Dr Devi Shetty gets go ahead from authorities

| 28/01/2013

P1010683.jpg(CNS Business): A proposed major hospital development in East End by Dr Devi Shetty has been given the nod to go ahead by local authorities after two Planned Area Development applications gained planning permission recently. The local partners in the project to develop a major health city that is hoped will kick start medical tourism in Cayman said the Central Planning Authority had approved the first ever PADs submitted to it last year. The approvals cover 100 acres of land and the fees for submitting the applications brought in around CI$400,000 for the government.The first PAD includes plans for a hospital, hotel, and medical and nursing schools on 50 acres of land. Read more and comment on CNS business

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  1. Anonymous says:

    One can only hope that they will be also including an emergency room in a hospital such as this. We are going to have 3 hospitals on island upon completion of Dr. Shetty's hospital and yet we only have one facility that is able to cope with walk in emergencies as well as medical emergencies brought in by any of our emergency services. Surely that would help in giving tourists and other visitors, as well as our residents peace of mind when on island that we as a country can cope with any medical issues that arise.

    It is ridiculous for there to be only one emergency room on an island with a population such as ours, especially when that emergency room is dealing not only with walk in patients (who may not necessarily need emergency treatment) but also much more serious medical cases.

    Think about it!

  2. Anonymous says:


    This is another questionable UDP desperation deal which requires proper scrutiny: this was not tendered or bid, there is no EIA or value assessment / yet the developer has been given approx. $1 billion in concessions

    See: https://sites.google.com/site/cppicayman/the-shetty-mou

    This deal whiffs! And is not compliant with the FFR

    Shetty gets stamp duty waiver, customs duty waiver, work permit waiver 25%, discount rates on CAL, preferential key employee designation, discriminatory medical qualification scheme…this list is mind- boggling!

    The leak of the Shetty MOU is what gives people such fears about the real details of the FCIA deal…because McKeeva did not negotiate fairly, properly or transparently: Shetty is the proof of everything we fear

    Caymanians getting screwed AGAIN and our country has been sold out.

    READ it – please. Candidates prepare to explain yourselves on this issue!

    Concerned Caymanian

  3. Otherview says:

    And the THIRD will be for a 10,400 Ft. runway to accommodate the international flights of
    the Boeing 787 aircraft (when they can fly again) that will bring the patients to Cayman to experience medical tourism.
    They will be landing at the new Dart East End Airport Landing Site……..DEEALS.