anonymous says:

          You mean SOME Caymanians!

        • Anonymous says:

          Nonsense — the only question is: how qualified is he for political office/ can he help the country (not whether he is rude to you) (get over yourself! We have bigger problems that your lil hurt feelings!



    • Anonymous says:

      Because that’s what makes him a poor choice for political office?….

      I can see why he ignores you, and that makes me support him more.

    • Anonkymous says:

      It is that ignorance that has put this country into the grave! So what! He doesn't know you – do YOU say hi and wave and approach him?? I bet he'd smile and wave back or speak to you then! 

      Now if he DID do it first, then you'd complain that he's only doing it to get votes. Whatever!

      Please do us all a favour and DON'T vote – I don't trust your judgement!

    • Anonymous says:

      Who your relatives were, and where you came from, matters very little in comparison to what you've contributed to better this world.  Roy has given much for the Cayman Islands, and owes no thanks to those that tried to hold him down.  This NPD affliction is at epidemic levels here – many of those that occupy the current LA are similarly afflicted.  Get over yourselves, or prepare to be schooled.

  27. Anonymous says:

    This is GREAT news!!! Made my morning ! Yes indeed! Someone with an education & business experience! What a concept!!! I B smiling~ Thank you Roy!

  28. Anon says:

    Can he understand how average Caymanians feel everyday and the struggles to survive?

    • Anonymous says:

      What do you mean by the average caymanian? are you suggesting that the average caymanian cannot be successful? that average caymanian has to be broke because they decide on wasting there hard earn money on what ever they like? Are you seggesting that the average caymanian does not understand that to take money out of  there own pension means that  they will become a burden later on, so that sucessful caymanian canidates have to figure a way around the mistakes made by the not so average caymanian? . Dont start the stupid "average caymanian" thing and make it sound like it is the sucessful average caymanian fault for the 2 caymanians that blame every body for there woes. dont even go there. An average caymanian as far as I know is sucessfull. and I want my kids to grow up not expecting a hand out, but to be competitive and educated so that there is no excuses. Please VOTE smart and not stupid this Year. Hand outs come every 4 years, good education and dignity stay with us a long time.

      • Anonymous says:

        between 25 and 55 the average Caymanian earns a combined household income of less than $5,000 monthly, has two children to educate, mortgage to pay, utilities, health insurance, pension, increasing healthcare, utilities and food costs, at least one aging parent or grand parent to support, and no full time helper to watch the kids so they can go to night school or take classes on a weekend.  


        • Anonymous says:

          Um, $5,000 per month would be a very good wage.  I survivie with the same issues on less than $4,000 a month.

          • Anonymous says:

            He said household or combined salary of spouses/common law partners.

  29. Anonymous says:

    I thought all the people that were on C4C were not candidates? I’m lost here??? Lol… This new C4C party I tell you…

    • Anynmous says:

      This is going to be one hell of an election.  I dont know who else is going to run, and worseI do not knowwho to vote for anymore.  God help us.